I'm just gonna say it.

Pea and Kaleb are the real deal.

They are proof that the good guy wins.

They are a prime example of a fairytale ending.

Pea is the essence of deserving and Kaleb is exactly what she needed.

I’ve been there for Pea through a lot, and she’s been there for me. Nothing in the universe makes me happier than to know she has everything she’s ever dreamed of.


I had to say it! Being inspired by all their adorable posts for each other just kind of made my heart spill over.

chaotic1031  asked:

I hope that you don't get lost in snowmeggeden pt 2. I still have a trunk to put you in. Ya know, bucket lists to finish and shit.

We didn’t really get Snowmeggeden Pt 2 - so no worries.

Next time I see you I’m just gonna climb in, to get it out of the way, lol.

But video tape it. It’ll be the only way you can relive it over and over.

chaotic1031  asked:

Alyx/Daddy. I call you bro, does that count? Male. Um... Possibly Irish maybe a little English and lets throw in some German and ill go ahead and put a sprinkle of Scottish in there too lol. Taken. Mario,boobs,books,tumblr,long walks on the beach under a moonlit sky, lol You don't like your mind sometimes and ignorant people You're moving to okc in a little over a month.

How sad is it that all I can think is “Oh god, do I look that white?”

I just want to say thanks to the two people that sent me messages earlier.

I’m keeping them in my inbox to look at later down the line.

I also want to apologize to everyone that follows me for all the depression posts and the fact that I’m not a great person to talk to. I so want to be friends with you but it’s not something I really know how to do right now. So thanks for putting up with me.