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So in sesong 3 we had a theme of parallel universes, right?

Well I think the trailer for sesong 4 is setting us up for some chaos theory, more specifically: the Butterfly Effect.

(I’m exhausted so I won’t go into details. I just wanted to get the base idea out. I got the idea from seeing this post.)

The Butterfly Effect can be, if we simplify it enough, summarised this way: a butterfly flapping its wings could end up causing a tsunami on the other side of the globe.
The idea that a seemingly small and/or insignificant action somewhere in the universe could trigger a chaotic chain reaction that will lead to a bigger and/or significant event.

In Sana’s trailer, we witness a sort of domino effect (only the difference between the domino effect and the butterfly effect is, how I understand it, that the domino effect is when one event sets off a chain of similar events whereas the butterfly effect has the chaotic element to it that makes the events triggered not necessarily similar or “chained” -> there’s no logical “suite”, no uninterrupted string, something unpredictable in the grand scheme of things: butterflies flap their wings all the time, yet not all of them end up “creating tsunamis”): her tripping Noora triggers a series of events that end up making Even bleed.

We see Sana seemingly in control of the reaction. The trailer ends with her smiling knowingly at us.
But that’s the reversed series of events.

Sana smiles before tripping Noora, indicating positive intent: we know Sana is not mean or “evil”, we know how much she cares for her friends,we know how clever she is. So we understand her smile as playful and her stare as knowing.
But the chain of events seems to get a bit out of control, ending up in bloodshed.
Maybe that was her intent all along. Maybe she knew (magic hijab I’m looking at you!) somehow that Even would end up with a nose bleed and she made it happen for some higher purpose that is unclear to us yet.
But I think that would be another show.
SKAM has been a very realistic show with realistic characters. No supernatural element (even the oui-ja board outing Isak can be explained really simply). I think Julie’s “shit’s about to go down” and the trailer is giving us an indication that there is chaos ahead. That not everything will go according to plan but please


Don’t jump to conclusions before THE conclusion. Don’t be like Isak who initially believed Sonja and misunderstood Even’s intent.
Don’t misunderstand whatever is about to happen.

You know how Julie loves her parallels and how much care she puts in closing plot lines, closing loops. I strongly believe we’re going to come full circle at the end of sesong 4. Full circle of a series of chaotic events triggered by our characters existing in the universe of SKAM.
See the first clip of sesong 1 as a stone thrown into a lake. The undulations it caused are ending: disappearing on the surface of the water after initially expanding.

We’re coming to the end, we’re going out

but not without a bang.

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how do the UT skelebros cry? crying hcs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- He can hardly do anything other than smile, you really think he can cry? Skeletons don’t have tear ducts, kiddo. But it’s pretty easy to tell when he’s upset. His smile droops just enough at the corners that it looks off, though sometimes from a distance it’s hard to see the difference.

- His cracks his knuckles a lot. Pressure builds up under his bones because of the stress, so when you just hear a ton of muffled popping, you’d know that he’s just Not Feelin’ It.

- The lights in his eyes flicker. They don’t go out unless he wants them to, but when he gets unfocused, they’ll fade for split seconds before he can get the magic back up & running. It’s overall a very worrying, chaotic reaction, & the easiest way to tell that something’s wrong.


- Skeletons don’t cry. Especially strong, dashing skeletons like himself. Physically he really can’t cry. But there are ways to tell when he’s starting to crumble emotionally. 

- His bones rattle. It’s one of the easiest ways to know that he’s emotionally charged in one way or another. His legs rattle when he’s nervous, his spine when he’s embarrassed, his ribs when he’s happy, & his arm/hand bones when he’s sad. It always makes a xylophone-y noise, so it’s actually kind of comical, in a tragic way.

- He’ll put his face in his hands when the rattling starts. He tries to keep a grip on his skull, because he’ll start grinding his teeth otherwise. So there’s two ways to tell: shaking arms & a creaking/scraping noise coming from his jaw.

from the beginning; donghan

it felt right to be friends, but what would it felt like to be more than that?

pairing: kim donghan | reader.

genre: fluff

warnings: use of alcohol.

words: 6.5K

author’s note: i have recently started watching produce 101 season 2, and as you can see, it has pretty much consumed me, lmao. so, because i have taken an interest in the show and already have faves, i decided why not start to write scenarios for them ?? i want to thank the donghan group chat i’m including in on twitter for reading this scenario and giving it such good feedback, it really boosted my confidence in writing and made me both smile and cry. i hope you all enjoy this scenario !! happy reading~

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When I get hit with an idea it can either be classified very loosely as a stroke of genius, or a cry for help because I just had a stroke. 

There’s no in between.

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the gleeple and if they say "soda" or "pop" plwase its important


everyone says soda cept cedes..cedes says pop bc she likes 2 see everyone’s reaction, CHAOTIC EVIL

While conservatism is often critiqued, Capricorn have a way of taking the best of tradition, of the established, of the pillars that have held up society for the better, and defending them in the face of often chaotic reactions for the sake of reacting in itself. Whether this is the best teachings of religion, morality, law or societal structures, they have a valuable talent for protecting the sacred. The older they get also, the better they understand the difference between repressive, where their younger days may encourage strictness and regime, and the sacred, where in their older days, when they have burst out of their old bones as a child again, they can clearly see the difference and can take flight in this.

  • Hoechlin: *grabs girl's boob in EWS*
  • Hoechlin: Omg I am so sorry! I hope I didn't hurt you! You seem like a nice girl, I am so sorry. I'm sending you and your parents a bouquet of roses. Please forgive me.
  • Hoechlin: (furiously texting Dylan) D, I grabbed a girl's boob. I'm so sorry but it's for a movie, but your puffy nipnops are top shelf. Please forgive me. I promise to make it up to you!
  • Dylan: Did you just call them nipnops?! Jesus Christ, Hoech.