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Breeding Thorns

└  The Outsider/Corvo Attano (Post High-Chaos [Bad] Ending)

There was no sympathy, yet he was so admirable, just so, as it always was. It was all… twistedly delightful, whether at its end or not. This was moulded fate in pure motion, a conclusion showing the greatest pain for one, and the greatest amusement for another.

                “…The demons that refuse to let you go, do you think that they’ll leave with empty hands, Corvo?”

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Beneath the break –

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Samuel Beechworth, though.

Samuel with his muddy boots planted uneasily on the banks of the Wrenhaven, Samuel preferring the soft murmur of the water to the silence of the land, Samuel smelling of wind and sea and salt and smoke, who knows the tributaries of the river better than the veins on the backs of his hands.

Samuel teaching the young Lady Emily how to whittle, how to skip stones, how to read the next day’s weather by the wind and the clouds, the schooling of hagfish. Samuel taking Callista out on the water, smiling as she closes her eyes to turn her face into the saltmarsh breeze. Samuel sharing a pint with Cecelia, tinkering with an audiograph he half understands, settling down every night on a hard little mattress, where he thanks whatever gods care to listen that he’s still around to see the stars.

Samuel with his big callused hands and his rough sailor’s palms, holding them out open and easy until Corvo relaxes bit by agonizing bit. Samuel making idle chatter on their rides together, politely averting his eyes when Corvo tears off the mask with bloody fingers and wretchedly vomits over the side. Samuel waiting until Corvo stops shaking before he offers him a flask. Telling Corvo it’s okay, knowing he’s backed the right man when Corvo just shakes his head. Samuel being there, with his graveled voice and his steady presence.

A self-contained lighthouse in an otherwise dark city.

The man whose light will guide you home.

the four times daud summoned a whaler who was totally unprepared for it (and the one time they were)

So pungafruit made this amazing post about Daud and his summoning abilities, and then this happened.


Eli’s just barely gotten the hang of the transversal thing, so when the world rips sideways without warning and he’s suddenly in the middle of the slaughterhouse, he has no idea what the fuck just happened.

And then there’s a massive guy coming at him with a bonesaw, which…what, no seriously, what is happening and how in the Void did he end up here?

“Distract him!” yells someone from behind him. It…sounds kinda like Daud.

Which would explain a lot, actually.

“Just…for fuck’s sake, don’t just stand there,” Daud bellows, and – shit, there are like three more guys, this is awful, he is going to die and Daud’s probably going to be really pissed-off about it.

Eli barely manages to blip away before the bonesaw connects, and then he’s fumbling for his sword, knowing that he doesn’t have a whole lot of time before the butcher regains his balance or someone else comes at him. The momentum of the swing has carried the butcher forward, leaving his back exposed, and Eli quickly takes the opportunity to stab the guy in it. Then – okay, chokedust, and more stabbing, and mostly he’s just kind of transversing around the killing floor a lot while people try to hit him with very loud, very sharp objects, but eventually things go quiet and he realizes they’ve gotten everyone. He’s covered head-to-toe in blood and whaleguts, and it’s not even noon.

Daud wipes off his own blade and sheathes it. “Disappointing,” he says. “I expect better next time.”

Eli winces.

…next time?

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@weyrbound replied to your post “raise your hand if you’re crying over Dishonored 2”


Things that bring new life to my withered black soul:

  • Emily openly acknowledging Corvo as her father
  • father/daughter banter oh my godddddd
  • Corvo batting Probably-Delilah’s hand away when she mockingly caresses his cheek
  • Emily “MURDER EMPRESS” Kaldwin Fucking Up Everyone’s Shit
  • whatever cover song they used in the trailer someone please find a link for it holy shit it’s so good
  • Emily and Corvo’s back-to-back GONNA FUCK UP SOME SHIT pose
  • realizing that “the cakemaker of serkonos: a book report by empress emily kaldwin, age 10″ is pretty much canon
  • (in my head)
  • (…shut up)

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Top five secrets revealed to you by The Heart.

I take it these are ones revealed during the course of the game, yes? I can’t remember the exact phrasing for most, so I’ve paraphrased them.

1. Captain Curnow’s first lover was a Tyvian soldier, and he killed to protect the secret. DAMN, game. This guy is a minor character among minor characters, but he gets this amazing tidbit of a backstory. I love that.

2. Samuel has a good heart and respects Corvo. This one is just…ahhhhhh. The Heart only has nice things to say about Samuel, because Samuel’s pretty much just the greatest person ever.

3. Havelock has killed men and whales for profit and pleasure, and has seen more corpses than anyone else there. That…is some heavy shit right there. You don’t fuck with Havelock. I was suspicious of him before that, but that line pretty much cemented it for me.

4. Her comment on the Void and the Outsider. “The one who walks here is all things. Cradle songs of comfort and bones gnawed by teeth.” Just. Goosebumps. Creepy and lovely, which is pretty much how I see the Outsider.

5. For some reason, the comments about the wolfhounds absolutely killed me. “This one is still just a pup. He will grow into those feet yet.” Or something like that. UGH. MURDEROUS CROCODILE PUPPIES. I CAN’T.

soaringsparrows  asked:

Corvo/the Outsider.... come on, someone had to ask it at some point.

when or if I started shipping it: The second poor Corvo landed in the Void and got his ass harassed by an extraordinarily pretty whalegod, I was sold.

my thoughts: I stalled out on these two for a really long time, but playing the Knife of Dunwall got me interested in them again. The way the Outsider interacts with Daud is so very different from how he trolls Corvo, because there’s a playfulness in his dealings with Corvo that we don’t see with Daud. It’s a distinctly odd sort of playfulness (cats with mice come to mind) but I feel like it’s playfulness nevertheless. I get the feeling he genuinely enjoys watching Corvo, and I also get the feeling this enjoyment is new. His dealings with Corvo are not like those he has with his other favorite pets, and I kinda dig that.

what makes me happy about them: The greatest thing about these two is that there a million and one possible interpretations of their relationship, and a million and one directions you could take it. I tend to go the slightly disturbing route, but you can go the exact opposite and it still works.

what makes me sad about them: Even setting aside all the potential power imbalances and weirdness that follows from that, the Outsider has a nasty habit of getting bored with his toys. And even if he doesn’t get tired of Corvo…Corvo’s still mortal. So. There’s that.

things done in art/fic that annoys me: We all have different preferences when it comes to art and fic. I probably like stuff other people don’t, and vice versa. So, to avoid inadvertently hurting someone’s feelings, I’m going to skip over this one.

things I look for in art/fic: Creepy, fucked up, alien eldritch Outsider…OR bored and desperately lonely Outsider that doesn’t entirely know what makes humans tick. THESE TWO INTERPRETATIONS ARE MY FAVORITE. I’d also love seeing more High Chaos Corvo/Outsider.

who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Outsider/pretty much the entire cast of the game, Corvo with Jessamine (or Geoff Curnow, or Daud, or Martin in High Chaos)

my happily ever after for them: The Outsider doesn’t get bored with Corvo. Whatever it was that caught his attention in the first place, Corvo retains that quality. The Outsider doesn’t understand it at all. Corvo’s a little amused by how frustrated the Outsider seems by this, but he’s certainly not going to make a big deal of it. And Corvo gets older and Emily comes of age, and under her rule the Empire flourishes. Corvo keeps a little shrine and talks to the Outsider even when he’s not around, and sometimes they go so long without seeing one another that he wonders if he’s lost interest…?

(He hasn’t. He stopped trying to lose interest a long time ago. Corvo is a singularly fascinating man, but the Outsider finds himself disturbed by the way Corvo moves more stiffly now, and by the increasing amount of white in his hair)

When Corvo does finally go…he doesn’t go alone.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity? …goddammit, fandom, all that’s coming to mind at the moment is them making whale noises at each other THANKS A WHOLE FUCKING LOT

100 word stories [flesh and steel!corvo, the outsider]

At night, the runes whisper. He could be faster, stronger. Turn his enemies to dust. Control winds and minds, see through walls, speak to the rats. When Corvo finally sleeps he dreams of black eyes and cold, sinuous shadows, and he shivers when lips trail over the line of his cheekbone and the Outsider murmurs, “You could be so much more than what you are, my dear.”

“I don’t want what you offer,” Corvo says.

Even in dreams, he hears them. Calling.

“Liar,” the Outsider says. His smile is delighted. “But that’s what makes it interesting.”

This is going to be a longer thing eventually, but sometimes I just want to get a particular scene written down before I forget about it.

i'll need that tps report by five [daud + the whalers, PG]

This happened because mugumugu tagged something with #daud’s strategy for keeping whalers in top form is by thinning the herd with workplace safety accidents, and because I have a truly TERRIBLE sense of humor.


From:   Daud

To:       Whalers

Date:    Day 12, Month of Rain

Subj:   Cautionary signs

I don’t care who put it there, but the sign next to the hole in the floor needs to go. That drop is there for a reason.



From:   Daud

To:       Whalers

Date:    Day 15, Month of Rain

Subj:   Cheating

It has come to my attention that some of you have been implementing a buddy system for restroom trips when it is pitch black outside. This behavior stops now. If you end up with a broken ankle because you can’t figure out how to use your dark vision to navigate the stairwell, it’s your own damn fault. If I catch any of you doing this again, it’s going into your performance evaluations.

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Dishonored: "... I was going to kill him."

Lizzy’s grin was crooked-sharp and full of hagfish savagery, but the gleam in her eyes was more amused than malicious. “Maybe you were and maybe you weren’t,” she said. Dirty fingers rifling through the man’s pockets, making quick work of his money and fancy fob-watch. “But you didn’t. I did.”

“Yes,” Billie said sourly. She nudged the body with her boot, scowling, wondering exactly how much trouble she was going to be in once Daud found out. “You did.”

Maybe Daud didn’t have to find out? The job was done, after all, even if Lizzy’s methods were a bit messier and more unorthodox than Billie preferred. If she could get the harpoon out of the mark’s chest, maybe she’d stand a chance.

Lizzy clicked her tongue. “So what’s my cut?” she said. Her slash of a grin faded into a sneer when Billie just gaped at her. “Come on, princess, don’t look at me like that. I took the bastard out, I get a cut. Fair’s fair.”

“No,” Billie said slowly. “Fair would be if I’d asked for your help. Which I didn’t.”

“Oh, so now I’m supposed to wait for you to ask,” Lizzy said, and Billie was reminded, not for the first time, of why she tried to avoid Lizzy Stride in the first place. The woman was absolutely infuriating.

the cakemaker of serkonos: a book report by empress emily kaldwin, age 10

This was originally going to be an excerpt of “The Cakemaker of Serkonos No. 53: Peril on the Road to Karnaca,” but somehow this happened instead. Whoops.

I’ll write you yet, Cakemaker. I’ll write you yet.

Audiograph Transcript of “The Cakemaker of Serkonos: A Book Report by Empress Emily Kaldwin, Age 10”:

The Cakemaker of Serkonos is a actually a bunch of books about a cakemaker named Ludivico who goes on adventures and rescues ladies and the ladies are usually very thankful. Callista caught me reading one instead of doing my sums, so now I have to write this report.

Even though Ludivico is a cakemaker, he never gets to bake anything because he’s always fighting pirates and rescuing ladies and swordfighting. There was this one book I just finished where he was traveling to Karnaca for a wedding, and he met this pretty merchant lady named Amalia. And Amalia was actually a witch, but she was a good witch because it was actually her brother who was the bad witch and she was trying to stop him from killing Ludivico, because in another book Ludivico fought an agent of the Outsider who was actually the lover of Amalia’s brother and it was all pretty scandalous and Callista just gave me a dictionary when I asked what some of the words meant.

Anyway, Ludivico finds out that Amalia’s a witch and he feels betrayed because he loved her. He’s trying to decide if he’s going to turn her over to the Overseers or not and she says, “Oh Ludivico! But I would give up all my powers if you would just kiss me one more time.”

And Ludivico says, “No, because you are an evil witch!” Then Amalia cries and cries and when they’re almost to Karnaca they’re attacked by highwaymen and Amalia throws herself in front of a sword that was meant for Ludivico. And then Ludivico cries because he still loves her even though she’s a witch. She tells him about her brother’s evil plan and then she dies, and Ludivico goes into a terrible rage and kills all the highwaymen because Serkonans are hot blooded and are born with a bottle in one hand and a sword in the other. At the end of the book he gets to Karnaca, but before he even gets to start on the wedding cake someone poisons his wine and I think it’s probably Amalia’s brother, but we won’t know until the next book. It’s pretty exciting!

Corvo says the Cakemaker books are trash and not a good representation of Serkonan life. I asked Captain Curnow, though, and he said that Serkonos was all over with pirates and ladies in see-through pants, so I don’t know.

What I don’t understand is why if in Serkonos everyone is always kidnapping everyone and there are pirates everywhere, why don’t the ladies ever learn how to fight with swords like Ludivico does? Because Ludivico’s not actually that good at rescuing people. The ladies are always dying, or he gets there too late and their virtue is ruined and then they have to join the Oracular Order, and I think that’s stupid because if they just knew how to fight back then he wouldn’t have to save them all the time and maybe he could just bake cakes again because he’s a lot better at cakes than saving ladies.

I asked Corvo why they don’t teach ladies how to fight in Serkonos. He got really upset and said that most people in Serkonos don’t have guns or swords and that it’s not like in the books. That it’s mostly farms and villages, and that even though the cities aren’t powered with whale oil they’re still clean and safe and it’s not just pirates everywhere. That if women want to learn fighting, they can, because Gristol is the backwards one, not Serkonos, and that if people had just LISTENED to him when he wanted to…

And then his voice got really funny and quiet and he didn’t say anything else, and I think he was thinking about mother.

Later he brought me a little wooden sword. “This is what we’ll use until the weapons master finishes yours,” he said. “We start tomorrow.”

The books say Serkonans never cry, but Ludivico seems to cry a lot, especially when the ladies die, and Corvo’s eyes were really shiny when he gave me the sword. So I guess the books are definitely wrong about a few things.

And if they’re right about the pirates, it’s okay. Because now I have a sword, and no one will ever need to rescue me.

End of transcript.

Top 5 incidents Daud would rather forget


I almost decided to go the comedy route with this one. THEN I CHANGED MY MIND.

1. He will never forget the sound she made as the blade slid home. A low cry of pain and anguish and betrayal, fear for her daughter, for her bodyguard, for her Empire. There are other things about that day he won’t forget, like the look in her eyes or the grate of the blade against her ribs as he tugged it free, but it’s the sound she made – the purest sound of loss he has ever heard, or ever will hear – it’s that sound that haunts his dreams.

2. She has sent him off to the market. He has a list: fish, lemons, three bundles of lavender, and a young rooster if they had one. He is twelve. When he gets home several hours later, the house is burning and there’s blood on the floor. It’s not until much later, when it’s reduced to nothing but smoldering timber and he finds the little metal box under the wreckage of the floor, that he realizes she’d sent him away on purpose. Inside of the box is a rune, and three bone charms. He leaves for the coast that night.

3. He meets Hiram Burrows exactly once, and during that meeting the man shakes his hand. Daud burns the gloves he was wearing, later, but it doesn’t help.

4. Corvo takes off the mask. His sword’s not even at Daud’s throat anymore, like he doesn’t regard Daud as a threat or he just doesn’t care, and with his Marked hand he peels off the mask and…Daud really wishes he hadn’t. Because it’s one thing to know the man from a distance, to track his progress, to wonder with increasing unease what paths his life might have taken if he’d tried a different course, but this…this is different. Prison and Gristol skies have left Corvo paler than he probably was once, but Serkonos is in the shape of his nose and his dark eyes, and the expression on his face is…

Daud waits. He waits for the blade, he waits for revenge, he waits for Corvo to kill him, and there is something so exquisitely awful in Corvo’s brand of exhausted mercy. Like he’s so tired of death that not even the one he wants most will fix anything.

He wishes Corvo hadn’t taken off the mask. Then again, he wishes for a lot of things.


5. They’ve baked him a cake.

He doesn’t know where they found the flour and he has no idea what’s in the frosting (he doesn’t want to know), and the absolute worst part of the whole mess is the ugly little candle they’ve stuck on top. At some point it had gotten wet, probably when they carried it back from whichever waterlogged apartment they stole it from, and now it just sputters sadly on top of this pathetic wreck of a cake they’ve baked him. It’s awful. This whole thing is awful.

“We weren’t sure when your birthday was,” says one of them, shifting nervously from foot to foot, “so…we decided it was today. Happy birthday?”

This is what he doesn’t get. He’s not nice to them. He expects loyalty, and perfection, and obediance, and they give him that just fine, and that would be all well and good except then they have to do things like THIS and it’s just…

It’s this sort of stupid nonsense that makes him occasionally wish he was a better person, and maybe that’s why, instead of throwing the ugly little cake out the window like he should, he just gruffly thanks them and tells them to distribute slices of it already so they can get back to work, and he absolutely does not smile at how absurdly pleased they seem. He resolves to put the memory out of his head immediately.

The cake is terrible. No one cares.

(It’s one of the few memories Daud doesn’t really mind)

mugumugu  asked:

also oh god I am so sorry with all the questions I am just so curious: who usually takes charge of the medical matters, if a serious injury happens?

Some time ago:

He should’ve been in bed hours ago. But the boy had to beggar off early and one of the hounds is sick, and Vin forgot how much longer it takes to muck out the kennels when you’re doing it your own self. By the time he gets back upstairs, he’s grimier than he’d like and he hasn’t even had a chance to look over the accounts for the week. The Overseers are generally prompt on payment but the Hound Pits aren’t, and Vin wants to make sure all his numbers match up before the Bottle Street Boys or the Hatters come calling round for their slice.

Vin’s just finished wiping his hands and face off with a wet rag when someone pounds on the front door. He winces. They keep that racket up, it’ll rile the hounds something fierce and then they’ll just add to the noise. No one wants that.

“We’re closed,” he calls, hurrying to the door. “We’re closed, we’re closed, come back tomorrow,” and then he stumbles back in horrified astonishment when his mystery guests get frustrated with knocking and opt to just kick in the door instead.

“Hey now,” he snaps. ‘You can’t be doing that. You’re going to have to pay for–“

The tallest of the men points a gun three inches from his face. "Shut the fuck up.”

Vin shuts up.

There’s three of them, he realizes, although one of them is leaning heavily on the shortest and all three stink of blood and gunpowder and fear. They’re dressed like the whalers he’s seen down by the shipyards, but if these men are actual shiphands then Vin’ll eat his shoe. Those masks…

Abruptly, Vin remembers the rumors he’s heard. Yet another gang stalking the streets of Dunwall, only these men were stranger. More dangerous. They didn’t fight over territory the way the other gangs did, and they didn’t lay claim to any particular aspect of business. They were merely…there, operating on some unknown and unseen agenda, and every once in a while buildings burned or people turned up dead and always the name Daud was behind it. Daud, and his cult of masked assassins.

The room suddenly feels much too small.

“Our friend is hurt,” says the man with the gun. He’s got a voice like gravel, rough with impatience and something else. Fear, maybe. He jerks his head at the third member of their party, the one slumped against the short one, and now that he’s looking more closely Vin can see the ugly wound on his shoulder, dark blood and mangled flesh barely visible beneath the leather. He winces in unwelcome sympathy.

“That’s a right nasty wound, make no mistake,” he says. “You best be getting him to a doctor unless you want him up and dying.”

“No doctors,” says the man. “You fix him.”

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100 word stories [wallace, treavor]

It is Wallace who sets his shoulder after Morgan dislocates it, Wallace who wipes the tears and grime from his face, Wallace who brings him to the kitchen and hikes him onto a stool for a thimble of brandy and a cookie.

“Father says I’m not allowed to hate them,” Treavor says sullenly. The brandy makes his mouth burn and he doesn’t think he likes it, but the cookie is warm and fresh and he eats it in two bites.

Wallace adjusts the sling with careful hands. “I hate them,” he says offhandedly, and Treavor lights up like the sun.

soaringsparrows  asked:

I just started playing Dishonored for the first time, and thanks to all your Whaler fic, when they showed up in-game for the first time I didn't even want to knock them out, much less kill them. (Good thing it's a non-lethal playthrough I'm doing.) Admittedly, it makes me wonder what the five of them would think of Corvo being merciful and not killing them...?

Hahaha, oh man, that’s awesome. XD I definitely screwed myself over in terms of High Chaos when I started giving names and stories to the stupid Whalers and the stupid Overseers. Brutally killing them gets a lot harder after that. I feel your pain!

Where are you in the game? I take it you like it so far?

As for my five-man-band of idiots, they are VERY GLAD that Corvo didn’t kill them. I imagine they woke up in weird little Whaler piles in a variety of places, carefully tucked out of reach of the rats, splitting headaches to a man. They half-expected Daud to go after Corvo, but instead Daud just got strange and quiet and locked himself away in his office, and at that point everyone kind of shrugged uncomfortably and decided to bust out the whiskey. It didn’t help with the headaches at all (it had the opposite effect, actually), but from the bottom of a bottle the day made a LITTLE more sense, at least.

(The higher ups probably didn’t get drunk, since they wanted to be prepared in case Daud changed his mind about Corvo. And Smith didn’t get drunk either, but that’s because Smith doesn’t drink except in very particular circumstances. You’d think that, “Hooray, Corvo Attano didn’t kill me!” would be one of those circumstances, but apparently it’s not. Peculiar man, Smith.)

Is it weird that I’ve put a lot of thought into what the Rat Plague is?

I read a book a few years ago called, “Return of the Black Death,” and the authors were speculating that the Black Plague was actually a form of hemorrhagic fever (and NOT Yersinia pestis), and even though I’ve read journal articles since that pretty firmly refute this, it’s still…something I think is interesting? Because I totally feel like the Rat Plague in Dishonored is a hemorrhagic fever, and I have spent a considerable amount of brainpower toying around with different transmission vectors and how the septicemic form of the Rat Plague might be different than the pulmonary form and how fast each one might develop AND SO ON I JUST REALLY LIKE THIS STUFF I’M SORRY.

Um, anyway. Back to reading up on neurotoxins.

So now that I’ve had some time to properly absorb everything (I seriously had to go take the dogs for a walk because I was rattling around with way too much nervous energy to function), here are my slightly more coherent thoughts (more coherent than “OH MY GOD I AM CRYING!!!!!!!!”, at any rate):

  • I am so down with the voiced POV character thing
  • I love Em’s voice. I love Corvo’s voice. I AM VERY PLEASED BY THE DIRECTION THEY WENT WITH BOTH
  • (I didn’t play Thief so I don’t have that particular association. kinda glad of it right now)
  • loooove the way technology has advanced in the 15 years since we last saw the Empire
  • good lord, but the Void Engine is pretty
  • sounds like we’re going to have a LOT more options when it comes to stealth vs. combat options, and it also sounds like the chaos system is going to be a bit more complex, which *THUMBS UP*
  • oh my god timey-wimey bullshit I AM SO HERE FOR THIS
  • I am really in love with all the worldbuilding details in the trailers alone. wind power and Overseer uniforms that reflect the climate and underworld gangs and vehicles that are lighter and sleeker and prettier than their hulking Dunwall counterparts…I could go on, but I won’t, because it would get long
  • really intrigued by the potential Delilah thing
  • (anyway, my money’s on it being related somehow to the aforementioned timey-wimey bullshit, and maaaaybe it will be something that comes up if you play as Corvo as opposed to Emily. maybe???)
  • when they were showing the gameplay in the Dust District and we saw the Overseers, I legit yelled, “LOOK AT THAT DOG!!!!!” at the screen
  • my precious crocodile dogs are back I’M SO HAPPY

In conclusion: