chaotic harmonies

Sunny afternoon

I want you… I want you so bad…

John was typing. The flat was calm and quiet except for the music streaming from the laptop. Sherlock was lying on the couch, eyes half closed, drifting back and forth between dream and reality. 

It’s driving me mad…

John took a sip from his cup. It made a homey sound as it came back down on the wooden surface. A fly was buzzing by the window. 

Sherlock vaguely recognized the song, the tune. It was some famous… band? Artist? He could not really remember. It was strangely soothing, the melody repeating itself over and over, words sung in soft rock ‘n roll voices, drums, guitars, everything melting together in chaotic harmony. Simple yet complicated. 

I want you… You know I want you so bad.

John kept typing. 

It’s driving me mad, it’s driving me mad.

The music kept rising, reaching for a hypothetical climax. It was relaxing, lying on the couch, drifting in and out. Letting the music seep in through every nerve, flow through the veins. Sherlock took a deep breath, then let it out. John took another sip, cleared his throat. The fly buzzed on. 

Abruptly the song was over. Another one came on, soft guitar sounding like the golden rays peeking through the curtains. 

… it’s alright…

Without really noticing, Sherlock drifted all the way to dreamland. 

The Signs and their Prom Dress
  • Aries: floor-length gown. Starts as a deep dark blue at the lower hem and blends into a light baby blue at the top. Gradient seems like the different blues of the ocean
  • Taurus: airy dress, which is short in the front and long and flowing at the back. A burst of violet and pink
  • Gemini: neon yellow dress, which is so bright, that it hurts in the eyes. Short, flowing with a large opening at the back
  • Cancer: dusky pink dress, seeming as if it came from a past time period. Intricate laces embellish the neckline. Golden pearls are woven into the fine cloth
  • Leo: an explosion of colors. The empire waisted dress seems like a water color painting, in which the different colors flow into another creating a chaotic harmony
  • Virgo: floor-length gown sitting snugly at the bust and waist and streams down the hips in a fiery waterfall of oranges, yellows, and reds
  • Libra: bordeaux dress, with an empire waist, which is embellished with sparkling stones. Seems like the color of fresh blood. Ends mid-thigh
  • Scorpio: stunning floor-length deep blue gown. Crystals sprinkle it like the stars of the night sky. Loosely cut, but waisted
  • Sagittarius: sexy tight-fitted black dress, showing off the curves. Has cut-out parts at the sides and ends mid-thigh
  • Capricorn: short dress, which fits snugly at the waist and bust and fluffs out at the hips in a cloud of cream tulle. Has a cute bow at the lower back and ends at above the knee.
  • Aquarius: hyper modern black dress, with neon [insert fave color] accents. Ends mid-thigh and is cut asymmetrically
  • Pisces: floor-length mermaid dress. Sits tight and accentuates the beautiful body, to subtly flurry out at mid-thigh into a swirl of turquoise
Please Enjoy Conner O’Malley’s “”, That Ties Conner’s Outlandish Characters Into One Universe

Without question, one of the best character comedians and practitioners of the man-on-the-street segment is Conner O’Malley.

From conspiracy theorist wack job to adult entertainment fan boy going through a rough time to a good dad upholding weird traditions, O’Malley made this pilot that essentially creates a universe where all of O’Malley’s different characters can live together in some sort of weird, chaotic, NSFW harmony.

Enjoy here and hope that it sparks O’Malley getting to do a series somewhere on TV or on streaming services.


In case you weren’t able to make it, Tokyo In Tulsa uploaded a video of Avanchick’s Otake-za and acoustic show! Check it out!

anonymous asked:

Is Symmetra really a libra though? She's about order, wouldn't she be more Virgo or Cap?

No, a lot of her imagery is very Libran. She’s focused on Order, making sense of (what she sees as) Chaos, and making Rules to that end. She’s sooo about beautifying the world in her image, I can see why you would say Virgo or Cap and I myself thought she was Virgo too, but my friend Flex put me on to Libra Symmetra and I’m inclined to agree.

Libra is the only sign to be represented by an inanimate object, indicating a detachment and a civility not present in (or at least, not as integral to) other signs, which i think describes her cold detachment to her teammates very well. The only one she isn’t civil towards is Lúcio who she wants to murder lol. Not to mention she wants to kill Lúcio for breaking the law and causing disorder in a world she already views as chaotic. Symmetry, Order, Harmony, Beauty, Chaos and Disorder as Ugliness – a lot of her focuses and themes are extremely Libran! Her new skin only enhances that tbh! Blindfolded or Eyeless Angel symbolism has always been tied to the concept of “Justice is blind” and to the Scales of Justice, and all of those are tied to Libra.


Sole Party 2.0 by @hawkfurze

May 1st: Like always, introduce your Sole! What’s their SPECIAL, their likes, dislikes, are they romanced, what faction are they in. Tell everyone a little about them!

Sole Survivor : Ellie Connor 


Likes : Power Armors, sarcasm, comics, whiskey, feeling like a badass, being powerful, hanging out with her friends, Jangles the Moon Monkey plushes

Dislikes : discrimination, racism, murders, cannibalism, catcalls, being belittled, feeling powerless

Skilled at : convincing and manipulating people, leadership, shooting, bashing people with her power armor, stunts

Unskilled at : compassion, opening up, sugar-coating things, being tidy, cooking

Personality : Ellie is a tough woman who keeps a lot of her actual thoughts and feelings for herself, and tries to project a powerful image at all times. She actually enjoys being intimidating, and she likes getting what she wants out of people. She has a particular moral compass, but she believes in justice. She is very protective of those she loves and the people under her care, and will rain down with fury on however hurts them.

Weapons of choice : Deliverer, December’s Child, Electrified Chinese Officer Sword, Never-ending Gauss Rifle, Tinker Tom’s Special and a Never-ending laser rifle

Romance : MacCready (her cute smol sniper boyfriend)

Factions : Minutemen, Railroad, Atom Cats, Far Harbor, Acadia

Pre-war story :
Coming from a wealthy family, her parents were rather strict and neglectful. Her father always pushed for more and wanted to decide her life, her mother did very little more than ignore her. She refused to follow a military path, law being one of the only other fields her father would allow her to pursue.

She finished college at 24 and worked at a law firm for over a year before being fired. She married Nate, her childhood friend, when her parents somehow caught wind of their “friend with benefits” type of relation. They both remained pretty free after this union however, both content with the situation and having commonly agreed it was only for their parent’s satisfaction.

They liked each other and lived in chaotic harmony. Shaun resulted from their own wish to have a child, hurried by both of their parents’ wish to have a grandchild as well as circumstances being fitting.

Post war :
Ellie remains ruthless and cunning for a while, the only things on her mind being revenge and getting her son back. After defeating Kellogg however, she comes to realize that she will need to live in this world with her son once she finds him, so she starts helping out more and goes back to Sanctuary to join the Minutemen.

In the end, she invades the Institute with the Minutemen, destroying it so the Commonwealth can be free of its menace. She takes her role as General of the Minutemen very seriously, and negotiates a wavering truce with the Brotherhood of Steel. She also works on the side to help the Railroad. She clears the raiders out of Nuka World after restoring it to power and weakening them by taking the Disciples out. In Far Harbor, she manages to hold the piece between the three factions.

Other :

  • In her world, she finds another of my OC, Rosaline, who ends up as her companion. She and her deathclaw Fluffy hang around Sanctuary, both part of the Minutemen
  • @synthwanderer​‘s Companion!Vaughn Zander also becomes one of her best friends, marrying another of her close friends, Hancock, and adopting little Shaun.
  • She also reconnects with a friend she knew before the war, who survived this long after being turned into a ghoul, Anika. 
quartz for the signs
  • aries: blue onyx - a member of the quartz family, often recommended to athletes. increases strength, endurance, perseverance, and explosive energy. Opens throat chakra and can help facilitate clear communication with others.
  • taurus: green chlorite - a member of the quartz family. a healing stone on all levels. also known as prosperity stones, attracting wealth of all kinds.
  • gemini: lithium quartz - calming and meditative abilities. beneficial for mental disorders due to it’s calming and balancing of the brain and emotions. great for heelping with depression and mood swings.
  • cancer: pineapple quartz - dissolves negative thoughts, anger, fear, resentment and emotional blocks. softens negative energy. acts as a protective stone, providing an energy barrier around the user.
  • leo: rose quartz - helps the user to develop self-love and attract love. excellent for healing emotional wounds. brings calmness and clarity to the emotions and restores the mind to harmony after chaotic or crisis situations.
  • virgo: lemon quartz - enhances creativity, organization, optimism and well-being. helps to focus on your goals with a clear and bright outlook to make your future the way you want it to be.
  • libra: aqua aura quartz - enhances intuition and communication, calms nerves, and energizes mental abilities. promotes one's inner beauty and attracts wealth and success.
  • scorpio: opal aura quartz - helps to protect and balance the aura and brings health on all levels. helps one move toward ‘right action’. lifts the spirit and helps to bring tranquility and peacefulness and contact with our inner wisdom.
  • sagittarius: double terminated quartz - can transmit or receive energy through both ends. assists in meditation and dream state. Provides protection, carrying one can assist in maintaining one’s energy shield. brings stablility, perseverance and patience.
  • capricorn: smoky quartz - excellent for elevating moods, overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression. relieves stress, fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions by transforming them into positive energies
  • aquarius: nirvana quartz - it stimulates the third eye and crown chakras and helps one reach enlightenment or “nirvana”. excellent for meditation, allows one to embrace a state of inner silence, also great for enhancing psychic ability.
  • pisces: fairy quartz - brings peace and calm to those in its energy field. extremely beneficial for emotional pain or illness. It can help alleviate depression, stress and anxiety.

I think I’m going to be angry about the Omega dlc forever.

Because Aria and Nyreen had this really rad frenemy thing going on, and their complex relationship which started with Nyreen being drawn to Aria and then leaving because she saw what being with Aria was doing to herself, but they still both care about each other and respect each other and they were so interesting.

And they both were these two powerful forces. Aria was the ruthlessness, efficiency and control. and Nyreen was the compassion and justice, and they could have ruled Omega together(albeit probably separately). They could have worked in their own sort of chaotic harmony, and they’d have been great.

But no, because Bioware built this beautiful, almost dangerous relationship and they could have done SO MUCH WITH IT. But they didn’t! They threw it all in the trash and sacrificed it for some 5 second bullshit drama, where nothing changes.

Omega just goes back to how it was and Aria goes back to the person she was, with no one to challenge her, no rival, no one to make her question, and it’s just so god damn.. lacking. There was so much potential for something new and different, even if we weren’t shown that on screen and had been inferred, and Bioware was just like, oh here look JUST KIDDING

And I’m just endlessly annoyed at how they could fuck up such a good a story like that.

Disguised Affection

For @waitingforspring, apologies it’s a little late! I picked the ‘pretending to hate each other in front of other people but secretly in a relationship’ prompt, hope I’ve done it justice!

The animosity between Arthur Kirkland and Alfred F. Jones had become somewhat legendary amongst the students of their university. And some of the lecturers too, so it seemed, Arthur recalled instances in the past where he had been approached by his lecturers and questioned as to how there was any ill feeling between him and Alfred—he was such a lovely boy after all.


Six months ago, Arthur would have scolded anyone who had deemed it appropriate to use the words ‘Alfred’ and ‘lovely’ in the same sentence. Six months ago, Alfred had been far from lovely—no, he had been a prat. An irritating, nauseatingly American prat with no apparent redeeming qualities.

Being assigned the room opposite said prat had been a loathsome smear across Arthur’s otherwise ordinary university experience.

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When a full moon shines against the water, the tides rise and fall, never predictable, chaotic but divine. In harmony with a womans emotions. After a volcanic eruption, a mountain forms, over time that mountain erodes, and hills are created, in harmony with a womans anatomy. The flowers of life, on those hills resemble our reproductive system. The seeds from those flowers, like our children, from our wombs, grow. Those children support life and add harmony to the world. those flowers change the world. The flower of life, is a sacred geometrical structure that scientifically and philosophically explains the way everything on earth connects and operates. Our ancestors were hip to this. This is why ancient egyptian hieroglyphs had pharaohs with female features. They were into spirituality. The way earth operates is in divine chaos. Divine chaos is without structure or plan but overall purposeful, in harmony with a females habits and problem solving skills. The anatomy of mother nature is woman. The energy of our planet, chaotic but overall strategic, is woman…And they try to tell me this is a mans world we live in.

moon signs and their emotions
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> impulsive, basically those with aries moon don't hold anything back. they're honest, direct and reacts dramatically. aries moon are always dramatic but adds in humor with their emotions. sometimes you may find it hard to express yourself without making a scene. its okay to be dramatic and honest.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> taurus moons are very calm with their feelings and can express them easily without being overly emotional. they sometimes over indulged in things to avoid becoming extremely emotional. like drawing, reading, watching tv or eating to distract or pleasure themselves. they should learn that you can't always avoid feeling strong emotions. its okay to be dramatic once in awhile.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> gemini moon are very uncomfortable with this placement. their duality makes it hard to feel one certain emotion for a long or normal period of time. they are moody and need to learn that its okay to experience or explore an emotion for a long period of time. switching on and off from sad to happy can make you bottle up your feelings and become distant.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> having your moon in cancer is the perfect placement, only because cancer is ruled by the moon. they have no problem expressing themselves freely but other may think that they are the tiniest self absorbed. cancer moon need to makes sure that they aren't dependent on others to support their feelings and understand that their emotions aren't the center of attention.<p/><b>Leo:</b> leo in moon are very expressive. they need to feel like their feelings and emotions are valued by their friends and loved ones. they are self-centered and sometimes need attention. that is not bad but some may think you are clingy. leo moon love their friends and would take a bullet for them but feel that you should do the same, if not they don't feel secure or needed. they can also be dramatic. you must know that not everyone can support you and be just as expressive as you are.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> having moon in virgo can be a very awkward placement. they think logically and always want to find a reasonable meaning for feeling a certain way. that makes it extremely difficult to share their emotions. the worse part is that they want to express themselves, virgo moon long to be able to precisely express themselves. but always having an explanation to feel a certain way makes them worried. but that makes them super balanced and never overly emotional.<p/><b>Libra:</b> libra moon would love to be honest and express themselves easily but they a concerned with the peace of their environment. any dramatic or extreme emotion can make things chaotic and not very harmonious. this leaves their opinions and feelings sugar coated and not all the way true. libra moon must learn that holding back and keeping balance can hurt them and their friends.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> those with scorpio moon find it difficult to express themselves. every emotion they experience are intensely felt. scorpio moon need to find way to easily do this. they should speak to their close friends they've made connections with, express it in poetry or writing, art and music. they eventually learn and realize that being super emotional is okay.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> sagittarius moon express themselves out of complete honesty, because of this they do not hold grudges on the past or become emotional. this placement is difficult though because they can hurt people without knowing it. they do not act emotionally because to them, there isn't much reason to do so. they should learn to be more open than usual and actually express themselves. that task is difficult and irritating, but everyone must learn to fairly express themselves.
  • Capricorn: moon in Capricorn don't deal well with any dramatic or emotional situations. they do not like to have unbalanced feelings and when they do they become slightly irritated. they are rather calm and prefer to not go to any extremes. you should know that it's alright to be dramatic, don't get worried or mad when you have those days.
  • <p/> <b>Aquarius:</b> moon in aquarius don't openly share their opinions, they keep to themselves. but at the same time they want to have a one to one relationship where they can just speak their feelings and also want their friend to tell them how they are feeling. so they can nurture them, help them and give them advice. but when they actually get to that point they become uncomfortable. they need to know that they can do it eventually and to be patient, don't rush yourself into sharing anything you don't want to you yet.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> pisces moon share their feelings openly and become extremely emotional. they cannot handle negative activity. they are nurtures and excellent friends when you need emotional support. but so much negativity or sadness can take a toll on their own feelings. pisces moon should learn that its OKAY to feel depressed or blue. everything will be alright :)<p/></p>
What I Think Of PJ Liguori

He has stardust hidden in his brown curls, stuffed in the pockets of his skinny jeans, tucked beneath the zippers of his rucksack jetpack. He has an entire galaxy cupped in his hands, the occasional solar system slipping through his fingers, the warm weight staining his palms with luminescence. He has eyes like the sunlit leaves of spring, twinkling with the secrets of midnight moons. He has constellations sketched across his skin, the thin silver lines tracing his veins, the stars like pinpricks of lustre upon a human background. He has moonbeams dancing along each inhale, coloured smoke painted across each exhale. He has supernovas exploding in his heart, every spark and flash a flicker of vivacity. He has the music of the universe, loud yet soft, melodious yet harmonious, chaotic yet seamless and every bit intentional, echoing in his ears, lacing his blood with meteorites and eclipses, filling his head with ideas. He has a soul, crafted by the Nine Muses, of infinity and beyond.

He is out of this world.


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