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She sighed, the darkness of the corridors… How odd it was. She waited for Garry and Mary, they were suppose to meet her here a few minutes ago, but they haven’t returned. Starting to worry, she then heard footsteps. She quickly looked back, gripping her rose in her hand. Spotting the foreign character, she knew this person was from the outside realm.

“Hello miss.” She greeted, gripping the rose tightly in her hand.

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This character’s presence… It shocked Madostuki. Quickly turning to face the other. Shine-less eyes locked, her knife tight in her grip. Who was this character, and how did they get caught in her net of dreams…? “Who… Are you…?” She asked, sounding drowsy. but her facial expression said otherwise.

Cat and skeleton hugs are the best hugs (@chaosrunepownage)

Now that he was back home… he couldn’t bare to really see any of the town’s folk, except maybe Zero, whom was curled up on his lap. The rain was soft during the night. Nobody was around, since everybody was asleep… Jack let out a sigh, he wouldn’t move even if he was about to get sick.

The only noise was the rain. Til footsteps. Jack refused to move still. Then the cat creature appeared. Jack remembered her! “Hello…” He greeted, trying to seem happy, obviously failing..

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Stitch looked at the ocean from the cliff he was sitting on, swinging his feet carefully, humming the song ‘Aloha Oe’. It was dark out, the sun setting here. Sinking carefully into the water. He didn’t know why he was alone, he just was. He listened to the water hit the cliff, and just watched the stars beginning to magically disappear. Finally, the sun vanished, disappearing til tomorrow. The stars were Stitch’s only companions right now. It didn’t take long however, for a newcomer to appear. And since it had started raining, he was wondering why they were even out. Holding the umbrella he had brought over himself, it gave a rather sad feel that Stitch hadn’t noticed.

“Hi. Are you lost?”

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“We got those sailors good, didn’t we Tulio.” Miguel hummed, strumming a bit on his mandolin. “Yes, yes we did. I can’t believe they have yet to catch us.” He laughed making their way home. But they halted when they saw an odd cat. Especially in the year of 1520! “Aww~ It’s a little kitty~” Miguel said, not noticing his partner facepalmed. “An odd ‘kitty’ indeed.” Tulio added.

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Snow, such a beautiful sigh, especially in Gotham. Sitting upon the rooftops she watched as police cars zoomed down the street, the batman following. Tonight, Kyokai wasn’t up to chasing anybody. So she dismissed it. In her origin form now. The flames that eternally burned at her paws glew brighter. Her seven tails flicking around quickly. She turned to see a cat-like creature.

“May I ask why you’re out and about in Gotham at night?”

AU RP - Duke Bass and Captain Terra

“ATTENTION!” Duke Bass snaps out, the large purple form pacing around the courtyard of the keep. An oversized robotic hybrid of a wolf and sabretooth tiger graced with sharp bladed wings, his mere presence was enough to frighten most of those that saw him into obedience.

With him were most of the queen’s Pokemon that had not been taken on the royal couple’s Noctis campaign. The objective was training, particularly of Terra, their captain, although the session was for the benefit of all the Pokemon involved in it. Bass had been ordered to perform this training as soon as the Noctis campaign had started, and with that campaign fully underway now the Duke could start the sessions.

Terra had recently been “upgraded” into a powerful chimera of a Pokemon as reward for assistance in locating Queen Chaos, temporarily gone missing before the campaign started. Here, she would learn how to use the new powers effectively.

About 8ft tall, Terra's main body resembles the X version of the Mega Charizard (without the blue flames coming from the mouth), but is otherwise heavily modified. She has arms, spikes, “dreadlocks” and chest fur of a Mega Lucario, as well as the red stain at the end of the arms and legs characteristic of that Mega Pokemon. A Nidoking-style horn extends up from the shout, and Raichu ears are attached to the head. The long hair of a Zoroark also grows out of the top of the head. The back has Sandslash-style spikes growing out of it, and the tail is long and thick like that of a Mewtwo, ending in a flaming lightning bolt shape. Finally, in place of the typical Charizard wings are a pair of Articuno wings.

Helping Terra learn to most effectively use her new body is the main purpose of this session for Duke Bass…

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Victor enjoyed the woods at night. It’s quite humorous actually, until the whole undead incident… he hasn’t been afraid of the dark  or the dead any longer. But that still leaved a lot of his fears to overcome him. The tall male with the almost sickly bleached white pale skin, he was never a real bold character. He was always shy, clumsy, and so on. So imagine his reaction to seeing somebody like the one before him.

“This isn’t happening…” His back pressed to the tree. His breathing rate picking up, body shaking like a leaf. He had never seen anything like that. And almost immediately he had passed out from it all.