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This is the story of a cyborg cat, named Chaos.

Chaos was a drifter, moving from one world to another by dimensional rifts. None of her friends in the multi-verse were from her home world, and thanks to them, she has been able to forget her horrible past.

And Chaos was happy. Or was she?

And then one day something very peculiar happened, something that would forever prove that she is not really as happy as she says she is. It is something she would never quite forget.

She had been asleep for nearly an hour, when she woke up back in the ruins of her home world. Lately, she has been able to control when she goes from one world to another, so why was she suddenly ported to her home world now, especially since her home world had been reset so long ago, and no longer looks the way it appears to her.

Shocked, frozen solid, Chaos found herself unable to move for the longest time. But as she came to her senses, she got up from the asphalt she was laying in, and walked down the street.

chaosrunepownage entered the Gallery

She sighed, the darkness of the corridors… How odd it was. She waited for Garry and Mary, they were suppose to meet her here a few minutes ago, but they haven’t returned. Starting to worry, she then heard footsteps. She quickly looked back, gripping her rose in her hand. Spotting the foreign character, she knew this person was from the outside realm.

“Hello miss.” She greeted, gripping the rose tightly in her hand.

chaosrunepownage Found The Ruined Labs


And another humanoid…creature…um…. The teen hid behind the nearest thing he could, hopefully fast enough that she wouldn’t see him. Yeah right, she was part animal, she could probably see him. He cowered behind the pillar, shivering. Don’t see me…Don'tseeme..!

chaosrunepownage discovered the captain

It was a nice peaceful day. The nice breeze and shade of a fairly large tree… What could be better? Toshiro was napping in the shade, being the light sleeper he is, he was able to detect the other’s Spirit Energy. Opening his one eye slightly, he almost jumped out of his skin seeing the other. At first he thought it was a hollow, standing up and quickly unsheathing Hyorinmaru. But upon further inspection he saw it was not an enemy, or at least, not one he should be worrying about.

He put his sword back in it’s sheath. “I apologize for my actions. For a moment I thought you could possibly be an enemy.”

chaosrunepownage replied to your post: There’s a dark purple cat with clear cybernetics curled up on a box, snoozing.

She doesn’t seem to notice Zoe, as she purrs a little in sleep. She seems oddly peaceful for having so much metal on her.

She tilted her head even more, seeing that the cat was still asleep. She tried to avoid making a sound, studying the cybernetics more than anything else. She really wanted to reach out and pet itbecause it was so cute… but it was asleep.
Cat and skeleton hugs are the best hugs (@chaosrunepownage)

Now that he was back home… he couldn’t bare to really see any of the town’s folk, except maybe Zero, whom was curled up on his lap. The rain was soft during the night. Nobody was around, since everybody was asleep… Jack let out a sigh, he wouldn’t move even if he was about to get sick.

The only noise was the rain. Til footsteps. Jack refused to move still. Then the cat creature appeared. Jack remembered her! “Hello…” He greeted, trying to seem happy, obviously failing..

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(Gotham AU) An envelope is slipped onto Autumn's desk. No security cameras can identify anyone who could have left it, oddly enough... Still, the envelope is marked with a green cat's paw and a familiar-looking sapphire crystal.

Tilting her head a little in curiousity at the strange envelope, Autumn grabbed it and opened it to see what was inside.

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Stitch looked at the ocean from the cliff he was sitting on, swinging his feet carefully, humming the song ‘Aloha Oe’. It was dark out, the sun setting here. Sinking carefully into the water. He didn’t know why he was alone, he just was. He listened to the water hit the cliff, and just watched the stars beginning to magically disappear. Finally, the sun vanished, disappearing til tomorrow. The stars were Stitch’s only companions right now. It didn’t take long however, for a newcomer to appear. And since it had started raining, he was wondering why they were even out. Holding the umbrella he had brought over himself, it gave a rather sad feel that Stitch hadn’t noticed.

“Hi. Are you lost?”