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Background is Super Sexy Ultimate Husband Krem by @chaoslindsay
Lock screen is adorable Krems by @xfreischutz
Last song I listened to according to Spotify is Armies of Your Heart, on the playlist I made for Ellana. Elizaveta is the artist responsible for Maryden’s singing voice and she’s amazing!!
And a selfie I don’t think I ever posted??? From back when my hair was still long and not undercut. Also there’s a piggie nose in that shot that I didn’t notice. xD
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“Fans of course are obsessed with your relationship with Jaime. In fact, so much that some marvelous fan art has been created.” (x)

Featuring artwork by chaoslindsay & bljgot!

ficlet: under the table

@chaoslindsay prompted on twitter: under the table handjobs. nsfw (surprise), 2000 words. Nebulous modern AU.


An hour to closing. Faces blur in the shifting lights, washed out with tiredness and alcohol, giddy. And there’s Dorian, laughing, dragged through the crowd by Sera; no drinks in evidence.

“It’s a fucking bear-pit over there,” she says, slipping her phone back into her pocket after a quick glance, a disappointed face smoothed over fast. “Maybe Dorian’s good with getting eaten up, but some of us aren’t into big hairy men. Drinks at my place after instead, right?”

“What,” the Bull says, “not going to get laid?”

Sera sighs heavily. “Just not the same. Adaar’s lot were here last time. Nothing else measures up. Get it? ‘Cause, like: woof.”

Shokrakar is indeed a fine figure of a woman. The Bull knows her, from before. Good to know she’s doing alright, though he wouldn’t have said so a few years ago.

“Nothing to do with Dagna, then,” Dorian says. “You’re not mooning and checking for texts ten times a minute.”

“I’ll moon you, you arse,” Sera says, and is half way up onto the table ready to make good when the Dorian yanks her down again, catches her unsteadily and turns his forward motion into an elegant dip, like he meant it.

“You, my friend, are inebriated,” Dorian says.

“Psht,” Sera says. “Takes one to know one. How come you can still say your fancy words.”

“I’m not nearly drunk enough to lose those,” Dorian says, as though he ever does. He has been drinking lightly, though. “Come on, get up. You aren’t particularly light.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Sera says. “Lighter than your boyfriend. Bet you let him sleep on top of you.”

He does. Had, the few times they’ve actually passed out together. Loves the Bull’s weight over him.

“Sera,” Dorian says. “Go and dance, would you? Kiss someone inappropriately. Have fun.”

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It’s commission time, it’s commission time…!

To celebrate finishing all of my recent contracts, I am… opening up  commission slots! Because having nothing to do is frightening.

Slots available:

1. Adie - tentative
2. Syd - planning

Like the picture says, I am opening commissions for FULL COLOUR character portraits and pairing art for $55, and for FULL COLOUR illustrations for $90+.

I’ll draw most kinds of subject matter, but y'all know me… if it involves kissing+++, you know I’m down for that.

Please email me at if you’re interested. Thanks!