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anonymous asked:

Do you and Stiffler have jobs other than writing/drawing (which is absolutely fantastic)?

Thank you.

And yes and no. 

We survive 100% off of our illustration and writing currently, which is in no way limited to, but includes: our ongoing comics ChaosLife and FindChaos, freelance articles, graphic design, colorist work, charity work, occasional commission work and being in numerous amazing anthologies – like Smut Peddler 2014, Beyond, and Blood Root Issue 2.

A big part of our income comes from our Patreon, where folks can get sneak peeks, anthology previews, insider blogs, tutorials and special podcasts, among other things. We also sell some of our comics on Sellfy and/or GumRoad and plan to print a few in the near future to have for sale. We have a Society6 store, as well as an Etsy store where we feature new products, too. We always have prints available if folks want them – I should probably mention that more often.

We work about 10 hours a day, on average (probably more) and much of our schedule is simply… drawing and writing. We do take breaks here on Tumblr and other social media places, partly to give our hands something else to do (always exercise your wrists!) and partly because Social Media is pretty important to a business. We don’t make a shit-ton of money, but we make enough to survive off ramen, feed our cats better food than us, keep the electric on, and buy the occasional new sex toy.

We’re in love with each other, we’re in love with our work, and we work very, very hard at it day in and day out. We usually don’t take off holidays, birthdays or even times when we’re sick – it’s just that important to us to keep creating and to keep sharing our creations with the people that love them.

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So, yeah, this is definitely our full-time job. We’re pretty lucky and always very, very busy!