I’ve never seen the sea, only in vids. No lakes where I grew up neither, just the river and the swamp. There may have been boats once but not in my lifetime.

But if I had to imagine being on the sea, this is what I’d imagine. The herd surrounds us and takes up everything, leaving just the sky and us. It cuts around us like a current, sometimes noticing us but more usually noticing only itself and the song of Here, which in the midst of it is so loud it’s like it’s taken over the running of yer body for a while, providing the energy to make yer heart beat and yer lungs breathe.

After a while, I find myself forgetting all about Wilf and the – the other things I could think about and I’m just lying back on the cart, watching it all go by, individual creachers snuffling around, feeding, bumping each other now and again with their horns, and there’s baby ones, too, and old bulls and taller ones and shorter ones and some with scars and some with scruffier fur.

Viola’s laying down next to me and Manchee’s little doggie brain is overwhelmed by it all and he’s just watching the herd go by with his tongue hanging out and for a while, for a little while, as Wilf drives us over the plain, this is all there is in the world.

This is all there is.

I look over at Viola and she looks back at me and just smiles and shakes her head and wipes away the wet from her eyes.



This is actually a really late Chaos Walking Secret Santa for pillaow so take it as a chinese new year gift instead! I’m so sorry about the tardiness, I’ve been busy with this and that. Anyway you didn’t exactly specify about what you wanted so I just drew one of my favourite scenes from TKONLG for you! The ‘Here’ herd was one of the most peaceful moments in the books and a first glimpse at how the natives to the planet really operated. 

#HoundOfTindalos #commission this cosmic nasty has shown up in a lot of peoples works including #HPLovecraft

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