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Skam season 4 theory - mega post

So for the past few hours all the lovely angels from the discord chat have been bouncing all our thoughts and theories around
Until @newlevelofdesperate and I actually ended up with a pretty realistic theory as to how all this shit is really going to go down yo 

So get yourselves a nice cup of tea and settle in because this gets looooong

Mikael, Even and Yousef –  

It’s pretty evident that whatever went down in Bakka involved all three of these guys. But I feel like one of the most reasonable explanations here is that Mikael, Yousef and Even were friends. Really good friends. Possibly they knew each other since middle school (like Jonas and Isak) but then Yousef and Mikael began to become distant to Even and instead began to hung out with the balloon squad. Boys who are also involved in Islam.
This, we then feel may have prompted Even to learn the Quran, as a desperate attempt to cling onto the friends he could only fear of losing. Of not wanting to be alone.

We then feel like this led him to do something during his mania that ostracised him completely from his school and everyone he knew. We can see from the youtube video that the balloon squad reacted to Even’s name like it was nothing but a joke and an exciting story to tell, which is how we feel everyone around Even treated it. While Mikael and Yousef didn’t have anything to do with the incident or with how people treated Even afterwards, they also didn’t do anything to help Even during the times he needed them either. And we think that is what is eating them both up. The guilt that they weren’t the kind of friends Even needed and left him at a time where he needed them more than ever.
Yousef also seems a hell of a lot more emotionally affected by whatever Even did at Bakka, which is why we believe that Evens Bakka story is a lot more directed at Yousef than Mikael who we originally focused on in association with Even’s history. And this is why Yousef’s reaction to Even’s name in the youtube video was a lot more emotional than Mikaels and the boys (who weren’t really emotionally attached at all)

But then of course….what did he do?

Russ Buss

Russbuss has always been an important factor to Sana and is continuing to have an importance in her season and her need to prove that she can belong in both worlds, the one with her faith, and the one where she can participate in Norwegian culture and still be Sana.
We feel like this could become a problem for her later on. Perhaps the girls eventually succumb to the russbuss previously known as Pepsi Max’s bus. And Sana is not allowed to join because of her faith.

This then made us think that maybe Even’s story connects with his russbuss too. Maybe russbuss is a much bigger theme than we ever thought. The thought came up that perhaps Even wanted to join the russ with his friends Mikael and Yousef, but wasn’t allowed because he isn’t muslim. Maybe that prompted him to learn the quaran?
And maybe that is what led him to do something during his mania.
Something to the buss perhaps?
Just like Sana who is having trouble being a part of a russ because she’s muslim….maybe Even couldn’t join because he wasn’t?
Maybe Even wanted so desperately to understand his friends and their religion but no one ever let him? And in doing so, they also failed to understand Even.
It was also brought up in the discord chat that Even doesn’t seem like the russbuss type which we agree with, but it makes a lot of sense that Even would do anything to hang onto his friends and the people who he could always rely on (we have seen him do this with Sonja in s3) and when those things didn’t work, the concept of him saying, writing or doing things connected to this struggle during his mania makes even more sense.
And to connect the current russbuss drama with the old would be an interesting reflection on both characters and stories.

Even and Sana Mirror

@heltchill brought up this idea that Even may actually be Sana’s mirror, which prompted another discussion on this theory.

We already talked about Even who could have experienced the same challenges that Sana might face this season with the russbus. While Even may have been left out for not being a Muslim , people keep reminding Sana that she doesn’t fit into the concept of the russbus. Mari’s reaction to Sana being a part of the russbuss was very surprised and a little offputting, while Sara made a point of referring herself and her group as superior because they are “normal Norwegian party girls” a comment that fuelled Sana to truly make this russbuss work.
And then of course there is Elias, who warned Sana that she shouldn’t be on a russbus because she is a muslim girl. Yousefs reaction here is interesting as he seems annoyed by Elias’s words and he sends Sana a message later on where he encourages her to go for the russbus. This could also be a hint, that Yousef still feels guilty about Even and doesn’t want Sana (or anyone) else to face the kind of exclusion that Even may have faced.
We also had a thought that maybe the reason this season parallels evak so much is because Even is actually Sana’s mirror? Julie wants us to feel all of the Even emotions again because his story actually mirrors Sana’s so much, we just need to pay attention to the signs. Maybe.

In regards to the trailer: The trailer made us all assume that the series of events happens in an order, because it was in slow motion each piece of the puzzle fell one at a time. But in reality they all happened extremely fast all at once like a domino effect. So instead of waiting for each story to fall, we should be expecting them all to fall at once. The last episode proves this, by each clip being the start of a separate storyline. Yousana, Noorhell mystery + Vilde and Magnus, Evak and Bakka story, and then the russbuss. So many storylines are beginning at once because when they all begin to turn into chaos that will happen at once too, with Sana standing in the middle trying to fix the chaos she instigated.
The trailer we feel like could also be an indication of Even as Sana’s mirror as the chaos starts with her and ends with Even, but when reversed (which is how it was released) it starts with Even and ends with Sana. Which essentially means that Sana is on one side of the chain with Even on the other….just like a mirror.
And thus he is probably the actual beginning of all the drama and not Noora, even though that is who we all have our eyes on at the moment, as she is brewing to a boil before our eyes.
But then again it is all going to fallout simultaneously anyway.


I also wonder if Mikael’s part in this is maybe that he struggled to hold onto both worlds just like Sana may find difficult this season. Perhaps he wanted to connect deeper with people who share his faith while still being friends with Even? But when doing so he just ended up hurting Even and himself and maybe that will be his part in Sana’s story? Maybe Mikael will help her understand the balance she needs to have and the mistakes she could make.

Understood/misunderstood theme

As the theme misunderstood fits to pretty much everyone, this theme seems particularly fitting to not just Sana but also Even. We actually saw how much he was misunderstood back in S3 when he became manic. Its not unrealistic that he was misunderstood back at Bakka when he had an episode and those misunderstandings are coming back to him in this season probably at the same time as Sana is facing her challenges. We feel like the biggest theme here is that Sana continuously feels misunderstood, not just by people who don’t know her, but also by those who are meant to. And maybe the point is that we all want to be understood but how can anyone understand us if we don’t give them the chance and they aren’t willing to? Maybe the answer to find balance between two worlds is if one world can become keen to learn the other, while the other world reaches out and gives them the material to. Even was repeatedly misunderstood last season and possibly also at Bakka because he never gave anyone the chance to know him. To learn, he already had decided that no one could or would.
And we think this mirrors exactly what Sana is doing here. We are all upset because the girls continue to say and do things that don’t exactly take her faith in consideration, but not once does Sana correct them. She never encourages them to know her and understand her, she has just assumed that it’s a lost course.
So maybe this season will teach her and us that understanding is a two way street, and to find it you have to first let yourself to finally be open to becoming truly understood.


Sonic Forces - E3 Trailer

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Chaos Walking Trailer (2019) - fan made 

watch in HD

Chaos Walking Movie

Ok so the movie, yes. It is happening. Soon. And I have only just started thinking about how excited I am!

I was at the cinema the other day and turned to my friend halfway through the trailers and nearly screamed “oh my gosh there’s going to be a day when I’m here and a trailer for Chaos Walking comes on!!” To which she replied “and a day when you’re about to watch Chaos Walking for the first time” and I squealed so much the person behind us asked me to be quiet!

Also, all of the ads for Spider-Man: Homecoming and making me beyond excited to see my boy Tom Holland as Todd, and I apparently have gotten over my previous casting issues with Daisy Ridley as when I saw a picture of her the other day I had such a vision of her as Viola!!

Another thing I’m excited for: SOUNDTRACK!!!!! Any of you who know me know that I’m a HUGE soundtrack nerd, so the prospect of Chaos Walking represented in a soundtrack is absolutely killing me and I cannot wait to see who will be working on it and what it will be like! Also, for those of you wondering about my fan-made soundtrack, it will happen I promise!! I’ve just been super busy, and I’m not going to be at home for most of the summer so won’t get much of a chance then, but as soon as I’m home work will start!!

So there’s a little outburst of excitement about the Chaos Walking movie for everyone, hope you all share my intense emotions for Chaos Walking!


Yes, fans indeed made this

Where's Shiro?

Voltron season three speculation.
Nothing but speculation.

So as everyone, including myself, is floundering around in utter chaos while trailers are dropped like hot potatoes, there is a big question posed: “where is Shiro?”

Sure the trailers talked about him, and show some flashbacks of him. But no new content. And honestly…

I don’t think we’ll see him this season.

(Wait don’t kill me, please)

But let’s think about it. The season was split. We are only getting seven episodes this season and then more come out in October. It’ll probably be around the same length. I believe it was split up on purpose by the writers to build up tensions and drive us more insane and worried about Shiro’s disappearance. Also go make the Paladins solve problems on their own without their decisive head for a season while facing foreign situations (Lotor).

Shiro was probably planned to make an appearance in a full length season, but the writers may have opted to displace him for a short period as a writing strategy to build up more attention from the viewers. They may have also tried to write an episode about what happened and realize it was too much info for just a short side-blip episode and wanted to give more time to our Shiro; thus the season split (you can see authors doing this between main series books and novellas constantly)

I speculate he will most likely appear for a short-three second scene during the last episode at the very end, cause us all scream and set the fandom on fire, and the the second season in October will be dedicated (or at least have a couple episodes dedicated) to what had happened to him while he was gone. It may be during this time we see that rebel Matt from the 4/20 voice acting leek.

I wouldn’t keep my hopes high to see space dad in season 3 but I don’t think he’s dead. Maybe a Galra weapon, but not dead…

Carry on with your usual day of setting fandoms on fire.


Get a taste for things to come in our brand new Episode 3 launch trailer!

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