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favourite actresses [5/5] - Kate Winslet

Acting, and the privilege of being able to do it for a living, is so important to me. I don’t turn up and just hope for the best. I really fret about it. I do my homework; I prepare myself for the experience of playing a particular character.

beans345  asked:

I spent the afternoon thinking what the most epic think possible in Warhammer would be. I eventually settled on a warlord titan drop kicking a chaos titan. Now the mental image won't leave me alone, send help...

It surely would be epicness overload! Titans are epic as hell!
Sadly I am bad with mecha, so here goes this thingy, sorta of redrawn anime meme cause I have come from the anime cave but I am here to stay
Cause I seen this as a result of said dropkick and wasn’t able to unsee.

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What was the titan incident? That time a chaos titan got drop kicked?

-No, the other titan incident

-Some jerks tried to fuse me with that Titan thing one day…

-I pretended to work with that and placed my sprite into machine instead of that crystal golem I am using now and then…

-Obliterated all that FEEEWLSSS >:D

-And maaaaybe got carried away in process. A little bit.

*distant echos of maniacal laughter*
-Yes. A little.

And yeah. That was the titan incident. I was forcibly removed from anything military related after that. At least officially. 

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I'll ask ya! SLBP x SNK cross-over. Which lords and retainers would be in: 1. Military Police 2. Scouting Legion 3. Garrison Unit

YAY! Thank you dear @akechimitsuhidevevo

Okay okay okay:

sooooo, half of them will be in Scouting Legion, as it suits their warrior nature, hahahaha. I’ll elaborate below.

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Let’s start with the Military Police. This organisation is full of pampered, corrupt and cunning people. But to get here they need to excel in the military academy first. Sooooo I would say, the Unicorns are:

Ieyasu: Obvs, he’ll totally climb to the high rank and abuse people, but secretly hates himself for it, and when the time comes, he’ll make a deal with the Garrison and Scouting Legion to stage a coup.

Saizo: He grew up in the Underground like Levi. He’ll be in Kenny’s death squad, that’s for sure. So part of the Military Police’s covert branch. But he has his own agenda, and often acts as double/triple agents for other branches should their interest align with his. But much later, he’ll transfer to Scouting Legion because Yukimura persuaded him like Erwin persuaded Levi he yearns for a more meaningful life. 

Kenshin: He’ll be the go-to person for liaison between the Military Police, the Wallist and the Crown. Smooth af, but also has his own agenda to uncover the secret of the wall cult.  

Aaaand the Garrison/Stationary Guard, who likes to deal with people. So they need people skills and management skills, also people who are comfortable mediating the people, the crown and other branches. So the Roses are: 

Mitsuhide: Will command the garrison in Mitras and appeared every bit of the model Commander but secretly growing resentful of the capital and its mistreatments of the outer cities. He will be a more handsome version of Nile to Nobunaga’s Erwin.  

Kojuro: Will have his chance to be one of the Unicorns but declined because he’s not comfortable working in the corrupt inner circle of nobility. He’ll hold down a city in outermost of the wall successfully. Strict but fair and well-liked Commander. He’ll make his city self-sufficient somewhat, and is a reliable ally to the Scouting Legion. 

Hideyoshi: Will be that friendly officer known and liked by everyone in the city. He’ll be able to manage chaos caused by Titan breach and is able to mobilise people with minimum casualties. Will command the river transport route. 

Last but not least, the Scouting Legion, who always needs suicidal maniacs brave, people who yearn for freedom and life beyond the wall. Also, obsessive people who like to get to the bottom of conspiracies. Some Lords will be ace titan slayers because they have that magic Asian blood like Ackermans. So the Wings of Freedom are: 

Shingen: Who are we kidding? He’ll be the Commander who is famed for this flaming hair. He’ll yearn for a death on the battlefield but will actually be one of the Commanders who live to retire and die of old age. Also, he can charm the noble ladies for funding like the sexy beast that he is.  

Yukimura: Of course, right? He’ll follow Shingen anywhere. He’ll be that one guy who is strangely chirpy and positive amid all the blood and deaths. He’ll have a lot of fans in the capital, which he’s rather uncomfortable with. 

Masamune: He’ll be the Historia/Krista of this crossover universe. Born a noble but cast away to Military Academy and later to Scouting Legion for a hopefully early demise. But excel in titan slaying and end up as a high ranking Squad Leader. Has an antagonistic relationship with Yukimura (like Jean and Eren) but work fantastically together. 

Inuchiyo: Like Jean, he yearned to be in Military Police but offended a noble and the academy and banished to Scouting legion. He grew to like the Legion and will pair nicely with Yukimura. In fact, they fight so well in tandem, the tales of their expeditions (embellished by Mitsunari’s hands) are bestselling pulp fictions in the capital. 

Nobunaga: He’ll be the Commander too. But he’ll be an embittered commander who is so disillusioned by the Crown that he stages the coup to reform the life and governance inside the wall, then he will expand and plan better expedition outside the wall.  

Mitsunari: He graduated with the highest honor from the Military Academy but gave up his chance to join the unicorns and roses because of his tragic past in the Underground and his ambition to uncover the wall’s secret. He’ll be the Legion’s super strict accountant who manages the purse string for expeditions. Also, Hanji’s perpetually exasperated assistant/keeper/restrainer. 

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