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Note: There are several spoilers for eons-old plot twists in this article. May anyone who does not realize and accept this be eaten by a grue.

4 Beloved Pop Culture Icons Hollywood Will Be Ruining Next

#4. Twin Peaks

Why It Should Never Return: Twin Peaks was always destined to be a short and beautiful thing. Its appeal lies in atmosphere and carefully balanced contradiction – the coziness of a beautiful, all-American small town contrasted with the sins hiding underneath the surface and the absolute evil that lurks at the edges. The fun came from peeling all those layers of wickedness and absurdity one by one, and it worked like a dream … as long as there were layers left. Once Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed midway through the second season, the final layer was gone, and the core turned out to be a mystical potluck of lodges, spheres, hirsute chaos spirits, and tiny, overdressed arm-deities.

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classy-frenchie  asked:

I hope you will write a second part to the blurb where calum is a jock and he invites you to a party as a joke. I really liked it :)

highschool!calum part one

alright so you’d have completely shut yourself out for the entire weekend but by the time monday rolled around you knew you’d eventually have to face the world so you’d put on a baggy hoodie to conceal your face from anyone as you hurried past the snickers that seemed to chase you all while you dug through your locker for textbooks and notebooks with a pen stuck between your teeth as a clutter of loose pieces of paper fluttered to the ground because you were never one to be the center of attention - never one for the spotlight - and all you wanted to do was get back to your nice, shadowy corner that was away from the ruthless stares that made you hunch your shoulders as if the more you curled into yourself, the more likely it was that you would disappear into yourself but it didn’t seem like your solid form was going to disintegrate any time soon - no matter how much you wished some malicious scientist’s experiment would go haywire and a rogue laser would strike you instantly, turning you to dust, but alas, that was not happening either - but you weren’t the only one feeling the brunt from friday night - although in calum’s case, he was more disgusted with his so-called friends who spent their time tormenting you and spreading the pictures they took of you in your intimate lingerie, pressed against his then-flushed chest, and kicked himself every time you would scramble past him and brush off his attempts at an apology - and it reached the point where this entire fucking day left calum with a sore jaw from having it clenched for so many hours and his tongue stinging thanks to having his teeth sunk into it to bite back any of his bitter words but he tried so fucking hard to get you to look at him - just acknowledge his existence - but you’d duck away from before he could get any closer, though he managed to luck out since you both had gym together and, although he never paid intense attention to your presence in the past, he couldn’t help it as his gaze focused on you tugging at the sleeves of your t-shirt as you stood off to the side of the basketball court, eyes nervously flicking back and forth while your head hung down almost shamefully, which would immediately snap the moment one of his teammates - because he felt sick to his stomach thinking of them as his friends now - nudged his elbow with a smug grin on his face that calum just wanted to punch into oblivion as that douchebag’s eyes raked your body, a glint of lust in his eyes that made that sick sensation more like a feeling of boiling acid in the pit of his gut, and the moment you noticed the staring, you’d shuffle behind some of the girls that just exited the locker room in an attempt to once again hide yourself from the world but the their harsh and loud whispers about you didn’t exactly help build what little shield you had to protect yourself, but nonetheless, your gym teacher obviously be oblivious to everyone and everything happening because this is high school and rarely do you have teachers that blatantly involve themselves with your problems or give a fuck so he’d be squeaking across the floor in his adidas sneakers whilst wearing shorts that were a size or two too small and a black plastic whistle dangled around his neck and a pair of baseball shades covered his eyes, all the while chomping hard on his gum and suggesting the dreaded game of dodgeball - dragging around the mesh bag filled with red and yellow rubber balls that made you suck in a shallow breath as all the varsity athletes smirked mischievously and lightly shoved one another in some sort of competitive spirit - and eventually you were all divided into teams parallel to one another across the basketball court, the balls all placed in front of you in a even row, and with a blow of that dollar tree whistle, the gymnasium exploded in a mass of chaos as the red spheres shot through the air and struck unsuspecting victims - which toppled to the ground in a heap of scarlet skin and screams of pain - and all you wanted to do was just get the hell out of there so you weakly threw a ball that was caught so you could stand off on the sidelines but as you maneuvered to the edge of the court, you collapsed to the ground and clutched your cheek in stinging pain as a ball rolled past you in a sort of eery fashion all the while the gymnasium erupted in a chorus of snickers and chuckles, which the gym teacher would try to shut up but ended up shrugging it off and sending you back to the locker room to sit out for the rest of the class period - and you’d happily oblige - and you’d be standing at the sinks in front of the grimy mirrors, splashing cold water against your face and refusing to let the salty tears that welled your eyes burn your raw cheeks, until you steeled your expression enough to get out before you were crushed by the wave of people that came surging through the locker room door - covered in a bitter perspiration that stained the underarms of their shirts - and shuffled into the nearby empty hallway that connected the locker rooms with the gymnasium and focused on steadying your breathing until you felt two firm hands grip your shoulders and pin you against the wall - a boy’s eyes filled with lust as he licked his lips whilst you squirmed beneath his grasp - as he whispered “you put on quite a show the other night” and let his fingers trail down your side with this sense of malicious calculation that only made you more uneasy, and you were ready to strike him - to fight back - when out of the corner of your eye, you saw a fist connect with the boy’s jaw and him tumble to the ground, calum standing over him with dark eyes, but when his eyes finally locked with your nervous ones, he wasn’t sure to reach out for you or leave you alone; he only wanted to know what would leave you with the least collateral damage possible.

alright so tell me what you guys think? i was planning on posting this last night since it was almost finished but i fell asleep. you guys should totally just message me your requests or if you just wanna talk because i’ve got a while until my next class and then i’m done for the day. (yay!) so hit me with your best shot. :-)

Digging Deeper.

Hello.  I’m here to waste your time, and by “waste your time,” I mean talk about a hypothetical moveset for a character with almost no chance of getting into the game.  On that note, let me tell you about Shovel Knight.

Shovel Knight is a game by Yacht Club Games that recently came out on the 3DS, the Wii U, and Steam.  It’s meant to look and feel like an old NES game.  The character I’m going to talk about is the eponymous protagonist, Shovel Knight.  He is a knight who fights with a shovel.  He wants to save the kingdom/world from an evil enchantress and the Order of No Quarter, a team of eight evil knights that work for the Enchantress. Shovel Knight doesn’t have a shot at getting into Super Smash Bros because his only appearance is an indie game that got released three or four days ago.  However, I’m talking about him anyways because in those three or four days, I have developed an unhealthy obsession with this game.

So let’s look at those special moves.  Many of them are going to involve relics, which are additional weapons hidden throughout the game that require magic to use.

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