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How upset do the supports get when the tanks ignore them and leave them to die?

They’ve learned to just swallow it and take it in stride. They know that with chaos happening on all sides, it’s impossible to ask for the Frontlines to focus 100% of their attention on protecting the Supports. It should be a priority, but sometimes it’s impossible to abandon the point/payload to help a Support and the short respawn time is sometimes a better trade off than losing a point.


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Reprogramming (Remedy side story, moments)

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Perierat et Inventus est  (A/B/O Avengers AU)

Sebastian Stan x reader

Rules of Recognition 

Amends (Carter Baizen)

Just Friends (II)

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Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: idk how to write anymore it hard

For @hellomissmabel and @should-have-kissed-you-longer bc you guys asked for it

Words: 676

Prompt:  The deal was clear: No feelings.

Warnings: angst, implied smut, shitty writing



The walls are gray.

It’s the same gray that steals your breath, seeping into your skin to taint you with its color. 

It’s the same gray of his arm, glistening in the meager light of the room, planted next to your head to keep his weight off you. 

You should’ve painted them. 

A nice, calming blue maybe?
The color of his eyes. 

The soft sigh that leaves your lips isn’t audible to the untrained ear, leaving the hopeless sound to dissipate into nothing

It could be the lingering feel of his hands all over your body, leaving you with no probable defense against his ministrations. Or maybe, it’s the memory of the singular lushness of his lips pressing insistently upon yours, no hesitation in his movements as his warm wetness of his tongue swipes your bottom lip.

You’re in too fucking deep. You know that and yet, you can’t help but brush your fingers over your swollen lips, the taste of something distinctly Bucky still lingering on your tongue. 

The marks he’s left on the sensitive skin of your neck hurt in the way that wraps an invisible hand around your heart, squeezing relentlessly until you’re left gasping for air, struggling to fill your lungs with the precious gas. Because some absolutely fucking insane part of you wishes that those kisses, those touches, those glances meant -



It’s the endless hours after you leave that Bucky finds himself unable to relax, much less sleep. Because every goddamn time that he closes his eyes, he sees chaos. 

And it’s beautiful. 

Utterly devastating. 

It smiles a beautiful smile, all crinkled eyes and whispered promises. 

He won’t admit it. Not even to himself but he likes this chaos, this side of you.

All that time spent feeling your skin against his own, the smooth pads of your fingers skimming over each plate of his metal arm, a look of complete and utter fascination in your eyes, it’s not enough. 

He’d been an idiot to accept the deal. The entire no feelings bullshit was something that he regretted every time you pressed that gentle kiss to his brow, lips barely brushing his skin, whispering an almost inaudible Goodnight, Buck. 

An idiot desperate for your touch, desperate for you in every fucking sense of the word but an idiot nonetheless. 

Maybe he should’ve just said Fuck, I love you so fuckin’ much and I don’t know what the hell to do. 

Maybe he should’ve just held you close anyway despite your protests that you had somewhere to be, somewhere to go. 

Maybe he should’ve done this, maybe that. 


It’s not something he’s proud of. But he’s not one to refuse it when he finds you in his bed, night after night. 


You’re not sure why you find yourself in the soft sheets that smell like him, that feel like home. But it’s this pull that draws you back into his presence day after day, night after night. 

But it’s without question that he kisses you once more, not even air daring to intrude between your lips. It’s gentle and you find yourself succumbing to his every touch, every defense against him crumbling like dry clay in a toddler’s hands. 

It’s impossible to focus on one thing because his lips are soft and his hands don’t stop. He’s engulfing you and you’re welcoming him as if he’s the very air you’re struggling to take in as if he’s a drug you’ve been craving. 

And it’s destructive. 

The cries that leave you lips echo in symphony with the moans that leave his, resounding in your ears, seared to memory, tainting you with purpose, burning.

It takes an entire minute for you to pretend to catch your breath because some irrational part of you is begging you to stay. 

And it’s a mistake on your part. The deal stands. But Bucky knows what he has to do. 

He watches closely, eyes glazing over bruises he has left, skin he has kissed.

The words spill out in an inaudible whisper before he can stop them, lips moving with the syllables but no sound exiting.

I love you. 

The doors closes, your usual dismissal leaving your lips smoothly,

“Goodnight, Buck.”

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I wonder how many Chaos Marines switched sides back to the imperium a few years into the heresy when their commanders started turning into Daemon Princes.

“Hey um, the boss just turned into a snake, is that like a normal Primarch thing? Could he always do that? Is he going to turn back or…?”

Effort [M]

Pairings: Reader X Yoongi / Reader X Taehyung / Taehyung X Yoongi (Taegi)

Genre: Filthy smut

Word Count: 7300

Summary: When the guy you’re trying to avoid appears at the party you’re attending, you have no choice but to do the adult thing and hide in a cupboard until he leaves. Tonight, however, you’re not the only one hiding…

A/N: Written in celebration of the birth of the Kim “He Wasn’t My Bias But He Came For Me And Now I’m Snatched” Taehyung. Someone please speak to him. He needs to know that actions have consequences.

Originally posted by sukeber

You throw open the cupboard door and dart inside, hastily pulling the door shut behind you.

“Oh my god,” you say in a strangled voice, pushing the heavy coats out of your way and scrambling to the back of the cupboard. “Oh my god.”

You can’t believe he actually came. You fumble for your small bag in the dark, the text you’re about to send already formulating in your mind. YOU SAID HE WOULDN’T BE HERE!!!!!

Yes, that’s what you would send; all caps and at least five exclamation marks just to show the severity of the matter.

“I don’t mean to make a fuss,” says a voice to your right timidly. “But you’re standing on my foot.”

Your heart immediately climbs out of your chest and into your throat.

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I realize that it’s probably Selina and Bruce who are gonna get married but I high-key hope there’s an actual wedding between Batman and Catwoman.

Imagine the chaos.

Her side is the entire rogues gallery.  His side is every vigilante in Gotham and probably most of the Justice League.  There’s an open bar.  Everyone is trying really hard to be civil but eventually someone (*cough* Harley) requests the DJ play “Ballroom Blitz” and that’s just the end of it.

Bruce and Selina are just like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


(Chlonath Day 4 - Rescue/Transformation)

Nathanael was used to akuma attacks, it was something most Parisians had come accustomed to as of late, but what he wasn’t quite used to was falling off the edge of a building. 

This is a oneshot for Chlonathweek2k17 - Day 4: Rescue/Transformation!

This is based off the greatest AU headcanon from @twindoodle​ and based on her cute af art for today’s prompt

Here’s some more links to her AU’s art: (link 1) (link 2) 

(ao3 link)

He was falling.

Nathanael felt the air rush past him. He reached to push back his hair as it wildly flew across his face but found his limbs frozen against the free fall he found himself in. His mouth opened to scream, but no sound seemed able to escape him.

He looked up at the bright blue sky. There was barely a cloud in the sky and the sun shone beautifully. It was a lovely day.

And yet, that didn’t seem to stop Hawk Moth from planning another attack.

The school was in absolute chaos, a whole side of the building had been smashed open, and unfortunately for Nathanael, he found himself teetering dangerously over the edge of the now extremely open concept classroom.

He had looked up just before he lost his balance. His eyes meet Chloe, who was staring straight at him, standing at her desk. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open in shock.

And then he was falling—

—Until suddenly, he wasn’t falling anymore.

Strong arms held onto him, one wrapped around his back, while the other tucked under his knees, holding him bridal style as his hero flew upwards to meet him.

He gasped at the change in momentum, having gone from falling to his death, to now flying freely in the arms of his saviour.

Now when he looked up he caught the same colour of the sky in her eyes. She looked down at him and her eyes narrowed in annoyance.

Uh oh.

“You really should bee more careful.”

He had no words to reply with. Perhaps he was still numb from the shock, merely surprised by her rescue—but was that a pun? His mouth stayed open, wide and agape, as he continued to stare up at her.

Her black and yellow mask only seemed to make her eyes pop more even as she glared at him, and unconsciously a blush bloomed across Nathanael’s face.


“Hey!” she interrupted, jostling him lightly in her arms as she pulled him closer until their foreheads almost touched, “aren’t you the one that said secret identities are supposed to remain a secret!”

He gulped, nodding as she flew higher and higher.

And then he made the mistake of looking down.

“Ahhh!” he shouted, seeming to find his voice as he stared down at the city below them. They were so high in the air that the Eiffel Tower looked like a miniature replica of itself. Instinctively, he looped his arms around Chlo—erm, Queen Bee’s neck and held on for his dear life.

Bee didn’t seem to mind, giggling—most likely at his expense as she slowly started to descend back towards the school.

“If you’re scared of heights, then you probably shouldn’t be looking down,” she muttered, bringing Nathanael’s attention back to her. He watched as her ponytail flew upwards waving in the wind behind her, long blonde strands weaving together, tangled as they were on their drop. His arms around her neck didn’t show any signs of loosening.

“Nath,” she sighed impatiently, “it’s fine! I’ve got you!” She emphasized this point by tightening her grip on him. “Seriously,” she continued, looking immensely proud and haughty, “I don’t think I’ve ever flown that fast before!! You’re lucky am so good at this!”

“Well, t-thanks,” Nathanael replied, internally cringing at his continued stutter. Idly, he wondered if in her haste to save him, she had tired herself out; the redness on her cheeks seemed much deeper then her usual makeup.

He glanced down at his arms—which were still wrapped around her, then back up at Queen Bee. Suddenly, he realized how close they were. His arms immediately loosened around her, and with his hands he pushed himself away from her against her shoulders, throwing them slightly off balance. He flailed for a moment, while Bee held on, her mask moving along with her scowl.

“Hey! Stop moving you scaredy-cat!” she said as she held him close to her, she scanned the spaces below them, looking for signs of the akuma and for a safe place for refuge, “You’re fine! I got you!”

Nathanael looked up at her, the superhero, who he knew under the mask was Chloe Bourgeois—the Chloe Bourgeois—the girl that was the cause for more than half the city’s akumas (Nathanael included); the girl that constantly demeaned and bullied him on a daily basis; and the girl who, when he walked into an empty classroom one day looking for his sketchbook, was covered in golden glitter and what he could only describe as magic, transforming her into the latest hero of Paris, Queen Bee.

Chloe Bourgeois was Queen Bee.

Queen Bee was Chloe Bourgeois.

“O-okay,” Nathanael eventually replied shakily, filled with nerves. The Chloe he knew would drop him in a second. He wrapped his arms around her once more.

This time he held on tighter.

They continued their descent, Bee choosing the school as an appropriate spot. The akuma seemed to have left the school in its wake on its rampage. And soon they were landing on the school’s roof.

Queen Bee didn’t seem quite so ready to put him down yet; instead she gave him that same annoyed look before pursing her lips. And then she smiled.

“You’re like, really light,” she laughed, bouncing him up and down in her arms, “I’m not even tired!”

Now to this Nathanael took some offense, he knew he was small, but Chloe’s condescending tone didn’t help the matter. He was so sure that whatever magic gave her her powers of flight and agility, surely also lent themselves to added strength.

And so he leaned back in her arms, crossing his own arms over his chest to meet her glare with one of his own.

“It’s probably your superpowers, Cl—Bee, I doubt you could lift me untransformed.” Nathanael said dryly.

“Oh really?” she challenged.

Nathanael nodded, “Yeah!”

Queen Bee squinted her eyes at him, tilting her head to the side, surely about to let lose a torrent of insults and rude remarks, when a sudden loud noise from across the street caused them to both jump—well for Queen Bee to jump bringing Nathanael closer towards her and for Nathanael to wrap his arms around her again.

The two shared a quick glance at each other before simultaneously moving away from each other. The arm Bee had tucked under Nathanael’s knees promptly dropped, and Nathanael stood up, releasing Bee from his hold. Each stepped back a few small steps to increase the distance between them.

“Well…” Queen Bee began, her voice uncharacteristically soft and quiet. She stared across the street at the crumbling rubble, expression becoming quite serious, “I got a city to save…so we’ll have to test that theory later.

Nathanael cleared his throat. “R-right,” he said, “well, um, thank you for the save back there. I—“

“Hey Bee!” came a shout, “A little help!?” Ladybug swung past them on her yo-yo, kicking herself forward in a rush, her words interrupting the pair on the roof.

“Yeah!” Chat Noir shouted, following closely behind his partner. Using his baton, he vaulted through the street, turning to glance at Nathanael and Bee, “I’m sure you can be away from your boyfriend long enough to help defeat this akuma!”

Nathanael didn’t think it was possible for anyone to blush anymore than him in that moment…that was until he turned and saw the look on Queen Bee’s face.

Royals (Chlonath Week Day 1: Bickering/Flirting)

(Some context: this takes place in the same universe as my Sweater Weather piece where a new supervillian cadre emerges after Hawkmoth’s defeat in three major world cities. Alya and Adrien stayed in Paris, Nino and Marinette moved to New York, and Nathanael and Chloe moved to Tokyo.)

When Nathanael was sketching out his post-secondary education plans, he had a number of ideas as to where his life would take him. But for all his life could have been, he never thought that it would involve:

1) Becoming Hawkmoth, or at least a newly rehabilitated version of Hawkmoth.

2) Moving to Japan.

3) Shacking up with Chloe Bourgeois as they did battle with a monster that could literally bring someone’s nightmares to life.

But life, apparently, didn’t give a shit about what Nathanael Kurtzberg wanted, which is why he was sitting in a park halfway across the world while a crowd of screaming people rushed past him. 

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Fire & gasoline

Influenced by @abloodneed ​‘s gay thirst for Magnus Bane. Don’t ever change, Izsak.

When the lights go red and the alarm rings out in the Institute, Magnus is with Alec. They’re in his room, now barely ever used and dusted over, but still necessary for those rare occasions they stay overnight, too tired or maybe just too lazy to portal to Magnus’ loft – their home, away from the world. Aside from just wanting to spend more time with Magnus, this is one of the reasons Alec moved out as soon as the decision was just formality hanging in the air, a question to be asked and answered with a sweet smile – not having to be woken up with something akin to horror movie shelter sirens in the middle of the night.

It’s a hollow kind of sound, urgent and calling for attention – Alec breaks their kiss to roll his eyes and sigh out a resigned curse, because getting interrupted seems to be their thing, but Magnus just laughs before briefly pressing his kiss-wet mouth over Alec’s deflect rune, the soft prickle of the goatee making Alec give a breathy chuckle. 

They’re tangled in each other up against the door, long legs wrapped around a muscular waist, Magnus’ weight pressed against Alec, chest to chest, Magnus’ hands travelling over Alec’s thighs and ass, Alec’s hands tugging at hair, bodies alive with slow dripping pleasure that’s now been ripped from them in the most unfair of ways. The air between them is humid with possibility, with the unspoken ideas, some of them including Alec dropping to his knees and some with them sans clothes, just coal-hot skin, moans reverberating through the room like a choir echo and Alexander whispered like a praise.

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Imagine: shizuo getting a dog after learning from Shinra that Izaya has a fear of them.

Imagine Shizuo getting the biggest Sheppard he could find for the sole purpose of keeping Izaya away from him.

Imagine Shizuo and his uncertainty about owning a dog. How do I care for him? What do dogs eat?? Fleas?? You eat fleas, right??

Imagine Shizuo when he realizes that this dog is an overgrown lil pup in the shape of a bloodhound, and imagine Shizuo feeling oddly sentimental about this dog because ‘wow this dog brings as much chaos as I do’

Imagine Shizuo naming the dog 'chaos’.

Imagine Shizuo growing fond of Chaos and learning to care for him, not just owning it for the sake of fucking with the flea, but learning to love this big mess of an animal. Learning to care for it in a way he hasn’t been able to care for anyone before because of his immense fear of hurting them.

Imagine Shizuo telling Chaos everything. All his thoughts and feelings, his adventures throughout the day, his hours away with Tom, his fights with the flea, his fears, his love for detective series, his dreams and nightmares.

Imagine chaos making Shizuo happy.

Imagine Chaos learning when Shizuo is sad or upset or angry. Imagine Chaos learning to bark only when Shizuo is mad and his temper is getting the better of him and effectively calming him down.

Imagine Shizuo never using Chaos to scare Izaya because he believes it would be disrespectful now to chaos and their friendship. He can’t use his friend in such a way and therefore makes it his way not to bump into Izaya whenever he and chaos is out taking a walk.

Imagine Shizuo just…loving his dog and sometimes sleep on the floor in a mountain of pillows and blankets together. Shizuo making breakfast in the morning and chaos stretching by his side. Chaos running around Shizuo dinner table whenever he wants to go outside.


With the reveal of this new character, I felt the urge to draw him. His design looks so cool, though it was a bit rough to pick colours because of the shadows and pink glow. For a bit of context, I had a theory on why Shadow and Chaos would be sided up with him, despite not really being bad. Unless if they had some sort of incentive, I felt like maybe this new character was forcing them to join him. His cube attack thing made me think of computers and technology, so what if he was “rewriting” their will? It’s just a thought, but ya know.

Total time: 2 hours and 36 minutes

I love Dissidia

I wanna talk about Dissidia for a second…in Dissidia 012 which is a prequel to Dissidia, Cloud is on Chaos’ side with Sephiroth, while Tifa is on Cosmos’ side. 

Cloud and Tifa are supposed to be enemies in Dissidia 012–but Cloud refuses to fight her and instead turns his sword to Sephiroth, fighting him in order to protect Tifa. 

Tifa having no memories of Cloud and not knowing who he is or even remembering their promise, assumes he’s a warrior of Cosmos because he saved her. She is shocked when she learned he is a warrior of Chaos and doesn’t understand why he saved her and fought an ally. 

So Cloud fought an ally to save Tifa, and then attempts to kill the god he’s working for. He attempts to take Chaos down Single-handed. 

He fails and as he is dying, he begs Cosmos to save Tifa. Cosmos says if Cloud’s will remains unchanged, then she will summon him as one of her warriors. 

Then when Dissidia starts, it is a sequel to Dissidia 012. Cloud fought to protect Tifa, and since his desire for Tifa’s life to be spared was unchanged, Cosmos summoned him as a warrior for her. However, Cloud now has no idea what he’s fighting for. 

In Dissidia 012, he fought to protect Tifa, and now that Tifa is safe and not caught in the battle between chaos and cosmos, doesn’t know what to fight for. 

In Dissidia 012, Cloud fights Sephiroth to save Tifa in this stage called the planet’s core. In Dissidia, in the same stage, Sephiroth mentions all Cloud wants to do is to cling to old memories. I just wanted to add this because I think it’s cute that Cloud’s memories of Tifa led him to fight Sephiroth in this stage, and at this stage Sephiroth mentions Cloud clinging to old memories.

Anyway on final thing, in Dissidia 012 Ultimecia is also aware of what Cloud did and who he wanted to save. When Tifa encounters Ultimecia and chosesn to fight her near the final battle of the game she will say this

Sephiroth has also acknowledged Cloud as Tifa’s hero, and is clearly salty about Cloud stopping him from killing Tifa.

I was just a mission

(A/N): I loved this request so much? I also haven’t written Clint in ages! 

Request: Can you do one where you’re a powerful mutant with chaos manipulation and Clint is sent to keep an eye on you but you two end up falling in love and you find out that you were just a mission and even though you join the team you break up with him

Warnings: angst, swearing

Originally posted by howdoyourespond

  “Barton,” Fury marched up to the archer, a file clutched in his hand. “I need you for an impromptu mission,” Clint looked at fury with mild interest given that he hadn’t had a good mission in months.

    “Yeah?” Clint asks as he takes a sip of coffee. “What is it?" 

    "Well, it’s an escort mission for starters,” Clint raises his brow as he snatches up the folder fury offered, flipping it open with one hand while the other lifted the cup to his lips once again.

    “Chaos manipulation, huh? What side of the universe did this junkie come from?" 

    "Right here, small little town, a little rock mining accident and then suddenly this person pops up with these powers," 

    "Okay…so my mission is to?" 

    "You’re bringing them in, just to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands,” Clint nods as he flips through the papers and pictures, quickly scanning them over as he does. “So, you up for it?” Clint smirks as he hands the folder back, a mildly surprise expression passing Fury’s face as he does. 

   "When do I begin?“ 

    Clint watched from a distance as his mission entered some cafe, walking to the front of the store to order something before taking a seat by the window. When Clint had taken this mission he didn’t realize it would entail this much sitting and watching, something he wasn’t good at. But, if he wanted to get back on the better missions he was going to have to prove himself worthy on this one and if that meant sitting and watching his mission for hours on end he’d do just that. 

    Clint tried to stay true to his word but the air was getting cold and he was tired of standing outside looking creepy so rather than freeze his ass off he meandered inside, smiling lightly at the cashier lady as he got up to order some plain coffee. As soon as the steaming cup was passed into his hands he gladly took a seat by the mission, giving them an almost cocky smile when they looked at him curiously. 

    "Hi, I’m Clint,” Clint stuck his hand out for the mission to shake, smiling brightly at them.

    “Hi…I’m (Y/N),” the mission whispers as they gently shake Clint’s hand. 

    “(Y/N), that’s a really pretty name-" 

    "I’m not trying to be rude here but I’m not really looking for a relationship right now and-” Clint snorted as he took a sip of his drink, eyeing (Y/N) as though they had grown another head.

    “I didn’t say I wanted to date you, who says I can’t make acquaintances with that shy cutie in the corner of the cafe?” (Y/N) blushes a bit and Clint can’t help but crack a little albeit genuine smile at the act.

    “I’m sorry,” they whisper, “I just assumed and-" 

    "It’s completely okay,” Clint gives them a reassuring smile, since when had he ever smiled this much? “I can understand why you’d jump to conclusions, but uh- friends? Friends sound good?” (Y/N) smiles a bit, nodding their head softly. 

    “Friends sounds great," 

    After that day in the cafe Clint began spending his every waking moment beside (Y/N) and what had once started out as a mission was slowly forming into something more. Clint knew he’d stated only friends but every time he so mucked as heard (Y/N)’s laugh or saw their smile he could feel his heart flutter in his chest. In the beginning he’d befriended them for selfish purposes, to finish the mission and get home but now he didn’t even see a mission, he just saw (Y/N)- his best friend. 

    "Hey,” (Y/N) nudged Clint’s chest with their toes, smiling at him softly. “Whatca thinkin’ about?” Clint smiled softly as he grabbed (Y/N)’s foot, yanking them a bit closer while doing it. 

    “Nuna business,” he whispers, smirking when (Y/N) giggled at him.

    “Come on, tell me-” (Y/N) nudges him again, using their other foot which Clint grabs just as easily as the other one. (Y/N) squirms against his hold, rolling their ankles and shifting their hips in an attempt to get him to let go. 

   "You’re not gonna get away,“ Clint chuckles at (Y/N)’s predicament, laughing when they whined and shifted more.

    "I’m gonna kick you in the face,” (Y/N) mutters as they move their legs, putting their entire lower body into it. 

    “How can if I’ve got your feet? Hmm?” (Y/N) struggles more, a smile crossing their face as involuntary chuckles falls from their lips. 

    “Clint, I’m serious, I’m gonna kick you," 

    "Oh yeah,” Clint smiles as he grasps both of (Y/N)’s feet in one hand, using the other to creep along their soles, tickling them softly. (Y/N) squealed in surprise as they attempted to flail away but they couldn’t with Clint’s iron right grip on their feet. 

    “Clint!” (Y/N) screams as he begins to move up their leg, stopping just below their knee cap. “Stop! That tickles!" 

    "That’s kinda the point baby bird,” Clint chuckled as he moved up more, his fingers grazing (Y/N)’s hips. (Y/N) screamed more, thrashing as they laughed heartily.

    “Clint, stop!” The try to swat at him but Clint sits on their hips, keeping their legs Down as he grips their arms in one of his hands. He mercilessly tickles them for what seems like forever before (Y/N) is laughing so hard tears are streaming down their face, little breathless laughs still spilling from their lips. It was almost cliche of him to think like this but watching (Y/N) smile like that, the way they laughed ever so softly as they panted breathlessly, their hair a mess from their thrashing and screaming but Clint realized he loved them, he loved (Y/N) with his entire being even though he’d promised this wouldn’t happen, he promised that he only wanted to be friends. 

   “Are you- are you gonna tell me now?” (Y/N) asks, cracking an eye open to stare up at Clint, their smile never faltering. 

   “No,” Clint shakes his head, his smile faltering slightly. “If I did I’d have to kill ya,” (Y/N) nods a bit, still trying to collect their breath. The two were so close together that Clint could feel (Y/N)’s chest rise and fall, feel the release of air against his body as he hovered over them, he could feel (Y/N)’s eyes tracing his nose, his jaw, over his lips- 

   “Y’know how you stated that you only wanted to be friends?” (Y/N) asks, their voice steady and quiet. Clint nods, swallowing thickly as he looked down at (Y/N). “Well…Did you really mean that? That you only wanted to be friends?” Clint’s heart jumped into his throat at their words, perhaps they were implying what he thought they were implying. 

    “Um- well- that depends,” 

    “On?” (Y/N) pushes, staring up at Clint earnestly. 

   “On whether or not you still don’t want a relationship,” (Y/N) swallows the lump in their throat, staring up at Clint’s face with a somewhat scared look. 

    “What if I do want one?” (Y/N) asks quietly, their tone shaking softly. Clint smiles softly, his heart hammering against his ribs.

    The two don’t say anything for a moment, just staring at each other with those twinkling eyes and happy smiles. Even after those few moments they don’t say anything but they do put their mouths to work. With gentle movements Clint lets go of (Y/N)’s hands, trailing them down to cup their cheeks. With an adoring gaze Clint leaned down just a tiny bit more, pressing his lips to (Y/N)’s in a sweet kiss. 

   (Y/N) kisses back, making a small noise of happiness in the back of their throat. Their lips moved together perfectly, molding against each other as though they were made to fit together; it was so perfect that Clint didn’t want it to end but he could feel a small burn starting in his lungs from his lack of air and he had to pull back sooner or later. So against his ever fiber of his being he pulled back, resting his forehead against (Y/N)’s as he shakily inhaled air. 

   “Then I’d say I wanted to be much more than friends,” Clint finally replies, a small smirk curling his lips as he stated the sentence. 

    Clint and (Y/N) had been dating for months now and Clint had nearly forgotten all about their little predicament, the fact that he was supposed to be guarding them, the fact that they were his mission. The problem was he had been instructed not to get attached and here he was, holding (Y/N) as they slept peacefully against him. He knew it was wrong, they were his job and he was failing it, but he loved them so fucking much, so much it hurt, and he couldn’t stand the thought of not being with them. 

   “Whatca thinkin’ about?” (Y/N) murmurs against Clint’s neck, not quiet ready to get up for the day. Clint smiled softly as he held (Y/N) a bit tighter, burying his nose in their soft hair. 

    “Just life, work, stuff like that,” (Y/N) hummed softly as they rolled over, straddling Clint’s hips abruptly. With a tired little smirk they lean down, pressing their lips to his neck in a lazy, open mouthed kiss. Clint in turn hummed as well, his hand going up to tangle in (Y/N)’s hair as they left a line of kisses down his neck but just as things were getting good his phone rang beside him, the damn thing nearly vibrating off the table as it did. “Dammit,” Clint curses as he reaches over with one hand to grab the phone, pressing answer without even looking at the name. “Hello?” 

   “Barton? Barton is that you?” Shit, it was Fury. Clint sat up abruptly, nearly taking (Y/N) with him, luckily they had enough sense to cling to him like a koala, making it impossible to shake them off. 

    “Director Fury,” Clint’s voice took on a more formal tone, shocking both him and (Y/N); he’d nearly forgotten he was a field agent. 

   “I’m just calling to check in on the mission, I haven’t heard from you in awhile and I thought it’d be better to call, Nat wanted to come out and find you herself but I warned her against it, don’t want it interfering with your work, right?” 

   “Right,” Clint bit his lip as (Y/N) stared at him in confusion, their nose scrunched up in the cutest way. 

    “So, everything’s okay? Mission’s doing well?” 

   “Yeah-” Clint sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose with his free hand. “Yeah, it’s good,” 

    “Good, You’ve only got a few weeks left Barton, I suggest you get the asset here pronto,” 

   “Yes sir,” Clint replied, his tone much heavier than it was at the beginning of the conversation. 

   “I’ll see you soon then?” Clint looked at (Y/N), studying their eyes, full of something he couldn’t quite understand. 

   “Yes, yes you will sir,” Without another word Clint clicked the phone off, tossing it to the side in exasperation. Well, this whole happy normal life had been nice while it lasted but it was no going to come to an abrupt stop, just like all happy things did in his life. 

   “Clint, what’s wrong sweetie?” (Y/N) asks, their tone laced with concern. Clint sighed, rubbing his hands down his face as he thought of some way to break this lightly to (Y/N). 

   “I know about you (Y/N),” Clint mutters, his heart aching in his chest. “I know what you are,” (Y/N) stares at him in confusion and perhaps a bit of fear, their lips parted slightly as their eyes scanned his face. 

   “What- What do you mean?” 

   “I know about your powers (Y/N),” 

    (Y/N) sat beside Clint numbly, their hands resting lightly on their legs as they stared at the bed sheet below them. 

   “I’m so sorry (Y/N),” Clint whispers, reaching out to hold (Y/N) like he so desperately wanted to do. “I should have told you earlier and-” 

    “Is that all I am to you?” (Y/N) asks meekly, their eyes clouded with tears. “Just some mission for some organization?”

   “No, god no, of course not. I mean, yeah, that’s what you started out as, but-” Clint quickly rises to fix his mistake. “But as soon as I got to know you I fell in love and then I didn’t see you as a mission anymore, you were just (Y/N), that cute kid I met in that stupid cafe-” 

    “So if you hadn’t been sent to watch me, like some circus freak or something-” (Y/N) mutters, wiping at their runny nose. “We wouldn’t even be here right now, would we?” 


   “Would we Clint?” Clint sighs once again, his heart sinking into his stomach. 

   “Probably not, I don’t know-” 

   “Okay,” (Y/N) mutters, only a hint of venom in their  words. “I’ll join your stupid team, I’ll come check out whatever this SHIELD shit is,” Clint nods, a small smile rising to his lips. “But I want you to get the hell out of my house,” Immediately Clint’s smile falls, replaced with confusion. 


   “Get out of my house. I don’t want to see you again, I don’t want to hear you again, I want you out,” (Y/N) growls, standing as they go to grab their clothes. 

   “(Y/N), please just- just give me a chance-” (Y/N) scoffs as they throw Clint’s clothes at him, not even stopping to give him a look. 

   “I don’t want to be with someone knowing that at one point I was their job. Now, get out of my house before you really start to feel sorry,” There are tears burning (Y/N)’s eyes and all they want to do is crawl into Clint’s embrace and hug him for the rest of their life but they couldn’t, not with the new information they’d just received. “NOW!” (Y/N) points to the door, their finger shaking with the effort of not crying. Clint shoots up from the bed, hurriedly putting his clothes on as he also tries to open the door. He slips his shirt over his head, stopping beside (Y/N) to say something, opening and closing his mouth again and again, thinking of something to say. He couldn’t just leave them, this was the first person he’d loved in his life and now they were being ripped away from him and it was all his fault. “Clint,” (Y/N)’s voice cracks slightly. “Just go, please,” Clint lingers for only a moment longer, staring at (Y/N) with such a pained gaze that (Y/N) was so close to breaking and jut hurling themself at him, begging to be held and loved but before they could Clint left, the door to their bedroom creaking softly behind him. 

   (Y/N) kept their composer until their front door open and closed and then they allowed themselves to fall apart. With a heaving chest and shaking shoulders they slid back into bed, sobbing against their own sheets. Clint hadn’t even been gone a minute and they already missed him so fucking much, guess it didn’t help the sheets smelled just like him. 

   Outside Clint stood at the door, trying to control his own emotions long enough to walk away from (Y/N)’s house, the house that had become his home over the last few months. But that was nearly impossibly knowing (Y/N) was inside, angry and hurt, crying because Clint had been an idiot. He wanted nothing more than to turn around and walk through the door and hold (Y/N) like his life depended on it but he lost that right- he lost every right the minute he opened his mouth. So now, with a heavy heart and heavy feet Clint trudged down the steps of his home- leaving behind the love of his life.