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Greetings, witchy tumblr! I have created a free-to-use alphabet for anyone who wants to use it! While I made it with magickal purposes in mind, I won’t stop you for using it in any other way.

I like runes that are easy to write and equally easy to learn and remember, so I tried to make these that particular goal in mind. Most of the runes also resemble their anglo-roman (or is it latin?) counterpart, so it’s also easier to read the runes without having to check its corresponding letter constantly.

I made two versions, one is more round and smooth, while the other is angular and sharp.

I’m bad when it comes to naming things, so the name “desert runes” came from my current desktop picture of a beautiful golden desert during sunset. Also it sounds nice?

I’d love it if you tagged anything that uses this script with #desertrunes or #desertscript so I can see it, especially if you use it to make sigils!
Have fun!

EDIT: Now with fixed title card and the R on the sheet. The R was flipped earlier, oops.

EDIT 2: Added numbers and some marks! Final edit I swear.

EDIT 3: I LIED - The amazing goblinwitch made a font out of these, check them out HERE!

Once more, my dashboard is void of anything that really interests me so I’m doing one of these obnoxious things to try and find people to follow from the witchy community, (since Tumblr search and explore aren’t really helping me find people with common interests these days…)

So, an introduction. I’m Bekkie, queer in pretty much every sense of the word, and I’m 25. I recently got back into my practice after a long time away from it, (mostly due to societal and familial pressures,) and I still haven’t found many witch blogs that interest me greatly.

If you post any of the following stuff, please give this post a like and/or reblog and I’ll probably follow you!

  1. Divination - I have a big interest in cartomancy, shufflemancy, divining via pendulum, casting and reading runes, tasseomancy and palmistry! The latter three I’m only just getting into, however.
  2. Spirit Work - Another interest I’m only just getting into, but that intrigues me!
  3. Crystals - Using them in spells or just posting about them because they’re pretty, either’s fine!
  4. Cosmic Witchcraft - Anything related to this is a great love of mine.
  5. Pop culture witchcraft and divination - Again, anything in this ilk interests me but it’s mostly things to do with video games that I’m really interested in. Also Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPGs!
  6. Chaos Magic and Sigils - I’m a sigil maker myself though I don’t often post my sigils on here.
  7. Hellenism/Hellenistic Polytheism - I’ve literally only in the past few weeks began looking into Hellenism but after feeling drawn to Hekate for a long time now, I feel it’s the right time to investigate further.
  8. Kitchen, Hearth, Green & Cottage witchcraft - I cook constantly and love anything to do with imbuing my daily life with magic!

I’ll leave it at that for now, I think! :)


Thurisaz – “Thor-is-as” – Literally: “Thurses” or “Giants” – Esoteric: Strong one, Resistance

Destruction of enemies, curses binds and fetters
Awakening of the will to action
Breaking resistance of blockages in body, mind and spirit
Increased potency and prowess in romantic relationships
Understanding of the division and separation of all things
Aiming the use of psychic force
The combination of right/left brain processes for generating powerful realization.

The power of Thurisaz is easily located because it is on the borderline, the frontier of consciousness. It is wise to never start a fight, but if one has started, be sure to finish it.  

Thurisaz has two meanings: in its forward facing form it represents Thor, the God who keeps the forces of chaos, represented by the Giants, under control, and in the reverse facing form, the Giants themselves.

These two opposing force, Order (the Gods) and Chaos (the Giants or Ymir) are at odds with each other, representing the opposite force of matter and anti-matter and the magnetic forces of positive and negative principles. Since Ymir is the original Giant, who gave birth to the races of Giants, in this case, the reverse facing Thurisaz represents Ymir

Ἀκέφαλος - A Headless Rite Experience

Ok, take this with a grain of salt. Writing about a magical experience can seem like insanity. I have reread my magic diary notes, tried to gather my thoughts and form some type of thesis.

Over a year ago my life had become rather chaotic, frustrating and uncertain. Family and work life had drastically changed and no conventional ideas seemed to improve matters. At my wits end I began looking for “magical” solutions to break out of the rut. I don’t remember exactly how but I came across Gordon White’s Rune Soup blog. This discovery thrust me back into something I had spent the last decade trying to ignore and that was practical magic. Feeling very curious I purchased The Chaos Protocols by Gordon and was inspired to give the Headless Rite a go. However please note, my ritual is not as prescribed by Gordon, I’ll explain why later.

It was performed during the day on a Sunday on the planetary hour of the Sun in my backyard. The choice of day was not in my control, as it was the only day I could have my place to myself. But I did choose to perform it in the hour of the Sun to take advantage of the various Sun correspondences.

I began with a meditation to relax and enter a light trance state. I lit white candles located at the four directions as well as frankincense resin. Cast a circle by walking incense around a central altar (it’s just a small table). Read out barbarous names printed on paper, held to my left and right temples facing North. Then facing West towards Orion (who was below the horizon at the time) I read out the Headless Rite. I’m Greek Australian, so I read the rite in the Ancient Greek and not the translation. I don’t think the language used matters as long as the barbarous names are unchanged (that’s possibly where some of the magic is). I then activated some sigils using Gordon’s method of staring at sigils until they flash/fade and go back to normal. Then more meditation to cleared my mind. I ended the ritual and banished by clapping my hands and laughing. Tidied up the backyard.

Considerations and observations
Gordon suggests combining an invocation to the Demon Kings. I didn’t, mainly out of fear to be honest. Calling a demon back then felt sacrilegious and conflicted with my Greek Orthodox upbringing. It technically still does, but I’ve subsequently expanded my beliefs/views… not very Orthodox any more.

I don’t feel that the Demon Kings are demons anyway, well not in the biblical fallen angel style. I now view them as very significant spirits who represent/influence the cardinal directions, similarly to the Ancient Greek Anemoi (winds) and the Chinese Heavenly Kings. They are not a part of the Headless Rite, so their omission didn’t break anything.

The incense that was happily puffing smoke did flare up doing the ceremony, which did get the heart racing. The self lighting charcoals can do this which is normal. However I do find it amusing that it tends to happen as an accent or during the climax of a ritual.

I do remember feeling very invigorated once I completed the entire ritual. I didn’t think it was successful, but I felt good.

Then the fun started.

As crazy as it sounds I believe that performing the Rite opened me up to contact from the spirit world. The contact I received however was not what I expected, surprise surprise. My dreams three days later felt very, very real. I can lucid dream, but the feeling was far more intense. The first dream was a blend of nightmare and lesson. I won’t describe the entire dream, but basically I was given a lesson, I can either continue wasting life/vitality/energy by being sucked into base desires or I could channel my vitality/energy into meaningful magic. This choice was emphasised by two menacing black hounds with glowing green eyes giving me very threatening looks and growls. Oddly I felt a compulsion to give thanks for the dream after I woke up.

The hounds returned on two more nights. But on the last night within the dream, after I crossed a large canyon the angry black hound split into two dogs. One old, calm and friendly, the other young and active. I had worked through a few personal things so I felt the hounds were happy with me.

“So what, you dreamt of dogs?”, I hear you say. Well yes, but I’m trying to change my life and rediscover magic by performing an “exorcism” possibly written in the 2nd century BC, calling upon Egyptian Gods. No point in rejecting experiences because they sound trivial now.

To me the Rite when spoken in Greek has the same mouthfeel as prayers to God I could say in church. I kinda think it is, as it even mentions an “Angel of God”. Please note that I’m definitely not suggesting that the Headless Rite is a Christian prayer, far from it. Calling upon a Headless daemon (Akephalos), Osiris, Set, Bes and others would make a Church Father have apoplexy. I’m talking about the feeling.

I do think this Angel made contact with me and the hounds represent… her. Yep, I think the angel was female. Why do I think this? Well I’ve researched the words in the Headless Rite and symbolism in my dreams. The Headless Rite is included in the Greek Magical Papyri, other “spells/rituals” in the PGM include many of the same deities and barbarous names. A certain female deity is featured quite extensively in the PGM. One of the epithets she has is “Angelos” or Angel of God, so there’s the connection. This Angelos is also more typically known as the Goddess of Magic Hekate. Her heralds are “black hounds”.

That’s when the penny dropped. I got the result I needed but not what I expected. I had not considered Hekate in any way prior to these dreams. It also explains a series of events I experienced as a young child and many other bizarre correspondences throughout my life.

What’s interesting is that it has unlocked the PGM and how I perceive magic. Whether it’s Greco-Egyptian, Solomonic, Cyprianic ( another rabbit hole right there), Chaos or Eastern magic I know that it’s actually real. The spirit world is real, divinity is real and the universe is not just a mistake of randomness explained only in materialist ways.

So call the loony bin, we’ve got a real nutter here. Life will never be the same again.

Here is a recording of the Headless Rite spoken in Ancient Greek.


If you’re interested in the Headless Rite and other magical ritual then check out the book below.

The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation: Including the Demotic Spells: Texts (Volume 1)

External image

Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic Hardcover – 2014

External image

The Chaos Protocols by @gordonwhite

External image
A (very) brief look at the runes of the Elder Futhark

These are my basic interpretations for each of the runes of the Elder Futhark. While these explanations may reveal the basic meanings of these symbols, at least according to my own research and experience, they only scratch the surface of the layers of wisdom that can be found in the runes. For deeper study, there are many wonderful books out there that expand on them. I would personally recommend Diana Paxson’s Taking Up the Runes as a great starting point.

As a personal aside, I would consider myself a fairly conservative interpreter of the runes. I feel that the best basis for them can be found in reliable sources, such as existing lore and the rune poems. As such, I attempt to adhere closely to these sources when it comes to explaining the meaning of each symbol.

Fehu: Fehu means cattle and signifies wealth, but it is a wealth that is best used when moving through the community generously. The rune cautions against hoarding wealth and cites the discord that can result.

Uruz: Uruz stands for aurochs, which was a species of horned cattle common to the ancient world. As such, it is a rune of primal strength and determination. The rune can also mean rain.

Thurisaz: Thurisaz represents the giants of the Norse tales and is a rune of chaos and unrest. It could also be interpreted as a rune of Thor, which would turn the symbol into one of protection against those same chaotic forces.

Ansuz: Ansuz is the rune of Odin, which makes it a rune of wisdom. In the Anglo-Saxon rune poem the symbol also represents the mouth, lending an additional meaning of wisdom through communication and messages.

Raido: Raido means ride and is a rune of travel. While the journey may be swift and joyful, the rune poem warns of the toll the journey will take on the horse. This suggests that one must take care of those who help us along the way.

Kenaz: Kenaz is the torch that illuminates the way through darkness to a warm hearth and good company. However, as the fire burns for warmth, it can also cause pain and may indicate illness.

Gebo: Gebo signifies the rune of gifts and generosity. The rune also represents the cycle of reciprocity and the right-relationship that results when maintained.

Wunjo: Wunjo denotes the rune of joy. It is a bliss that can spring from prosperity, overcoming anxiety and sadness.

Hagalaz: Hagalaz represents hail, making it a rune of destruction and painful transition. All is not for naught however, for the ice seed will melt, giving water and growth to the hardier crops that survived.

Naudhiz: Naudhiz means need, and is a rune of constraint, oppression, and hard work that goes unrewarded. This is a challenging symbol, but the rune also indicates that lessons could be learned from the experience.

Isa: Isa stands for ice, fair to look upon but dangerous to traverse. This is a rune whose message is one of caution in situations where a particular decision seems desirable, but could be perilous. On the other hand, Isa can suggest stability and calm.

Jera: Jera is the rune for year and the harvest. It is manifestation of the rewards for hard work, with prosperity and abundance that sustains the individual or the community.

Eihwaz: Eihwaz is the symbol for the yew tree and can mean strength that is drawn from the line of ancestors. Eihwaz is also interpreted as the rune of Yggdrasil, which implies connection to the cosmos.

Perthro: Perthro is the dice-cup, the vessel from which the lots are cast, and the rune of chance. Perthro can represent uncertainty in everything from light-hearted gaming to the vagaries of fate.

Elhaz: Elhaz is the rune of the elk and the sedge. The shape of the rune resembles that of the antlers of the elk and the thorn of the sedge, making this a symbol of protection.

Sowilo: Sowilo represents the sun, making it a rune of illumination, victory, and power. The rune can also mean guidance, as one can always depend on the course of the sun to lead them to the end of their journey.

Tiwaz: Tiwaz is Tyr’s rune and is a symbol of justice and truth, potentially at the cost of self-sacrifice. Tiwaz also has an aspect of guidance in that right-action will always set you on the correct path.

Berkano: Berkano is the rune for the birch tree, indicating feminine strength and resourcefulness. From this meaning, it can be a rune for nurturing, healing, and regeneration.

Ehwaz: Ehwaz means horse and expresses the relationship between the horse and the rider. It is a rune of partnership, with attention given to those who help us along our journey. Naturally, the symbol can also represent movement and travel.

Mannaz: Mannaz is the symbol for “man” or “human,” and emphasizes the interconnected nature of human relationships. Mannaz can show the spectrum of these relationships, from comfort in good company to the more negative aspects of the human condition.

Laguz: Laguz is the rune for lake, making this a symbol for water. As such, this is a rune of potential and change, perhaps with the suggestion for flexibility through various situations. It can also mean the unconscious mind and the hidden wealth that lies beneath the surface.

Ingwaz: Ingwaz is Freyr’s rune and takes on the domains of the Vanic god as a symbol of fertility, productivity, and abundance. The rune can also symbolize masculine strength and the transforming cycles of life.

Dagaz: Dagaz means day and is the rune of new beginnings. With the day also brings hope, and is a welcome rune when life has been difficult. Dagaz can also signify the present moment and a call to “seize the day.”

Othala: Othala is the rune of the home and encompasses everything that entails, from the physical homestead to familial relationships of blood and heart. Othala also symbolizes the connection to the ancestors, from genetic inheritance to physical property passed on through the family line.


“I commit without fear”

The top image is the sigil I have made with the statement of intent. The bottom image is a bind rune, which is made by combining many runes together with similar purposes to achieve a common end. The bind rune stands for commitment and was made by a dear friend of mine. You can charge a bind rune in the same way you can charge many sigils, whatever your preference.

For the bind rune it is suggested to draw it on the left wrist on the inside. If that’s too visible put it on the back of a necklace or on a paper in an amulet. For the sigil you may keep it on you in any manner you wish.

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I dedicate this short fic to my our loft in brooklyn family. Thank you for the never-ending headcanons, both angst and fluff, that are sooo amazing and wonderful and emotional. Also, thank you for encouraging me to write this thing down after I shared the idea in the chat. Hope you all enjoy it! I love each and every one you of so much!! xx <3

The New York Institute was on high alert as the swarm of demons and other creatures from hell caused devastation and despair right outside of the holy walls of the old church. The once-imminent war ultimately broke out a few hours before, and the casualties from both sides were rising as Shadowhunters and Downworlders finally put aside their differences to defend their world from being taken over. The main holding area of the Institute was crowded, with every single race—nephilim, warlocks, seelies, vampires, and werewolves—gearing themselves up as they waited for the next moment to strike. It was a rare sight to see the tension between these diverse group of people to die down, to see each and every one interact and give one another strength and comfort through this dark time. As his eyes scanned around the room, Alec wondered how things would’ve been if all of them had been a united front a lot sooner.

As he continued to scan through all this chaos, his alliance rune was pulling him towards the direction of the other side of the room. His hazel eyes looked around and found a familiar pair—he could recognize those dark brown eyes anywhere—and he let out a sigh of relief. He struggled his way through the crowd as a few swords and armors were bumping onto him, but his eyes never left his as he walked closer and closer. He noticed that Magnus was also walking towards him, and he was also fighting through the people in the way between them. 

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Elitism in the magic(k)al community. -An Observation, and an Explanation.

First, I would like to start off by saying “Hello.” It’s 8 in the morning, I ain’t even had breakfast. 

Let’s begin.

Within the Magical community on Tumblr I’ve noticed a tendency of elitism. People speaking for other people, people claiming to know everything regarding Magick and it’s practice. “Elitism? On Tumblr? Who would’ve guessed?!” Is a sarcastic statement I get a lot when I bring it up. I’m going to be citing a ton of sources here regarding /my perspective/ on the nature of magic, but I’m also going to be observing the toxic behaviors of Tumblr’s practitioners and pointing out why these behaviors are foolish. 

An Observation of behaviors.
The Elitism on Tumblr when it comes to everything is bad, but it’s even more so within the Magical community. People treat magic like you have to follow a set of rules to practice it, and /only/ they know these rules. Well, to the new practitioner who has flocked to Tumblr to seek knowledge, first of all, what are you doing on Tumblr for knowledge? Secondly, this is simply not true. There are many magical paradigms for you to choose or abstain from, and every single one of them is valid in it’s own way to the person who was born to use it. No one person has all of the knowledge, and nor will I claim to within these writings, though, what I will say, is I feel very knowledgeable in the topic of magic and a good portion of it’s sub-paradigms after having studied and practiced since I was a small child. I, and many people whom I have spoke to on Tumblr have been attacked multiple times for their paradigms. 

Projection of beliefs as an excuse to belittle.
This happens plenty within any belief system (B.S. from here on out). People can be very stubborn about their beliefs, and so, without maintaining lucidity of belief or through loss of lucidity, they begin to see their path as the only acceptable one. This can be found in B.S.’s dating back to the earliest organizations of the Catholic Church, and it’s still very prominent today. Many people would call this ignorance, but I do not, I prefer to use the word “Headstrong” to describe this. It is in my opinion, and in my observation that this is the lowest level of Elitism as it shows a lack of respect or perspective, perhaps both.

Ass-U-Me. Assume. Ass-ooo-mah.

People don’t like to ask questions, and that’s understandable, as it is human nature. There are multiple reasons for this, many people can be afraid to ask questions out of fear of being wrong. People also have more of a desire to follow than to lead regardless of what people will tell you, it is simply human nature, even if this means that many people end up falling into the servitude of their own desires rather than having discipline. People would, rather than ask questions in many instances, prefer to assume they’re right, or hold blind conviction in their thoughts. 

End of observations.

People offer many excuses for their elitism, and it is a very hard thing to do away with, as the ego is hard to dissolve. Elitism, in my opinion, is directly tied to the ego, as Elitism stems from superiority. The Ego is what tells us that others are beneath us, and this is detrimental to relationships, and is also a very toxic behavior. 

///The Explanation: a very vague generalization///

First, I feel I should start with the basics. I’ve mentioned this word a number of times in my posts, and so now I feel that I should explain what it is. “Paradigm.” Well, first, let’s look at what the dictionary says it means:
1.typical example or pattern of something; a model.“there is a new paradigm for public art in this country"synonyms:model, pattern, example, exemplar, template, standard, prototype, archetype"why should your sets of values be the paradigm for the rest of us?”
2.a set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic roles.“English determiners form a paradigm: we can say “a book” or “his book” but not “a his book.”

3."a worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject."the discovery of universal gravitation became the paradigm of successful science”


To start with the very basic ideologies, Wicca would be a paradigm, Christianity would be a paradigm, just about any B.S. that offers symbols or a set of guidelines could technically be a paradigm, as these B.S.s offer worldviews regarding theories of scientific subjects. 

This being said, it is within my experience, that paradigms, and your belief in them, function only as a tool, a means to an end, whether you realize it or not. Believing that Yahweh can unravel the Universe at will, and if you adhere to his X guidelines, will bring you stability and security (Y), which will have Z outcome on your life. The Cross is a protective symbol, and many believe that it can ward off evil. Is this not the same Cause and Effect structure throughout most of magic’s practices? Wicca does the same, though it is different. “If I gather X herbs, they’ll have Y effects, and if I combine them in my ritual they’ll have Z outcome.” The Pentacle/Pentagram, which is a form of “Sacred Geometry”, acts as a prosperous symbol, but also one of security. Many Wicca practitioners believe that this symbol will protect them or bring them good fortune.

Paradigms, are a set of symbols, that people use to understand the complex science of magic. “Science of magic? That seems almost oxymoronic.” Is Cause and Effect not a science? Rune Casters have the Futhark, and these symbols all have different meanings to guide their practice. Solomonic practitioners have those emblems to conjure up entities to do their bidding. Christianity has it’s own symbols. Understanding that our paradigms, whether they are held with convictions or not, are a means to an end. Understanding this aids in less toxic behaviors, as it opens your eyes to the synchronicity of these systems. Many of these B.S.s externalize the power of the individual. Which, personally, in my experience is a trap.

It is my understanding, that the Universe is mental and mathematical, if I wake up one morning, and decide that I want something, I have already altered my probability of gaining that which I have desired. Now, if I act on these thoughts, I have again increased my probability of gaining that which I desire. One can sit and practice magic while quietly sitting in a chair if that’s what their paradigm dictates. Your paradigm is not the only one out there. Things like Herbs, Stones, all of that, is not required if your paradigm does not dictate it. Remember, these are, within my perception, merely symbols, a means to an end. You have assigned meaning to them, and therefore they work, so long as you have the belief to spare. 

I will leave you with one last statement, and I feel that on my journey, this has helped me tremendously. “I think, therefore, I am.” And remember, this is /only/ my paradigm. This is my Belief System. Use what works best for you, but remember, respect the ideologies of others.

Liber Null by Peter Carroll

The Octavo by Peter Carroll

Hidden Secrets by Carl Nagel

The Teachings of Aleister Crowley

The Writings and Teachings of Tahuti/Thoth.


The Delta rune is everywhere in UnderTale, sometimes, hidden in plain sight. 
(Warning True pacifist spoℹ︎lers)

the design of the circle with large upward curving wing with three feathers, and the two upward facing triangles with the downward facing triangle in the middle is shown in many different ways, sometimes the downward facing triangle is below the two upright triangles, sometimes above, sometimes on the same level. If the symbol being on the royal clothing, and the final form of Asriel being between two upward curving wings, and the whole Asriel=Azrael (biblical angel of death) thing didn’t rub it in your face enough, I realized he even has it as the ornate crossguard on his chaos sabers! 

The prophecy of the angel who came back from the surface to empty the underground of monsters wasn’t about you, it was about Asriel, He left the barrier, came back from the surface, and in the end, he was the angel of death, he is the one that absorbed all the monsters, he would have been the angel of death had you lost, had you not been determined, and he is the one that breaks the barrier and frees the monsters. you are just the downward facing triangle. your placement  and elevation didn’t matter. it was the angel, Asriel, who this game is about, and it reminds you everywhere you go.

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Hi I’m Micah! I’m new to witchcraft and just started a new blog. If you post stuff about…

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Deity: The Rambler

This ancient, gibbering horror rants in the voices of every god it has absorbed. It is too dim to realize it has worshipers, though it grants powers nonetheless.

Alignment CN
Pantheon Great Old Ones
Areas of Concern Madness, preaching, cryptic prophecy
Domains Chaos, Madness, Rune, Void
Insanity, Truth, Language, Dark Tapestry
Favored Weapon
Symbol A large mouth flanked by two smaller mouths.
Sacred Animal Gibbering Mouthers
Sacred Color Grey, black, pink

Might try my hand at a 5e Warlock Pact as well, since the Rambler makes for a decent patron as well.

I am looking for interesting blogs to follow! Please reblog this if you post mainly about any of the following topics:

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