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Greetings, witchy tumblr! I have created a free-to-use alphabet for anyone who wants to use it! While I made it with magickal purposes in mind, I won’t stop you for using it in any other way.

I like runes that are easy to write and equally easy to learn and remember, so I tried to make these that particular goal in mind. Most of the runes also resemble their anglo-roman (or is it latin?) counterpart, so it’s also easier to read the runes without having to check its corresponding letter constantly.

I made two versions, one is more round and smooth, while the other is angular and sharp.

I’m bad when it comes to naming things, so the name “desert runes” came from my current desktop picture of a beautiful golden desert during sunset. Also it sounds nice?

I’d love it if you tagged anything that uses this script with #desertrunes or #desertscript so I can see it, especially if you use it to make sigils!
Have fun!

EDIT: Now with fixed title card and the R on the sheet. The R was flipped earlier, oops.

EDIT 2: Added numbers and some marks! Final edit I swear.

EDIT 3: I LIED - The amazing goblinwitch made a font out of these, check them out HERE!


“I commit without fear”

The top image is the sigil I have made with the statement of intent. The bottom image is a bind rune, which is made by combining many runes together with similar purposes to achieve a common end. The bind rune stands for commitment and was made by a dear friend of mine. You can charge a bind rune in the same way you can charge many sigils, whatever your preference.

For the bind rune it is suggested to draw it on the left wrist on the inside. If that’s too visible put it on the back of a necklace or on a paper in an amulet. For the sigil you may keep it on you in any manner you wish.

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anonymous asked:

hello lovely! i'd really appreciate a reading, if that's okay. i'll definitely give feedback! i want to know if i will continue on this path or if i will fall back into my old ways (procrastination, uncertainty, self-loathing, etc.) and if my craft is strong enough to carry me forward? thank you so much!! xx

Hello and thank you for your ask! For you I chose a past present and future spread 

1 Past. The Five of Bones Reversed: Disorder, chaos, rune. Well, that’s quite self explanatory considering what you’ve said about your own past. Clearly things were not the best  

2 Present. The God of Bones: Contentment, facility, prosperity. You’re in a good place in your life, be it from your path or something else, things are as they should be, and it’s understandable that you would want to hold onto this instead of reverting to how tings were before. 

3 Future. The Empress Reversed: Inaction, indecision. It would seem that because you’re afraid to move backwards, you’re also afraid to move forwards. Don’t let your past fears hinder your future developments. 

I hope this was helpful, thank you! 

Much of what goes on in our heads does not belong to us. It is inherited from our family and our culture. This is nowhere more evident than in economics. We have a system of value that is mostly unaligned to our spiritual or magical values because they come from an economy that is just simply not built for our benefit. As such, any journey toward finding meaning or value in our lives must begin with an understanding of the value system we have inherited. The mystic and science fiction author Philip K. Dick refers to this as the ‘black iron prison.’ This is his description of the worldly forces of government, economics, and culture, all largely invisible, that trap us in a small and fixed vision a reality. But the borders of our cell are arbitrary. They only imprison us if we allow them to. And so the first step in freeing yourself from prison is recognizing the bars.
—  Gordon White, “The Chaos Protocols”

“I will be light in the time of darkness”
@sigildaily I really mean thank you. I’ve literally just gone and drawn it and will charge it with energy and put it into action. Thank you so much.
The way I use sigils and runes is by marking myself, or objects with them. My walls are covered. I usually am. Some people say you need to forget about sigils and my argument is that it becomes a part of me and I CAN forget about it and that when I see it and remember it makes it’s energy multiply and grow. But that’s just me.
By the way that’s a wristband I got at the IAYMH conference from a representative woman Meghan and it’s to fight stigma of mental health, in accordance with Word Mental Health Day, Oct 10. I’ve kept wearing it as a reminder

why do i have trust issues? in 2006 i found out my ‘girlfriend’ on runescape was actually a gold digging whore. back story, the economy was rough back then and i was barely scraping by. my only source of income was collecting the runes at the dark wizard circle in varrock, and collecting chaos runes in deep wildy, then selling the runes i collected in bulk at the fucking rune store. any way this gives you an idea of my situation at the time. my gf lets call her xxcutemag3xx and I(pig2125 my actual name) first met when i spotted her in draynor manor, and she asked me how to get out as I was walking by. she was wearing skanky clothing which i shouldve known was a huge red flag, but 9 y/o me was super turned on by this and I asked her to be my “gf”, and she was like ok. this lying bitch would say “i love you” before she logged off and this was how i knew she was still my gf. now fast forward a few weeks of our relationship, she began asking me for gp. “plz pig, i really need 10k its important”. so i gave her 10k which was my entire bank, and she was like “ty luv u :)”. but then a few days later she asked for it again, and i was like “sorry i only have 2k” so she was like “sorry i think we have to break up” then we never talked again. i am in tears as im typing this,runescape more like runed my fucking life