chaos galaxia


Here’s a sneak peek of some of the rare settei that will be available very soon. I chose to share Galaxia because art of her is extremely rare and I even managed to get some artwork of Chaos and healed forms! 

Chibi Chibi is actually Hotaru and Chibi-Usa’s child.

The future in which Sailor Cosmos existed, Chaos killed Sailor Moon and the true Ginzuishou passed to Chibi-Usa, but her grief over her mother prevented Chibi-Usa from using it. Hotaru proposed they combine their powers of love and rebirth to make a new Star together to incite a universe-wide restoration. Chibi Chibi was born.

Although it cost them - and the Amazoness Quartet - their lives in the creation, Chibi Chibi bore all their hope and the light of the true Ginzuishou, to restore the Universe and undo what had been done by Chaos and Galaxia. As a Star Seed, Chibi Chibi travelled back in time and attempted to aid Galaxia to prevent her from falling under Chaos’ control, but when that failed, she sought out Sailor Moon.

The events of the future are destined to play out ad infinitum. Sailor Pluto is aware of the fluctuations of it through the Time Door, but dares not approach them for fear of altering the course.

Some very interesting thoughts about Sailor Nemesis possibilities!  ♥

I do think that, yeah, when Nemesis is destroyed at the end of the arc, that it frees her Sailor Crystal to go back to the Galaxy Cauldron for whatever happens there.  (I can never decide if they’re reborn as they are or if they’re reabsorbed and made into starmatter to form entirely new Star Seeds, because all the examples we see in the manga seem to be painted as exceptions to the rule.)

And you know that also brings up another interesting question about Chaos and its incarnations.  We know that it incarnated as Metallia, Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90, and Nehelenia (Sailor Galaxia was only influenced/manipulated by Chaos), could it manifest as more than one at a time?  Like, Nehelenia was trapped in the dark mirror by Queen Serenity, but wasn’t actually dead, yet later Metallia is the one that influenced Beryl into attacking Silver Millennium. We don’t really know how long Sailor Galaxia was around, how old she was, how long her plan had been going on, only that she met some incarnation of Chaos who manipulated her.  Death Phantom was originally a human being, but later obviously had some sort of special powers that kept him alive long after his body had turned to nothing but bones.

I don’t really have any answers/theories yet, but I wanted to get these down for future reference!  ♥