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a challenge to y'all pokespe writers tag 3 pokespe writer u know and tell why we must read their fanfics

Hey there anon! I have way more than three recommendations, so I’m gonna just make this a general fanfic recommendation post!!

Individual Fanfics:
-Ruby chuckled: “you mean the Chaos Emeralds?” by Metayoz50k (Ao3)
-Chosen Drabbles Tiny Night Fever by PrismaticMemories (Deviantart)
-The Worst Game in History by shkanonyasutrice (Ao3)
-love is a place (where are you from?) by aspiringpencilcase

Fanfic Authors:
-Verse, author of Sharing is Caring and And the sky was blue like life (Ao3)
-Pinnipeda, author of a lot of unnamed preciousmetal fics (Tumblr) (I only read the sfw ones and they’re really good)
-Silvermoonstone23, author of Ocean’s Songs and Ruby Tuesdays (
-Thefalconofthefall, author of Pokespe Fairy Tales and Wings of Hopes and Dreams (Ao3)

And that’s it! Sorry this list had nothing for Sinnoh and beyond, I haven’t found anything good for them yet!

Hope you enjoy!


happy birthday sonic!!

the series that’s been with me throughout my entire life :’)

Sir Lancelot by ILoveKnucklesShadow (deviantart)
I’m loving all this “Shadow the knight” art! There’s always so much detail and shine on the armor when it’s drawn, and so many people people including this artist will get more recognition for their hard work! 🎮