Quantum Magick

I’ve been trying to think of a way to structure this post for a while and well, there quite simply isn’t a good way of doing it. This post is quite personal, as it is a small part of my overreaching theory on magick and the physical realm. I’m going to try and explain this in the most detailed manner possible, but I’m bound to miss a lot of things. If I don’t explain something well enough, please feel free to shoot me an ask or reply and I’ll make every effort to explain it in more detail.

General Disclaimer:
This post is a reflection of my own experience and belief system, and may not reflect the views of others in the magickal community, including other chaotes. If you’d like a better explanation of this, you can see my post about chaos magick here.

To start us off, let’s talk about multidimensional theory. We all know about the first three dimensions. Length, width, and depth. There are quite a few theories on the dimensions beyond that point, but my current favorite is based on the ten dimensions.

This video does a pretty great job at describing the ten dimensions, but we’re really only going to focus on the first five. We exist in the 4th dimension - duration, however, we are traveling through the 5th dimension in our decisions. Every tiny little aspect of our choices, conscious or unconscious, ever so slightly alters our path through the 5th dimension. So where does magick come in? Magick, in its most basic form, is timeline manipulation. It is bringing those small, unconscious decisions into our minds and giving us greater control over our path.

Say, for example, I know that there are infinite timelines. One of which, I’m a billionaire. I perform a spell that tries to take me to that timeline “by the end of the week”, however, it is not possible to enter that timeline in the given tree, or even any of the neighboring trees. It’s theoretically possible over a lifetime (although probably not with my current finances), but there’s no way I could possibly achieve that end goal in the allotted time. 

In the same aspect, I could perform a spell that will help me find a new job within a week. I search for jobs, and through magick alert myself to my surroundings to possible openings. I hear a friend talking about an open position at their workplace, and it leads me to a new job. It was possible for me to enter that path in the allotted time, so the spell was successful.

But how does this all work? Well, there’s this cool theory within quantum physics called the observer effect in which you can change an outcome based on simply observing it happen. This video explains it pretty well.

So in all, by simply observing the outcome through ritualized magick, we are able to navigate the 5th dimension to achieve our desired results. Now, this theory doesn’t get into the spiritual plane/astral, or deity magick, but it does help draw a picture for “day-to-day” magick and practice.

I plan on expanding upon this in later posts, but I feel like this is a good starting point to explore and explain my overreaching theories on the universe, mostly in notes to myself.  So what are your thoughts?

alex-the-toasty  asked:

Aside from Dr. Robotnik, who are some of your favorite Sonic villains, and what do you like about them?

I’ll bring up a previous list I had made not too long ago:

Metal Sonic - As long as he remains loyal to the doctor, of course. Metal Sonic’s very existence serves as a reminder of how brutal Robotnik can get when he’s after something. More than a match for Sonic in speed and strength, his OVA portrayal was especially great at driving home how much of a threat he was to Sonic.

Chaos - His forms are really cool, he has a sympathetic backstory that sets him apart from the other giant monsters, and his betrayal is softened by how he was treated badly by Robotnik throughout the whole game, so that - alongside his previous history during the ancient echidna times -  causes him to lash out King Kong-style. So it’s not like the later instances of other villains and monsters going “Haha I’m better than you”.

Erazor Djinn/Qui-Gon Djinn/All I Do Is Djinn/Not From The Hairs On My Djinny Djinn Djinn/Etc - I may not care too much about the game that he comes from (or even the plot itself), but I enjoy this guy in spite of that. He knows what he wants, he knows how to get it, proper bastard all around. And he sounds like Gaston, which is highly amusing. (This isn’t a popular opinion, but I think his Japanese voice is… okay, but rather generic. As ridiculous as the English voice can get, I think it works more with his genie motif, as well as his manipulative relationship with Shahra.)

Captain Whisker - Manages to have a fun yet unique personality in spite of being a robotic Eggman lookalike, which is all the more notable when you compare him to a certain other Eggman lookalike…

The Deadly Six - There may not be much to them, but so help me, I can’t help but like them. It’s incredibly rare for non-Robotnik villains in the series to have ANY personality traits other than “My favourite colour is black”, so I’ll take the craziness of Zazz, or the depressing whining of Zor, any day of the week. And for a guy that looks not-too-subtly like one King Koopa, Zavok himself wasn’t that bad either.