In high school, I was mainly a Marine player in 40K, not because I had any great love for them, but because a curious story left me with a huge number of Marine models. All that changed in 1996 when the 2nd ed. Chaos codex came out. I came up just as Rogue Trader was fading away and I never really got to enjoy the Realms of Chaos era, but older models were still around and, in those days, not really collectible, so I wound up with some, and over the years since I’ve built up the collection indiscriminately. 

I never had too much money to spend on models, and I never had much of a plan, so the collection is eclectic. I bought the metal fat-belly plague marines in a model shop in Dublin because I thought they looked cool. My brother bought a set of Plague Bearers in a model shop in Cambridge – he must have been about 11 – because he thought they looked cool. I have a bunch of the plastic Plague Marines that came out in 2nd Ed because they were really cheap, and I have the old GUO because that’s the one you could buy in a blister from my local game shop. The later one is very nice, too, but a) I already had one, b) I love his goofy grin, and c) it was $40! I bulked out the army with my own inexpert conversions and never really quite finished any part of it, and that was the story of it off and on for 20 years. 

This year (and, who am I kidding, next year) I’m gonna rebuild the army I’ve been carrying around since I left for university later that year. I’m going to paint some new models, touch up and rebase some old ones, and hunt down a few to fill in the gaps. It’s going to include, at a guess, models from every generation of Chaos figures since the Renegades were released, but that’s not a goal, just a consequence of my eclectic collecting. 

Here are a few images from the first batch; some are newly-painted, some a few years old, and that Great Unclean One is from the 90s, with a little bit of work last night to make it fit in a wee bit better with the newer models.