i know i said i love checking out other people’s kintypes earlier, but it’s also a bit of a minefield because… what if i find one of the things i identify as on there? not just a kintype, i mean one of the characters that directly forms part of my identity. if i find one of those on someone’s kinlist - and it’s not entirely unlikely - i’d be dealing with the emotional fallout from that for hours afterwards.

  • every drawing tutorial ever:sketches should be rough, don't worry about the finer points
  • my autistic ass:this circle must be perfect. these lines must be perfect. everything must look good at all stages of drawing

“In Chaos Magic, beliefs are not seen as ends in themselves, but as tools for creating desired effects. To fully realize this is to face a terrible freedom in which nothing is true and everything is permitted, which is to say that everything is possible, there are no certainties, and the consequences can be ghastly. Laughter seems to be the only defense against the realization that one does not even have a real self.

The purpose of Chaos rituals is to create beliefs by acting as though such beliefs were true. In Chaos Rituals you fake it till you make it, to obtain the power that a belief can provide. Afterward, if you have any sense, you will laugh it off and seek the requisite beliefs for whatever you want to do next, as Chaos moves you.”

- Peter J. Carroll
Liber Kaos

Image Credit: Nick Deligaris

once i get enough followers, one of them is bound to be a lowkey anti-sjw or something and i’m going to start getting regular anon hate. i’m dreading the inevitable day when i won’t be able to trust my followers or even mutuals.

We have mobs of violent prisoners in the streets armed with lasguns, autoguns, and shotguns. Sectors fourteen, eight, and thirty report barricades overrun and the precinct houses have gone quiet. Numerous reports of fires, explosions, and someone swears they saw a daemon. This is as serious as it gets, people.

-Arbitrator Jarl Zlatoper, 9th Precinct, Saint Annard’s Penance

(artist unknown, please notify if found)

Carl Jung - Becoming Whole (Aion Chart showing symbolic representation of the psychic totality through the concept of the Self using Western religious metaphors to make his examples), “Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self”, 1951.