I made Amy in this drawing about 2 years ago in art class (we had an assignment to fill some spaces, from any cartoon character you want, with dots, thats why her dress, boot and hairband have them), when I had brought it home I decided to fill up the blank space. I began with drawing the flowers, those took about the biggest part of the 2 years (I’m way to lazy XD) and in 2 weeks I had finished the space behind the flowers (the scenery is based on the Rapunzel game for the PC. I had played it many times, when I was younger (And I still love the game xd)). Now this piece hangs on my door. I’m very proud of it ;)


buy me fruit. pick flowers on the sidewalk when they remind you of me. kiss me when you see me. tickle me. if you’re thinking about me, text me, call me, come see me. let me be comfortable around you. forgive me for my bad days when they have nothing to do with you. play with my hair. cover my eyes when there’s a bad scene in the movie. let me drive. show me how to dance. love me, i swear i’ll love you.

(how to love a girl who only wants to be free)


“Order vs. Chaos - Pixels”, 2015, video

Video coded in Jython that juxtaposes order and chaos through pixel like squares.

Contemporary New Releases: Week of July 20, 2015

Contemporary New Releases: Week of July 20, 2015

This week’s NEW RELEASES!!!

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