Sonic and Honey are on the set of the latest, greatest(?) super hero show—Sonic Man Heroes! But when Dr. Eggman crashes the scene, ranting and raving about creative differences, things get very interesting! Featuring cover art by comics extraordinaire Tracy Yardley and a “Arcade” variant by Sonic comics legend Patrick Spaziante!

Script: Ian Flynn

Art: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin, Gabriel Cassata and John Workman

Cover: Tracy Yardley and Matt Herms

Variant Cover: Patrick Spaziante

On Sale Date: 3/22

32-page, full color comic

$3.99 U.S.

I had to draw the known characters with official Halloween costumes eue (and yes, that Pumpkin is Omega in his Sonic Runners Halloween costume XD)

-I feel so proud about Sonic and Silver ouo and well guys HAPPY HALLOWEEN! more stuff coming soon!

Yoooo, I did this conveniently desktop-sized art of the cutest team on Mobius, Team Rose! Cream is fascinated by Big’s huge ears because she wonders why he can’t fly with them like she can with hers ^^

I also altered Big’s design a little bit, because it’s always bothered me that he has such radically different eyes from every other Mobian, and I figured bigger eyes gave his face more emotion. 

| Sonic Chaos | Chapter One : Eggman Blows Up His Own Ship

( A/N :  This is REVISED FROM THE ORIGINAL!!! Thank you all for being patient while I revised parts of the story! I love you all!! Also, thank you @lightningstar1389 for illustrating this chapter! )

                                                ~Chapter One~

It was a warm summer evening where Sonic The Hedgehog and his best friend, Tails, decided to rest for the day. Lounging lazily in their beach chairs, they watched the sun set peacefully in the distance. The powerful duo had recently been on back to back adventures for the last few months; saving an entire race of aliens, fixing space and time, and almost accidentally draining the entire planet of its life force can be quite exhausting.

Sonic took a moment to focus on the silence around him. He closed his eyes and took a deep, slow breath. He wanted to hear nothing but the calm noise of the waves crashing onto shore and the distant call of seagulls on the horizon. But, his mind began to race. He was never the type to sit still for a long amount of time, after all. His foot began to tap on its own; he smirked at his impatient behavior. Sonic slowly opened his eyes and stared at his feet.

“This is nice.” he said calmly.

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