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Personally, I understand if Sakura still has some lingering feelings for Sasuke. I mean, I, and I’m sure many of you all have been in / felt like you were in love before. However, once you realized that you shouldn’t love them, for whatever reason, though it may hurt a lot, you soon are able to slowly get over them, though it doesn’t just happen overnight. I don’t know when exactly Sakura was over Sasuke, or started to be, but as of now, she’s coming close to being completely over him, and I’m sure if she has a little more time, she’ll come to a complete end to it. And as we, as NaruSaku fans at least, have seen, as Sakura lost her romantic feelings for Sasuke, at the same time she’s been developing some for Naruto, and I’m sure she’s aware of this, but knows it isn’t fair to Naruto to admit her feelings to him when she knows full well that she still has some small amount of feelings for Sasuke, but these will dwindle away soon, I’m sure.

idk that’s just my take on it, from my own experience.(´∀`)

I just remembered I had a sasukarin dream last night

and i shall share it with you (its short):

sasuke and karin were in an abandoned cabin of some sort in the forest. sasuke was waiting outside the door for karin because for some reason karin had to be alone in the cabin for the ritual to work. whatever she was doing, she had both her hands on an alter and had her eyes closed. she was using her high chakra perception in order to somehow summon a spirit or resurrect someone from the dead (idk which). it was quiet for a long time, until:

sasuke: are you done yet.

karin: *slight scowl, eyes still closed* No.

sasuke: tch. *waits longer* …………..are you done yet.

karin: No! Be quiet!

sasuke: You take so long. *annoyed scowl* So slow.

karin: *breaks up ritual* *barges through door* *strangles sasuke* I’VE BEEN IN THERE FOR HOURS YOU STUPID BASTARD! DO YOU REALLY THINK IT’S THAT EASY TO CONTACT THE DEAD?!! HUH?!!

sasuke: GYAAHH!!! STOP IT!!!

karin: *lets go of sasuke but is still really pissed off* *breathing heavily in anger*

sasuke: *nervous laugh, backs off* *sweatdrop* Uh hum…..c-…calm down, karin.

karin: *glares at sasuke* Ugly idiot.

sasuke: ?!?!?!?!?!

sasuke: WHAT?!!!


sasuke: D:

the end

it was the strangest and best otp dream i ever had.

Usually I’d say y'all are pussies for crying over a friggin naruto chapter but OH MY GOD, this is the most that sasuke has ever opened up before, even if its just in his mind to the audience. He finally voiced how much he’s ALWAYS cared for naruto. and once seeing the panel where sasuke smiled, literal tears came to my eyes, because they love each other so much despite everything that happened, and BOTH finally accepted it, and so it’s just so sweet and heartwarming, I can’t take it

something that has been confusing me for a while.....

so we all know when sakura “confessed” to naruto, telling him “i love you”. i understand the point was to make naruto safe and all, but what if, just what if, naruto had believed her? What would she do then? I think Sai might of said that she knew that naruto would know she was lying, but still, what if naruto didn’t question her and actually believed her? would she of become naruto’s fake gf just to make him safe (actually i don’t think she’d something like that)? where would she have gone from there?