ohmygosh I don’t know how but I hit 500 followers (now 505)! I cannot thank you guys enough for putting up with all the trash that is my lame blog and for putting up with me everytime I cry over hoshi. 

I’m Basic and put together a follow forever bc I feel like that’s what people do when they hit 500 idek it’s a mess and I had to do it twice *hides* If I forgot someone or messed up the bolding IM SO SORRY I WAS CONFUSED HALF THE TIME! Anyways..

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🌷 = favourite blogs 

this is gonna be long bc i have so many faves 

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I’m probably forgetting a few others but these are a bunch of ppl I follow and enjoy seeing on my dash. If you aren’t following them, you should check ‘em out! Anyway that’s all for now. Have a good day/night.

Am I a horrible person for cropping my friend out of this photo for selfie purposes? Probably. Will I stop? Nah (she doesn’t have a Tumblr anyway lol). 

So! I was tagged by the gorgeous @papi-chulo-bucky (<3 <3) for this selfie challenge!

I’m going to tag (completely optional)~

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Anyone else who wants to do the challenge can join in if they want! 

Hello everyone, I’m back! I know I only did one of these about a month ago but as this blog continues to grow and I continue to hit follower goals, I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting and following me. This fandom continues to be a place where I’ve made friends and had a positive experience, and that’s because of all of you!❤️ I want to especially thank the admins and members of both @softexonet and @thexonet for bringing me into your nets and making me feel included. You all are what makes this blog possible. Thank you thank you thank you. Let’s love!💜💜

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Hey everyone, Kaige is back! It’s Thanksgiving here in the US and I’m feeling incredibly thankful for all of you that help make this blog possible❤️ If you’re in the US like me, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your families and loved ones. Thank you for making my experience here so amazing, I love each and every one of you💕

Okay, now that that the mushy stuff is over🙈 I was tagged by these gorgeous ladies: @raindyops @pebble-xo @junhongs @bbhsthighs @baekhyeun @chanyeolpe @funniestinexo @shutupcyeol

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