chanyeol x reader

Bruise [ I ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6.7k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary:ย  He wasnโ€™t yours, and you werenโ€™t his, but that couldnโ€™t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

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His lips were molded to yours, hands planted on your ass as you straddled his lap on your worn down sofa. A small grin spread on your lips as you leaned into him further, hands sliding their way up from his covered chest to his cheeks, tugging his head closer to yours, eliciting a smug smile on his lips.


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Authorโ€™s Note: i ruined my own ass with this one. chanyeol posted some instagram mess and iโ€™ve been wrecked since 10AM.

Summary: You meet Chanyeol at a club, and you force yourself to be honest with yourself - about your wants, your needs, and who you really could be.ย 

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Genre: smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: explicit sex; explicit language; dirty talk

Word Count: 4,773

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You arenโ€™t really sure how you got here.

This is not like you.

Lie: you know exactly how you got here. With him. Pressed against your back with his hands on your hips; moving you, guiding you, easing you against his half-hard groin in time with the music. In the dark.

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All Night Long

All Night Long (m) (80′s song choice)

Words: 9k

Warning/genre: 80s!au: smut and language

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol

Summary: Chanyeol isn’t your stereotypical popular jock. He loves to come into the arcade, you work in, with his friends. Spending all his time having the highest score on at least half of the games. When you two are the only people left in the arcade on a Friday night, there is no telling what adventures you’d get up to that night. 

Based off of this moodboard by @bluenoceur

You were leaning on the counter with your head in the palm of your hand. You loved working at the arcade but even more because Park Chanyeol came in all the time. He was a very well known senior. He and his group of friends were very popular even though they didn’t look like it. Chanyeol has a baby face but a deep voice that made you swoon like any other school girl. Even his smile crushed you like an ant under a boot.

“Y/N!” You were snapped out of your thoughts. Your best friends face right in front of yours. “Jongin, what are you doing here?”

Jongin laughed, “Wow, nice to see you too.”

“Sorry, not what I meant. I just-“

“We’re supposed to meet Jimin and Taemin at the rollerskating rink, like now.”

“Oh right,” You sighed, looking over at Chanyeol and his friends. One particular coming up to you. “Hi how can I -“

“Can I get change for this.” Sehun didn’t really ask, he just handed you the two dollar bills and you’re nodded. “Hey, Jongin,” Sehun smiled. “What are you doing here?” He asked as you opened up the cash register.

“Hey, Sehun. I’m just picking up Y/N here.”


“That would be me,” You said, handing him his change, giving him a fake smile.

“Oh yeah, I see you two together all the time. Everyone thinks you’re dating.” Sehun gave you a questioning look.

“Well, we’re just good friends.” You gave Jongin a wink and Sehun just watched with what looked like slight jealousy in his eyes.

“Cool,” Sehun took his change turned to Jongin, “Krystal told me you two broke up. She’s a total Betty.”

“Yeah, we just work better as friends.” Jongin nodded awkwardly, shoving his hands into his fake jean lambskin jacket. You have always liked that jacket, Jongin really did have the best style and you admired that about him. Even something so simple, you knew that the way he wore it made him look as if he were about to walk down the runway later. Like now, he was in that jacket but underneath was a striped shirt and brown corduroy pants. You couldn’t see from the counter but you guessed he was wearing his favorite white high top converse. He called them his ‘lucky converse’ but he always wore them so you didn’t know how lucky they could be.

“Sehun!” You all turned to see Baekhyun. “Stop flirting and come on!” He yelled next to Chanyeol, who was now closer, at a new game. Sehun just rolled his eyes and walked away and you focused back on Jongin. “I need to go home and change first. I don’t want to be in the shirt.”

“No, you don’t. I stopped by your house on the way here and got you clothes.” He held up a bag.

“Were my parents home?”

“No, but the back door was open as usual.” He said as he handed you your bag over the counter and you laughed.

Your and Jongin’s parents were friends, living a few houses down to each other since you were born. You two were only a few months apart and now juniors in one of the only high schools in your small town. You were very lucky to have him. He was someone that stuck with you through all these years. You had some friends that once you hit high school, well, they wanted to start fresh and that meant without you. Krystal being one of them. She would still hang out with you every once in awhile but last year in particular she tried to distance herself. She had joined the cheerleading team over the summer and spent most of her time with those girls. You had started to lose her and then suddenly Jongin started to date her for about a year until now. You had always wondered if he had dated her because you didn’t want to lose her but that was probably just big headed of you.

“Thanks, Nini.” You gave him a smile as you took the bag over the counter.

“I don’t understand why you call me that.” Jongin smiled. He would never tell you but he loves that nickname. It was special because you gave it to him. He had never liked nicknames but you and Taemin called him all sorts of things and he loved it.

“Oh you love it,” You said, looking in the bag and seeing what he had packed you. He just kept smiling, you were very much right, he did. “Okay, rad. Thank you! My shift is over in like a minute so I’ll go ahead and change.” You went to move but then Suho came up to say hi. “Y/N, what’s up homegirl?” You heard all the other friends of Chanyeol groan. “Suho, you airhead.” Sehun said and Chen laughed, hitting him.

Suho was a very attractive senior and one of Chanyeol’s friends. He was like the parent of the group and in that way, he was really cringey. The boys called him ‘uncool’ but they adored him either way. When Suho came with Chanyeol or the other boys he always made it a point to talk to you. You never understood why but he did and he was as sweet as he could be. “Jimin was telling me about your Sunday night dungeons and dragons games. Sounds fun… I would love to maybe try and play game sometime.”

“Dammit!” Chanyeol hit the machine as it started to play sad music, indicating that he had lost. Then of course your manager saw and yelled at him not to hit the machine and you giggled. Your manager looking at you and you quickly looked away not wanting to get in deep shit for that.

“What dude? You beat your high score.” Xiumin nudged him before continuing his conversation with Chen.

“I was so close to beating that level… Wait did you say dungeons and dragons?” Chanyeol walked over and your breath hitched. He was in an old army jacket with a white shirt and plaid pants. He had a very unique sense of style that you loved to see change from day to day. He was one of the only people that had pink hair. Girls did it to be ‘punk’ but Chanyeol really pulled it off and you wanted to run your fingers through it so badly and-

“Yeah, every Sunday.” Jongin gave you a look across the counter. He could tell you were way too excited that Chanyeol was in front of you. You were expecting Chanyeol to make fun of it like he doesn’t spend his afternoons in an arcade shoving all the money in slots and staring at a screen.

“Oh, that’s why you’re never here.” Chanyeol looked at you and your mouth went dry. “That’s really cool. I’ve played a few times but can never find good people to play with.”

“Well, we are super serious about it.” Jongin said and you wanted to kick him.

“But you should come play with us.” All three boys looked at you, surprised you were finally saying something. “I mean, you might not be able to keep up but there is always fun in numbers.” You said sassily. You had read in your mother’s Cosmo, to mess with boys like they like to mess with girls because they sometimes find it endearing. You figured you had a 50-50 shot anyway.

Chanyeol looked baffled and you were nervous before he smiled at you. “Oh, I can keep up.”

“We’ll see,” you couldn’t help but grin and Jongin spoke. “Um-okay. Well, we always play at Y/N’s house. It’s the normal hang out spot. We play in her basement, it’s pimped out.” Suho and Chanyeol laughed at that statement. Chanyeol then sighed, “Well, we need to head out. We’re supposed to meet Lay. See you guys later! Bye, Jongin. Bye Y/N,” Chanyeol made the gesture, pointing at his eyes and then pointing to you like he was saying, he would be watching you. Your smile was massive as he called for the other boys and Jongin rolled his eyes, telling you to go change or you could ride your bike to the rink.

You and Jongin finally made it to the rink, meeting up with Taemin and Jimin. You were not the best at skating but all the other boys were great. They were all very graceful, unlike you. Jongin would sometimes get annoyed with you when you hung onto him so Jimin was the guy who was always helping or just holding your hand while skating.

You didn’t skate for long after you fell multiple times. Sitting on the sidelines watching your friends before shifting your eyes to see a girl from your school hold onto Chanyeol, acting like she didn’t know what she was doing. Funny thing was you saw her here two weeks ago skating like a pro. Well, you guess not so funny to you. You had forgotten that Lay worked at the rollerskating rink so of course Chanyeol would be here. You were afraid that he would think you were stalking him but then again this was a small town.

You rubbed your knee as Lay came over, giving you an ice pack. “Say, you had a few falls. Doing better?”

“Yeah, I’m great.” you shrugged, as he handed you the ice pack.

“You look familiar.”

“We go to school together…”

“Well I figured but-“

“I work at the arcade.”

“Ah, that’s what it is. Chanyeol loves that place. I think he just has a thing for you. For some reason he’s too afraid to talk to you. But you seem pretty cool.” Your brain when into sensory overload and when you tired to put the words together to ask him, what the hell he was talking about but he was called over by his friends, not even giving you a second glance.

You looked over at Chanyeol who made eye contact with you before giving you a small wave. You just smiled before Jongin coming up to you, asking if you were ready to go.

You were at school the next day. Ready to go home, luckily you only had two classes left. Your parents were going to visit your older brother Kyungsoo since he was away at college. Sadly, you couldn’t get off work to go with them. Someone had taken off before you. You missed him dearly but you two always had an hour long conversation on Sundays before playing dungeons and dragons with your friends. Kyungsoo was actually the one who started the whole tradition. So you continued it on, excited for him to come back during the holidays so you could play together.

The one plus side being, that you would have the house to yourself all weekend. You would be at work tonight and mid day tomorrow but you were excited. You and Jongin making plans to watch a movie and get a bunch of food with the money your parents left you.

You were so ready to go home to an empty house. You were sure your parents would call while you were at work and leave a message, expecting you to call but you were adult free and that was wild to you. You felt like an adult in a silly way. You just wish you had a car. Jongin did though and that was good enough. 

When the final bell rang you jumped out of your seat. Sprinting to your locker you slowed down as you saw Chanyeol walking with Sehun and Baekhyun. You fixed your hair as you walked casually to your locker, looking at him out of the corner of your eye. “Hey, Y/N.” You watched his thin lips speak and at first you thought you were having a fantasy right in the middle of the hallway. You definitely had multiple fantasies of him with your name coming out of his mouth. But he looked over at you as he was still walking, adding a smile. “See you at the arcade later.”

“I- I- um yeah. Totally! See you.” You waved and Sehun straight up laughed at you. Giving you a, better luck next time look. You didn’t care though. Chanyeol had publicly said, ‘hello’ to you and you were loosing it, only slightly. You leaned up against your locker and girls across the hall gave you jealous looks. But why would anyone look at them when their hair was so teased up. They went a little too crazy on the Farrah Fawcett hairspray.

You grabbed what you needed, only having one thing for homework. You ran down the stairs and out the building as you found Jongin’s car. He was leaned up against his, ‘hot rod’ he liked to called it, along with Jimin and a friend named Jin. Jin was a very good looking senior. He was popular in a different way, Captain of the football team apparently did modeling on the side but you had never seen pictures. “Yeah, well I’ll see you later to work on the project then.” Jin said as Taehyung came up to grab him. “Hyung, we have practice. Come one,” he grabbed Jin and saw you. “Oh, hey Y/N.” He flicked his hair back.

“Tae, how are you?” You said awkwardly as Jongin and the boys watched.

“Great, just heading to practice. You coming to the game tomorrow?” He asked and Jin laughed at him as Taehyung puffed out his chest.

You made a noise like you had forgotten. “I’ll be at work, sorry.” You had no interest in going to that nor would you if you were off. The thing about Taehyung was that since the two of you slept together he tried to get you to go out with him occasionally. He’s a sweet guy but you weren’t each other’s type. Sleeping with him, the both of you drunk, was not your finest half hour.

“Oh, well maybe another time. Before the season ends.”

“Yeah, maybe so.” You smiled politely nodding as Jin grabbed Taehyung. “Alright, bye guys.”

“Bye,” you all said in unison. “What was that about?” Jongin asked with a laugh. “Nothing,” you muttered as Jimin nudged you with giggle. 

Jongin and Jimin hung out with you until you had to go to work. They dropped you off. Jongin telling you to call his house when you were ready to go home. “I think Sixteen Candles is out at the video store. We could rent it?”

“Sounds good to me. I want to see it. Anyway, I’ll call you when I get off. Okay? Have a good night.” You said to the boys as they said their goodbyes and you walked into work with a sigh. You punched in and since it was only 4:15 it was mostly just the after school crowd. Plus it was Friday so it would stay packed for awhile.

It wasn’t until about 7:45 that Chanyeol and his gang walked in. They all surprisingly said, ‘hello’ or nodded at you. Chanyeol smiling as he was the last one to walk in, “It’s later.” His smile was contagious as you tried to hold it together. “Miss me?”

You almost said, yes, but you kept your cool. “Lovely to see you as always.”

His eyebrows shot up, “Lovely? Oh, I’m flattered.” He said as he walked away and you giggled to yourself. You tried to stay focused on other things during the night. But you did hear Xiumin and Chen get tired, “Why must we always hangout here? I mean we could go see Nightmare on Elm Street. I came out today.”

“Yeah, Channy boy. I want to go do something else. We’re always here.” Lay said. “I mean I didn’t have to work tonight. I want to go try and get some girls. Heather is having a party tonight. Her older brother got her beer.”

“Then why don’t you all go? I’m not making you stay.” Chanyeol said as you went to go play a game behind the one they were all at.

“Well, okay. We’re going to the game tomorrow? I told Jackie I would watch her perform.” Lay said.

“Preform? She’s a cheerleader.” Baekhyun laughed.

“Either way, skirts are flying.” Lay answered and Chen and Xiumin high fived, nodding with a laugh.

“What does that even mean?” Sehun said with a disgusted face.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head.” Lay said as he pinched Sehun’s cheek, Sehun pushing him off. “Now, I need to go get laid. Anyone coming?”

“We are!” Xiumin and Chen said in unison and Suho followed. You sighed in relief. Now you just wish the other two would go. 

It was about 20 till closing and your manager had left, asking you to close up. You only said yes because you were hoping to have any sort of conversation with Chanyeol. Baekhyun had come over to ask you some questions as Sehun cheered Chanyeol on.

“So how long have you worked here?”

“Almost two years. I like video games. Plus it’s nice to get away from reality for awhile… in a game.” You answered as the last parent came to pick up their son. It was only the four of you in there.

“Huh, I never thought about it like that.” Baekhyun said and you looked him over. He was shorter but very lean. He was very chatty but in a way that made you believe he was interested. He was very popular with the ladies. They loved his hair espically. You were never one for mullets but the red and black was pretty sexy on him. You still didn’t get why the mullet was so popular during this decade. “Well, I think that Sehun and I were going to go see Nightmare on Elm Street. I heard it’s supposed to be crazy scary.”

“I saw the previews on mtv. It looks creepy. I love scary movies.”

“Me too! Chanyeol likes them but he’s a total wimp.” Baekhyun whispered.

“I am not, you bitch!” Chanyeol yelled and you both laughed.

“Well either way, Sehun we better go. It starts in 20 minutes and you know it’s gonna be packed.” Sehun nodded and backed away from the game he started to play.

“Channy, you coming?” Sehun asked.

Chanyeol looked up from the game over to you and then back at the game. “No, I’m good. Have fun, guys. See you tomorrow.”

“O-okay, will do. Night!” Sehun said as they walked out the door. “Bye, Chanyeol. Bye, Y/N.” Baekhyun waved and smiled and you did the same.

Now it was 10 before closing and it was just you and Chanyeol. You shut everything down that you needed and started playing beside Chanyeol. “Do you want me to leave the place open a little later? My boss is gone.”

Chanyeol was playing intensely as you looked over and he stayed in laser focus. It was quite impressive. “Nah, don’t worry about it. I don’t want to keep you from your plans.”

You soon lost, too busy paying attention to his profile. The Pac-Man machine making the sound to indicate you lost made you and Chanyeol look at it. “Whoops,” You said as you focused back.

Chanyeol looked back at his game. “Oh shit,” He said as his character was quickly killed. “Damn, well. That sucked, man I want more videos games to play at home. Standing sucks,” he said while stretching his long limbs as you tried not to watch. “Y/N, don’t die!” Chanyeol said, startling you.

“Wha- oh god” You whispered as Chanyeol came up behind you, putting his hand over yours as he helped you get away from the ghosts.

“There we go, that’s it.” He said lowly in your ear as his body was pressed against yours and yours was pressed up against the warm machine. You could smell his lingering cologne as his soft skin rubbed against yours. “Yes!” He shouted and you jumped, looking at the screen seeing you won. How long had you been in your head?

“Thanks, Chanyeol. You’re totally boss.”

Chanyeol stood back and you sighed sadly. “Pac-Man is a fun game. And thank you, I know I am but it’s always lovely to hear it.” He smiled at you and you rolled your eyes. “So… you hungry?”

You looked up at Chanyeol. “Um- yeah actually.” Wondering where this was going.

“Well, there a dinner right down the street. You want to get some grub?”

You stood there for a moment. “Um well-“

“If not it’s okay-“

“No, just let me call Jongin. He was supposed to pick me up. I don’t want him to worry.”

“Yeah, I can take you home.” Chanyeol said and you smiled bashfully.

“Okay- um great. I’ll call him and then close up.”

“Sure, I’ll meet you outside. I need to get my jacket from my car.” He said as he walked to the door.

“Cool.” Your cheeks hurt from your smile as you went to the phone behind the counter and quickly punched Jongin’s number in.

After three rings, “Hello?”

“Mrs. Kim! Hi, is Jongin there?”

“Hello, darling! He is, let me grab him for you.”

“Thank you,” You said as you tapped your foot, waiting.


“Hey, don’t worry about picking me up. Chanyeol said he’d drive me home. We’re getting food.” You said excitedly.

“Oh- okay- well, so no movie night?”

“Awe, Nini. I mean I don’t know when I’ll get home. I don’t want you to wait up. I work the afternoon shift tomorrow. Pick me up at 4:15 and I’m all yours.”

“Promise?” He asked and your heart pounded. There had been a few times lately where you just loved when Jongin needed you. You didn’t know if it was just because he wanted you around or something else.

“Have I ever broken one?”

“Fair enough. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you, Nini.”



“Be careful, okay?”

“I will, don’t worry.”

“I know you like him so just-“

“Jongin, don’t worry. I’ll be safe.”

He sighed, “Okay, goodnight.”

“Night!” You hung up, running around the counter, grabbing your jacket and turning the lights off. Meeting Chanyeol outside and locking the door. He was leaning against his black camaro and you admired his different clashing patterns. Only he could pull that off. “You ready, m’lady?” He pushed off his car, holding out his hand. “Yes, good sir.” 

You and Chanyeol were sat in a booth by the window, looking out into the dark Autumn night. You both ordered a burger and fries, Chanyeol swearing they had the best. You sipped your coke as Chanyeol talked about the fact that he plays the guitar.

“Wow, was it hard to learn?” You asked, leaning against your arm. You were trying to focus on his words but he just looked so soft. You couldn’t help be sigh in awe.

“No, not really. I enjoyed learning. Music is just a passion of mine.”

“Radical,” you nodded, watching his lips curl around his straw before he coughed and you could believe you had just said-

“Yeah, it is pretty radical… You’re so cute.” He smiled as the waitress came over, giving you your burgers with a fake smile. You were too shocked to care. Your stomach growling, smelling the food and Chanyeol heard it and laughed. “You better chow down.”

“Yeah,” You said as you picked up the burger. The thing is you ate so fast you were trying to calm yourself down. You didn’t want to seem like a pig. On the other hand you were so hungry you didn’t care. You always finished your food before Jongin. You scarfed it down and would always steal food off his plate. Well, you guess it wasn’t stealing when he let you do it. He was a good friend like that.

You finally took a bite and you were very surprised. A moan escaping out of your mouth as you chewed. “Right,” Chanyeol said with excitement after he swallowed, taking a drink. “You wouldn’t suspect a place like this.”

You nodded, swallowing. “Wow, I mean that totally melts in your mouth.”

“I know,” Chanyeol sighed. “I always feel like I could eat about three of these.”

“Well, if you do, I probably would too.” You retorted and he chuckled.

The two of you sat there and talked for awhile. You spoke about school, teachers, games and college. It was easy with Chanyeol. He was a great listener, very attentive. You still were a bit nervous. You had such a crush on him so he was intimidating. But that seemed to melt away as you got to know him better.

He told you about his favorite music. Telling you he’d make you a mixtape with all the ‘good’ music on it. You smiled, imagining yourself in your room late at night dancing around your room to the tape he made just for you.

You told him that you enjoyed singing. “Maybe one day you and I can rock out with your guitar…”

“Oh, nice! Like our own little concert. That could be fun. Good idea,” He winked at you and it took everything you had in you not to squeal. 

For dessert you ordered shakes. You got strawberry and Chanyeol got chocolate. He offered you a drink of his and you were way too excited to drink after him. Lips touching his straw, you definitely needed to calm down.

You looked out the window as it got quiet. Chanyeol circled his straw around, pushing around his shake in the glass. “So… you and Jongin…”

You took a drink of your milkshake, looking back at Chanyeol. “What about him?”

“I mean, are you two together?”

“What?” You scoffed, “No.”

“Woah, okay. Take a chill pill.” Chanyeol chuckled. “I mean- I’m just saying, you two are super close. He’s always by your side. He just seems to really like you.”

“I mean, I hope so. He’s my best friend.”

“Awe, sweet sweet Y/N. I mean, it’s obvious he has a crush on you.”

Your eyes widened, “No, it is definitely not obvious. Don’t you think I would know?”

“Not necessarily, I mean he’s trying to hide it.”

“Chanyeol, just shut up.” you laughed.

“What’s your damage? He’s a nice guy. I heard that he only dated Krystal for you.”

“Well, I still did lose her so… where did you even hear that?”

“Krystal,” Chanyeol said. “Apparently Jongin told her that he had feelings for someone else and she thought it was you.”

You sat there in shock. You and Jongin were close but you couldn’t imagine he liked you. You were yourself around him, you were gross and weird. He liked that? “No way.”

“I think he does.” Chanyeol shrugged as he finished his shake and you couldn’t touch yours anymore.

“So what, you just wanted to break this news to me?” You sat back.

“Well, no. I just thought you should know. I like you a lot. You’re cute and funny. I pay more attention to you then you know.”


“So why haven’t you tried with Jongin?”

“Because of my crush on you.” You answered truthfully. You had learned way too much heavy shit tonight to care about anything else.

“You like me?” Chanyeol said happily.

“You’re not as cool as I thought you were.”

“Hey!” You laughed and Chanyeol spoke again, “I like you too and I would date you in a heartbeat but I like Jongin and I honestly think you should give him a try.”

“Chanyeol, that’s not how it works-“

“Y/N, you couldn’t last a day without him. I mean think about it. He’s handsome, he knows the real you, loves the real you. Jongin always is there when you need him. He gives up dates to be with you. I mean he gave up one tonight.”

“With who?”

“Amber Davis.”

“She’s so pretty,” You said and you felt a tinge of jealousy. You were always a little jealous when Jongin when out on dates. It like when he was with Krystal. You just thought you didn’t want someone stealing your best friend. But then there were nights where you would just stare at his lips as he spoke, wondering how they would feel against yours. You figured that was just your hormones. Then there was the day you walked in on Jongin changing. He had just gotten out of the shower. You didn’t know this of course. You came over, his mother telling you he should be in his room. The door was cracked and you wanted to throw it back and scare him but when you peeked, his towel dropped.

“Chanyeol, I have a crush on you.”

Chanyeol smiles softly, “That warms my heart but I do think you should give Jongin a chance.”

“Okay… I will.”

“Wow, that’s great. I mean I’m a little sad-“

“On one condition.”

“Wait, what?” He looked confused, sitting up to listen.

“You take me out tonight. Show me what one night would be like with you. I want to get you out of my system. If it doesn’t work with Jongin, we go out again.”

“I mean of course I’ll take you out of it doesn’t work with him.”

“But of it does, I want to have had this night with you. I don’t want to think about you if I’m with him, wondering what this could have been.”

“Y/N, I don’t know. It’s already so late. Won’t your parents worry?”

“They’re out of town for the weekend. Come on, please. One night, Chanyeol. Just me and you.”

Chanyeol looked you over for a minute. “Fine, just because I do think the two of you will work. I want to be able to have at least one night with you. And i’m still coming to dungeons and dragons.”

“Oh course! I want you as a friend too. We have a lot in common. I think you’re a great guy.”

Chanyeol stuck his hand out, “Deal?”

“Deal,” you smiled as you shook his hand. Chanyeol then smacked down some cash for the bill. “Alright, let’s move it. We have a lot to cover.” You both got up in excitement. This was the night you had been waiting for.

You both got into his jet black camaro. You had never been in a car like this. It was so fast and loud, riding around in it made your body tingle. “Hold on,” Chanyeol would whisper in a raspy voice as he flew down the highway. The windows were down as the hard rock blasted from the speakers and you screamed in happiness. You felt free and you were going to take advantage of that for this one dream night.

You didn’t even bother asking where the two of you were going. You wanted it to be surprise, you wanted to go into this not knowing. You embraced the night sky as the air hit you, arm out the window as Chanyeol sang along with the music.

You enjoyed the night as Chanyeol pulled up to a building. “Park Plumbing and Co? Isn’t this your dad’s business?” You asked as Chanyeol parked and turned off the car.

“It is, I have the keys to it. Sometimes I like to go in there at night. It doesn’t have cameras so I’ll go and move stuff around to mess with people’s head.”

You both got out and walked up to the building. “That’s so twisted… I love it.” It was a two story building. You didn’t know why a plumbing company had two floors but there were a ton of offices who didn’t lock their door so you and Chanyeol went in. The two of you giggling as you slightly moved stuff around. “Do you do this often?” You asked as you moved a cup of pencils to the opposite side of the desk that belonged to, according to the name card, Mr. Hood.

“Only when my dad pisses me off. I want him to think this place is haunted. He’s terrified of ghosts.”

You laughed, taking the name plate out and flipping it upside down. “Doesn’t your mom run an antique shop on the square?”

“She does. I wish I had the keys to that place. It’s so spooky at night. Apparently it used to be a bank and when that closed down it was just abandoned. So there’s still a whole bunch of furniture there. It so scary at night or when the room are dark.”

“I like scary places.”

“You do?” The two of you walked into another office.

“Yeah,” you moved one thing and then leaned against the desk as you spoke to Chanyeol. “It’s thrilling, you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“That’s true. You know that abandoned hospital, off Jefferson?”

“Oh yeah! That place looks terrifying. I’ve heard some crazy shit about it.”

Chanyeol finished what he was doing and took your hand. You froze slightly but followed him. “We could go there.”

“Yeah, right. I’m not about to just stroll on in there.”

Chanyeol laughed, “Okay, we don’t have to… chicken.” He lead you to a hallway that had stairs. The two of you walking up.

“Call me chicken, I don’t give a shit. We could go and you could totally run away and leave me stranded.” Chanyeol opened a door and you were suddenly on the roof. “Oh wow,” he wind was really hitting you up there. You were glad it wasn’t too tall of a building but you could see some other business. Plus the sky looked beautiful.

“That’s what Baekhyun did to me. The boys and I went to the abandoned hospital during the day and it was still scary as hell.” You listened as your skin got goosebumps from the crisp air and because Chanyeol was still holding your hand tightly. “So we break off into groups and somehow I get stuck with Baekhyun. I mean he’s an even bigger baby than I am.”

“I can see that.”

“Rude, but I’ll let that slide.” He said and you chuckled. “We were walking through the psychiatric ward and we start to hear a loud banging.” You stiffened at the story, slightly nervous. “It’s inconsistent but it’s still there. For some reason I wanted to get closer to it and all the sudden while we were walking toward it a door burst open and Baekhyun is suddenly gone from my side. He left my ass, yelling ‘sorry’ while screaming! Turns out is was just Sehun because he’s not scared of anything.”

“Oh my gosh!” You started to laugh.

“Don’t laugh at my pain! I was terrified. I practically shit my pants. It was horrifying and I was frozen and out walks Sehun just giggling, the prick.”

“I would have cried.”

“I did once I got home,” Chanyeol said and you both laughed.

“Jongin scared me like that once. He hid in my closet when we were kids. I was deathly afraid of my closet when I was young. I thought that there was a monster living in there and still to this day I can’t sleep with my closet door open. Jongin knew this and one day I was at home waiting for him to come over and I went into my room and my closet door started to shake and I heard scary moaning coming out of it and I screamed when it burst it open and out came my so called best friend.” You we’re still butt hurt about it. “I was so upset I yelled at him and told him I didn’t want to hang out with him ever again, so I made him leave. He only lives three houses down but I was furious.”

Chanyeol was dying laughing as you had said that story in detail. Using your hands to show the intensity of the situation. “Oh- oh my god. You poor thing. You must have been terrified.”

“Believe me I was. I told my mom that Jongin wasn’t my friend anymore and I banned him from the house.”

“You’re cute,” Chanyeol said as he used your hand to pull you closer. You felt your face redden as you were standing there in his arms. You both stood there and talked for a while before moving back inside and hanging out in his dad’s office. You were laid out on the couch as Chanyeol was spread out on the ground. The two of you sharing and laughing for what seems like ages and apparently it was because suddenly Chanyeol shot up, checking his watch. “Holy shit, we’ve been here for two hours!”

“Really?” You sat up, “Wow, I didn’t even realize.”

“Me either, too wrapped up in you.” Chanyeol said as he got up. “You want something to drink? There’s a convenient store down the street that’s open 24 hours.”

“Sure, sounds great. I could use some caffeine right about now.” You said and Chanyeol pulled you off the couch, making you run into him. “Oh-“

“Damn, Y/N, calm down. I know you like me but…” he smiled as you pushed him back.

“Shove off,” You tried to hide your smile.

“I like them feisty.” Chanyeol said as he ran off before you could hit him. 

The two of you ran through the convenience store. Both trying to get to the Coke before the other one. You heard the cashier sigh as he watched the two of you run around. Chanyeol was the first to get there. “Loser!” He made an L with his fingers putting it up to his forehead as he leaned down and put his face close to yours.

You shoved him back. “Not fair, your legs are longer than mine.”

“Sure~ just a sore loser.” Chanyeol said as he grabbed the two glass Coke bottles out of the cold glass case. The two of you walked down another aisle looking at the candy and chips. “You hungry?” He asked and you clung to his side as a creepy man can in, watching the two of you. Chanyeol looked down at you and caught your eyes watching the man. “Baby?” He leaned down and kissed you. You were shocked, looking up at the grinning boy. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”

You normally didn’t like it when people gave you pet names or nicknames. Jongin called you, doll face when he was trying to embarrass you but for some reason, baby coming out of Chanyeol’s mouth was too much. His voice was so deeply delicious as it was raspy. You wanted to hear him whisper it to you. You also wondered what it would sound like coming out of Jongin’s mouth but you shook your head.

“You want candy?” He asked.

“I’m good,” You gripped his jacket as you looked up at him pulling the two of you close together. “You’re really cute.”

“Hey, that’s my line,” Chanyeol pressed his long finger into your dimple. “Way cuter than me.”

The creepy guy watched from another aisle and Chanyeol yelled, “Eat my shorts, dude!”

“Chanyeol,” you scolded him. “You’re not Bart Simpson, let’s just go.”

Chanyeol huffed at the guy as he held you close while the two of you walked up to the counter getting your cokes. Paying and opening them on the way out to the car. You both got in and you didn’t know where to go but you were not ready for the night to be over. “Chanyeol, your car is really sexy.”

Chanyeol nodded with a cute chuckle. “I agree,” he started driving around the town. He would point at houses and tell you who lived there. He would tell you about gossip he heard as well.

“Where on earth did you hear that?”

“From my mom! She runs an antique shop a lot of the older rich or women come in and tell her gossip or she overhears it. I’m telling you, Mrs. Fletcher who owns the car dealership with her her husband is fucking Jin.”

“No, no way. I refuse to believe that.”

“It’s a small town, Y/N. Even if it’s not real, I mean, she’s rich and I’d want to be pampered.”

“She’s such a bitch. I mean my dad and I went to look at cars for my 18th birthday next year and she totally was like buy something or leave.”

“She’s a totally bitch but maybe she’s nicer now that she’s getting boned.”

“Ew,” You said and he laughed.

“Just saying, I mean people usually are a lot nicer when they’re getting laid. He’s her boy toy for sure.”

“Maybe so… speaking of which, have you ever had sex in your car?”

Chanyeol almost choked on his Coke. He put it down in the cupholder as the two of you were cruising the town. There really wasn’t much to do in 1984 when you lived in a small town. Nothing was open except the convenient store and you were not ready to go home yet. You definitely wanted this wonderful one night only date to end in something fun. “Y/N…”

“That’s a yes,” you laughed.

Chanyeol was surprised you were laughing. He had had sex with a few girls but none of them had ever wanted to hear about the others. If they did it was a trick and he definitely learned soon enough since the last time a girl asked she tried to beat him up. “I mean it was just a handjob. We were at the drive in a town over. But I’ve never done it in my car before.”

“Do you want to?”

Chanyeol looked at you and then the road doing a double take. “Y/N, um-“

“Oh come on Chanyeol, i’m not naïve. Don’t you want to end this night with a bang, literally.” You giggled and he still couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Normally guys had to almost beg girls to sleep with them. “It’s not like you’re my first either.”

“Damn, just break my heart why don’t you.”

“Oh please, it’s just one night. I mean, perfect way to end the night. Once you take me home this night will be a memory to the both of us. I don’t want to wonder what it would’ve been like, I want to know.”

“Jesus, how am I hard just by that statement? You don’t even want to go home? You just want to do it on my car?”

“Yeah,” you smiled. “ I want to be the girl that you had sex in your car with. Even if you do it with another girl in your car you’ll remember that I was the first.” You said proudly.

Chanyeol shook his head with a huge unbelievable smile. Still reeling at the fact that you wanted to have sex with him. “Well, should we go up to Query Lane?”

Query Lane was basically like the lovers lane of every small town. “No, I hear perverts try to watch from the bushes.”

“Well, what about the school parking lot?”

“Chanyeol, are you kidding me? If a cop found us we could totally get in trouble. I mean we’re having sex at a place where kids go.”

“Well, shit, I don’t know! I’m just too excited with the fact that I’m about to have sex with you.” He said truthfully and you blushed.

“I think I know the place, take a right up here.”

You told Chanyeol where to park as he pulled into a church parking lot. “Y/N, I feel weird.”

“What? I mean I know it’s crazy but you can park behind this building and no one will see. I mean there are woods back there and then the nearest house is all the way over there,” you pointed.

“I guess you’re right. It’s just funny what people will go through these days to fuck each other.”

You shrugged, “Get the backseat.”

“Well damn, am I just taking orders?”

“If you want to get laid you are.”

That caught his attention because he moved quicker than you had ever seen a human move. Almost like Jongin when he was around chicken. Chanyeol has already kicked his shoes off on the way to the backseat. Then removing his jacket and shirt. You watched as he removed the rest, throwing it in the front seat as you removed your jacket, shoes and socks. “Don’t take off everything, I want to take it off of you.” He said smoothly and you started to get butterflies in your stomach.

You made your way back there to a naked Chanyeol. He pulled you into the back and placed you on his lap. You felt his long member against your jeans. “You feel that? You’ve made me so hard, Y/N.” He brought your hand down to feel him as the two of you kept eye contact. “You’re so cute.” He said and you scoffed but he just chuckled, moving your hand as he slowly removed your shirt, fingertips gliding against your skin. The eye contact was making you wet with excitement.

He threw your shirt up in the front as he made eye contact with your chest, reaching back and unclasping your bra. Letting it slide down your shoulders before the threw the bra in the front. Chanyeol reached for both breasts, massaging them before engulfing one in his mouth. Dancing his tongue around your nipple. While he did that your head fell back, mouth open with soft moans filling the car.

He then started to undo your belt and pants. Releasing your nipples from his mouth, you groaned. He then helped you push off your underwear and pants, putting them in the front seat with everything else. You moved back up on Chanyeol’s lap, his thick member brushing against your folds. Chanyeol moaned and you smiled, loving the feeling of being in control.

“Y/N, baby- fuck.” He swore and you felt a rush in your body when he called you, baby, again. He stilled your hips as he moved himself to your entrance. Pushing in slowly as he watched your face for signs of discomfort. You swallowed hard as he finally pushed himself all the way in. Letting out growl, Chanyeol tried to control himself, seeing you needed a minute to get use to it.

When you started to move he gave you sweet but passionate kisses. You arched your back, trying to ride him as good as you could. He filled you up. His dick was long, feeling him in your stomach. You were trying not to go crazy because all you wanted to do was make him come at this point. He just felt so good inside of you.

“Y/N, you’ve gotten me so fucking hard. Shit! I’ve never been this turned on.”

You smiled to yourself and then he suddenly started to move slightly which made you drop your smile and moan. “Chan- Chanyeol, oh yeah, yes that’s so good oh my god.” You grunted as you held onto him tightly. You started to circle your hips as you went down quickly and moving up slowly. Chanyeol was making all kinds of noises and you could tell you were driving him crazy. You kept up with that pattern, wanting to make him feel good.

And he did, he was in his element. Loving how warm you felt around him. “Baby, that’s it. Fuck me like you mean it.” He held your hips as you stared to quickly move your body down on his cock, making him beg for it. “That’s it, that’s it. Look at you. You know how to work that ass for me, huh?” He spread both his big hands around your neck, helping you thrust down on him. “You’re all mine tonight. You’re going to ache for my cock when you wake up.”

“Chanyeol,” You grunted.

“You’re going to make me wish I never told you to go after Jongin.” He held tighter and you felt your eyes roll into the back of your head. It was so hot in the car but you felt to good to care. Chanyeol bringing you up close and personal, whispering sweet dirty nothings into your ear as he sucked on your earlobe. You held his soft pink hair tightly as he bit down on your ear, making you scream his name. “That’s it, same my name!”

“Chanyeol, fuck!” You cried out as he picked you up, turning you around so he could move better inside you. You were both squished in his backseat but it still felt so good. ”Call me baby,” You asked for it at least once more as Chanyeol’s long body got positioned and this thrusts were quick and erratic. Either way he was hitting that spot inside of you that made you see stars. “Yes, yes,” you could barely get out. Felt like he was stuffing you and you could barely breathe in the best way.

“Baby,” he whispered and you gasped. “That’s right baby, let me take care of you. I want you to come for me. You’ve been such a good girl riding my cock. I want to take care of you and have you come for me. All around me.”

You moaned so loudly for him whimpering at the end as his hips pounded into you. You were hitting the seat in the same steady rhythm. “Right there that’s it!” You gasped again, louder.

“Baby,” he groaned, “Look at you, fuck I’m lucky to see you like this at least once. I’ll always remember this night. You have no idea.” He kissed up your neck, bodies engulfed in one another. “So tight, Y/N, you feel so good.”

His sweet yet sensual words pushed you off the edge as he said one last thing, “Mine.” After that you lost it. Yelling his name as your hand hit the window trying to hold yourself up as you were shaking. “Fuck that’s so good,” you whined as he kept fucking you. Your voice sounded so different to you, basically begging for more. Begging him to keep fucking you. This was all that you wanted for this night.

“That’s my baby,” Chanyeol said as he filled you up, thrusts sloppy. Holding onto you so tight as he whispered your name in ecstasy. You pulled his head to kiss you as it was leaning against your chest. The kisses were soft as the two of you started to giggle, not believing what you had just done together back of his car in this location.

You looked at the windows, “Holy shit, we fogged it up.” Chanyeol was too busy looking at you before you turned his head and he saw what you meant. He just laughed before saying, “We definitely got it hot up in here.”

Chanyeol then moved, holding you for a little while in the backseat. Draping his jacket over the two of you. You were at peace with this night. You were more than happy with the way things turned out. After about half an hour of silence and holding each other with a few kisses. The two of you got dressed and got back into the front seat. Holding hands and driving off. 

Chanyeol pulled up in your driveway after you gave him directions. The two of you sat in silence for a few minutes. Each not wanting the night to end. This was your first real date and you were glad it was with Chanyeol.

“Sorry to keep you up. I know you have work. I didn’t even realize it was almost 4 am.”

“Don’t worry about it,” you smiled and shook your head. “It was definitely worth it. Thank you for a memorable first date with you.”

Chanyeol blushed, “I should be thanking you… but you should get some rest.”

“It’s worth it. Besides, I know Jongin will let me nap tomorrow. I always nap in his bed while he plays video games with Taemin.”

“You two are really cute.”

“Chanyeol, you don’t have to say that.”

“I mean it. I wouldn’t try to push you on to him if I didn’t think you’d be great together. But if it doesn’t work out. You know where I am… So you’ll ask Jongin out?” Chanyeol grinned brightly like he was the biggest fan of you and Jongin trying something.

You had started to think about Jongin through the night and the more and more you thought about him the more you wanted to try things out with him. Jongin would always be your other half and as much fun as you had tonight, Chanyeol seemed to just be a fling. He’d be leaving within the year to go to college anyway but this… you gotta have this night and nothing could take that away. “I will. Are you still coming over for dungeons and dragons?”

“You bet you cute little ass I am.” Chanyeol said excitedly and you rolled your eyes with a laugh. “I’m still going to be your friend. Don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me this easily.”

“Night, Chanyeol. Sunday at 4, in my basement. Bring a snack.” You leaned over and kissed him quickly but softly. Enjoying the last kiss you’d have with Chanyeol. You pulled apart slowly, faces inches apart and you saw Chanyeol’s eyes were still closed. “See you then,” you grinned as you quickly got out and run inside. Chanyeol waited until you got in before he sped off. You leaned against your closed front door and sighed. You could have melted into a puddle right there. Of course it wasn’t your fairytale ending but it was a night you’d never forget.

»whiplash | 01

โ†ณ fake dating au | college au

โ‡ข pairing: chanyeol | reader

โ‡ข genre: soft angst + fluff + sexual themes

โ‡ข word count: 8.059

โ‡ข description: as an aspiring big-shot photographer in a slump, youโ€™re looking for something that inspires you and unfortunately โ€” or maybe not โ€” it comes in the form of a guy named Chanyeol.

part 1 | part 2ย | part 3ย | part 4ย | part 5

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a home | chanyeol

โ†ผpairing: chanyeol x reader
โ†ผgenre: fluff, slight-but-not-really angst, Hybrid!AU
โ†ผwords: 7.5k+

Your friend drags you with her to go hybrid shopping for herself and your plan of interacting and then leaving commitment-free is interrupted by an adorable, tall cat hybrid with entirely too much affection and love to share.

โ†ผposted; 15.06.2017

Originally posted by mochibaeks


Shops seemed to simply fly by as you were dragged down the street, your best friendโ€™s grasp on your hand like an iron vice. How had she managed to rope you into this again?

Your mind ticked back to the events of a few days ago, where you made a bet with risky stakes because you were certain you wouldnโ€™t loseโ€” and then lost it. Your luck in card games was usually impeccable, it just had to be that game of all games that it happened to fail you.

To be fair, you reasoned, the stakes werenโ€™t that high. Your friend had simply wanted you to go shopping with her.

Hybrid shopping.

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Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by chanhyun

He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Epilogue

This contains mature content, so please read with caution, and do not read if you’re not 18+.

Inflict Masterlist

strawberries and cigarettes โ†ช chanyeol

(gif not mine, credits to the rightful owner)

17.227 words | surgeon! au, romance, smut, very light angst | velvet

โ€” warnings โž› mentions of death and hospitals, graphic smut, cockwarning, breath play (choking), dry humping and age gap.

ย  ย  ย | โœŽChanyeol is a famous surgeon in the hospital where youโ€™re an intern under one of his colleagues. You smell like strawberries and thatโ€™s how Chanyeol knows youโ€™re around, meanwhile he smells like smoke and thatโ€™s why you try to stay as far as possible from him. After some bickering Chanyeol finally decides to ask you out, but in exchange he has to stop smoking.

โ€” DISCLAIMER โž› This is a work of fiction. I do not own famous character(s) such as idols and my writings are in no way meant to show these peopleโ€™s real nature and/or offend them in any way. You can not copy or translate my writings without my permission.

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143 - I Want You (M)

Authorโ€™s Note: im a mess. park chanyeol did this to me. dont touch me i am vulnerable.
Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)
Genre: smut
Summary: On a day off, you spend all day craving your boyfriend. In the middle of one of his meetings, you decide to let him know.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit sexual situations; explicit language; dirty talk; mentions of breathplay; themes of voyeurism
Word Count: 7,030

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

The thing is, it starts with a text.

YN[4:03 PM]: I want you.

The thing is, you had him this morning, deep, slow, and intense until you both were shaking from the pleasure.

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Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Park Chanyeol x Reader - Fluff

Words: 3.5K

Summary: You were straightforward, maybe a bit tooย straightforward for peopleโ€™s taste but thatโ€™s what made Chanyeol fall for you. Of course, that straightforwardness caused trouble in every interview. Especially when it came to a certain interview with the question,ย โ€œWho is somebody you have a crush on right now?โ€

Chanyeol would be lying if he said he didnโ€™t have feelings for you. It was undeniably obvious to his members and probably everyone in SM Entertainment. Park Chanyeolโ€™s feelings for fellow SM star, (L/n) (F/n). From your cute little smile to your infamous straightforwardness, EXOโ€™s rapper couldnโ€™t help but gravitate towards you. Of course, everyone but you knew about his feelings and honestly, it frustrated him. There was a part of him that wished you would just find out so as to save him from actually confessing but there was another part that wanted to confess to you.

Even worse, the FANS knew about his crush. It was ridiculous how sharp the fans were. Fancams would catch the twinkle in his eyes when you stood next to him or how he would immediately dart his head at the sight of you. He found it insane how fans knew about it but you. But maybe you did know and refused to address it? He wasnโ€™t sure.

Oh, right. Straightforwardness. (L/n) (F/n) was known in the K-Pop community for her straightforward personality.

Funniest (L/n) (F/n) Moments (Part 1) was the video title Chanyeol clicked on in his messy dorm room. He loved watching videos about you. L-O-V-E-D. It was his favorite pastime. Besides, the fans are really good at editing so he wouldnโ€™t have to scour through hundreds of interviews to find one of you being sassy.

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I’m Not Letting You Go That Easily

||| @chanyeolisdaddyaf asked: Hey, can I get an EXO and Monsta X scenario where they are being aggressive with their girlfriends? |||

Monsta X

Park Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Mafia AU, angst

Word count: 534

Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

You were tired of waiting for him every single day. Sometimes he wouldn’t even come back for the night or if he did it was already way past midnight and he would be gone early in the morning. Your relationship needed a break so you decided to come back to your old apartment, maybe that way he will understand that work isn’t everything. After you left he hadn’t called you in 2 days. That didn’t surprise you because he probably haven’t even been home in those 2 days, what was unexpected though , was seeing him outside your door late at night.

“Chanyeol, what-” you were about to say but he pushed you away and entered the house.

“Where is he?” he asked.


“Don’t play with me.” he hissed. He looked pissed. After staring at you for a few minutes he took off, checking every room and corner in the house.

“Chanyeol what are you doing?”

“You must be cheating on me, why else would you be here?”

“Excuse me? Can you please stop.” you told him grabbing him by the arm.

“Why did you leave?”

“Chanyeol, I think we should take a break so can you just go.”

He spun you around and slammed you into the nearby wall.

“What did you say?”

“Please go.” you told him trying to ignore the pain but his grip on you only became stronger.

“So what, it’s over? Just like that?”

“What do you mean just like that? Can’t you see what you have been doing these past few months, today is probably one of the few days we actually talk.” you shouted.

He clenched his teeth and looked at you with the eyes that are about to do something horrible. You waited for something to happen but he just punched the wall near your face and let go of you stomping away. You quickly followed him.


“Shut up, I don’t want to hear it!” he looked around for something to release his anger on when his eyes landed on the TV. He picked up the glass table near the sofa and smashed it into it.

“Oh my god, what are you doing!?” but he had no intention of stopping, he began trashing your place, breaking everything he found in his way. When you saw the opportunity you hugged him from behind hoping he would calm down.

“Stop!! I’m sorry but you should understand that this will be better for both of us.” you probably shouldn’t have said those last words as he turned around and threw you on the ground. He was now on top of you, his hands and face were bloody from the cuts of the broken glass.

“Chanyeol, please get off me, there are shards everywhere, you’re hurting me.”

He looked at you and bent down to your neck, biting into it and sucking to leave a hickey. You just whimpered from the painful touch.

“Now I have evidence that you’re really mine and I’m not letting you go that easily.” he said standing up. He looked around.

“Clean up this mess, I will come get you tomorrow.” he told exiting the apartment and leaving you alone on the floor.

A/N: When I started writing this I thought about making a ceo au but somehow everything turns into mafia aus for me 😂 It can still be read as a ceo au though, because it’s never mentioned where he works… 🤔 Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!!  😄 P.S. Aggressive relationships is a big no no and should not be tolerated in real life!!

Shadows | 01

โ—‡ Link to Masterlist

โ—‡ Chanyeol series: 01 | 02 | 03 |ย 04 |ย 05 | ?

โ—‡ Genre: Vampire! AU, Slightย Beauty & the Beast! AU, Angst

โ—‡ Warnings: a lot ofย descriptiveย violence (an attempt at choking),ย mentions of blood (duh). please do not read in case these things are triggering for you! future parts wonโ€™t have as much violence.

โ—‡ Summary: A ruthless vampire hunter, youโ€™ve been raised to hunt and kill the creatures of the night, your heart barren of emotion. Until you encounter him,ย the one called Chanyeol. The one who brings your world crashing down.

โ—‡ Word Count: 3.4k

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The Morning (M)

Originally posted by daenso

Author’s Note: Another song-based one shot. This one’s inspired by The Weeknd’s House of Balloons jam, “The Morning”. (Y’all should listen to it.)

OTP(s): Park Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 3652

Warnings: Smut, sex on chairs, hot cinammon rolls

Sypnosis: Love doesn’t just lie in a person’s actions for Chanyeol.

Unsurprisingly, it’s Chanyeol’s idea to invade the streets at nine a.m in the fucking morning.

The cactus in your living room becomes too boring to stare at and the impatient tick-tick-ticking of the clock long ago passed the border between momentarily surly and irritable. Chanyeol emerges from the kitchen, topping a disheveled bedhead (“sex hair”), lips parted around the edge of on milk carton. His eyes smoothe the curves of your shoulders, map the loose, swelling mouth of the collar of his T-shirt—a silent, discarded ripple of enkindled desire.
“Let’s go out.”
The murmur is faintly above a whisper, but still prevails in being heard.
You cock your head, slogging back a smirk at the way the corners of Chanyeol’s lips have suddenly been set aquiver. He rests a hand against the wall, splintered and pale. As he leans to the side, the collar of his shirt sags, revealing a poorly hidden wreath of scarlet blazes. You remember how you’d felt the blood in his veins thrumming beneath the swell of your tongue—pulsing, burning, rushing.
“Where to?”
Chanyeol’s eyes follow your descent to the pillow on the couch, whorls of dust springing free as your head sinks into clawed, moth-eaten flesh.
“Benny’s. Gavin’s cafe.” Chanyeol’s elbow lurches as he lugs the milk carton forward, mouth closing over the plastic. Adam’s apple bobs as cold white escapes into a pulsing trachea.
You nod, fingers edging the tattered wood of the coffee table. You remember how the cold splinters had dug into your back a few mornings before, when Chanyeol had come up with the bright fucking idea of taking you right there—right next to his morning coffee.
“How about we leave in ten?” the fucking lewd maniac drawls, figure sweeping back into the kitchen. “Don’t worry about a shower or anything, you’ll be fine.”
You don’t even bother acquiting a murmur of protest as your back elevates from the sofa. The black plastic coat of your phone warms your palm, thin fingers closing around the device, pale knobbly legs leaving the warm confines of the sofa cushions.
Norleom Street is dusty and vacant, the usually kept lawns ridden with the soiled vestiges of long-deceased plants. Chanyeol’s fingers are warm and soft against the flesh of your palm. The sunlight manages to properly reflect the quiescent innocence within him—russet gaze marred by the fresh, pure zeal of swallowing the jovial chirrups of scarlet thrushes, vermillon mouth quirked with crisp mirth. A brief comber of vertigo strikes your brain, momentarily robbing your legs of stability. Chanyeol’s fingers come to swathe your wrist and you regain your balance, looking up at eyes full of amusement.
“Be more careful, babe. Am I that good looking or is this because of last night?”
A laugh parts his lips at the ruby wreaths that come to your cheeks.
“Oh, shut up.”
“You’re right,” Chanyeol’s fingers lick across your wrist to your palm. “I should be the one walking funny with all the bouncing you were doing on me last night. That shit actually kind of hurt.”
“Oh, fuck off,” you rasp savagely out the corner of your mouth. “You liked it.”
“Actually,” Chanyeol’s other hand cups the curve of your hip. “I loved it.”
He inclines his head, the way the veins in his neck thrum against the air composing goosebumps on your arms, and slowly covers your mouth with his. It’s a sweet kiss, primarily tongue-free, and Chanyeol gently tugs you to meet his body. His fingers wound the cotton of your shirt, twirling, twisting and you slide further towards the wamth of his body, his other hand still tightly holding yours.
He moves to draw back, but you snatch his lower lip between your teeth and cup the side of his neck, the harsh groan that leaves his throat burning against your fingertips. Then comes his tongue—sodden and humid—and then he’s tracing every crevice of your mouth and warming every dark, cold corner and it’s too much—it’s just fucking too much.
He parts, staring down at you with sweet, trumulous eyes, thumb mapping the region dangerously close to the underside of your breast.
“I love you.”
His stare’s intensity shifts into a level of discomort and your eyes shyly lower to meet the ground.
“Come on,” Chanyeol’s palm is tightly melted into yours again and feet begin dragging along coarse concrete. Guilt pangs your bones. Ever since you’d started dating Chanyeol seven months ago, the words still hadn’t left your lips.
You loved Chanyeol.
He knew you did.
But you’d been too shy to omit the phrase officially yet. Chanyeol understood. He read your actions more than your words; and your actions screamed the proclamation he yearned to hear louder than your future words ever could to him.
Benny’s is fairly empty when you enter mintues later. A slender male with chestnut-colored skin gestures Chanyeol forth and a sweet smile plays on his lips as he plucks out a chair for you to plop in and goes to talk to him. He and the worker converse for several minutes until finally Chanyeol returns with a small blue blasket blanketed with flimsy white paper. He sinks beside you, passing you the basket which acquits a warm, delicious scent. You snatch the paper, freeing the smell completely.
Cinammon rolls.
You twist to look at Chanyeol. “It took you ten minutes to get four of these?”
Chanyeol’s lips curl into a scowl that’s supposed to feign indignation. “Hey, they had to cook them first!”
“I’m just joking,” you mutter, grabbing a roll and splitting it apart. A tear of warm cinammon oozes along the bread and your stomach grunts with anticipation. The roll faces a rapid ascent into your awaiting mouth and a moan unconsciously flits from your throat. Chanyeol leans and rubs your back as you munch heartily.
“There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the one you love enjoy life’s little pleasures.”
Ignoring his affectionate gaze, another inch of roll warms your mouth and sets ease to your tongue. “Eating is not a little pleasure. Eating is a significant facet of life.” You thrust your index and middle finger towards the two rolls harbouring the left corner of the basket. “You can have those two.”
Chanyeol’s eyes momentarily beam with gratitude. “Thanks.” And then his russet gaze is marred with pride as he snatches a roll and tosses it into his other hand. “I’m guessing sex is another?”
You nearly choke. “What?”
“You heard me.” He inches closer and his fingers kiss the curve of your jawline. “Sex is another significant facet of life.”
“Maybe for you.” The words come out in a shrill whisper and you mentally chastise yourself for sounding so sweak, so vacillating.
“Oh, really,” Chanyeol’s fingers flicks your lower lip and it takes every blade of restraint within not to swipe it with your tongue. He tilts and his scarlet mouth gently pays homage to yours. When he draws back, his eyes are stained with desire. “On a scale of 1-10, how good are those cinammon rolls?”
You ravish another bite, pretending to mull things over. “An 11.”
A smirk tugs Chanyeol’s lips and your left thigh tightly comes to hug the other. “I’ve got something that’s a 12.”
You don’t even have to glance down to see if he’s hard. You can sense it in his voice.
“There’s a storage room down the hall. Meet me there when you’re done eating.” He rises and with ferdent strides, he veers into a seperate corridor and out of sight.
The heat cradled between your legs intensifies so much that you ask the worker behind the counter for a take-out bag for your food. He supplies it willingly, and with a brisk murmur of gratitude, you’re taking Chanyeol’s previous steps down the corridor, not bothering to see if any of the workers are peering with suspicion. Six seconds barely transpire on the course to the storage room and by the time your hand enfolds the doorknob, you swear your arousal is already clouding the air.
The moment the door twists open, pale fingers seize the cloth of your shirt and haul you inside. Chanyeol’s mouth buries your own with a searing, wet kiss and his hands find your thighs, drawing you towards him.
“You definitely ate too fast,” he pants around your lips. “I’m slightly worried.”
“You’re an idiot,” you crush his lips with yours and he staggers, groaning slightly. When you pull away, his eyes are burning. “How could I finish eating knowing what I’m about to get?”
“Who said you were getting anything?”
Indignation blooms your cheeks and a rich, hearty laugh explodes from Chanyeol at the sight of your scowl. “I’m just joking, babe.” He carefully drops to his knees, fingers hooking around your sweatpants. “I could never leave you hanging like this.” He jerks the cloth down and you watch their descent to your knees. “Speaking of hanging.” You follow his gaze to her sodden panties. “These definitely aren’t.” His palm grazes the center, rocking against you. “I don’t think they’ll be hanging like they used to after a while—being this fucking wet.”
A gasp shudders from your throat as Chanyeol’s teeth seize the edge of your panties, eyes boring into yours. He draws the cloth downwards, but not hard enough to move them, just enough to peer inside at your bare, glistening wetness.
You bite back a whine as the cloth is released and his mouth begins raking up your arm, peppering kisses along your elbows and clad shoulders. His fingers enfold your waist as he dampens your neck with his mouth, drawing hieroglyphics along the flesh with his tongue. His other hand cups you gently, middle finger mapping the damp swell of your clit. You wrap your arms around him, the moan that had gathered in your throat seconds ago bursting free.
“Am I making you feel good, baby?”
He rubs a bit harder and you can feel your clit growing. “Y-yes. That feels so good.”
He draws the damp skin of your neck into his mouth, forcibly sucking. “Damn, I need you.”
You immediately shove your hand downward, brushing it along his cotton-clad skin. Your fingers immediately find his erection and you close your hand tightly around him, rocking your palm back and forth. He groans, hoarse and needy, and you stroke a bit faster, pressing light kisses against his pectorals. His veins drum furiously against your tongue as you guide it along the damp slope of his throat.
“You want me to suck you off?”
Chanyeol’s eyes nearly roll out of his skull with pleasure. “God…please…”
You slowly drop to your knees, gazing up at him all the while. A blush quickly blooms in your cheeks seeing how he towers over you. For a moment, it briefly sends your heart pounding with fear, but when you glance up at him and see his warm face and the beautiful veins pulsing in his vermillion neck, it erases completely.
You close your hand around him, pecking the tip. A shudder passes through his body.
“Babe,” Chanyeol murmurs, eyes closed.
You glance up at him. “Yeah?”
“We’ve never done this before.”
“I know, babe. I’ll try to make this extra good for you, then.” You flash a seductive wink.
Chanyeol shudders again. “No, I mean…uhm…I’ve never done this before.”
Excitement takes hold of you, overriding the surprise. “Are you saying this is your first blowjob?”
“Well, I guess I’ve got to make it good then.” And you wrap your lips around him. A loud, rich moan parts his lips and his head lulls back. The sight of the straining veins on his neck is nearly enough to make you come right there. He’s warm and stiff against your tongue and when you slash the underside of his base, his whole body shudders.
“God, that’s amazing,” he rasps as you slide your mouth back and forth. He tugs his pants all the way down as you pay homage to the tip, staring up at him. “Jesus.”
You draw back, a smirk playing on your lips. “I’ve been told the resemblance is damn near frightening, but my name’s (Y/N) if you forgot.”
A chuckle rumbles from his throat and he passes a hand through his hair. “You are so fucking sexy.”
You glide a hand beneath his shirt, palming the tight muscles of his abs. “So are you.”
His breaths grow rougher and his knuckles turn unhealthily pallid. You sit still as he gently begins thrusting into your awaiting mouth on his own, watching you for assurance all the while.
“Damn, your tongue feels so good.”
You groan around him, reaching down to pet yourself. The moment Chanyeol’s eyes find your fingers, he draws back immediately. At first you’re confused as you’re sure he hasn’t come yet (you would’ve tasted it), but the moment you see him draw out a chair from the corner of the room and plop it down in the center you know what’s up.
Jokingly, a frown curves your lips. “Channie, I thought we were gonna fuck, not play Musical Chairs?”
You’re surprised when he squats and flattens himself to the ground on his back, readying himself with slow, confident strokes. “Just shut up and sit on my face.”
It takes everything in you not to start giggling with pure mirth as you saunter over to him, poising yourself directly over his face. A moan leaves his lips as you sink to your knees and drop to his awaiting tongue.
The moment you felt his lips pass over your clit, a gasp shakes your whole body and your fists pulse against the ground. Tongue manuevring across your sodden labia, his arms draw around the backs of your thighs, locking you in place. The way his tongue dances over you and draws your clit into his mouth has you shuddering. Every slightly dry region grows wet with need and you’re literally surprised a puddle of your arousal hasn’t formed around Chanyeol’s head.
Fisting his shirt, you come with a strangled squeal as his lips fold around your clit one last time, tongue heatedly thrashing. With one last, slow lick that sends his tongue deep inside of you, he gently lifts you off of him. Panting, you don’t even have to wait for him to ask as you grab his erection, mounting it directly beneath you. A loud, throaty groan swells in your ears as warm, slender fingers catch tightly around your hips, guiding you as you smoothly descend him. He feels just as he always does.
So damn good.
You bob gently, feeling his hands caress the dip in your back and the curve of your asscheeks. You stretch your hands back, smoothing his abs and pelvis as you rise and fall, rise and fall, the pleasure increasing with each graceful descent.
“Baby,” the growl is rasp and strangled. “Turn around. Look at me.”
Wanting to prolong your pleasure, you ground your hips slowly against him, a long moan leaving your throat, before gently easing yourself off of him and revolving your position so you’re facing him. He smiles, an innocent, jovial smile and he cups your hips, poising himself against you. Holding you tight, he dives inside and you gasp at the way you wetly part around him. He moves, guiding himself in and out of you, before carefully grabbing your hips, smoothly furling to his knees and standing up. You’re puzzled, but only for a brief moment as he drops into the chair, the hands tightly cupping your ass hauling you back and forth, grounding your hips together. You enfold the back of his neck, staring down into his eyes. He catches your mouth, guiding you faster against him as his teeth sink into the edge of the cup of your bra. He draws it down completely and closes his lips around the bare flesh. The warmth of his tongue against your nipple and the fervent slapping of his erection is enough to send you over the edge completely. With a loud call of his name, you quake against him, holding him close. He groans into your shoulder, shuddering at how tight you squeeze him as he releases. Eyes closed, he tugs you closer to his body until it feels like you’ve melted together.
The air is calm and silent as you catch your breath, occasionally mapping each other’s backs with wandering hands and gently squeezing asscheeks.
“That was amazing,” you muse in his ear, still feeling lost in your high.
“Yes, it was,” his arms slowly slither off of you and suddenly he’s leaning back in the chair, black tresses casting a messy shadow across his eyes, ropes of sweat tribbling in fucking torrents down his shirt.
He looks so beautiful.
He opens his eyes and the moment his gaze finds you, a blinding smile breaks out on his face, the corner of his lips slightly quirking with shyness as he reaches a hand to cup your cheek.
“God, you’re beautiful.” He inclines forward to kiss between your breasts. “So, so beautiful. Sometimes I think you deserve better.”
You jerk with surprise. “Why?”
His eyes tilt up to meet yours and you can see the pain marring his cheeks.
He’s serious.
He doesn’t think he’s good enough.
“You need someone who can take care of you all the time. With all their being, with all their love. Look at me, I barely have enough money to support the both of us. And the only time I really feel like I can make you happy is when I’m inside of you, which is why I make love with you so goddamn much.”
You narrow your eyebrows, unable to believe he’s being serious. “Chanyeol—”
“I love you. And one day, I hope you can find someone who’ll come home to you with everything and anything you want. Someone who can cherish you completely. Someone you can…say ‘I love you too’.”
Pain immediately strikes your heart.
It was about this.
It was about how you’d never told him you love him.
Realizing how he’s completely shifted the mood, his eyes wander everywhere but your face. “I-I’m sorry…I’m done now.”
“No,” you cup his chin, raising his head to meet your gaze. “Chanyeol, listen to me. I’ve been through a lot in terms of romance and insecurity, but that’s nowhere near a fucking excuse for me to make you feel this way.”
He blinks rapidly as his eyes become twinged with pain at your tone. “Baby…”
“No, just listen. I’m not blaming you and I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at me. I’m disgusted with myself because the most perfect, beautiful boy I’ve ever met thinks he’s a piece of shit and he’s not. If anything, that’s me. Chanyeol, we’ve both been through a lot with relationships and we both need to be loved. And I’m here. I’m here to love you.” You grasp his hand in yours. “I do. So, so much, Chanyeol.”
His eyes become glazed like he’s living in a dream. An actual, fucking dream. “I-I—”
You press a finger to his lips, silencing him. “No. Let me say it this time.” Your finger gently glides down his mouth to cup his chin and his whole body seems to tremble. “I love you.”
It’s as if something’s burst inside of him—something even he doesn’t understand and for a moment he looks like he’s confused on whether to cry or laugh. Instead, you allow him to do neither, slowly kissing his lips. He holds you, soft and close, and by the time you break apart, tears are shining in both of your eyes.
“I-I always knew you loved me,” he whispered, “but hearing you say it…”
“I’ll say it all day if you want me to. I’m sorry it’s so late. I was such an idiot.”
“Hey,” he pecks your cheek, smiling sweetly. “You’re not an idiot. You’re a sweet, beautiful girl and I’m so, so happy to call you mine.”
You nuzzle your nose with his, giggling at his cheesiness.
“So,” he drawls, gently drawing out of you, “since there’s another chair over there"—you follow his gaze to the other end of the room where a black chair with silver legs is turned over by a wall of cardboard boxes—"how about we go with your previous idea and actually play Musical Chairs?”
You laugh and he stands, walks a few steps and lowers you to your feet.
“Naked Musical Chairs?” you muse.
Chanyeol chuckles, playfully squeezing your breast. “You bet. And we’re only going to use sex songs.”
“And the first one to lose has to give the other a lap dance?”
Chanyeol laughs, heartily. “That’s the most brilliant idea I’ve heard in a while. You’re on, but I call picking the first song.”
“Go ahead.”
He saunters over to his pants lying on the ground and gropes through the pockets, digging free his phone.

“I’ll hit ‘Shuffle’ to make things more interesting.”

A few seconds of silence is swallowed by the melodic snapping of an R&B number.
You quirk an eyebrow. “Neighbors Know My Name by Trey Songz?”
“Damn it,” Chanyeol huffs, looking defeated. “This song always gets me going.”
You giggle, curling a finger to command him forward. “Guess you’re going to owe me a lap dance, pretty boy.”
Chanyeol playfully charges towards you, smashing his lips against yours. You chuckle into his mouth as he rocks his hips into you, moving to blow raspberries along your neck. “What the hell are you doing?”
“Practicing. I wanna give you a good lap dance, baby.”
You laugh, shaking your head as Chanyeol continues grinding his hips in the air, looking more like a loose spaghetti noodle caught in the wind than a sensual dancer.
But you still love him.
And isn’t that all that matters?

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Midnight Summer

Authorโ€™s Note: rainbow!pcy has messed me up in all the ways a person can be messed up, and so this had to happen. he is now my 80s daydream boyfriend.
Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)
Genre: shameless smut
Rating: NC-17
Warning: explicit language; explicit sex
Word Count: 4,053

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Los Angeles in the summer is oppressive, almost aggressive in the way it clings to your skin and presses on you, making you feel like youโ€™re forced to swallow its wetness whole. You always hated it, the way it slithers down your back in a drop of sweat, steals the moisture from your mouth and makes you thirsty; aching to be touched, yet untouched in the warmth. The only place you can feel any sort of reprieve is the Manhattan Beach Pier, one long expanse of wood and sea breeze removed from the neon of the city. Here, the metal railing cools your hot skin and your tongue tastes the sea, hair ruffling in the wind as your body starts to relax. Here, you let yourself be unmade - just a little. You relax into yourself and your tight dress. Here, summer doesnโ€™t seem so violent or so long.

And here is where you met him.

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White/White passing or lightskinned poc writers: mY rEaDeR iNsEertS aR e iNclUsIve !1!!

Also white/white passing or lightskinned poc writers:

“He ran his fingers through your hair.”

“She smiled when she saw the light dust of pink on your cheeks.”

“After spanking her several times, he sat back to admire the scarlet red spreading across her ass.”

“Your lips were a kiss-swollen and deep pink…”

“She sucked on a rosy nipple.”

“You tossed your hair over your shoulder.”

“Your hair cascaded down your back when you stepped under the water.”

“You were seething so much, you gripped the steering wheel hard, your knuckles now white.”

“You had been yelling at him for 5 minutes, your blood boiling and face red…”

“You looked like *insert non-POC celebrity here* in your wedding gown.”

“I wrapped my tan legs around his waist.”

“I looked at the red/blue/chartreuse-purple bruise that was already forming beneath my eye.“

"He peeked up at you from where he reclined, lips attached to the rose colored bud in between your legs.”

*reader and [x character] has a kid that comes out with pale skin and blue eyes and blond hair*

*moodboards and IG edits featuring nothing but faceless fairskinned readers with flowing hair*

EXO as your boyfriend: Chanyeol edition

Originally posted by a-bacon-and-a-happy-virus

- Will sing to you (and with you, once you become more comfortable) ALL the time. He would have written songs inspired by you long before he asked you out, and he’ll probably sing one of them to you the night he does ask you to be his girlfriend (how could you possibly say no after that??)

- Will learn to french braid your hair and will do it for you because he knows you have trouble doing it yourself (and it doesn’t kill you to have his fingers in your hair)

- Will go on pad/tampon runs for you and buy too many products because he wants to make sure you have what you need, including chocolate and pain killers and little stuffed animals that he finds adorable, just like you. He’ll also learn your cycle, to your surprise, and will take care to be extra sweet to you when its Blood Time

- Dominant as fuck, but also incredibly receptive to your needs. Will probably be very gentle with you the first time until you ask for more

- Loves talking about his future with you, the kind of house you’re gonna have, all the dogs you’re gonna adopt, your kids’ names, how he’s gonna teach them to sing and play instruments and hopes the two of you have enough children to start a family band/choir

- Has saved every single text conversation the two of you have had because even just a good morning text from you is sentimental to him

- Will be very nervous to meet your parents for the first time, especially since he’s an idol. However, his politeness, his intrinsic goodness and visible adoration of you will win over your parents and soon you’ll find them treating him like their own son

- The first time you both fight will end with one of you stalking out of the house while the other just stands there in shock and hurt. It would have been an inconsequential disagreement that somehow escalated, and you both regret it immediately. He won’t text you for a few days and you don’t text him, but at 2 AM a few nights later, he’ll show up at your door and after pausing for only a moment to take in the sight of you, he’ll sweep you into a crushing hug, one hand knotted in your hair and the other holding you against him so tightly, you feel his heartbeat through your clothes

- It’ll take him a while to say “I love you” because a) he doesn’t want to scare you off, and b) he doesn’t take relationships lightly - but once he says it, he’ll say it all the time: while you’re both in the kitchen, him tending to the meat while you chop the vegetables. While he’s singing in the shower, throwing it in randomly between EXO lyrics. When you’re fast asleep, curled against his chest and he’s looking down at you with the most tender expression.

- He’ll get jealous easily but he won’t act on it because he knows he’s your one and only…although maybe he might be a little more possessive in bed. Just in case.

- Final rating: 10/10 would recommend dating Park Chanyeol

Hello kiddos ~ I wanted to try something different, so here’s an imagine featuring the puppy-man himself. And before you all come at me, I AM AWARE this has been done before and will most likely overlap with other people’s. Let me live (out my fantasies please I am a mess bye)

Bruise [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 9.1k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasnโ€™t yours, and you werenโ€™t his, but that couldnโ€™t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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The white cream swirled about in the dark coffee in front of you, your fingers clasped around the warm, pastel orange mug as the steam floated up in hazy waves. There were signs of life all around you, couples sharing intimate lunches and students laughing away their course work. The street outside the window in front of you was busy, bustling with people and lined with fall kissed trees, branches adorned in warm tones, rustling when a breeze blew. Despite the heat of life all around you, you felt cold, like your bones were made of ice, like your heart was encased in snow. The book across the table was pushed aside as Minseok sat back down, coffee in hand and round golden glasses perched on his nose as he exhaled heavily, ready to listen.

โ€œDo you want to start or should I?โ€

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Guilty | Chanyeol

โ—‡ย Link to Masterlist

โ—‡ Genre:ย Angst

โ—‡ย Warnings: Contains themes of adultery and cheating (obviously these things are UNACCEPTABLE; this fic is not meant to promote them)

โ—‡ย Summary:ย Two strangers. Two different marriages on the verge of disrepair. A sudden, illicit romance that never meant to break any hearts; but did.

โ—‡ย Word Count: 7.6k

โ—‡ย A/N: Based on the Bollywood film โ€˜Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehnaโ€™.

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»whiplash (m) | 03

โ†ณ fake dating au | college au

โ‡ข pairing: park chanyeol | reader

โ‡ข genre: angst + fluff + smut

โ‡ข word count: 9.630

โ‡ข description: as an aspiring big-shot photographer in a slump, youโ€™re looking for something that inspires you and unfortunately โ€” or maybe not โ€” it comes in the form of a guy named Chanyeol.

part 1 | part 2ย  | part 3 | part 4ย |ย part 5

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