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36+45 with Chanyeol pls? ty ^^

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I am still doing these sporadically. I have 8 to go! Sorry for taking so long to get to this one for you anon.

Prompt: Chanyeol + “You have a cold, you’re not dying.” + “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.”

Setting/AU: Cyborg/Futuristic

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1687

“I think I’m dying. Chanyeol hurry. I need you to take down my final wishes.” Your body ached from the constant coughing and your nose couldn’t make up its mind as to whether it wanted to be runny or blocked. You were pretty sure you’d slept most of the week away but no matter how hard you tried to focus on anything, the fuzzy feeling washed over you and you’d wake up a few hours later in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

As far as you were concerned, you were dying. This was your body’s final fight against whatever bacteria had infected your system and your body was losing. Make sure you get a X488 shot your mother had nagged and nagged. Of course, you neglected to get one. The shot only inoculated you against one strain of the disease, and it mainly afflicted the elderly and the infantile.

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Park Chanyeol × Park Sooyoung

Park Chanyeol loved his wife enough to think she’d be blinded by love as much as he was when he took her for granted and started meeting another woman behind her back. He thought he, as a respected police officer, would be strong enough to take any damage given to his heart and mind-

The less was he prepared for the day his wife, Sooyoung, ended up leaving him. The day he had asked her out. The day he had proposed to her.

Christmas Eve.

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Chapter Song:

Word Count: 1.8k


“I’m glad you’re starting to embrace the mistakes you made, now.”

27th of December, 2016

Surprisingly, Park Chanyeol was still alive.
The morning after his emotional breakdown, Chanyeol had been waiting for a sign of his in-laws- no raging father who cursed at him for cheating on his daughter, no crying mother who was dissappointed in him, not even a simple phone call- had Sooyoung even told them? Where had she been if she wasn’t at her parents’ house? Was she staying with Seulgi?
He sighed deeply and made an attempt to comb his tousled hair and then made preparations to brush his teeth- both activities had been pretty much ignored ever since Sooyoung had left him on the 24th. Chanyeol groaned at the memory of waking up in the middle of their sompletely destroyed living room- glass shards everywhere, the christmas tree had been tossed out of the window into ther backyard, the sofa and table had been turned… and Chanyeol himself had woken up with one of the greatest headaches in history. He had drowned the pity and pain he felt for himself in alcohol that night- and he still was disgusted of himself.

Stop acting like a loser. You deserved it all.

Chanyeol went back to his now way too empty bedroom (and he really missed tripping over Sooyoung’s shoes and nagging at her for her untidiness) to put on something decent and neat- today’s task demanded some class and backbones.

Closing the buttons of his blazer, he made his way downstairs and grabbed the neat leather case on the kitchen counter. It was light, someone else possibly would have mistaken it for being empty- yet the meaning of the one single sheet inside weighed heavier than anything he’d ever carried.
The way to Seulgi’s office was a long one- ten minutes could feel like a whole day when you were busy considering whether you did the right thing or not.

The moment he got out of his car, he saw Seulgi already waiting at the entrance of her office, right foot tapping eagerly as she was obviously waiting for him.
No turning back now.
“Good morning”, he exclaimed, trying to force a smile onto his face while Seulgi just stared at him blankly, right hand extended. “Did you enjoy your Christmas-”
“I’ve got no time for someone like you, Park”, she snarled at him and raised her eyebrows, “I hope you signed the papers correctly.” It pained him to hear the eager undertone in her voice- after all, they had been friends until a few days ago- yet it wasn’t like he couldn’t understand that she held on to her best friend. Sooyoung.
“I guess I did, I followed all of your little notes on the sticky note on top.” Chanyeol ruffled his hair a bit, suddenly looking like a little lost boy. Seulgi felt thrown back in time for a second, seeing the eighteen-yeared high school senior who asked her to give Sooyoung his love letter. She huffed, ripping the papers out of his hand.
“What is it, Chanyeol?”

“I…” He hesitated for a bit, wondering how she’d noticed his inner conflict, but then again, she was as good at reading people as her boyfriend, who also happened to be Chanyeol’s best friend. “About Sooyoung-”
“I’m not telling you where she went to, Chanyeol." 
"It- no, it’s not that.” He hurriedly waved the question off, looking at her like a puppy she’d kicked out of the house. “I just… wanted to ask you a small favour”, and at her eyebrows raising themselves painfully fast and her grip on the doorknob strengthening, he added-“Just tell her I broke up with Minri that night.” He noticed his breath had picked up it’s pace, his chest now heaving from the sudden rush of emotions inside his body. “Please tell her that I still love her, and-”
-It’s enough. You better stop here, before you start making an even bigger fool out of yourself.” Seulgi’s voice grew even colder with every single word, forcing themselves into Chanyeol’s brain without giving him a chance to unhear them. “Listen, I will tell her you broke up with that… affair of yours”, her face carried a hint of disgust and dissapprovement,“even though I know she won’t even be interested. She moved on, Chanyeol. Sooyoung has things to worry about, much greater than a man who wasn’t satisfied with what he had.”
Her gaze softened with a deep sigh, and in a lower voice, she added “I am glad you can at least embrace the mistakes you made now.” With that, she made an attempt on closing the door, only stopping in mid-action to quickly exclaim “I’ll send you the following papers around New Year’s”, and finally left him to stand alone at the entrance.

14th of January, 2017

Everyone in division 3 of Seoul’s police departement had wanted to make it a calm, relaxing day. Some collegues had returned from a family vacation, others had been out drinking last night and had hoped for a few silent minutes to sit and close their eyes, unseen in their office- yet none of these were supposed to happen.
Instead, there was an uproar when the door to the division’s main office was thrown open.
“Boss, you can’t be serious! Chanyeol’s been our partner for three years now, and-”
“Stop it, Kim. Park has been misusing his power as a part of our division. He-” Jongdae huffed at that, while his other partner, Byun Baekhyun, couldn’t withstand stomping with his right foot. 
“Oh, come on, Boss, He’s searching for his wife! You’re married as well, wouldn’t you miss your wife and try to find her if she had vanished from the scene-” This time, it was Kim Junmyeon’s snort that filled the room.
“Can’t really say that I miss her, when I was the one sending her divorce papers last week.”
Baekhyun’s mouth opened to form an irregular shape of disbelieve, while Jongdae simply raised his eyebrows and couldn’t hold in a surprised “Oh!”.
“Anyways, I had to-”
“It’s okay, Boss. I understand." 
Everyone’s gaze shifted to the seemingly shrunken person in the middle of the room, the actual theme of the day- Park Chanyeol. Deep down, he thanked his two friends and partners for taking action in this, but… it wasn’t like he was innocent in this case.
"Listen, guys. I perfectly knew what I was doing when I sneaked into this office to use the main computer and get access to our gps search programm. I knew what I was doing when I found the adress and immediately made my way there last night. I misused my work for my personal matters, and Sooyoung… she wasn’t even there anymore.” He got up, his head hanging, and bowed to his boss. “I will pack up my stuff and move to division five immediately. Thank you for everything, Boss.”
After another bow, he turned around  and went straight to his own office, ignoring the bunch of collegues coming at him and begging him for more information on this whole situation, yet he waved all of them off and shoved himself through the group of people, only to open his door to the empty office and close it behind him right away. 

He didn’t even take some time to sit and calm down, knowing he couldn’t push away what was launching at him- the consequences for his inappropriate actions.
He raised his head when the door to his office was thrown open and then shut again with a loud bang, but went on with packing when he saw his two partners had walked in. 
“Hey man, stop packing, I’m sure we can convince the boss to give you a milder-”
“Stop.” Chanyeol looked up and gazed at Baekhyun, who still didn’t want to understand what was going on, while Jongdae went over to his own desk and fell into his chair casually, raising his feet up onto his working table. 
“Baek, he’s right. We shouldn’t try to get our hands into the matter any further.” He took a sip of the coffee he brought along for himself, but then pulled a face and put the plastic cup away because… this instant coffee wasn’t really his taste. Wondering how Baekhyun could be so fond of something that tasted like dishwater, he went on.
“Junmyeon has faith in Chanyeol, that’s why he’s giving him the chance to work himself up the latter again. Remember that he could have also been expelled for such a huge matter.”

Baekhyun sneered at that. He wasn’t really happy about the fact that they’d get a new partner until Chanyeol was back with them, and he didn’t even want to imagine the time it would take for the three of them to be reunited. He gulped down his own coffee and then oggled Jongdae’s, who simply signaled him to go on and drink it. 
The scene made Chanyeol snicker, before he finally pulled his name tag off of his black shirt and put it on the table. "I think I’ve got everything… tell Kyungsoo to keep my desk as untidy as possible while I’m away.“
"I’m sure it’ll feel naked without all of your bonbon wrappers scattered everywhere”, Jongdae grinned, and stood up to ruffle Chanyeol’s hair. 
“I’ll make sure that chaos lives on in this office”, Baekhyun muttered between two sips and then threw the empty cup onto Chanyeol’s table. 
“Hey, I’m sure he’s coming in-”
“I won’t accept anyone else sitting across from me, Yeol. Especially not… him.” Again, Baekhyun pulled a face and his friends immediately remembered their training period, that had been plastered with the arguments of Byun Baekhyun and Do Kyungsoo. They’d known each other since middle school, and while Kyungsoo actually didn’t hold any grudges against Baekhyun, latter had always been jealous of the other’s gains and professional manner. “I was furious enough about him using our division as a break time from his oh-so-superior work at division one, only because he wants to spend more time with his family? Why can’t he simply hit vacation status for a while, I wasn’t the one who caused his wife to give birth and-”
“Hey, you better mind your words, buddy! She’s my sister, after all!” Jongdae withstood the urge to throw Baek’s empty coffee cups at him, remembering how crushed he’d been when his sister announced her engagement to Kyungsoo in the middle of a garden party of Jongdae’s parents that his friends had attended as well. He was sure that Baekhyun’s feud with Kyungsoo had only started to manifest itself that evening. Jongdae knew only too well about the feelings his friend had harbored for his sister back then, even if Baekhyun had played them off as “attraction” most of the time.

Chanyeol laughed whole-heartedly before finally finding his voice again and pulled both of them in for one last group hug. "I’ll miss you two. Make sure to visit me down there, okay?“
His friends both sighed in agreement and also threw their arms around him, patting his back and ruffling his hair before they accompanied him to the elevator that would bring him 15 floors downward. Baekhyun threw a last snappy remark at Chanyeol for leaving him like that, while Chen crossed his arms and went over to the beverage dispensor to get himself some nice green tea, wondering if a woman one had cheated on himself was truly worth giving up his job and reputation just like that.

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Bruise [ I ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6.7k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary:  He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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His lips were molded to yours, hands planted on your ass as you straddled his lap on your worn down sofa. A small grin spread on your lips as you leaned into him further, hands sliding their way up from his covered chest to his cheeks, tugging his head closer to yours, eliciting a smug smile on his lips.


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Chanyeol as your boyfriend

The first time he saw you

He asking you for a date

The way he looks at you

Soft kisses

Tries to make you laugh all the time

When you can’t reach the top shelf

Always start laughing when he’s trying to be serious

All the beautiful dates

When someone asks him about you

When he spots you in the crowd

He teasing you all the time

Hates when you don’t give him enough attention

He cooking for you

He playing for you


I hope you liked it!

  • Baekhyun: You know what? I've always wondered.. how do tall people like you actually sleep at night when the blanket can't possibly cover you from your shoulders to toes?
  • Chanyeol: Baekhyun.. it's four in the morning.
  • Baekhyun: So you can't sleep huh?
  • Baekhyun: it because of the blanket?
Bruise Masterlist

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He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Epilogue

This contains mature content, so please read with caution, and do not read if you’re not 18+.

Inflict Masterlist

Who is Chanyeol?

screams ultimate bias

♡ Park Chanyeol

♡ “happy virus”

♡ “yoda”

♡ “3.01″

♡ Biggest dork on the planet

♡ has a dog called Toben

♡ Is tall

♡ god took his time on him

along w the rest of exo

♡ raps

♡ sings

♡ plays the guitar

♡ plays the piano

♡ is a dj

♡ composes 

♡ produces songs

♡ models

♡ can unlock the doors without a key

♡ bowling king

♡ masters everything

except dancing

♡ He is also fucking rich 

but not as rich as $uho

♡ lends all his money to sehun

♡ doesn’t mind buying a car that costs $500.000

he can buy me three times w that money

♡ Has the most unique voice along with kai

♡ His voice is deep and soothing while singing

♡ but strong and powerful while rapping

♡ has reeaallllyy good collabs

♡ stay with me ft.punch

♡ don’t make money ft heize where he dissed mnet

♡ let me love you ft junggigo


or should i say fa eest momint

♡ sorry not sorry

♡ won the best collab award

♡ a wise man once said “you lovin’ the size”

Originally posted by iyeolie

♡ Wrote heaven

♡ And gave sehun lots of lines

♡ bless him

Originally posted by sehunoh

♡ He is so good looking

♡ despite the fact that he’s a freaking giant

♡ he is ethereal

♡ i’m not even talking about his photo shoots


♡ art art art art art art art

♡ was really popular in high school coz he looked so good in uniforms

looks better without

♡ Visual af

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

♡ He knows it

♡ but sometimes tends to forget that he’s the sexiest man alive

along with the rest of exo

♡ He has lots of nicknames but the only one that matters is

♡ happy virus

♡  A wise man once said

♡ “no matter how difficult something is,i will not pout and smile like an idiot”

♡ pure hearted boy

♡ He’s always so giggly and happy

♡ is the mood maker of exo

♡ manages to make everyone smile

♡ with his dorky and goofy side

♡ camera caught him saying “yeppoo” to red velvet’s irene

Originally posted by r-velvets

omg i love him chanyeol you cant do dis to me

♡ however also cries a lot

♡ They say that people with big eyes cry a lot

♡ he has the biggest eyes

♡ he said that he cried on his car after Exo’rdium Japan concert due to stress and hardships

♡ But we’ll protect him

♡ Also cried cause he was so happy when he received many gifts from fans and friends for his bd

♡ He is a soft boy indeed

♡ Also,a dork

♡ Sleeps his eyes open

♡ Screams his ass off

♡ hits anything nearby when he’s laughing

♡ chanyeol+floor is a tru ship

♡ he loves the floor

told ya fam

♡ They call him yoda coz he got big ears

big and beautiful

♡ He said that he watched his part “3.01″in growl’s mv at least 100 times coz he thinks he’s too handsome


♡ If you’re mentioning chanyeol,you have to mention


♡ the precious,holy relationship

♡ they basically want to marry

♡ but sm is a bitch so won’t let them

♡ They adore each other

♡ they’re the real life couple

♡ went to see kid together to adopt one

♡ baekhyun said that if he were a girl,he would date chanyeol coz he’s kind but we all know the real reason here

♡ chen said baekhyun is being too unrealistic coz he can’t even reach yeol’s ears

♡ –>baekhyun wears chanyeol’s  clothes

♡ They buy couple shoes from gucci

♡ they had oversea dates —->ny where chanyeol bought him coffee

♡ They also said that C in CBX stands for chanyeol and introduced themselves as Chanbaek


Originally posted by baekhyunsama

stop staring baek he already knows

♡ There’s also a love-hate relationship called


♡ They get along really well and love each other

♡ but not afraid to hit or diss each other in front of the camersa

♡ ksoo secretly loves chan but too scared to admit

♡ coz chan is a cheesy giant who will talk about it all the time

♡ chanyeol supported him on his drama

♡ he said “thx chanyeol” with a disappointed face

chanyeol is his secret one night stand

♡ The height difference is real tho

♡ They’re adorable we hope bbh doesnt know

♡ ksoo often forgets chanyeol’s presence 

Originally posted by royalyeol

♡ Chanyeol is also multi talented

♡ he can sing,rap,dj,play 5 instruments and compose


♡ Sometimes he doesn’t show but

♡ he is da real mvp

♡ loves dogs

♡ has a small dog called “toben”

♡ said”he is a kind dog and i wanted to name him as toben since Beethoven is also a kind and respectable person”

♡ bootiful

♡ Also great with kids

♡ cooked a meal for a smol child on a variety show 

♡ was cute

♡ Also,dancing his dancing isn’t the best

♡ the thing is

♡ compared to normal people who don’t dance like me,he is a great dancer

♡ but since everyone in exo knows how to dance perfectly

♡ he isn’t considered as a good dancer in exo

♡ he also has a giant body

how is he supposed move all the parts perfectly

♡ is good friends with chimchim of bts

♡ woozi of SVT

♡ Joohoney of Monsta X


♡ As well as jonghyun of shinee


♡ He is the most adorable person on the planet

Originally posted by ohunshine

♡ his relationship with members is just

I love lay so much looks at this adorable cutie pie i hate u sm omg he sso cutteee

♡ He is a part of the beagle line

♡ chen+chanyeol+baekhyun

♡ also a part of the shopping crew

♡ sehun+vivi+suho+chanyeol

♡ Part of the chingu line

♡ ksoo+the beagle line

♡ he gets along withe everyone except ksoo

♡ for once lay touched his crotch on kbs music bank accidentally and he was like boi what r u doin

♡ pokes lay’s butt


♡ knows every single girl group song and choreo i mean twice

♡ said oh shit on a live broadcast

♡ is thirsty for lay

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

♡ he is a dork who we must protect!

Punish me (Smut)
I did a thing. I figured it to be best if this was EXO member optional, since with this storyline you could end up with any EXO member really. God forgive me for I have sinned. 

Pairing: EXO member x Reader (You will have to choose one at a certain point, or read it nine times)

Genre: Smut

Edit: Apparently the first part can be classified under ‘humour’. My sister read this and she was laughing her ass off? I did not intend for this to happen but yeah… If it’s the same for you, enjoy.

Word count: 4670 words

Warning: Phone sex, Oral sex, explicit language.

Punish me:

“No, I’m not a free phone sex service!” I shout annoyed through my mobile and immediately cut the call, throwing my mobile onto the kitchen counter. Once, just once, I had been spotted in public with the members of EXO and that was the result; forty calls a day that begin with either “What are you wearing?” or “Tell me how wet you are”.

My mother is the fixed cleaning lady for the Exo dorm, but she broke her leg a few weeks ago. In agreement with SM, I replace her until she gets better. It is summer holiday and that way I don’t need to search for a summer job.

The guys from EXO are my age, so of course the relationship between EXO and me is different than the relationship my mom has with them. Whilst my mom is more a motherly figure, I am more of a friend. That’s why a few days ago, they asked me to go out for dinner with them.

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  • Chanyeol: Did it hurt when you fell?
  • Baekhyun: From heaven? No, I’m no-
  • Chanyeol: No, I mean when you fell down the stairs. I watched you fall and just kind of lay there on the floor for about ten minutes.
  • Baekhyun:
  • Chanyeol: We all saw that.