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Okay I know that its already late for me to say this but still I wanna say something about exo 5th anniversary v live. Before that, you might want to watch the video first. *if u cant find it, u can dm me? I think… bcz I want to put the link but I afraid the owner might be dont like it idk*

First, the vlive was proposed by Baek. He is the one who want to make it as a gift for fans and yeah of cz Chanyeol gonna realized it for him thats why he was the one who started the live.
FMO since it was Baek’s idea so of cz Baek was there from the beginning I mean on the same bed with Chanyeol. The moans at the beginning also cant help but to prove he was there *i didnt notice it at first but thanks to ppl on twitter n @awkwardmickey if im not mistaken to point out about it damn I was hardly listening to it* .. but of cz Sehun gonna sat beside Chanyeol *not gonna make it obvious right*. Actually even when Sehun already came and sat beside Chanyeol we can see he was conversing with someone in front him where we can see Baek was sitting on the bed too after the screen showed all the members.

Should I talk about the bowling part too?? Chanyeol kept on emphasizing on his addiction with bowling these days and we all know with whom he spends until late morning playing bowling 👀👀 I actually lowkey hoping that Baek will say something about bowling tho but he jz said that he sleeps in dorms and playing games and workin out sooo yeah we know chanbaek right??? Gotta be secret with everything.

Okay..okay..okay… lets skip all the glances and stares games cause damn booiiii theyre soo obvious were eyexxxxing with eo all the time.

Move to the part of introducing of the Baek’s solo teaser. First, look at possessive Chanyeol when he asked “Baek with whom?” then he took the phone from Jongdae *like mann you dont need to take the phone actually, everyone can just look while Jongdae hold it*. Or maybe Jongdae is the one who gave it to Chanyeol cz he knows the priority *we know what kind of troll he is haha&. After that the moment he said “Ill wake you home” TWICE; he turned back to Baek while saying it and Baek definitely smiled to him the second time he said it. Theyre looking at eo AGAIN. And Suho look at the camera and Jongdae at that time tho, he was like…. “what? What? What? Stahp it u two lovebirds” directed to Chanbaek. *they knew…they awareee*

Thus, the time the members seem so lost and asked who is the actress in the mv and there was Chanyeol knowing everything in saying “”. Of course Baek will tell and share with him everything..The reactions of the members tho..hahhaha like the situation is so awkward everyone was going “aaa….” like to cover the situation. And the way Baek was trying to convince the actress is nothing to him “she is too tall.. she cant lean on me blablabla” *maybe to convince certain giant that he is the only one that he can lean on lol excuse me hahaha*

Note: I really want to insert gifs an pics in explaining all the things but being the lazy person I am, I cant do that. I am too lazy to edit the video to gifs and pics. So, maybe anyone who happen to have a lot of time can do it. @ me when you do that hahahha…


Kpopstuck p.2: Highbloods 

p.s. Alpha-trolls are PLANNED 

Lowbloods -

* * * 

Terezi - Nayeon (TWICE)

Vriska - Tiffany (SNSD)

Equius - Himchan (B.A.P)

Gamzee - Chanyeol (EXO)

Eridan - Ken (VIXX)

Feferi - Yeri (Red Velvet)

EXO Reaction To Another Guy Flirting With You

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Reaction Masterlist

Xiumin: “Excuse me, that is my so.”

Luhan: *completely overreacts and goes to defend you like a manly man*

Kris: Wtf is that guy doing? Wait, he’s trying to flirt? Are you sure?


Lay: *confused Yixing*

Baekhyun: “And just what do you think you’re doing with my s/o? hmm?”

Chen: *not taking any of this guy’s shit*

Chanyeol: *watches the situation from afar thinking…*

DO: *begins plotting the guy’s end as Satansoo activates*

Tao: *when you start talking about the guy later*

You: Tao, he was such a sweetheart as he gave me directions and everything!

Kai: Does he know that they’ve already got all of this?

Sehun: Honestly, I don’t even think you can call what that guy’s doing ‘flirting’

So that was my first reaction! Hope you liked it!

exo as cats

Requests are open  ٩◔‿◔۶



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EXO Reaction To Dating A Younger Girl

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Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

hi beautiful! I was wondering if you could do an EXO reaction to you (gf) being younger then them? /like either they get teased for it or something/ thanks I love you!

Xiumin: *when he finds out*

Xiumin: Oh you are? I don’t see what difference that makes….*mind goes to corrupting your innocence*

*when he gets teased*

Luhan: *when he finds out*

Luhan: I am not surprised *thinking dating a younger girl makes me look manlier*

*when he gets teased*

*we are going to imagine these are middle fingers lovelies*

Kris: *when he finds out*

Kris: That’s because dating younger girls is my style *but how should I know*

*when he gets teased*

Kris: Nah uh, that shit is not gonna fly in this house.

Suho: *when he finds out*

Suho: I probably shouldn’t be thinking something dirty right now…

*when he gets teased*

Suho: Aya, how much shit am I going to have to deal with everyday?

Lay: *when he finds out*

Lay: omg that’s adorable! No wonder you’re so cute

*when he gets teased*

Lay: Shouldn’t we be spreading happiness and love? Yeah?

Baekhyun: *when he finds out*

Baekhyun: so does this mean I can corrupt her?

*when he gets teased*

Baekhyun: oh, you’re just trying to start something. Well I will be finishing it.

Chen: *when he finds out*

Chen: Oh my god, I never thought you were younger!

*when he gets teased*

Chen: oh, it’s so cute that you think I care about what you think.

Chanyeol: *when he finds out*

Chanyeol: so does that mean that one time we did…a long time ago…was that illegal?

*when he gets teased*

Chanyeol: You are starting to piss me off right now, but don’t forget, I am the one with a girlfriend. There’s nothing else you can say to that.

DO: *when he finds out*

DO: Oh that just makes you cuter to me, why would you be embarrassed about it?

*when he gets teased*

DO: Baekhyun, you know how I resist killing you, that just a whole lot harder to control. Prepare yourself.

Tao: *when he finds out*

Tao: oh that is an interesting development…hehehe

*when he gets teased*

Tao: I am just going to ignore you and your big ass mouth, Sehun.

Kai: *when he finds out*

Kai: Why would I care about your age when I just care about you?

*when he gets teased*

Kai: Aish you guys already tease me about being young, but my girlfriend too?

Sehun: *when he finds out*

Sehun: age doesn’t mate a difference to me, sweetheart.

*on the inside*

Sehun: yehet!! Finally someone around that’s younger than me!!

*when he gets teased*

Sehun: oh, are we going to be teasing now? Because being it, I have a ton more dirt on you than you could have on me.