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shades of byun baekhyun

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*He had just finished his archery shot and now it was your turn, but he didn’t notice you beat him and hit the bulls eye because he was too busy being scared by confetti*


*You were against him in the sprint race and just narrowly beat him by half a second*

SH: “I can’t believe you made me come second”


*Your team beat his in the relay walk but you versed him at the end and won*

S: “Well done Y/N, you did well but I will beat you next time”


*He thought he had the long jump in the bag due to his long legs but he was wrong*

CY: What?, how did you jump that far, you’re tiny, this defies all logic”

*Runs away*


BH: “How did she beat me at speed walking, this is wrong, I am the best at speed walking, see these hips move”


*On the outside he looks pleased that you won but on the inside..*


“Well, I’m pretty sure she cheated but that’s none of my business”

*Sips milk*


*The final had come down to you two at the high jump, you had managed to fly over the bar and Tao managed to make it fall down, you came over to jokingly boast to him about your win but he was in denial*

T: “I was just having an off day”


*Is happy for you and gives you a cheer, he secretly knew you were going to win anyway*


*He looks at the leader board to see if you had beaten him at javelin and you had*

K: “Nope, this is silly, I’m out”


*You were against him in the hurdles and when he crossed the finish line he thought he had won, only to find out that you had beaten him by a fraction of a second*

LH: “Yes, I did it!”

Y/N: “You didn’t win, I did, look at the scoreboard”


*He doesn’t care that you beat him but he does wonder how you managed to throw the shot put much farther than everyone especially when you looked like you had no muscle at all*

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Imagine Chanyeol sitting across from Kyungsoo, his legs propped up to block Kyungsoo’s view of his laptop. Kyungsoo sits in a similar manner. Chanyeol secretly watches Kyungsoo’s scenes in their drama, especially the part where Kyungsoo’s jealous. He covers his mouth and chuckles, but immediately turns stone-faced when Kyungsoo asks him what’s up. He mutters that it’s nothing, just a knock-knock joke. Kyungsoo shrugs and goes back to what he’s doing. Chanyeol doesn’t notice Kyungsoo’s watching the same drama, focusing on Chanyeol’s cuts and stifling his own giggles.

“Why are you watching each other’s scenes in ‘EXO Next Door’?” Sehun pops up beside them, pointing to each screen.

Chanyeol and Kyungsoo are too embarrassed for themselves and too busy reaching out to tackle Sehun to the floor to pay attention to the implications of what Sehun had just said.

  • chanyeol: bro next time you call baekhyun Cute I'm gonna fuck your ass up
  • jongdae: chill chanyeol. you said that yesterday but your lazy ass didn't do shit
  • chanyeol: fine then asshole. tomorrow after practice
  • jongdae: nah man. I have extra vocal training after practice remember
  • chanyeol: oh ya, what time does it end?????
  • jongdae: 6:50
  • chanyeol: fuck....I have to record an ost at 6:45
  • jongdae: oh OK how about Saturday?
  • chanyeol: nah I gotta go to my grandma's funeral
  • jongdae: oh shit bro. sorry.........
  • chanyeok: nah man it's know what. fuck baekhyun. how about we both get some McDonald's right now?
  • jongdae: oh hell ya dude. I'm so hungry......
  • chanyeol: alright meet me by the front door in five minutes
  • jongdae: cool champ. see you later
exo reaction to their gf being too cute during a fight

Anonymous said:

Hello!! Exo gif reaction or scenario(chanyeol or kyungsoo) they can’t get mad at their gf for too long,cauz she always make a puppy dog face.🙏


Xiumin- “Why are you so cute”

Luhan- ‘resist Luhan’

Kris- “Why do you always have to win argument”

suho-*turn on*

Lay- “Look what you did to my heart”

Chen- “I’ll win next time” He said this for the 13857 time.

Baekhyun- “Fine, here’s the cupcake..I’ll definitely win next time!!”

Chanyeol- “I can’t stay mad if you’re going to be cute”

D.O- “Don’t think being cute is going to make me forget about the argument”

Tao-”Fine then, I’ll be cute back”

Kai- “I’ll never win any fights at this rate if she is going to be that way”

Sehun- “You can try, but you will never be cuter than me”

~admin minhanh (gifs not mine)

Let me tell you why now is the best time to be in the EXO fandom:

- Suho’s body reveals : i can promise u there r more to come
- Sehun’s baby dont cry aka abs performance : im pretty sure he wont have the shirt on next time
-Chanyeols arms: constantly glistening in the light showing is prominent muscles -Xiumin’s future abs : which he promised to reveal - Chens “Uprising” aura return ( rock!chen in Drop that is honey to our ears)
- D.O’s body ( just looking at it is amazing, even if we cant see those beautiful abs underneath ;) )
-Baekhyun hair colour ( im pretty sure we will see at least 2 hair colour changes whilst they perform in Japan )
- Kai & Tae oh ( be prepared for a potential kidnap )
- Lay hopefully surprising us all and turning up for the last concert

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Being a Bad Driver


He held his breath as she ran the second red light in a row, gripping the edge of his seat tightly. “Jagi, maybe I should drive next time.” 


She drove recklessly, not caring that she had been lucky enough to avoid collisions on three separate occasions. She also yelled obscenities when she almost caused accidents, acting like it was the other person’s fault. Chanyeol felt very unsafe. 


Usually she was not this bad of a driver, but she was acting like a crazy person. He realised as he looked to the side that it was because she could see properly; she wasn’t wearing her glasses. He tried not to laugh at her frustration. “Hey, maybe I should drive for tonight.” 


She slammed on the horn for the fourth time, rolling down her window and sticking her middle finger out at the guy who cut in front of her. It wasn’t that she was a bad driver, it was just that her road rage was unnecessary. 


When she slammed on the brakes and stopped just in time not to hit the person who had began to cross the road, she held her chest. Kris began to sarcastically clap from beside her, saying something about almost killing someone. She turned to him and rolled her eyes. “Shut up, Dildo. They were in my blindspot.” 


She was speeding in a residential area. She had narrowly missed running over someone’s cat. She hit a mailbox. 

“Maybe I should drive from now on.” 


He didn’t overly notice how bad her driving was until she was backing out of a parking space and almost hit the car that she had not seen pulling out from the spot behind her. Lay held his chest, thankful that there had been no collision but wondered how she hadn’t seen them. 


“Oh no,” Luhan said as he shook his head. “Pull over this second. You’re not allowed to drive anymore until you stop trying to cause accidents.” 


As they waited at the intersection, she perked up when the light finally turned green. She began to go forwards with the rest of the traffic from her lane but caught the sight of someone from the other barreling through a red light and heading right for them. She slammed on her brakes so she wouldn’t go into their path, but it caused someone from behind to rear end her. She held her chest, watching as the car passed through in front of her, hearing all kinds of horns blare at their recklessness. 

Sehun slowly looked over at her. “Are you trying to kill me?” 


She swerved from lane to lane, cutting people off and barely missing hitting another car multiple times. “Jagi, if it’s alright with you I’d like to drive next time.” 


“Pull over,” he said to her as he rolled his eyes. 

“That wasn’t even my fault,” she said, offended. “That dick bag cut me off and I barely managed to stop in time.”

“I’m driving.” 


He watched every mistake she made and held his breath, but she saw his expressions. He didn’t say anything though. Just silently told himself he was going to drive from now on.