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That Time >> Chanyeol, You (Part 2)

Here’s finally part 2 sorry for the late guys and I hope you will also like this part too :)

Part 1 

No mother likes to see her daughter concentrating only on her studying and work. She wants to see her daughter in the white gown and carrying her daughter’s children in her hands. She wants to make sure that her daughter would marry and have her own family.

Your mother also wanted to see you like your sister in your white gown with your husband. Since your sister was getting married, she insisted to send you off after her.

She arranged many blind dates for you, with businessmen, doctors and many other, which you rejected firmly. You weren’t thinking of any relationship anytime soon.

You kept rejecting them and even embarrassed them, walking off from the meeting place after saying just simple words: You are no good for me.

You knew you were rude, but seriously, you thought no one be as perfect partner as him. No one would love or care for you as much as he did.

When you rejected your 6th date your mother grew angry that she was about to turn into hulk and crush you in under her arms.



“Seriously, what’s wrong with you?” Your mother snapped, her eyes red with anger. “It’s the 6th man, Y/N.”

“I told you. I’m not going to date anyone.” You said calmly which increased your mother’s anger.

“Yah, do you wish to see my death soon?” Her tears started to form in her eyes.

You rolled your eyes, sighing. “Mom, can you stop saying that? It’s not funny.”

“Then meet this one.” Your mother held up her phone showing you the 7th man. He wasn’t bad through. He was handsome and had a nice smile and you could sense that he was different from the other you met before. But, it’s no use. Your heart didn’t flatter at all.

“Mom…” You whined and you could see how your mother’s expression changed into a firm and stern one.

“This man, is more perfect than you think. If you reject him too, you won’t be my daughter anymore.”


End of flashback

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How would exo like their gf to dress? Pics plz

Hello there…!!  (⌐■_■) so… we have a  fashionista anon!!! (⌐■_■) xD 

our followers are jang!!!! while I’m here wearing a hoodie lol  

I did some research about this and I hope I did it well,  so here we go! 


Xiumin: Like Xiumin chingu said “Fashion is sense” and I can’t agree more. So I think he would look for someone who knows about trends and will use this knowledge to wear clothes according to the situation and weather. I think he would also like the kind of girl who feels comfortable on her clothes, with a fresh style, without wearing too much make-up. Maybe just bb cream, a thin eyeliner and a pale rosa lipstick

Luhan: On a interview Luhan Chingu said he prefers a girl with a  ” cute style” so I think he would like to see his girl wearing very feminine clothes, without too many accesories just a few that wouldn’t look too big or exagerated. Her clothes should be a nice match of colors (loud colors or animal print are out) and wearing soft make up, Also I think he would like to see his gf wearing her hair tied up, or in a half ponytail

Kris/Yifan: On the same interview Kris said he likes  all kind of styles (lol yifan pls) but I think he likes a girl with a cool sense of fashion, who would wear her clothes with confidence. He would like to see his gf taking risks sometimes, changing and surprising him with her looks. Maybe one day wearing cute clothes, next day vintage clothes, but I think his favorite would be a style that would scream “cool” and “confindence”, maybeee something like this:  

Suho: Our Suho umma would like the “fashionista/stylish/classy girl” A girl that without wearing too many colorfull clothes would look good from head to thoe. I think he would like a girl which her favourite clothes colors are black, blue, grey and white. Maybe using a few accesories but only the ones who make her looks more classy, wearing make-up that would stand out her eyes and lips (red lipstick would be his fav) 

Lay: One of yixing’s principal vein is art. He said he likes a “vintage… kind of artisttic” style (same interview as the other exo-m members). A girl with a fresh and natural style, who looks cute and also kind of hipster, He would like so see his girl wearing vintage, bronce or some kind of retro accesories. He wouldn’t mind if his gf wears make up but I think he wouldn’t like a strong make-up, he would prefer something that would look more natural. 

Chen: Chen do really loves fashion!! but he prefers a monochrome style, and I think he would love to see the same on his gf. A girl with a sense of fashion, who would match tight and loose clothes with a nice shoes and a matching clutch bag. Someone who knows about street style and who won’t be afraid of new combinations. Make-up is good as long as its not too exagerated, wearing her hair loose down. 

Baekhyun: I think Baekhyunnie would like someone who can wears heels one day when she’s going off to a meeting and then changing her shoes for flats. Looking good on dresses and looking goof on jeans. I don’t think he’s a guy who would love to see his gf wearing a skirt or shorts. Accesories can come and go thats not relevant for him. and about colors i think he would like to see her girl wearing bright colors like yellow, light blue or green.

Kyungsoo: Squishy soo it’s not someone who worries too much about fashion but still matches his clothes good. He really likes white, black, denim and grey. I don’t think he would like a “fashionista/fancy” girl, I think he would like a girl who knows about fashion but keeps her style natural, with sense but not too risky. A girl that goes for the safest choices on fashion. Someone who doesn’t wear too much make up and that only uses thin necklaces, or small bracelets with cute details.  

Chanyeol: He said he likes to wear a college student style, and why not looking for the same on his gf. He would like to see his gf wearing cool clothes, u know something related to rapper/street style, maybe ripped jeans, denim shirts or t-shirts with nice prints on it. I think a girl with make-up is ok with him, he wouldn’t mind if she decides to wear long eyelashes, black eye liner and a colorful lipstick (something like 2ne1’s CL make up style) Strong accesories would be fine, maybe a cool pair of glasses and a hat to finish the look. 

Kai: Even tho he can be cute and easy to embarrass, jongin has this sexy look and I think a girl who matches that with her style would be perfect. He says he would like to see his gf wearing something that would suit her and makes her feel comfortable. I think a girl with a fresh kind of beach style is something he would adore. Looking fresh and relax most of the time, heels? maybe not too much, converse? yes ofc! Her hair loosen up would be the best look for him, with natural make up and why not a showing little bit of skin.

Tao: Panda loves Gucci, which means (he said this also) he likes a girl with an “elegant style”. Our Taozi would like to see his girl wearing fancy clothes, with a nice pair of heels, and golden accesories. Ofc she must be always aware of the ultimate trends, wearing the latest collections with  confidence and without being afraid to take some risks not only with her clothes but  with her make-up too. 

Sehun: I think Sehun would like to see his girl wearing something cool and comfortable. In my opinion, a fancy/elegant/ or classy style are not his favorites, he would go more for the street style, a girl with a sense of fashion but who doesn’t stress out bcs of what to wear, besides he said “fashion is fun” for him, so I don’t think he would like to see a girl tied up, having a hard time bcs of her fancy heels. Natural make-up would be good, and cool accesories, there’s no need to exagerate for sehuna.

Thank u so much! I  really have fun doing this! I hope you like it too!! 


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