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Thank you Zhang Yixing. For being the sweetest man to ever walk this earth. For loving us all unconditionally even when we’re being little shits and asking for too much from you. For always working so hard to show us your best. For your never wavering devotion to your members in EXO. For blessing us with your adorable laugh and dimpled smile. For doing everything in your power to protect those that you love and care for in these difficult times. For being you. Just simply being you. Thank you.

“We shall not say the word forever, even though we wont say forever, please be together with us for a long, long time- Kim Jongdae 150308

Thank you exo. This is for five years, here’s to five more.

Words can’t express how proud I am of Chanyeol, this really has been such a year of growth for him and him finally coming out of his shell and showing us what he’s capable of, what we knew he had hidden in him all along. For those who don’t know about Chanyeol and the endless nights and days off he spends in his studio just writing songs and composing, how he’s always wanted to be a musician n the deepest sense of the word, how he created a soundcloud just to share his music with fans and let us hear his voice– this boy loves making music more than anything else and he rarely get’s opportunities to showcase that. This year, however, he sang on a live for the first time with Chen on Sugarman, he collaborated with Far East Movement, and today he got his first korean ost release with Punch. These are baby steps, but they’re steps nonetheless. I hope that Chanyeol can keep growing and getting more opportunities to show us what we all know he’s capable of. 

* If you guys haven’t already please check out Chanyeol and Punch’s new ost for “Goblin” PCY stans have been waiting so long to get the chance to hear him sing with his soulful voice. Please show him more love and support so Chanyeol singing can become a normal thing, not a once in a lifetime chance. 


CBX’s ka-ching and the behind the scene(?) of it and all and caught this at 0:46-0:50; 



No wonder he knew CBX’s new choreo so well and able to give spoiler of it with Baek during the concert. The fact that he drove Baek to CBX’s schedule *yeahhh here is the proof then? /gotcha/* 

and look at the way xiuchen joke with him too, they seem already know eo? 

SHOUT OUT SUPPORTIVE BOYFRIEND among all the supportive boyfriendsss to PARK CHANYEOL


So… I’m convincing my parents little by little to buy me the VIP tickets to EXO’s exoluxion in Mexico City, like/reblog this in sign of support and hopping they can buy me the tickets, I will show them this so they can see this is serious (LOL) P.D : I know it looks stupid but I can try, I’m desperate…

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A bit of how I feel

To be in constant interactions with people who may know a little bit more than what the general public knows is, fun.

Along the way you will see who lies, you will see how they lie to make their stories believable, you will see how different these stories are. All are according to what that person believes in.

Even if I know that they exaggerate or that they make up stories or that maybe they are just another person that is tricked into believing- I still listen to them, because the gist is important rather than taking the whole thing as it is.

Along the way, it made me realize a few things too.

I take into consideration also what both Chanyeol and Baekhyun do onstage or when in public places. I like observing them. Really. That’s all I ever did in EXOluxion and EXOrdium. 😅😂 Nevertheless I enjoyed the concerts.

The more I observe and the more I ask around, I slowly enjoy the ship less. Not because they are not real but its because I am starting to see how ‘real’ they are. That every moment they do I can’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did before because I am so used to it, and also because I ask around.

In exchange of such realization is the sense of fun being a shipper. I regretted it at first, I can’t enjoy the ship like I used to but at the same time I feel calm. That kind of calm that says, “They are doing it again, I am glad.” Or like “They are having fun again.” And it goes without any excitement. If anything I am more excited on seeing it really happen- pictures and videos and all that rather than that excitement of just knowing what happened.

I am happy. I am calm.

I am not a shipper anymore but a supporter.


Oh My Baby

Request: I want to request a chanyeol scenario. The story is similar to Oh My Lady dramaโ€ฆ

Part 1 | Part 2ย | Part 3

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1427

Two weeks. Two weeks is all it can take for a life to drastically change, for better or worse. In Chanyeolโ€™s opinion, it was definitely for the worse.

Two weeks ago, he was sat in his desk chair in his new house, composing new melodies for the groupsโ€™ latest album. He was happily strumming on his guitar when the doorbell rang, causing him to sigh in mild frustration before carefully setting the instrument down on the carpeted floor and standing to answer the door.

He was in no way prepared for what lay behind it.

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I’m always late. I’m fired

170222 Gaon Chart Awards

The only pretty picture that’ll be in this post

Everything is gifs. Oh my god, but hey. Gifs are good

Sitting together from the beginning~

So it’s normal at first, Chanyeol’s just closing his water bottle and then suddenly! He finds that his wrist smells or something.

“eyo baek, smell dis”

“ugh wtf man, what did you do to dat thing?”

“I think da wata was poisoned.”

So yeah, this was during a fan choice award and of course we need the Baek speech, and we have Chanyeol gently pushing Baekhyun towards the front~ I think he’s trying to emphasize his support ^^

Can you believe these two are grown men? I love how these two are always playing around with each other in their own little worlds~ They always make each other laugh and have fun with each other and it’s great. Their happiness is contagious.

Mhhmmmmm Baekuhen I see ya there. But besides the random gentle caress (can you tell I write fanfic?) look at how fast pulled his hand way XD honestly he just wanted the moment then had to act that nothing had happened. Maybe that girl had caught on, ohohohohohohohohohoo

Oh how precious ;-; Mum Suho always be showing his love for his childen

Ok who is this cameraman because I needa give him/her a hug. I love hi fives

“Oh look a flower, what shall I do with it?”

“Of courseeeeee! I shall give it to meh luv Bun Bakuhen. Here, accept my love”

Pork Chan: “TAKE IT.”

Bakuhen: “Nah son, I got my own flower here.”

Pork Chan: “O my god, fine. I neva loved u anyway.”

How rude.


Never mind the beautiful shoulder caress and thigh stroke, is Baekhyun ok? I think he’s dying. (Also Park Chanyeol why must you play with my feels?)

Yasss touching. I love touching. Innocently.