chanyeol is the most perfect man

Lost in love: Prologue

Paring: Chanyeol x you

Genre: fluff, smut in future 😏

Summary: Kyungsoo is your cousin and he helps hook you up with you crush, Chanyeol.

A/n: I want you guys to let me know if you want me to make this into a multi chapter fic or if you just want me to finish it as a long post 😊
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“I think you should just ask him out” your cousin said on the other line. You were making a long distance call to China to get his advise on what you should do about your feelings for his fellow member, Chanyeol.

“Kyungsoo, I can’t. You don’t understand because your an idol as well. A regular person like me can’t just ask out an idol for fuck sakes, I mean have you seen him?” You scoffed back. You’d had a crush on Chanyeol since Exo debut but you never said anything because you figured it wouldn’t make a difference anyways. Every girl gets a crush on an idol, it’s normal. But it wasn’t until you met him in real life that you started to consider giving it a shot.

“Y/n, how many times do I have to tell you that he likes you! He never fucking shuts up about how pretty you are, and how he wants to spend time with you. Can you please for the sake of my sanity, ask him out?” Kyungsoo protested. The thought of being alone with Chanyeol made butterflies erupt in your stomach, and your palms become sweaty.

“I’ll think about it, okay.” You sighed, hoping to relieve the tension.

“Well I’m going to talk to him about it because I know you’re probably not going to do it anyways, loser. Anyways, I have to go now. Fuck, this movie is taking forever to film.” He was shooting for a heavily anticipated action movie and was the only one in China, as the rest of the members were with you in Korea. You missed him a lot since you guys were close your whole lives.

“ I love you, dickhead” you replied.

“I love you too. I’ll talk to you later”

After the call had ended, you received a text from Chanyeol.

“That was fast” you mumbled to yourself while opening your messages.

Chanyeol: Hey 😊 what are you up to later? If your not busy do you wanna go for a drive?

After reading the text, nerves were starting to settle in. Was this actually happening? Do you reply right away or should you wait a while so he actually thinks you have a life and weren’t just talking about him.

You: hey! No I’m free 🙂 and that sounds awesome! Is 7 okay?

Chanyeol: that’s perfect! See you then 😉

You flopped back down onto the couch with a sigh, completely in a daze. You couldn’t believe that in two hours, you would be driving around the streets of Seoul with the most handsome man you’d ever laid eyes on.

Two hours went by fast and after you were ready, you patiently sat at your kitchen table waiting for his arrival. You couldn’t stop thinking about what was going to happen. The anticipation was killing you and you were nervous to see him. The last time you had spent any kind of quality time with him was when you sat next to him on Minseok’s couch at the last party he threw a week ago. Suddenly your phone rang and snapped you out of your thoughts. It was Chanyeol.

“Hello” you answered, as calmly as possible.

“Hey, I’m out front.” He responded. His voice sounded so seductive in your ear, low and raspy.

“I-I’ll be right out” you stumbled over your words while still caught up in your previous thought.

You hung up the phone and walked to the door of your apartment, quickly giving yourself one last glance in the full length mirror before leaving. You wanted your outfit to be simple but sexy, so you wore high wasted, blue jeans with a white, Spaghetti strap tank top. The outfit accentuated your curves and breasts perfectly so you knew he would drool.

After getting out of the elevator in the lobby, you could see him leaning up against his Mercedes. He was wearing black jeans and a black zip up hoodie, his dark brown hair a tousled mess at the top of his head. You could see the shiny gold of his Rolex watch poking out of the sleeves of his hoodie as he play with his phone, waiting for you.


Ps this gif makes me want to kill myself his arms wow my boi

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Exo reaction to s/o being chubby.

~ Anon requested


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Minseok loved your round face and thought your curves added to your adorable appearance. He knew what it was like to be on the chubby side and would help you embrace every part of it, never wanting to make the impression that he wanted you to change.

“haha I told you she was adorable, my own sweet baozi.”


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Junmyeon would want to be the best boyfriend for you, supporting you and reassuring you that he loved everything about you. Whenever you felt your weight was a disadvantage, he’d do whatever it took to prove it wasn’t.

“Hey y/n, want another piggyback ride from your strong boyfriend??”


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Yixing is a soft cupcake, he’d always remind you how beautiful you were and wouldn’t hesitate to call you crazy for thinking otherwise. In his eyes he saw you as perfection and no matter your shape or size, you’d stay that way to him. Prepare yourself for endless kisses and compliments.

“How could you be so perfect y/n?”


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Baekhyun would be the one to enjoy your curves the most. From head to toe in love with your beauty, amazed with how voluptuous you looked in front of him. Confidently flirting with you, drowning you in endless compliments and skinship

”Hey Mama!”


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Jongdae adored you inside and out and he’d gladly scream it loud and proud to the whole world. Sometimes too much when the members were around.


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Whenever you were around this giant man child would turn into a loving and caring boyfriend. Chanyeol loved you unconditionally and without a care about what others thought, you were flawless. 


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Kyungsoo looks cold and indifferent sometimes but that all changed when he was with you. He’d still be his fun teasing self with the same sense of humor but he made sure to cherish you whenever you needed it. Never worrying about beauty standards.

“You’re gorgeous in my eyes jagi.”


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Jongin would always keep a smile on your face, never having a dull moment in the relationship. He would be your shoulder to cry on when you needed it most and the same one to cheer you up afterwards. Making sure all your insecurities disappeared.

“You’ll always have my heart y/n.”


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Sehun would also be one to treasure your body for all that it is. Giving you playful dirty looks whenever you mentioned your body in a negative way. He’d try hard to get you to see yourself the way he did.

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EXO - Boyfriend!Chanyeol: Day Care Date.

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Pairing: Boyfriend! Chanyeol X Inserted! Reader
Mentioned: KIDS.

Warnings: I tried making this really cute (cause Chanyeol and kids) , so either it’ll make you cringe alot or make your heart flutter just a little.

Genre: Fluff, drabble

Word Count: 532

Summary: You’re working part time today at a day care, your boyfriend Chanyeol joins you. A fun little ‘date’ with adorable and silly 5-8 year olds.

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Appa!Jongdae - voice lessons

Chanyeol / Lay / Suho / Baekhyun / Kai / Xiumin / Tao  / Kris 1 / Kris 2 / Sehun / D.O / Luhan

Genre: fluff

Requested my several. Thank you to all of the voters! To clarify Twins in this scenario will be one of each (boy and girl).

Summary: Cen giving a voice lesson to your little twins (3 years old).

A/n IDK if Chen plays piano or not but we’ll roll with it.

I had to add Daeul! he’s just too cute

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Popular (With Chanyeol)

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genre: fluff!!
3912 words

summary: whoever wins at a carnival game in one try deserves a freaking medal not a rilakumma plush toy, everyone thinks. well, everyone except for chanyeol. he’d rather spend a hundred dollars than come home without that bear.

“Ring toss! Toss a ring and win a thing! Five dollars, five dollars!” You chant, waiting for more kids and teens to show up at your booth so you could show off your carnival skills to your coworkers.

You’re pretty sure it’s because one bucket full of rings is only five dollars compared to all the other expensive games they have in this carnival but your ego isn’t going to let yourself admit that.

“Give me one bucket please.”

“Here you go sir-” As you give the bucket of rings, you look up to find the most popular guy at your school in front of you, a big grin of dedication on his face.

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every time chanyeol used snow filter I melt :((((( he's so cute and the filters make him cuter :((( the cutest boyfriend :(((((

chanyeol with dogs…. with animals.. a puppy with a puppy…. so cute so soft so boyfriend :(((( the cutest…. rmr when he said that he wanted to be a vet when he was younger so that he could help animals :((((((((( so precious and pure :((((( the biggest heart :(((((((((

I just finished eating and I wish that I could eat with chanyeol…. feed him spoonfuls of yummy foods as he shows me funny videos/animal videos/compositions on his phone :((((((((((((

chanyeol with animals is adorable….. especially dogs like…. a puppy with a puppy… him n toben…. actually two puppies … the cutest most pure animal lover :((((( rmr when he said that he wanted to be a vet so that he could take care of animals :((((((((((( I’m in love :((((((((((((((((((((

all I want is to hug chanyeol and tell him he’s absolutely perfect :(((( the cutest boy :((((( my handsome man :((((( king of my heart :((((((

oh my god anon please 😭😭 this is so soft 

Cnetz Reactions: [Instiz] Scale Reference to Chanyeol's Great Body

- [+154] The most manly & most like a man in EXO
- [+159] (This) passerby thinks (that this is) max boyfriend power
- [+137] The woman in front of him is so little 😍😍 I guess it’ll be like that if it was me in front of him *doge* aye?
- [+105] Chanyeol is a good boyfriend, (that) scale reference 😭
- [+101] Perfect man Park Chanyeol ❤️
- [+94] Ah so handsome max boyfriend power 🙈🙈🙈😍😍
- [+79] Boyfriend power max!
- [+75] Volcano baby is transforming to muscle man! But I like it!!
- [+75] (he’s) becoming more manly ☺️☺️
- [+69] Shoulders so wide ahhhhhhhh! Girls within his embrace must look really small
- [+73] Not a fan, but (I) really quite like him, he has no black spots (tn: flaws) inside out~~
- [+66] Our Yeol-yeol is getting better and better
- [+62] PERFECT in big letters
- [+54] No matter if it’s strong fish or little tender fish, (I) like it either way! (chel’s note: fish refers to PCY’s kimchi fish nickname)
- [+50] I still think (he’s) cute, I must be feeling sick 😢
- [+49] Boyfriend power ❤️
- [+44] wuli Chanyeol gained even more boyfriend power😍😍😍
- [+45] Pacific Ocean-width shoulders + chicken legs *doge*
- [+42] Max boyfriend power 😍😍 I’ll go apply to be a screening officer tomorrow 😍😍😍

Translated by: Chel

Exo’s reaction when you’re getting married and you’re nervous

Original: Can you do Exo reaction when you to getting married and you’re so nervous and he’s comforting you ?

Kris: “There’s no need for that, i’ll be a good husband”

Luhan: “ I’ll always be with you, Y/N! I’ll be the perfect man for you”

Suho: “I wont forget your birthday and you will have the most expensive better things a woman could ever want”

Baekhyun: “I promise i wont use your eyeliner”

Sehun: “Why are you being like this?”

Chanyeol: “Are you giving up on me, babe?”

Tao: “Look, i’m scared too. But as long as you keep tanking shower with me, it will work”

Kyungsoo: “We will rule the world, i promise”

Lay: “Don’t worry, i’ll be the one in charge of the kitchen”

Chen: “We’re going to be the happiest couple ever!”

Jongin: “Marry me, please!”

Xiumin: “Let’s drink a coffe and relax, after that we’ll get married”

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Reaction list

me seeing all the exo photos and fancams

Sehun baby what the fuck?! I believe every girl that saw this wanted to jump on top of you . I love already don’t need to do this to my weak body



Kim Jongdae I have told this a million times your voice is porn to my ears :)




please click here and watch the fancam I CRIED


CHANYEOL man I WANT TO HUG YOU that solo watch it




the solo


the solo it’s really good watch it


his voice is like sugar xD  the solo




Boys thank you for the amazing music !

and thank you for that amazing moonlight dance JFC

sorry i don’t own any of the photos or gif’s just found them on tumblr just needed to make this post sorry T^T