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EXO Demigod AU: [introduction]

minseok - son of ares (god of chaotic battle)

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luhan - son of pan (god of the woods and fields)

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yifan - son of urania (muse of astronomy)

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junmyeon -son of hera (goddess of marriage and goddesses)

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yixing - son of apollo (god of healing, music, hearding, and the sun)

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baekhyun - son of gelos (god of laughter)

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jongdae - son of aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty)

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chanyeol - son of euterpe (muse of lyrics, poetry, and music)

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kyungsoo - son of hades (god of death and the underworld)

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zitao - son of nyx (goddess of the night)

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jongin - son of terpsichore (muse of dance)

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sehun - son of aeolus (god of wind)

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Exo as Demigods

Kai: The sexy son of Hermes, goes there and there giving messages, just like his father

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ChanYeol : The crazy son of Hades, he loves his power of flame and also loves to call himself as the son of underworld

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SuHo : The charming Poseidon son, he loves to play with water and people sometimes confuses him with an aphrodite son

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LuHan: The legit son of Aphrodite, he likes to use his charm to convice people to do whatever he wants

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Kris: The son of Zeus who is really proud to be the son of the king of the gods, he likes to fly anywhere and also play with some lightnings 

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Lay: Son of Apollo the god of the healers, like his father he is really fun and can treat any damage

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D.O: Son of Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, he’s very kind and loves the nature

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 BaekHyun: The son of the  Hephaestus  who’s really close to the son’s of Zeus and Hades beacause of their powers, he has the power of light and like his father he can creat anything he has in mind

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SeHun: Has the power of wind like a Zeus son, but he’s son of Aeolus the god who rules the winds 

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Tao: Like his father Chronos he has the power of time control and loves to play tricks at his friens even though his father is not that nice….

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Chen: Another son of Zeus, he and his brother like to fight using lightnings against each other all the time trying to catch their father attention although Chen is stronger using lightnings.

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XiuMin: The son of  Khione, the goddess of snow, he probably joins Tao to freeze their friends while they run in slow motion 

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EXO Demigod AU: [bending rather than breaking | chanyeol]

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genre: oneshot (pg)

summary: in which his overprotectiveness causes an argument.

word count: 711

a/n: sorry this is so delayed! i hope you enjoy~

Your feet move slowly against the pavement, kicking a few rocks as you walked up the path to your house.

The small pebbles crunched under your boots in the soft moonlight.

The familiar and comforting sounds could have consumed you entirely, had it not been for the yellow lights pouring out of your home’s front window.

“Shit,” you cursed, knowing you would get an earful from your boyfriend for returning home so late.

You had told him you’d be in around ten, but you’d gotten a bit wrapped up in the street fights you took part in every Sunday, causing your arrival to be four hours past due.

At that point, you had reached the front door, but just as your hand came into contact with the silver knob, it was opened from the inside.

“Where have you been?” Chanyeol demanded to know, “What the fuck happened to your face? Did someone hurt you?”

In response, you grabbed the backpack that hung from your shoulder and thrusted it into his hands.

“I was busy making money,” you said. You were so used to the feeling of a bloody nose and a split lip that the fact that you had either had slipped your mind entirely, “Now, are you gonna let me in? It’s my house.”

“You can’t keep doing this to me,” he tried to sound stern, but only ended up with something more along the lines of a plea, “I was worried for you, (Y/N). There are other ways we can make money.”

“There’s fifteen grand in that bag, I don’t think much can top that.”

What you did — the betting and the street fights — that was in your blood, and he knew it. With Ares as your father, you were drawn to the rough fighting.

Had things really gone your way, you would have gone into the military, but Chanyeol had spent weeks talking you out of it.

Come to think about it, there were many things you would have loved to do that he was hellbent on stopping you from doing.

“We can try.”

“Move,” you muttered. While pushing past him and into your hallway, you snatched you backpack from his cold hands, “It doesn’t matter anyway. What I do is my business. You aren’t my father, and it’s my life; your part in it is a privilege to both of us. Don’t take advantage of that.”

“Do you want me to say it? Would that get you to throw your ego away and keep yourself safer?” Laced into his words was an evident desperation, as well as a slight exasperation. When you failed to stop walking away, he took firm hold of your free hand and spun you around to meet his eyes, “I’m afraid, (Y/N). Every time you’re so fucking late like this, I worry that you’ve been beaten to death in one of those fights. I’m so scared of losing you that it pains me that I can’t do anything to protect you. What’s Euterpe’s son supposed to do for Ares’ daughter?”

Your face softened at the genuinity in his brown orbs.

You took your lower lip in between your teeth for a mere second.

“You make music, and that’s fine enough. Who you are has nothing to do with what I do, or what I don’t do,” came your response. Knowing how much you both needed it, you dropped everything in your procession to grab one of his large hands, “You don’t have to worry about me. Nine times out of ten, I’m fine, I just have this tendency to get wrapped up in things.”

With his free hand, he brought his thumb up to wipe away the blood that was about to trickle onto your upper lip.

“I don’t know if I can handle those odds though. There’s always that tiny chance…”

You sighed, knowing that you couldn’t please both him and yourself. You were going to have to bend, unless you wanted to snap right in half. It was at the point where you had the option to either compromise to end things entirely, the latter of which it would kill you to do. No matter what he thought, Chanyeol was the sunshine in your blood red sky.

“And that’s my risk to take, but if it’s what you really want, I’ll see if they’re still hiring at the market.”