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essentially the masterpost for a series of oneshots revolving around demigod!exo


disclaimer; they all have dark hair colors bc of the time period these will be set in so lmao everything has to look natural i’ll be posting bts shortly and starting with jungkook, but of exo, who would yall like to see first? also my bby @chicken-fly-wings helped me with a lot of this lmao she cant dance but i love her anyways (so far, these lovelies were in favor but lmao let me know if you want tagged in the first oneshot @dead-violinist @i-am-a-death-dealer)

kyungsoo as the son of hades
as opposed to many of the demigods mentioned here, he knew his father well. in fact, his entire life was spent in the underworld, side-by-side with it’s ruler. his story is very unique, as it does not take place on earth, among the mortals. every story involving kyungsoo is set in the underworld, where he was forced to reside. oneshot here

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yixing as the son of apollo
as the son of apollo–god of music, healing, and the sun–yixing chose to use his birth-given talents for good. he became a healer at an early age, as well as a musician in his free time. he is a very pleasant, happy man, one who did what he could to spread these same emotions where-ever he may have found himself.

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junmyeon as the son of hera
junmyeon’s mother may have been the goddess of marriage, but no one had to deal with a husband less faithful than hera’s. it is rumored that the young man’s conception and birth were solely to spite zeus for birthing a demigod child of his own with another woman. due to this, junmyeon was cast aside upon birth entirely. he was given to and raised among nymphs, who lead him to luhan somewhere along the line of his existence.

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minseok as the son of ares
minseok had direct heritage to the god of chaotic battle. despite being a well-trained soldier, his ranking was formally kept low, due to his lack of planning and knee-jerk reactions. he kept a great, deep rooted resentment toward his father for never visiting. every once in a blue moon, minseok would receive a gift from ares (via a messenger of some sorts), but nothing more. not even a simple birthday letter.

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jongdae as the son of aphrodite
although it’s well hidden, jongdae was birthed from aphrodite, left at his father’s doorstep and never thought of by the goddess again. of course, having came from the ruler of love and beauty, he inherited her stunning looks, as well as the attraction everyone had toward her. this demigod was wanted by many, and was also well aware of this. he wasn’t afraid to use his looks and his charm to get what he wanted in life. oneshot here

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jongin as the son of terpsichore
jongin’s mother, terpsichore, was the dance muse. because of this relation, he he grew up with a similar love of dance and chorus. with great encouragement from his mother and father alike, he became a renowned dancer, known by many villages surrounding his own.

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chanyeol as the son of euterpe
chanyeol’s mother was also a muse–the muse of lyrics, poetry, and music. he spent a majority of his free time accompanying jongin, often writing music for the shows their village held every saturday at half to five. his relationship with his mother was non-existent, but he continued on with his passions in hopes that he could make her proud.

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baekhyun as the son of gelos
being the son of the laughter god, baekhyun often found himself wanting to spread cheer. he did this differently than yixing. even when his mother was struggling to pay their bills with the small amount of money she made at her job, her son was always there with some new jokes or a new story to tell. each was better than the last, and it was incredibly hard to not giggle in his presence.

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luhan as the son of pan
as opposed to being shunned at birth by the god of the woods and fields, luhan was never informed of his parentage, much like pan himself. similar to his father, he held great adoration for the wilderness and all things fun, but with this came an awful temper and a perpetual moodiness he had about himself.

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sehun as the son of aeolus
sehun was the offspring of aeolus, son of hippotes. the keeper of the winds never wished to have anything to do with his son. he was given none of the same opportunities as his six elder half brothers; no crown, no throne, and no land. it’s said he lived among the mortals with a demigod named luhan.

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yifan as the son of urania
born from the muse of astronomy, yifan had a deep love for the stars and the heavens in his heart. what started off as letters and brief visits from urania dwindled down to nothing as he fell in love with a common woman, forcing him to choose between his god half and his mortal half.

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zitao as the son of nyx
zitao was what came of the night goddess’ fling with a commoner from one of the tiniest villages around. he seemed to have been gifted from the gods themselves his mothers striking beauty. despite this, he became a man who only came out at night, and only to drink with two of his friends. finding him out on any other occasion was rare.

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Exo as Demigods

Kai: The sexy son of Hermes, goes there and there giving messages, just like his father

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ChanYeol : The crazy son of Hades, he loves his power of flame and also loves to call himself as the son of underworld

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SuHo : The charming Poseidon son, he loves to play with water and people sometimes confuses him with an aphrodite son

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LuHan: The legit son of Aphrodite, he likes to use his charm to convice people to do whatever he wants

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Kris: The son of Zeus who is really proud to be the son of the king of the gods, he likes to fly anywhere and also play with some lightnings 

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Lay: Son of Apollo the god of the healers, like his father he is really fun and can treat any damage

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D.O: Son of Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, he’s very kind and loves the nature

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 BaekHyun: The son of the  Hephaestus  who’s really close to the son’s of Zeus and Hades beacause of their powers, he has the power of light and like his father he can creat anything he has in mind

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SeHun: Has the power of wind like a Zeus son, but he’s son of Aeolus the god who rules the winds 

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Tao: Like his father Chronos he has the power of time control and loves to play tricks at his friens even though his father is not that nice….

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Chen: Another son of Zeus, he and his brother like to fight using lightnings against each other all the time trying to catch their father attention although Chen is stronger using lightnings.

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XiuMin: The son of  Khione, the goddess of snow, he probably joins Tao to freeze their friends while they run in slow motion 

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Hey everyone our first Exo reaction, I hope you all enjoy, and don’t be ashamed to send us a request <3</i>


roses ; (demigod) do kyungsoo


the first part of my demigod!exo series (may possibly have a second part). kyungsoo as hades’ son.


i actually did research on this shit to make sure it was accurate to the actual mythology pieces that these things were derived from okay writing the dialogue without any shortened things (i am to i’m) killed me so i went back and changed it im sorry (reminder that jongdae is next // lmk if you wanna be tagged in the next oneshot @i-am-a-death-dealer @dead-violinist @suedetonkin)

demigod masterpost;;


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