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Double Standards

Baekhyun: *is playful and cute with other people*

People: “Aww omg so cute! I ship them!”

Chanyeol: *is playful and cute with other people*

People: “Wtf why is he ignoring Baek? Such an asshole!”

This is the sad truth pointed out by a Baekhyun stan. Some people have such double standards when it comes to CB, it really irks me sometimes. What’s with those “Chanyeol, you better step your game up 👀” and “Chanyeol, Baekhyun will be snatched away soon. Stop filming!” comments? I know it’s meant as a joke most of the time but you always put it as if Baekhyun only interacts with other people because Chanyeol has fucked up, as if Chanyeol is the reason behind every single one of Baekhyun’s actions. In other words: You ALWAYS put the blame on Chanyeol and consequently make him look like the asshole in this ship. I remember clearly how it rained malicious comments for Chanyeol during this year’s SMTOWN concert and yes, maybe they had a fight back then and yes, maybe Chanyeol did ignore Baekhyun but how can you judge his actions without knowing what was going on? How are you so quick to assume that whatever happened was his fault to begin with? For reminders: We are only observers. We are outsiders. We cannot know everything what’s going on and we don’t have to because it’s none of our business. Consequently, you have no right to judge any of them so quickly and if you do, at least be fair and judge both! I love Baekhyun with all my heart and I am protective of him as well but there is an evident difference in how people evaluate his behaviour and how they evaluate Chanyeol’s. Chanyeol cannot be a bit friendly with anyone without getting judged while Baekhyun’s intearctions with other people are immediately seen as cute and regarded as a new reason to ship him with with the person he interacts with (which I find ridicilous as well for reasons I have mentioned in another post of mine but okay, everyone is free to do what they like). Personally, I think we should just let both of them breathe and stop creating unnecessary drama. BOTH of them can interact with anyone they want and don’t have to be glued to each other 24/7 to “prove” that they are close. Personally, I think they have already done enough to do that, it’s just that people immediately forget as soon as they don’t “get enough moments”. Anyway, please be fair to Chanyeol, who I believe is really sweet and kind and stop judging him for every single thing he does because he doesn’t deserve it and most of all, refrain from making him responsible for every one of Baekhyun’s actions. They are both young adults having fun meeting new people - what’s wrong with that? Let’s be happy that they make a lot of friends together! Thank you.

exo boyfriend!chanyeol

•"hey. I’m tall, handsome, cute, and I have biceps. Date me.“

•"dude whut”

•many cuddles

•buying cute little Rilakkumas and then accidentally filling your entire apartment with them

•you wanting to take a bath and he wants to join but he’s too tall for both of you to fit in it together

•so you guys just take a shower instead

•having dancing competitions

•you winning because look at him

•always having a giant staring at you and smiling 24/7

•having nerf war fights

•you winning because he can’t bare to see you upset

•being teased due to the height difference

•"babe come here, I want a kiss!“


•"chanyeol. bend down a little"

•*purposely looks around to make it seem as if he can’t see you* “huh, where is she?”

•having to stand on his feet just so you can reach his lips

•taking stupid pictures

•playing with his ears and he doesn’t mind it because it’s you

•cooking together

•of course it turns out “amazing”

•going soooo far with him

•like all the way to freaking China with him, that’s how far you will go

 •pulling pranks on him

•he then has a sulk on for the rest of the day

•you obviously try and make him stop ignoring you but then you give up and walk away.

•he of course stops you and apologise for being childish and silly 

•drawing on each other’s face.

•wait whut, I don’t even know how I thought of that

•taking care of your best friends little siblings with him and because you guys are both really good with children, you guys end up creating a daycare!

•hehehe, just kidding

•you being the big spoon and he’s the small spoon

•but then spooning turns into being suffocated by a huge chanyeol

•you attempting one of his raps and ends up being better at it than he is

•he gets teased for that by the members

•"ahahaha! Chanyeol, your girlfriend is better at your raps than you are!“

 •"shut up Chen!”

•cute nicknames for each other like ‘giant baby’ ‘green giant’ ‘midget’ ‘dwarf. hehe 

•I know this isn’t really long but it doesn’t matter, you can get the jist of what dating chan would be like; if you don’t then let me summarise. So dating him would be like dating a giant baby that likes to tease you all the time and buy you teddy bears. Of course there’s his problematic side but you deal with it because you know he doesn’t mean what he says, or his mouth just can’t process what he is thinking properly so it blabbers… Hehe, anyways, like I said. Dating chanyeol is like dating a giant baby.

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