chanyeol being chanyeol again


a cute, rude and a talented Jongin !



(If the gif isn’t working for you, click here to check the one i posted on twitter. I don’t know what is wrong with tumblr but sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t :/)

when you post a bomb pic… and you get so many messages after but… but they’re all… meh… bECAUSE NONE OF THOSE GUYS IS CHAE HYUNGWON ANYWAY SO WHAT’S EVEN THE POINT AMIRITE 🤷

kazu-chans  asked:

Heyeyeyey i just found this blog cuz the recent post with another person who discovered your blog and i screamed cuz your art is amazing and i get inspiree by the poses and the deadpool chanyeol and im crYING and maybe maybe if you have time for a lil even a sketch of a chanbaek if you're still open to requestssss-

fhehefklzklef thank you💙💙 i swear yall are always too nice ;;;;

also yes requests are still open, you can send them here !