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So my question is: how did you find Bendy & the Ink Machine? (Not sure if anyone has asked.) I could also ask the reason/inspiration behind the appearances of the Sillyvision crew (which is very detailed and well done. :3 )

It all started with with a doodle my lovely @xxjerra-chanxx drew. I found it adorable (because her art is adorable in general), and asked what was her inspiration. She told me that she watched Markiplier’s Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 1 playthrough on Youtube, and so I decided to check it out.

After getting acquainted with the developing game (while also having some nostalgia for early Disney Cartoons), I started drawing the character myself, over and over until I became more comfortable sketching him. Which then led to interpretations, theories, and research!

I started to draw the character in a more “cutesy” form, and everyone loved it and even suggested that I make an Ask Blog featuring said character; and so I did with the help of @xxjerra-chanxx and @tntangel .

As for the character designs of the SillyVision starter crew, they are actually based off of my friends! I intend to create more “background” characters as well, so keep on the look out!

Gonna take a bit of a break...

So that will mean the inbox will be closed and I’ll mostly be on my main blog @xxjerra-chanxx if you wanna ask me questions about myself or anything BATIM, Eddsworld and Villainous related! And I’ll also be posting drawings that I’ve done on my main blog as well! (Oh yeah I’m reblogging tons of Villainous stuff and no one can stop me!)

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hey i came from your youtube channle and your amazing which is why i must ask why are you friends with such losers you should just leave them behind and forget about them

… What? I’m sorry, but none of my friends are losers. Never have been, never will be. Hell, a couple of them are on this blog as well! @ask-umbral-bunsai-the-solider @littlemangleparty @danitheweirdhuman care to say hi? Oh! Also @ihaileysenpai, @lunamoonartist, @bendy-and-the-crew, @thetoonloon, @kr-the-humanchild4, @former-tavern-bendy, @xxjerra-chanxx @melancholytaleclemenitine, @yadhicoba and @brokendeterminedsoul too! My friends are amazing, all of them, and even if I don’t talk to them as much as I’d like to, they’re all amazing and I care about them deeply. Thank you for the compliment, but I am honestly honored to have such amazing people as my friends, now and forever. Nothing will ever change that. They are so sweet and kind to me, and they are amazing. That’s all I could ever ask for in a friend. If you think their losers, that’s your opinion, but I don’t think that. I think they are some of the best people in my life, and I couldn’t ask for better friends. 

Fic Rec List: Amoneki

I’ve seen a couple of time people asking for fic recs for this pairing, so I decided to make one.

This includes fics from both AO3 and


♠Some of the fics are not necessary romantic, some contain only friendship between Amon and Kaneki.

♠This doesn’t include other Kaneki or Amon pairings. Just Amoneki (with just ONE exception).

♠I’ll add the warnings that the writer gave to each work

♠This is really long

♠This doesn’t include tumblr shots… yet.

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[FT NaLu ff recs!] April 26-27

49 -50

(Uh yeah so I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t post anything ;u; It was on purpose sorry I didn’t forget. So yeah, 10 today!)

[Oneshot] Rating M (Romance/Humor) - NaLu LoveFest Day 3: Blame it on the Heat by FairyPop

[Oneshot] Rating K+ (Romance) - Hidden Love by fictionalnightmare

[Oneshot] Rating T (Angst) - Acalypha wilkesiana by Techno Skittles: (Fact - A.wilkesiana is a euphorb plant. It has the common name, ‘Fire Dragon’. Now, squeal hahahaha)

[Multichapter - incomplete] Rating T (Drama/Romance) - Living With Him by amehanaa

[Oneshot] Rating T (Romance/Humor) - Nagareboshi by Fairy-Tail-Kijutsu


[Oneshot] Rating T (Romance/Humor) - Fall for you by LittleMissGreen

[Oneshot] Rating K+ (Romance) - Her Smile by xxNatsu-chanxx

[Multichapter - complete] Rating K (Romance/Tragedy) - Against the Dragons by imaginethestars

[Oneshot] Rating T (Romance/Humor) - working out the kinks by Ice of the Kitsune’s Fire

[Oneshot] Rating K (Romance/Humor) - It’s Not That Hard by DiAnna44


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I just called // William & Chantal

William was getting a little stressed out lately, one of his models had cancelled on him at near the last minute giving a lame excuse and really she didn’t want to do it, so now he was stuck for someone and he needed someone badly. He needed somene perfect for the job and someone who would fit so well for his photographs, he was very exact with everything. He had got talking to a guy who passed on a girls name, who happened to live in this apartment so he thought why not give her a try. He went to her room number “002″ he spoke to himself as if confirming this was the right door. He knocked onto it softly waiting for the girl to answer to him. 


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