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Get the fuck outta my face

Get the fuck outta my face, WOO!

Get the fuck outta my face

get the fuck outta my face.

I see motherfuckin pride

and I see motherfuckin power

and I see a bitch made motherfucker

who takes a whole lotta shit from everybody.


- picture by  Josiah Van Dien 


Oh my god. Oh my GOD. My dragonageholidaycheer gift was delayed a little, but I see now that it was lost at sea.

Fenris writes letters to Varania. He searches. He has friends in Sebastian and Captain (of the glorious signature!) Isabela. His handwriting is just right. His words are…yes, theobsidianorder, you have succeeded in making my cry. I am going to podfic the hell out of this.

We’ve never met, but you have given me my favorite things in the most thoughtful, wonderful way I can think of. Complete with Old Norse Christmas carols and letters tied in string.

You are amazing. Thank you.