For the past few years, you’ve belonged to a club consisting of the ten richest people on the planet. Having long since exhausted all conventional forms of entertainment, you now amuse yourselves by locating a random poor person or family and anonymously giving them millions of dollars under the guise of a “bank error” and watching the results. Today, you’ve just given a poor man ten million dollars. As you watch from your hidden bunker, the man kneels before an alter, performs a small blood sacrifice, and recites a quiet chant, apparently in thanks to some deity or another. But to your great surprise, you hear something answer him…

roboticdragons  asked:

Au where instead of Ennard being one combined mind of all the robots, their personalities survive and they share control of ennard. So eggs could be talking to them while balloras in control and be hearing her nice soft voice and suddenly OH HEY EGGS WHERES BAWHN BAWHN

THIS IS PERFECT XD I can imagine him being super paranoid of Funtime Freddy lamo, i love this AU A+++

🔥Mars Celestial Fire Surround ♂

inspired by the sailor moon anime, a fire-based protection spell

🔥 gather:  iron, cayenne, a black candle and tarragon, and a representative object of that you wish to protect.

🔥 mix the herbs together, rub some over the representative object

🔥 light the black candle and burn a pinch of the spices in its flame

🔥 blow it out and pass the representative object in the smoke, dip a corner of it in the hot wax. 

🔥 chant: 

Mars Celestial Fire Surround!
Pokémon Sun & Moon’s Magearna Distribution Has Begun
Jenni | USA

People in North America with copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon can now add Magearna to their games. The Pokémon Company has released the QR code that allows you to own the legendary. After beating the game, you can scan her in and add her to your party.

Magearna’s QR code works with Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new QR Scanner. First, you load your save file in your copy of the game. Then, you head into the menu and choose the QR Scanner. From there, scan in the image of the QR code on the right. Magearna will now be available in Melemele Island’s Hau’oli City. Visit Antiquities of the Ages in the mall, and you’ll be all set.

Magearna arrives at level 50. She knows the Soul-Heart ability, which raises her special attack every time a Pokémon faints. She also arrives holding a Bottle Cap and knowing Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant, and Helping Hand.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are available for the Nintendo 3DS. The Magearna’s QR code promotion will expire on March 5, 2017. The Magearna QR code for Europe will be released on December 6, 2016.

[Note: You need to finish the main game first to get Magearna to appear]

Guys, I’m sick of Sasha and Charlotte always having the spotlight too.
But the thing is, this is partially the WWE Universe’s fault.
People who go to RAW don’t give big reactions to anyone but Sasha, Charlotte, and Bayley.
If you want the other women to have a chance, you’ve got to make noise for them all when you’re there.
Whether you boo or cheer a specific one, it doesn’t matter. You just have to give them a reaction.
If you keep staying silent or chant about random things that have nothing to do with the match, WWE will think you’re uninterested in those certain women.

buffalo sabres fans have nothing to chirp about. key bank arena may be the arena i’ve been to games at the most. and let me tell you. they may sell out every game (or not idk what the numbers are) but 75% of the people there are not sabres fans. they have historically the ugliest jerseys. and they never win ever. 

the amount of times they had to play the “let’s go buffalo” chant over “let’s go bruins” in their own arena is hilarious.

they’re like the ottawa of the united states.

except ottawa is better

Things I want to do when I cosplay as Hawke:

- Reunite elf character cosplayers with their “parents”
- Do odd jobs at cons for beer money.
- Listen to everyone’s problems.
- Never have a moment of peace.
- Kegstand with everyone chanting “HAWKE HAWKE HAWKE”
- Make qunari skull prop- do shots out of it.
- Offer free piggyback rides.
- Intimidate dudebros.
- Walk anxious or scared people back to their hotel rooms at night.
- Get strong enough to do pushups with a Merrill cosplayer sitting on my back.
- Walk in a Pride parade with a rainbow fur version of the Champion’s mantle.


New York City: Rally to honor the life and legacy of Comandante Fidel Castro, December 4, 2016.

Cuba solidarity forces gathered on Sunday, December 4 in front of the Cuban Mission to the United Nations to honor the life and memory of Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz. This is the day Fidel’s remains were buried in Santiago de Cuba.

People brought flags, signs and flowers to show their love for Fidel and the Cuban people, and their many contributions to the struggle for social justice around the world. They chanted “Yo soy Fidel!” and “Fidel si, bloqueo no!”

While hundreds rallied across the street, people lined up in front of the Cuban Mission and around the block to sign a condolence book for the Cuban people.

Hasta siempre comandante!

Photos by redguard


I just watched this video from 2012 Mama era, where EXO-K is intweviewed in Thailand ( and I have some kaisoo moments that need to be noticed:

1) When fans chanted “D.O” (there was a quick zoom in clip to kaisoo fansigns in the audience) and Kai noticed, smiled, pointed Kyungsoo and placed his hand on his back.

2) They recieved elephant plushies as a gift and kaisoo sharted rubbing their trunks together. #nohomo

3) Just this awesome kaisoo fansign with KaiFC and McDOnalds, too good not to share

4) (no pic) Kai insisted to have these 2 gummy bears in the cake decorating challenge, that love each other, but can’t be together (saying this while pulling two plates w gummy bears apart). But because of EXO they can be together (pushing the plates and the bears back together).

Watch the video please, they’re all so smol and squishy and it was all in the start of EXO’s career and kaisoo feels :’D
‘Lock her up’ chant is strike three for Tory hopeful Chris Alexander: Hébert | Toronto Star
Alexander did nothing to stop the attack on Alberta Premier Rachel Notley at a rally on Saturday — yet another misstep for the federal Conservative leadership candidate.

What could former immigration minister Chris Alexander have been thinking?

On Saturday, the federal Conservative leadership hopeful spoke at an Alberta rally against that province’s planned carbon tax.

As he regaled the crowd with an invitation to vote out NDP Premier Rachel Notley, protesters began the “Lock her up” chant that was one of the more despicable features of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign.

A video of Alexander shows him smiling and then nodding along and gesturing in time with the chant.

He then resumed speaking — for about a full minute — but never alluded either to the chant or to what he subsequently said was his sense that it was totally inappropriate.

He told the CBC: “I was smiling because I was trying to think of a way to change the chant.”

To Maclean’s, he maintained that he disapproved of the chant but that he believed one should listen to constituents. […]
Wildrose leader denounces 'lock her up' chanters at weekend rally
Brian Jean was a speaker at an anti-carbon tax rally at the Alberta legislature Saturday

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean is denouncing those who chanted “lock her up” about Premier Rachel Notley at an anti-carbon-tax rally at the legislature on Saturday.

“I denounce the activities that took place at this rally in relation to the chant, and in relation to inappropriate signage,” he told reporters at the Alberta legislature Monday.

“I don’t think there is any place for it in Alberta politics and I wish people who had those desires, to have those chants, or have that signage, would just stay at home.”

Jean, Wildrose MLA Don MacIntyre, Edmonton Conservative MP Kerry Diotte and federal Conservative leadership candidate Chris Alexander were speakers at the rally organized by Ezra Levant and his website The Rebel.

The crowd chanted “lock her up, lock her up” in reference to Notley, while Alexander was speaking on the steps of the Alberta legislature.

Alexander has already been under fire after video showed him nodding and smiling as the crowd chanted. Alexander later said he was uncomfortable with the chant and didn’t agree with it.

In another speech, Bernard Hancock, better known as “Bernard the Roughneck,” called on people in the crowd to hack the Alberta government’s website.

Also, at least one person was seen a sign urging the government to keep “gay activists” out of schools.

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I want to clarify about my religious post, that the point of that post was to be funny, and that it was a joke, not an actual criticism of religion.

I’m not anti-Christianity or anti-religion at all. However, I am anti-people-using-their-religion-as-an-excuse-to-be-jerks, which is why I personally left my family’s church. (But not all churches are like that, etc, etc.)

I celebrate Christmas with my family every year, and I think it’s great. I also really love seeing the little bit of paganism and folk tradition that worked its way into Christian tradition, and it makes the holiday more special to me.

(I mean, I’m all about lighting candles and chanting; it’s the best)

(And for the record, I’m not offended by people saying “Merry Christmas” to me, or “Happy Holidays,” or any other greeting. They’re all fine.)

My point is, whatever you celebrate, go for it, so long as you’re being a decent human being about it! More power to you!

And I hope all of you, no matter what you celebrate, have a great season.