I am aware that posting ISAC videos may lead to possible decrease in screentime during broadcast for MONSTA X, but I am going to list the videos/images that have been uploaded already for viewing purposes only.


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  • seth FINALLY getting his ultimate comeuppance after all of the authority bullshit
  • the way that triple h got up in stephanie and mick’s faces after ensuring that kevin would win the title
  • kevin’s flawlessly SHOCKED expression through everything going on
  • triple h and kevin hugging

this main event was the damn near DEATH of me

ya know what i’m really fucking pissed about? the gina-lisa incident.
she now officially has to pay her rapist 20,000 € because of “false accusations”.

there was a VIDEO. thats was even sold to a porn website (pornhub) without her consent.
men were rallying up at court and making fun of her, chanting they had seen and masturbated to the video.

tell me we don’t live in a rape culture, when in the first world a man can drug, rape, and video tape a woman, then selling the video, and even receive money for it. i hate men and i wish they all dropped dead for engaging and upholding a society where this can happen.

Whatever You Want

A fluffy birthday AU for Liam today, including both Ziam and puppies :)

When Liam had first learned that Zayn was an EMT, the thought that’d popped into his head was how sexy that was. How caring he must be. And how sexy that was. Had he said that already?

It was only after the two of them started dating that he realized what a pain in the ass it was. Evenings were usually empty, and it wasn’t just evenings but sometimes full nights. 

But, he always told himself, those evenings off were always the best nights of his week. 

He’d been telling himself this for months now, chanted it like a mantra whenever the house felt too empty for just his own breath and voice.

But he admits it. He didn’t want to have to say the words again on his birthday, for God’s sake.

“It’s fine,” he’d said, trying to giving an understanding smile but knowing full well it probably looked more forced and sad than anything else. Zayn gave all the excuses in the world, about how no one else could take the shift, about all the people he’d save, about how much he loved Liam.

And maybe then, just then, Liam should’ve been suspicious.

Or at the very least, he should’ve been suspicious when Niall was driving around Wolverhampton for more than twenty minutes trying to find some dead poet’s house–some poet that Liam had never heard of. And, by the way, did Niall even like poetry?

He’d known the lads for more than enough years to be able to put two and two together. More than six years, to be precise. He’d had over 72 months to figure out these assholes, but had he even gotten close? No.

But half an hour later, they pull up to Niall’s house, able to at last watch all of the Batman movies in a row–which Liam has a feeling they’re only doing because Niall feels bad that Zayn’s cancelled on him, but he isn’t about to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.  

He pulls open the door with a grin, ready to watch Christian Bale kick some ass while they chomp on popcorn and Skittles. But he stops, taking a step back at the crowd in front of him that jumps up from behind furniture that Liam didn’t even know Niall had. “Surprise!” They all call out in unison.

“I–” Is all Liam can get out, biting his lip as he steps through the doorway. “Does this mean we can’t watch Batman?” He asks then, still dumbfounded by the scene in front of him, and–apparently–not able to think about anything else except his favorite superhero.

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Sacred Circle

Circle cast and candles lit,
upon the Pentacle I do sit.
Gods invoked and Quarters called,
come to chant one and all.

Salt and water circle thrice,
protect us during our ancient rites.
Enter here in love and trust,
all evil forth shall be thrust.

Spiral dance around the Sun,
moon and stars bleed as one.
Mother Earth hear our pleas,
bring hope and light back to me.

Shining through candles’ flames,
spirits call us out by names.
Before the altar I do kneel,
recognize the ancient wheel.

Athame held up high,
tracing pentagrams in the skies.
The cauldron filled with wishful sight,
in hopes of our futures bright.

Recited spells and fresh herbs,
the fearies we do not disturb.
Instead they dance with us this night,
as we offer our love and light.

Copyright 2013 Rowan


Imagine – Taking care of Finn after he injures his shoulder

Word Count – 1825

 Pairing – Finn x Reader

 Warnings – None really

 A/N – I don’t know if anyone remembers me or not but I used to be tfw-bitch-jerk-assbutt and I was gone for a while but now I am back and going to be making WWE and Supernatural imagines, requests always open and as always, enjoy! Sorry if I’m a little rusty I haven’t made an imagine in half a year.


 You were in the backroom, sitting and watching your boyfriend Finn Balor stand in the middle of that ring and give up something that meant everything to him thanks to a shoulder injury that turned out worse than expected.

 Your eyes along with his began to water as the “Thank You Finn!” and “You Deserve It!” chants filled the arena, seeing him smile ear to ear but you knew deep down inside he was hurting. He gave the belt back to Mick Foley, holding it for a few seconds longer then he was supposed to, looking at it one last time until he would come back and go after it again.

 “Hey y/n..” A familiar voice said behind you, it was Seth.

 “Oh, Hey Seth.” You fake smile, whipping away the tears which he noticed.  He kneeled down in front of you and grabbed a tissue.

 “I’m so, so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt him or put him in any danger. I understand if you’re mad at me and you have every right to be –“

 “Seth, it’s not your fault. It was just a freak accident, it was nobody’s fault.”

Before Seth could reply his music hit. He  gave you a small smile and a “see ya later” then walked off to go down the ramp. Right when he went out Finn came in, trying everything in him to hold the tears back.

 “Hey sweetie, I’m so sorry.” You frowned, giving him a hug trying to be careful with his shoulder.

 “I need to get my things then we can head onto the hotel.” He walked off, head hanging low and barley talking to anyone. You helped him carry some bags, told everyone good bye as they gave both of you hugs, then you were gone. You put his bags in the backseat as he got into the passenger side.

 You climbed in and started the car, the second you started the car is when the tears began to flow from his eyes.

 “I hate this.” Finn said shakily, looking out the window at the building he wouldn’t be seeing again for a long, long time. His home. You unbuckled your seat belt and let him cry on your shoulder, rubbing his back while he clenched onto you for life, soaking up your plaid shirt with tears.

 “You’re gonna get it back babe, you’re strong. You can fight through anything.”

 “I just want to go to the hotel… Can we go? This hurts to much.” You kissed his cheek and nodded, driving off after.


The car ride back to the hotel was quiet and long. You tried to make conversation with Finn but you could tell he wasn’t in the mood to talk which you understood. You took his bags in then helped him come inside. He laid down on the bed while you went to go get him some ice, hearing him sniffle and wipe his face.

 You kneeled down next to him, placing the ice on his shoulder with one hand and running your fingers through his hair with the other. You hated seeing him like this, it tore your heart apart.

 “This was a childhood dream of mine since I can remember, being on the main roster. But I screwed it up. I screwed up, and now I have  to waste away my life for 6 months. My parents were in the front row, I let them down, y/n. I let you down. I let Vince down, I let the fans down. All because I forgot to take a bump properly.” He opened up, wiping his eyes that were bloodshot from crying so much.

 “Finn Balor. You did not let any of us down. Not your parents, me, Vince, the fans…nobody. I told Seth the same thing earlier it was an accident, accidents happen and in this business they happen a lot. Please stop being so hard on yourself, I love you.”

 You kissed him softly as you wiped the stray tears running down his cheeks away with your thumbs. Feeling his lips quiver against yours still trying to hold the tears back. You hugged him for a while then his phone rang.

 “I have surgery tomorrow at 5:30 in the morning.”

 “I will be with you every step of the way.”

 You both spent the rest of the night cuddling in the bed, watching Family Guy to cheer him up which it did a little. You got up and started packing his bags for him for tomorrow.

 “Babe? Do you know where –“ You stopped and smiled, seeing him asleep peacefully on the bed while hugging your “Balor Club” t shirt that smelt just like you, seeing a smirk across his lips.

 You covered him up and put an extra ice pack in the freezer for tomorrow morning, finished packing then head to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


 You and Finn sat in the waiting room, you watched as he bounced his leg nervously and played with his hands nervously.  You felt bad with his nervous he was, trying to think of ways to calm him down then the idea came to you.

 “Do you remember our first date? You took me to the park and hung out there the entire day? And I made you TERRIBLE cookies.” You both chuckled at the memory

 “They were good cookies.”

 “Please, you’re just being nice. And do you remember our first kiss? We were in the middle of the ring at a live event for NXT. I just reclaimed my NXT divas belt, I was showing off and smiling with joy then you ran in. The crowd was going ballistic, you gave me a tight hug, looked into my eyes and kissed me. God, I don’t think I could hear for a week that arena was so loud. Then of course everyone started chanting “Let’s go Finn!’ and it was the funniest and cutest thing ever.” You smiled over at Finn, watching him as he blushed and did that playful smile he was when he’s shy.

 “Remember when I broke my foot, we were at another live event and you and Bayley decided to do something to cheer me up. I had no idea what was going on then I saw both of you come out with my jacket, and my theme. It made my night! It was weird seeing two people do it but it was cool. I also tried to join In but of course I fell..” Finn chuckled, sighing after.

 “I can’t wait to get back into the ring, y/n.”

 “Trust me, the fans can’t wait either.”

 The doctor called out Finn’s name. You gave each other a tight hug and a kiss.

 “I’ll be right here waiting for you when you come out”

 ‘Okay babe..” He said nervously, giving you a small wave goodbye.


 3 Hours past and the same doctor before finally came out. You got up quickly and the only question you could ask was “Is he okay?”

 “Yes, He’s going to be very sore for a long, long time. Keep giving him ice on it and take it easy. He will need physical therapy.”

 ‘Thank you Doctor”

 “You’re welcome, oh and misses Y/L/N… He is very, very loopy. He’s been asking for you non stop since the second he woke up.” You blushed, wanting to see him right away.

 The doctor takes you to the room and leaves you two alone. Finn gives you the biggest, happiest smile but then also so tired he can barley keep his eyes open. He waved and you pulled up a chair next to him and held his hand.

 “Hey y/n! I missed ya sooooooo much!” He said happily

 “I missed you too Finn, do you feel alright?”

 “Never better! Kind of tired…” He slurred, leaning his head on his shoulder, looking into your eyes and smiling softly.

 “Yeah, the doctor said you’re going to be loopy and sleepy for a while.”

 Finn gets quiet for a few minutes, then of course starts up again.

 “You have beaaauttiifffullll eyes y/n.”

 “Why thank you Finn, you have beautiful eyes too.”

 “Do you think I’m pretty?” He asked

 ‘The prettiest” you winked, making him blush again.

 You got up to throw something away, bending over when you hear Finn say quietly

 “You have a nice arse.”

 You froze, not knowing what in the world to say. You looked over as he gave you a wink.

 The day went on and on with Finn rambling tiredly. One second he’d be happy, next  he’d be crying.

 “I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world”

 “I really want McDonalds, y/n.”

 “I miss Dusty…” he cries, that one broke your heart.

 “When are we going home?”

 You sat in the chair, reading a magazine while Finn watched tv, his loopyness finally wearing off. The door opened and it was Finn’s doctor, holding papers with a smile on his face.

 “Okay Mr. Balor you are ready to go home. Please just take it easy, and if your shoulder starts to hurt take some aspirin Y/N will give you. No wrestling until your doctor/physical therapist tells you so. Here’s my number if you have any more questions. Y/N can you sign these papers then you two can head on out.”

 You both gave the doctor a thank you, then he headed on out. You were signing the papers when you felt Finn’s hand go on top of yours, squeezing it softly. You looked up at him and saw a soft smile upon his lips.

 “Thank you love.”

 “For what?’

 “Staying, like you said.”

 “Finn, you know I’ll always stay by your side.”

 “I know, I was just scared you were going to give up on me since I’m a one arm man now.” You both laughed, kissing him on his temple and rubbing his hair back.

 “Thank you.” He whispered again softly with the most tired eyes but also loving.

 You finally go out and went home. You and Finn both decided it was best if Finn stayed at his moms while he heals up since you had to go back to work. Finn always makes sure to FaceTime you ever chance he gets, and he’s always sending you cute pictures or texts to make you smile as you do for him. But there was one thing for sure

 You couldn’t wait for him to come back home.

stillarobyn  asked:

I've been a nonpracticing witch for a while, but my house was just broken into and I'd love it if someone could point me in the direction of some low-effort protection/cleansing spells to help me feel safe in my home again. Thanks, and thank you for running such a positive and welcoming blog.

Oh no! I am so sorry that happened to you, thats awful! I totally understand how hard it can be to feel safe in an area when that happens, I have been there. I don’t know of any spells specific to your situation, but hopefully these help in some way:

Also a good deterrent is realistic looking fake (or real, if you can afford it) security cameras or alarm systems. You can find them relatively cheap, and they make robbers think twice.


Paliashvili - Georgian Liturgy - Litany After Cherubic Hymn 15-07
National Energy Board cancels first day of Energy East hearings after protests
The federal regulatory body will try to resume proceedings Tuesday after protests against TransCanada's pipeline project

Protesters chanting anti-pipeline slogans forced the cancellation Monday of the first day of hearings in Montreal into TransCanada’s Energy East project.

The head of the hearings for the National Energy Board said the federal regulatory body will try to resume proceedings Tuesday.

“TransCanada will not pass,” screamed one protester as police dragged him away from a downtown conference room.

Police made three arrests. Two men aged 35 and 44 were charged with assaulting a police officer and with obstruction of justice, while a 29-year-old woman was charged with obstruction of justice.

The 35-year-old man remained detained as of early Monday afternoon, while the two others were released.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, along with the mayor of nearby Laval and other municipal representatives, walked out of the hearings not long after the demonstrators charged in.

Coderre was the first person scheduled to give testimony Monday but chose instead to leave, calling the protests a “masquerade.”

He and many provincial politicians and First Nations groups oppose TransCanada’s project to transport crude oil from Alberta to New Brunswick.

“There are too many problems we are witnessing to accept the project,” Coderre told reporters after he decided to leave Monday’s hearings.

“We’re saying the project (TransCanada) presented is wrong, it’s bad and we don’t have the answers. And frankly one of the main issues is contingency plans, everything regarding safety.”

Coderre asked last week for the hearings to be suspended after media reports revealed that two of the three NEB commissioners overseeing the review process met former Quebec premier Jean Charest, who was at the time a lobbyist for TransCanada (TSX:TRP).

He said he wasn’t calling for the commissioners to resign, but that there was a perception of bias.

Nonetheless, Coderre said it was important for him to give testimony in order for the NEB and the rest of the country to appreciate the concerns of local citizens.

One of the anti-pipeline protesters, Kristian Gareau, entered the room and started chanting and clapping with the other protesters.

He said the entire NEB process is illegitimate because two of the commissioners had met with Charest.

“There is a perception of bias,” said Gareau, 36. “These two commissioners are part of this democratic institution, which has the sweeping power of a federal court.

“So a judge cannot go and meet with people in a back room. It just shows this smug elite privilege which is completely unacceptable.”

The hearings are set for this week in Montreal before moving to Quebec City the week of Oct. 3.