Dr. Gwyneth Boyce, PhD

  • 41. eco-terrorist . criminal . gina torres
  • “If you are strong enough, you will survive. That is the law of the jungle.”

The big sister, the meticulous one. Capable, progressive, hypnotic… and perhaps the most destructive. A botanist (emphasis on fauna of the early geological eras) for Gotham’s Botanical Gardens, board member of several scientific committees throughout the city, avid collector of rare, exotic, and/or endangered species of plant which she helps cultivate and resurrect from the brink of death. She’s currently working with the Tacca Chantrieri, hoping to save it from extinction.

Less careful with humans, Gwen has no qualms about killing if someone is in her way. Gwen doesn’t just think she is right, she knows it. Global Warming is rapidly reaching the point of no return and Gotham is a sweaty palm grasping at anything green ready to pluck it from existence. Resorting to acts of eco-terrorism seems to be the only way to make people listen to her. Her goals are big, not simply snuffing out a nobody who threw a wrapper on the sidewalk. She doesn’t long for the attention, she longs for the preservation of earth. Even amidst destruction, nature always finds a way, and she plans to prove it.

- Inspired by DC’s Dr. Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy