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I really really REALLY need a polyamorous chantaohun (taohunyeol??? idek) fanfic where they are in polyamorous relationship and very much in love with one another all three of them and they just cuddle and be adorable all the time and sleep all cuddled up in huge ass bed and have a lot threesome and live happily ever after




Letting out a grunt, Chanyeol let his body drop on the sweaty body underneath him. Forcing out a pained huff from Tao, the elder mumbled some rubbish while Sehun rolled his limb body off of Tao.

Three man lying side by side, sweaty and panting, they stayed motionless until Chanyeol threw his arms on Tao’s bare stomach and rested his hand on Sehun’s hips. His breath fanning on the cooled skin of the Chinese, Chanyeol chuckled lowly.

“No but, Sehun, you didn’t even last for 5 minutes.”

“Shut up. It’s my final’s week and I’m under pressure. It happens” bit out Sehun as he rolled to his side and nested into the curves of Tao’s body grumpily.

“Nah, you’re just weak and-“

“The only weak thing in here is Chanyeol’s diet. Like, did you gain weight again?” butted in Tao while throwing his arms out of the pile of limbs to embrace his lovers.

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