“Honestly, it’s difficult to find characters for black girls that have substance. I am always looking for roles that have meaning—I don’t want to be just the token daughter of a character who doesn’t actually have anything to say. Sarah’s a teenager and a nuanced character, which is a rare thing to find, and since I’m a teenager and I’m finding myself, too, I really wanted to bring her to life. When I talked to Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, the director, we had all the same ideas about the meaning of the movie, and we instantly connected. He told me I was the only actress he talked to who asked him about the role of women in the movie. I had read the script and I was like ‘OK, Miles, I got to ask you something: Sarah’s the only female character—how is she serving the plot?’ And he was like, 'Yes! Let’s talk about that and break that down.’" 

— Amandla Stenberg talking about her new film ‘As You Are’, premiering on Sundance (photos by Chantal Anderson)


MSI & Chantal Claret Giveaway!!!!

I promised more giveaways so here you go! These are mostly things that I got specifically for giveaways, have spare copies of, and things that were given to me to give away. 


  • huge glossy print (50x75cm/20x30in) of a photo I took of Lindsey in Helsinki during the 2012 tour
  • MSI shirt (unisex M, worn)
  • Lindsey shirt  (ladies M, new)
  • stickers, pin, patches (see close-up)

Chantal Claret 

  • Pop Pop Bang Bang shirt (unisex M, new)
  • The One, The Only… album 
  • pin

(if the winner only wants the MSI stuff or only the Chantal stuff, I’m gonna choose another winner for whatever’s left)


  • ends Jan 31
  • reblog only, likes don’t count
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  • following me is optional (if you like my blog!)
  • make sure your askbox is open so I can contact you
  • no giveaway blogs please
  • will ship worldwide

I will use a website ( to determine the winner on Feb 1st.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Good luck :)