ヤバイヤバイ #おもしろ 〜 IKEIKEIKE

Oh man oh man #funny 〜 IKEIKEIKE

Mabon Chant

As summer ends and falls to start
The darkness increase as the light depart
But on this day the sun and moon
Share equal time from night to noon
The morning air has chilling nip
Apple cider’s warmth we’ll sip
Second harvest’s yield is stored
The seeds we’ve sown have reaped reward
Circle ‘round the mabon rite
As day gives way into the night

Chant to Increase Confidence

Gods and Goddesses I call upon thee.

To lend me the courage and bravery i need.
I am daring, dashing, and cool. 
My spirit unbreakable, my resolution untakeable.
With courage of a lion I become,
I being that can overcome.

The more times this is chanted the stronger and more effective it will become.

A Chant to Rid Yourself of Someone's Pain

This is a chant I came up with when I was experiencing some of the pain of my brother’s cluster headache (I’m an Empath)

If you suspect that you are carrying the pain of another (physical emotional, psychological etc.) Sit or stand bare foot; if you can go this outside and onto a patch of earth even better; and chant the following, out loud or in your mind:

This pain is not mine to keep

I cast it from body

Out through my feet

As you chant visualize the pain being pull down through your body, out through your feet and into the earth where it will be broken down.

Charm to Ease a Broken heart

1 tsp honeysuckle
6 in square yellow cloth
1 tsp cyclamen
1 tsp lemon balm
Orange calcite
Lavender ribbon/ yarn

On Sunday, mix the herbs and flowers together and place them in the center of the cloth. As you add the herbs, chant:

“Herbs of sweetness, herbs that soothe, I ask you now, this grief remove.
Bring to me new peace and joy
And all the sweetness you employ.”

Add the orange calcite and say:

“Sunny stone that amplifies,
Mix with these herbs and magnify
The goodness of their properties
And grant to me new peace and ease.”

Gather the cloth edges together to form a pouch. Secure the pouch with the ribbon and carry it on your person.

Via Dorothy Morrison