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Jun. K
Fire: 56%🏆
Earth: 22%

Air: 45%🏆
Water: 33%
Earth: 22%
Fire: 0%

Earth: 30%🏆
Fire: 30%🏆
Air: 20%
Water: 20%

Water: 37%🏆
Air: 27%
Earth: 18%

Fire: 67%🏆
Air: 17%
Water: 8%
Earth: 8%

Earth: 46%🏆
Water: 31%
Air: 23%
Fire: 0%

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2PM seeing their girlfriend naked in the house


*opens the door while the other guys are talking behind him and sees you running to the room naked like a mad woman, turns around, closes and locks the door “I think this is the wrong house. Let’s go”
J: “wrong house? what do you-”


“what the heck is happening here?” 


“(Y/N), do yo-YOU’RE NAKED!” *gif*


J: oh my goodness I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t see anything! I SWEAR!”


“You, me, bedroom. Now!“


“(Y/N)- well hello th- wait this is wrong, what am I doing?*come back to your senses wooyoung!* YOU YOUNG LADY BETTER GET DRESSED BEFORE THE OTHER GUYS ARRIVE”

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chansung finds himself again out well beyond midnight. the black of his coat blends him into the shadows making it easy to move among the ranch homes that dot the streets of the suburban neighborhood. too long claws dig into the bark of the tree decorating the backyard of the house. he makes his way up into the branches attempting to blend in among the pine needles that stick at his sides. anger is starting to bubble up in the back of his throat threatening to release itself in the form of a chine spilling howl. but he swallows it back down for fear of lights around flickering on and his location being discovered. he can smell his son’s scent. drifting slightly from the cracked window. it is everything good to him. his own. his heart thumps against the hollows of his chest. one shift and he could make his way to the edge of the thick branch holding him up, open the window and they’d be together once again. before he’s given a chance a light in jaesun’s bedroom  shoots on. chansung slinks backwards deeper into the tree. the curtains are drawn back, he recognizes her eyes shifting no doubt in search of him. the cameras hung up around the back of the house aren’t lost on him. she has to know he’s there. for a moment she waits and then the curtains are closed and the window slammed shut. it’s all he’ll get tonight.

it seems that as the days go on chansung has very little to exist for outside of his wolf form. it has become preferable that way. being the very thing that took him away from his son in the first place. chansung could make every attempt at being more human. but he does not know how. he would always be this. there was no changing that. and it seemed there would be no understanding of it either. practically sulking he makes his way back to the woods he calls home. tail slinking down between his back legs. he’s barely on the perimeter, the familiar scent of home lulling him forward when something sharp and very decidedly human catches him off guard. curious he finds himself moving toward the smell. it wasn’t often a human came so close to home. chansung had some duty to ensure he protected his pack from anyone who came too close. the last thing he expects is for the scent to lead him to a home. one that had been abandoned for months last chansung checked. now teeming with life. in such a dangerous area too. how bold of this human to lay claim where they were unwanted. chansung has a good mind to go and pee on their doorstep. instead he circles the cabin curiously in an effort to learn more. he’s only drawn out of his inspection from a sudden sound behind him. he was not alone. whirling – he lowers himself to the ground. teeth bared. ready to attack.

2PM Reaction when they wanna cheer her up

Jun.K: * Prepares everything so you two can have a movie night, he would probably choose a comedy one so he can listen to your laugh and also make you forget about the whole tiring week*

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Nichkhun: *Would lie with you on the couch and would listen to you talking about your work for hours because he knows you need to put this off of your chest and then he would change the subejct to make your forget about it*

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Taecyeon: *Would try his best to make you laugh out loud doing crazy dances*

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Junho: *Would take you out to have dinner so you can distract your mind*

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WooYoung: * Would try to cheer you up with aegyo*

‘’Don’t be down jagi’’

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Chansung: ‘’Food always make things better, let’s eat’’

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In 2PM we have:

part 7

1. The guy who used to sneak out of the dorm at night, during his trainee days, so that he could meet with friends… and got scolded by label mate Kwon


2. The guy in whose room the Christmas tree stays up longer than December cause putting it back is kind of tiresome

3. The guy who decided that he should go meet Jessica (SNSD) in his workout tank top and pants, ruffled hair and glasses … looking like the ultimate nerd

4. The guy who turns the lights on when he goes to sleep 

p.s: dude why….

5. The guy who can’t handle alcohol well and passes out after a few rounds

6. The guy who sometimes goes to shop alone early in the morning cause there’s not many people at that time, and he misses a normal life.

2PM reaction to they being jealous.

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Jun. K. You don’t want to mess up with a jealous Minjun, he is extremely territorial when it comes to you. He doesn’t want any other man around his girl because it’s his and his only; he would just wrap an arm around you showing everybody who you belong to.

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Nichkhun. He will just look at you with a frown in his face; he doesn’t like what he is seeing but he would be very subtle in letting everybody know that you are out of the market; maybe some whispering into your ear or some looks.

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Taecyeon. With a deadly glare he will let the other guy know he is in some serious trouble; but he will remain cool about it. He may get closer to you, placing a hand in your back as he tells you something and the other guy will run away.

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Wooyoung. He would be just like a little puppy asking for your attention; he wants you all for him and he hates sharing. He will give you sweet kisses in your cheek so everybody can see that you are taken.

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Junho. He will act like he is not jealous, but inside he is dying to let the world know who is his girl. He will try to act cold towards you so you can’t see how jealous he really is, he hates seeing the power you have over him.

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Chansung. He wouldn’t mind it because he trusts in you but he doesn’t like the fact that someone else is stealing your attention; he want your full attention in him. He will drag you away so you can spend some time alone.

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2PM(투피엠) “Promise (I’ll be)” M/V


20160529 – ‘Galaxy Of 2PM’ @ Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center [Day 2 - Chansung Day]

@JYPE_JAPAN : 2PM ARENA TOUR 2016 “GALAXY OF 2PM”@札幌2日目!キラキラ光る皆さんのギャラクシーで札幌も綺麗に染まりました☆皆さんが照らしてくれる光を辿ってまた戻ってこれるよう頑張ります!ありがとうございました

@JYPE_JAPAN :  2PM ARENA TOUR 2016 “GALAXY OF 2PM”@ Sapporo Day 2! Sapporo was beautifully covered by the twinkling galaxy of everyone☆ While we follow the light you give to us, we’ll work hard to come back! Thank you so much

Fan acc:

CS: 2PM has this friendship that other artists and groups don’t have [cre: jngwyng]

If CS releases members’ photobook,

JK→Half naked in the ocean, cool & bright
WY→Half naked, listening to LP at home
NK→Play golf together, natural scene
JH→Visit concert rehearsal in Jul, rehearsal scene
TY→Naked (joking), go travel together as TY like traveling

About the photobook by CS himself, JH asked him to take his own photo, CS said he’ll use timer to take selfie then

trans from fan acc by: KenixNuneo

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