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2PM seeing their girlfriend naked in the house


*opens the door while the other guys are talking behind him and sees you running to the room naked like a mad woman, turns around, closes and locks the door “I think this is the wrong house. Let’s go”
J: “wrong house? what do you-”


“what the heck is happening here?” 


“(Y/N), do yo-YOU’RE NAKED!” *gif*


J: oh my goodness I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t see anything! I SWEAR!”


“You, me, bedroom. Now!“


“(Y/N)- well hello th- wait this is wrong, what am I doing?*come back to your senses wooyoung!* YOU YOUNG LADY BETTER GET DRESSED BEFORE THE OTHER GUYS ARRIVE”

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ANNOUNCING! “2PM Secret Santa Event 2017″

Helloooo people~!

I know this is way early for Christmas lol, but hear me out!

I’ve created a 2PM-themed Secret Santa event for Christmas 2017, on Asianfanfics (which is my main home, btw. If you ever want to find me you have a better chance there ^^)

All 2PM fans are welcome to join and I’m taking sign-ups until 30th September!

It’s up this early so that I can gather people who want to join, pair people up, and give them a chance to write a story.

I would absolutely love it if we could come together as a fanbase and create some amazing stories for each other in time for Christmas!
Even if you can’t join in, or you aren’t a 2PM fan, it would be great if people could use #2PMJingleBells to promote the event for other HOTTESTs to find and enjoy :)

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Please, please, please spread the word because I want to create something magical for HOTTESTs this coming holiday season!!
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All the happenings are going on over at Asianfanfics, but I thought there might be a few HOTTESTs here on tumblr that might want to join.

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2PM Reaction when they wanna cheer her up

Jun.K: * Prepares everything so you two can have a movie night, he would probably choose a comedy one so he can listen to your laugh and also make you forget about the whole tiring week*

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Nichkhun: *Would lie with you on the couch and would listen to you talking about your work for hours because he knows you need to put this off of your chest and then he would change the subejct to make your forget about it*

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Taecyeon: *Would try his best to make you laugh out loud doing crazy dances*

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Junho: *Would take you out to have dinner so you can distract your mind*

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WooYoung: * Would try to cheer you up with aegyo*

‘’Don’t be down jagi’’

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Chansung: ‘’Food always make things better, let’s eat’’

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Here it is ♥♥♥♥


Describing My Boyfriend - Nichkhun

“Boyfriend, details now.”

he’s such a dork.

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a bit of a tease. 

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and a good person.

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“He seems like a great person.”

Yeah, he’s very kindhearted. 

if you want me to describe a boyfriend just ask.
click here for more boyfriends.

In 2PM we have:

part 7

1. The guy who used to sneak out of the dorm at night, during his trainee days, so that he could meet with friends… and got scolded by label mate Kwon


2. The guy in whose room the Christmas tree stays up longer than December cause putting it back is kind of tiresome

3. The guy who decided that he should go meet Jessica (SNSD) in his workout tank top and pants, ruffled hair and glasses … looking like the ultimate nerd

4. The guy who turns the lights on when he goes to sleep 

p.s: dude why….

5. The guy who can’t handle alcohol well and passes out after a few rounds

6. The guy who sometimes goes to shop alone early in the morning cause there’s not many people at that time, and he misses a normal life.

leftmyheartinyokohama  asked:

This has been bouncing around in my head for awhile, tbh. Remember the 2PM & GOT7 Gym react? What if you got scared in the gym/a stranger touched you and scared you, so they notice you suddenly coming to workout beside them doing whatever they're doing because 'it's safer' than where you were?


Jun. K. “What’s wrong? Are you okay, babe? Did something happen?”

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Taecyeon. He saw the tail end of it happen, so he would just give you the sweetest smile he could manage and let you continue working out. He’d comfort you when you got home.

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Nichkhun. “Did he hurt you? Do you want me to kick his ass for you? Are you okay?” You’d probably have to calm him down a bit so you guys could finish working out.

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Wooyoung. He would have dragged you away before you could even escape. He knew how uncomfortable you got around other people like that.

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Junho. Once he saw your face, he would be worried. “Do you want to go home? We can try to come back when he’s not here.”

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Chansung. I honestly see him freaking out completely when he saw what happened. He wouldn’t even give you choice; he’d be too concerned for your safety that he would drag you home.

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JB. “You’re okay, right? Alright, stay here. I’ll be right back.” 

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Mark. He would ask you if you’re alright, but I don’t think he would do anything dramatic. When you guys went to the gym again and that person was in there, he would turn the two of you around.

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Jackson. I can see him pressing, making you tell him which person touched you and made you uncomfortable. He would then get in the person’s face.

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Jr. *eomma Jinyoung activated* “That person didn’t hurt you, did they? Do you need me to do something about it?”

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Youngjae. This sweet little bean would be so worried. If you decided that you want to stay, he would constantly ask you if you’re sure you want to stay to finish. If you wanted to leave, he would keep telling you how worried he was.

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BamBam. He would see how uncomfortable you were, and would step between the two of you. “I know you were waiting for me to finish. We can go now.”

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Yugyeom. I can see Yugyeom being really nervous in these kinds of situations, but he would want to protect you. So he would walk up behind you and stand as tall as he could, trying his best to intimidate the person without using his words.

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anonymous asked:

2Pm...How would you rank them from Most to least romantic... Like openly and shamelessly romantic hahaha. Thanks a bunch 💕

JunHo - Is definitely number one because he absolutely loves physical affection especially in public. It’s always been a dream of his to simply walk together with his girlfriend while holding her hand and showing her as much affection as possible so he’d be very happy to make that dream a reality

WooYoung - really likes holding hands in public so that would be a given and he’s so cute and adorable pretty much 24/7 so he’d definitely steal a kiss or playfully nudge you, not really minding who’s watching

Jun. K - he’s the type who’s very mindful of others and takes really good care of the people around him and he’s very romantic in general so his romantic side would just naturally show itself no matter where you are

Nichkhun - he also takes very good care of the people around him, especially his significant other, therefore wouldn’t even think twice about showing his love

Taecyeon - he would be moderately affectionate in public, he wouldn’t like too be so clingy or cute partially because he’d find it a bit embarrassing but he wouldn’t mind a hug or innocent kiss here and there

Chansung - physical affection would be a no for him because he doesn’t want to make you or the people around feel awkward. He wouldn’t be cold toward you but he wouldn’t kiss you and hold you and things like that. He’d definitely make up for it though when the two of you were alone or with people that both of you felt comfortable with

For sincerelynyn

The Right Moment

It had been about 2 years since you moved to Seoul. The only reason you had been able to do so well was because of your friend Nickhun. He had helped you set up your house, get a job and well basically everything.

Of course he didn’t do it alone he had a lot of help from his friends. They were all very good looking but there was one that really stood out to you, Minjun aka Jun.K.

He wasn’t only good looking, he was funny, kind and not to mention he was your ideal type. You really liked him but you never told him or anyone not even Nickhun who was like a brother to you.

Even though he was nice and all you never really expected him to like you as more than a friend, but he did. Minjun liked you way before you liked him. He had seen a picture of you and Nickhun before you came to Seoul and he found you extremely beautiful.

He always wanted to meet you and now that he had he’d fallen head over heels in love with you, but had absolutely no clue on how to ask you out. Nickhun knew how Minjun felt so he always tried to set you guys up but it always ended in a disaster.

“Just ask her out already” Nickhun said

“I can’t just walk up to her and go ‘hey y/n I’ve liked you for a long now and was wondering if you’d like to go out with me?’” Minjun said

“Yes you can, it’s literally that easy” Nickhun said

“Look she’s your friend can’t you just ask her who she likes? She’s bound to tell you” Minjun said

“If even she did have someone she liked she wouldn’t tell me” Nickhun said “she says that the guy she likes has to hear it first”

“That’s really cute” Minjun said as he smiled

“Nickhun? You said as you entered 2PM’s dorm.

"In the living room” Nickhun said

You smiled as you took your shoes off and walked towards the living room. You were surprised to see Minjun there as well. You weren’t expecting him to home on his day off.

“What’s up?” Nickhun asked

“It’s your day off so I thought you’d be lonely all on your own” you said “and you had called me over saying you had something to tell me”

Minjun knew what Nickhun was up to. He looked at Nickhun as he gave him a shocked look.

“Oh yeah sorry I kinda forgot what I wanted to tell you” Nickhun said “y/n do you think you could wait here for a while? I just gotta go out a bit”

“Huh? Yeah guess I could stay for a while” you said

“Awesome! Then you can keep Minjun company” Nickhun said as me stood up.

“What?” You and Minjun said at the same time.

Nickhun laughed as he looked at Minjun and mouthed:

“Ask her out! Hwaiting!”

Minjun just stared at him as Nickhun left the dorm leaving you and him alone. Suddenly everything had become awkward and silent.

“Have you eaten?” You asked

“N-not yet” Minjun said

“Do you want me to cook you something?” You asked

“You don’t have to and besides I should be asking you that” Minjun said as he shyly smiled.

“Hmm then do you want to order some take out?” You asked as you sat down on the couch.

“Alright what do you want?” Minjun asked

“Anything is fine” you said

Well the food came, you ate, watched a movie and honestly you were pretty happy that you got to spend the day with Minjun. Once the movie was over Minjun turned the tv off and told you that he wanted to tell you something.

“What did you want to tell you?” You asked

“Yes…well y/n you and I have known each other for a while now and I…I have something to tell you. Something I’ve wanted to say for a long time now” Minjun said “y/n I-” but he was interrupted as Wooyoung and Chansung entered the dorm.

“Oh hyung you were at home?” Wooyoung said “and y/n you’re here too!”

“What were you two doing alone?” Chansung said

“We weren’t doing anything” Minjun said

“Hmm~ that somehow seems impossible” Wooyoung said

“I think I’ll get going now before it gets too late” you said as you stood up “umm can you tell Nickhun to call me later?”

“Yeah sure no problem” Chansung said

“I’ll walk you home” Minjun said

“No it’s ok really” you said

“It’s alright it’s pretty late and you shouldn’t walk home alone” Minjun said.

The walk home was nice, you and Minjun talked about random things as he made you laugh like never before. Finally you had reached your apartment and you were really disappointed that you had to say bye to Minjun.

“Well here we are” you said

“Yeah” Minjun said

“You were saying something back at the apartment before Wooyoung and Chansung interrupted” you said

“Oh yeah I had kinda forgotten about that” Minjun said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“It’s alright you can tell me another time” you said

“Yeah I’ll take you up on that offer” Minjun said “anyway good night”

“Good night” you said as you walked into the building.

“Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!” Minjun said to himself “you can’t even ask the girl you like out! You’re such a loser!!”

Minjun slowing walked away as he thought about his failed attempts to confess and ask you out. He realized that this had to come to an at some point. Minjun stopped walking as he turned around and ran towards your apartment.

You had already changed into your pajamas as you were getting ready for bed. Just as you were about to crawl into bed you heard your doorbell ring. You opened the door to see a breathless Minjun standing there.

“Oppa what are you doing here?” You asked in a surprised tone.

“Y/n-yah I need to tell you something” Minjun said as he caught his breath.

“What is it?” You asked

“I like you, no I love you and I have for a really long time” Minjun said

“Oppa…” You said in shock

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Minjun asked

“I like you too oppa” you said

“So is that yes?” Minjun asked

“Yes” you said smiling as Minjun smiled back.

“C-can I hug you?” Minjun asked as you nodded.

He gently pulled you into his embrace as he kissed your forehead and smiled. You wrapped your arms around him as you buried your fact into his chest. You waved to Minjun as he left. You smiled to yourself and so did Minjun as you both knew that something amazing had just started.


2PM(투피엠) “Promise (I’ll be)” M/V