2PM tease/embarrass you

I have no excuse for this….I am sorry but I do love this band and I can’t do things properly anymore….also I’m still kinda sick so I’ll just blame it on that.
Anyways this will range from innocent things to something rather suggestive~ Also this is just my own opinion so don’t take it too seriously, mkay?
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Ps.: Sorry for the gifs btw…..actually nah I’m not sorry ;)


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Nichkhun is a very sweet and loving person so he wouldn’t tease you a lot. Though occasionally he’d enjoy to “accidentally” brush his hands along your body until you turn bright red. Yes even in public. Whenever he was asked about it he would play innocent, but a huge grin would appear on his face. After all he loves to see your adorable expressions.
Sometimes he’d tease you about things you love, like your favorite bands, tv shows or hobbies. Never in a mean way of course. Though whenever he did go too far he’d apologize and spoil you rotten.

“What do you mean you felt something touch your butt? My hands are right here, see?”


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Taec would be into teasing you a lot and in as many different ways that his brain could come up with. Most days it would stay pretty innocent though….tapping your shoulder from behind, tickling you, holding things high up so you couldn’t reach them or leaning in for a kiss but pulling away shortly before your lips meet. Then on other days Taec would go a little farther with his teasing. Starting with not so innocent touches, then going over to suddenly kissing you deeply. Leaving you wanting more while he simply goes back to whatever he was doing before. Taec would grin from ear to ear loving to see all the different expressions/reactions you’d show him while he kept on stepping up his tease game.

“Mhmm tell me how much you want my lips on yours, baby.”


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So Wooyoung would absolutely love to tease the heck out of you. Actually the two of you would probably make a competition out of it. Who could make the other give up first?
He wouldn’t just limit the teasing to your home, no everywhere was the perfect place, even on stage he wouldn’t hold back. He knew very well what effect his winks, lip bites and licks had on you so he’d always make sure to show you. Small touches and kisses when no one looked were one of his specialties as well.
As much he loves and enjoys to see you blush and writhe with embarrassment, he would also fall for your teasing. But believe me he isn’t someone that loses easily….the more you tease him the worse his “revenge” will be.

“Oh that was a good one but I think I can still top that. Just watch.”


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Junho would be more of a playful type, he’d enjoy to see you blush but mostly he’d just poke fun at you. He’d never be rude he just loves all your various reactions and in the end he wants to make you laugh with him.
Sometimes he’d pretend to be offended by something simple you said, overreacting in a silly way. Like staring at you wordlessly while you stumble over your words and pout but he’d eventually start laughing. Lots of tickling wars would also be included and little pranks.

“Hahahaha awww you should see your face! So adorable! Now come here and let me hug my cute pouty potato.”


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Somehow I think Minjun wouldn’t really tease you most of the time, especially when others were around. First of all he wanted to keep your cute side all to himself and he didn’t feel the need to make you feel embarrassed in front of others.
On the other hand he’d very much enjoy teasing you in private. He knows all the little things that would drive you crazy yet he’d make sure to take his sweet time. The lightest of touches not quite reaching the important places, the sweetest kisses that are always a little to short. Minjun definitely love the way you looked when he teased you to his heart’s content.
Yet afterwards he’d always make sure to treat you especially sweet, showering you with love.

“What was that? You want me to stop? Are you sure about that, sweetie?”


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Chansung would in my opinion not be into teasing you that much. Honestly I think he’d do it unintentionally most of the time. Like walking around topless after workouts, that little lip bite and wink or when he’d put his hand on your back just a little too low. Whenever you pointed it out he’d chuckle embarrassedly and look away for a moment. Depending on his mood he’d either follow up with the teasing or quickly change the situation.
Sometimes he’d enjoy to pull silly pranks or jokes on you though. Anything to hear your beautiful laugh.

“Why am I sweaty and topless you ask? Uh….well….whoops!” *add cheeky grin here*

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20161204 - Nichkhun, Wooyoung & Chansung support Junho solo “LAST HYPER NIGHT” @ Nippon Budokan [day 2- finale]

@.jype_japan :  そして今日はなんとニックン、ウヨン、チャンソンまで応援のため会場に来てくれました!ジュノもメンバーの応援をもらって力強いライブができました♪ 

[Trans] Nichkhun, Wooyoung & Chansung hv come to support (JUNHO) today!With members’ support, JH was able to do a powerful live as well

trans by: theSmilingEyes

A few F.A:

Wooyoung, Chansung and Khun came!!!!!

Wooyoung is wearing a beanie XD around his neck is a yellow bandana.

People were screaming when Chansung stood to go to the toilet.

During Set Me Free, Chansung stood up and sang his part (with no mic of course) and danced a little bit

JUNHO just thanked his parents and members who hv come tonight, Then Chansung stood up and imitated JUNHO’s gesture he did just now kk

Before singing SET ME FREE, JUNHO asked members to dance together though they got no mic lol

During Chansung’s part, JUNHO asked him to dance. Then CS stood up and “danced” lol

After JUNHO’s last greeting members left the hall

Juneo: Okay, focus on me back! i’m the main character(of the concert), right? After Juneo introduced Khun, Woo and Chan😂

(Trans) During the talk time, Chan was patting a penpen of wrist band and that was too cute
F.A cre: _JH125JH_  , trans by:   @.rikakotsu

(Trans) Chan was in full waving his hand at Juneo when Juneo was talking abt he has no friends in Japan. (laughs)
F.A cre: 2pm1213yuyu , trans by: @.rikakotsu

Chansung danced to Set Me Free
F.A cre: NUN1M , trans by: @.instantIove

WY wears beanie & tshirt & bring uchiwa (from goods). NK wears the tshirt too. When JH asked members to do SetMeFree tgt CS responded with🙅
F.A cre: NUN1M , trans by: @.instantIove

During SetMeFree, when JH called WY out, WY laughed. Then JH asked CS to dance and CS kept dancing.
F.A cre: WJ430125 , trans by: @.instantIove

Before SET ME FREE, 
JH: this song is sung by 2PM. I feel happy that my song is sung by them! So, members who came today also sing! KhunWoo refused. Chansung told JH there’s no mic & told staff to lend him a mic. KW loled
F.A cre: khunnie_my , trans by: @. n430jwy

Nichkhun sits between Wooyoung and Chansung. He wears tour clothes and holds yellow stick light.
F.A cre: mickeykhun

In 2PM, we have

part 2

The guy who thinks he looks sexy when he jumps rope…

The guy who wants to have proper sleep and so, counts hours backwards from the time he has to get up to be able to get his 6-8 hour sleep 

p.s: no wonder his skin is so awesome.

The guy who scored 100% on a TOEIC test,  which he had taken only cause he was bored

The guy who doesn’t want to keep pets cause he’ll be worried sick over them

The guy who is said to like composing music in only his underwear… 

The maknae who looks like a party person but is a sweet book worm…