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Can I get a reaction from 2PM of them accidentally walking into your room while you're getting dressed? Add tension cause they are attracted to you but hasn't done anything about it yet.

Hi there^^ Thank you for requesting from us! :) Hope you’ll enjoy it^^

Chansung: *gets mad all of a sudden, at you and at himself* “But like, hello, couldn’t you have locked the door?! I live here as well and I happen to be a male lik - gosh!”

Junho: *walks out instantly* “OMGOMGOMGOMG! WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST DO?! Did i blow my chances? Yup I did, fml TT^TT”

Wooyoung: “I got this massive headache all of a sudden than I can’t see in front of me, so don’t worry I didn’t see that your panties are made fo black lace, nope”

Nichkhun: *forgets to breathe and turns red* “This situation… I mean… I would like to apologize and tell you that i like you as well. Ah, I’m dumb!

Jun.K: *dazed* “What, no, I didn’t see anything, don’t worry, I mean, it’s not like I’m in love with you, I mean I like you, but I wouldn’t stare at your half naked body like I do now without confessing first… yeah.”

Taecyeon: “Oh… I should have knocked no i was right :>

Neck Kisses With 2PM

Jun.K – Minjun is both a tender lover and a passionate one. So depending on his mood it could be light kisses peppered along your skin or hickeys for days. Sometimes even a combination of the two. But regardless of how he gives them, he’d adore leaving a chain of kisses along your neck as well as receiving them from you. He’d have a weakness for either option. This man would be down for some neck noodling anytime. Just woke up? Bad day? Neck kisses. Foreplay? During sex? Afterglow? All of the above! Neck kisses all the time.

Nichkhun – Most likely to happen when he’s feeling playful or in a teasing mood. Little things like tickling your neck with the tip of his nose, or kissing your neck and then blowing on it to make it tingle. Khun would live to see you squirm and giggle. He’d also enjoy getting them in return, but ultimately prefer giving them. You’d be able to tell he’s getting more serious about getting down to business when he moves on from your neck to other locations like shoulders or returning to your lips.

Taecyeon – In a relationship Taec genuinely values equality. Except in the bedroom. Not a ‘daddy’ or ‘dom’, but he’d love the sense of feeling bigger, more physically imposing and protective. His neck kisses often would come while he’s standing directly over you and have to angle his own neck sharply to reach yours. He’d enjoy kisses to his chest more than his neck. However the spot that would get him going every time would be just under the sharp edge of his jawline, as it could be interpreted as supplication.

Wooyoung – Although certainly not opposed to neck kisses he’d prefer to kiss your lips. But when it does happen he’d place a series of gentle kisses trailing down your neck like a trickle of water. When he reached your shoulder he’d pause for a moment as if breathing you in and return to the softness of your lips where he could honestly get lost for hours. He’d be the one to find neck kisses kind of ticklish and it would curl his toes as he cringed with a grin. If the two of you are in private and feeling playful, there could be a few shrieks included just to see you laugh.

Junho – He would equally love giving as much as receiving them. And every single kiss would be intense, leaving marks all over. Junho wouldn’t really care about leaving marks on each other, it’d get him off and that’s what concealer is for right? However, he’d have a major kink for kissing or licking each of your love bites. It’s not that he’d be a fan of being too rough, but would have a slight hurt/comfort kink going both ways, meaning his head would spin if you returned the favor.

Chansung – Despite his renown for affectionate biting, I don’t see him nibbling your neck too much, even playfully. Other body parts like limbs or fingers yes, but not so much the neck. In fact he wouldn’t give neck kisses too often in a flirty or casual way. Rather when you were actively having sex, then he’d lavish them all over your neck. Incidentally if you walked up to him and kissed the area near his Adam’s apple he’d pick up your hint lightning quick and it’d be on before the clothes could hit the floor.​