This Could Be Messy [KaiSoo]

Pairing: Kaisoo (with plenty of side pairings, featuring TaoHun, ChanSoo, XiuHan, TaeKai and more)

Rating: T

Genre: romance, humor, drama, neighbors!au

Length: chaptered, 21,512  words so far.

Warnings: mentions of homophobia, mentions of degenerative diseases, slight allusions to self-hate and anxiety, sometimes kyungsoo’s vocabulary

Summary: Do Kyungsoo was a successful yet kind of lonely twenty-six year old chef when Kim Jongin, a nineteen year old dance student with a dazzling smile, moved into the apartment across from his along with his best friend and his dog. The building’s number one rule explicitly forbids pets, and Kyungsoo is surprised by the fact that he doesn’t think much about ignoring the building’s rules if it means keeping Jongin –along with his friend and his dog— there. (Chaptered, ongoing)

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  • Chanyeol:hey Kyungsoo!! Look I found a flower and I want to give it to u since ur my bff :D
  • Kyungsoo:uh-m.. *looks nervously at Jongin and nudges him with his elbow*
  • Jongin:chapstick? His name is chapstick.. I think..
  • Kyungsoo:*clears throat and chuckles awkwardly* aha.. Why thank u chapstick :)