chanoma cafe

So in honor of completely procrastinating today (I will regret this tomorrow, and possibly in two months when my thesis is due), I thought I should write about a well-hidden, charming and definitely unique cafe in Hiroshima that I used to frequent when I lived near there. 

It’s called “Chanoma” (チャノマ) and it’s quite tucked within Hondori, one of the main streets (check out the source for the address). As per Japanese custom, maybe you won’t be surprised when they ask you to take your shoes off. However, once entering, you’ll see that the entirety of the cafe has floors composed of thin mattresses and pillows. Couples and groups of young, stylish women will be sitting on the floor, drinking rose herbal teas, savoring a chocolate lava cake or eating one of my favorite dishes for lunch or dinner, such as an avocado-tuna(maguro) bowl (honestly, I still salivate when thinking about it). 

Whenever friends from overseas came to visit, I never failed to bring them here. It’s a great place for relaxing after spending a day walking around Hiroshima and is a nice retreat from the usual okonomiyaki. Even though my fiance is Japanese (and from Hiroshima!), he’s never been so I’m pretty excited to take him during New Year’s. 

If you live in Japan or are visiting, I highly recommend checking it out. One downside is that there is usually a wait and that tends to be in a very narrow room, which is probably not ideal for people who are claustrophobic. But other than that, no complaints!