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Insta Series: Hajime Iwaizumi 

Unflattering pictures of Oikawa, mostly. 

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[TRANSLATION] 170706 pledis_17′s Twitter Update

[17’S] 오랜만에 우리 막내 디노랑 사진 찍었어요~! 여기저기 비가 내리기 시작하는 것 같은데 우산 꼭 챙겨 다니세요~!

[17’S] After a long time, I took a picture with our maknae Dino~! It seems like it’s started raining here and there so please remember to take an umbrella around with you~!

credit: jina @ dinodata
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[TRANSLATION] 170310 saythename_17′s Instagram Update

[17’S 디노] 밤새 꺼지지 않는 플레디스 사옥의 불빛을 본 디노오빠께서 사랑의 메세지를 담아 선사 해주시곤 간 이것은 커피가 아니라 사랑입니다.#오늘만큼은_막둥이_아님 #디노오빠 #제로오빠 #디노는_사랑이야

[17’S DINO] Dino oppa, who saw the Pledis building lights never turn off, with the message of love, offered not coffee, but love. #Not_The_Makdoongie_Today #DinoOppa #ZeroOppa #Dino_Is_Love

[t/n: basically it’s about how chan noticed that people stayed overnight at the pledis office working so he bought them all coffee]

credit: jina @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!

s e v e n t e e n ✗ VALENTINES

seventeen have decided to whip up some valentines for us lovely carats ;u; feel free to send these to ur boo when that special day rolls around!

vocal unit

hip hop unit

performance unit

oh gosh

special thanks to: @purplelucia @chanthepeach and thank u to cel @incorrect7teen for helping me with hosh’s!

as always thank ya for all the lov n support on these shitty mc shit valentines, u guys have some hilarious tags lol. from choco n the gang, as well as seventeen, have an amazing valentines day. eat all the cream ya want, i strongly support. 


More promo images from Furudate-sensei for Vol 27. The Oikuro situation continues…

First image:
Tanaka: Please don’t push.
Nishinoya: Please don’t push.
Sugawara: I’m on the cover of Vol 27 and I’m passing through.
On Suga’s T-shirt: The first round of the Spring High is done!! Haikyuu!! Vol 27 goes on sale today!! Please do support it!! Signed, Furudate
Kuroo & Oikawa: Please let us through!! We’re going there too!!

Second image:
Kuroo & Oikawa: We’re going there too!!
Iwaizumi: It’s, y'know, that… if i say they’re idiots, that’s that, but… they are idiots, yeah.
Kenma (Thoughts): Vocabulary…
Kenma: It feels like it’s already getting fun…
On Iwa-chan and Kenma’s T-shirts: Haikyuu!! Vol 27 goes on sale today!! Please do support it!!

Thanks to @victoriel for help with figuring out the translation! ^^

Source: Official Twitter


sbsmtvtheshow: 이번 주 더쇼초이스 주인공은💕#세븐틴 입니닷! 🎊🎉  컴백과 동시에 1위!! #울고싶지않아 첫 1위!! 우리 맘 속에 언제나 1위!! 우리 꽃길만 걷쟈👏👏  #세븐틴#캐럿 도 모두 축하합니닷! #더쇼 #THESHOW #DontWannaCry1stWin

[TRANSLATION] This week’s hero The Show Choice is 💕 #SEVENTEEN! 🎊🎉  Comeback and also 1st place!! #DontWannaCry 1st place!! Always 1st place in our hearts!! Let’s always walk the flower path👏👏  #SEVENTEEN and also #CARATs we congratulate you all! #THESHOW #DontWannaCry1stWin

credit: jina @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!

Performance Unit at the beach


  • Actual puppy
  • Helps Dino with his sand castle
  • Goes to get ice cream
  • Drops his ice cream
  • Swims in the ocean
  • Almost floats too far out
  • Has to get Jun to come save him because Minghao said no
  • Gets roasted by Minghao
  • Just wanted to have a good time 
  • But is honestly feeling so attacked right now


  • Is chilling in the sun trying to tan
  • Attempts to surf
  • Fails
  • Also gets roasted by Minghao
  • Had to go save Hoshi because he almost got lost at sea
  • When he gets done “saving” Hoshi he does the dramatic hair flip
  • Gets buried in the sand by Dino
  • Can’t get up out of the sand 


  • Roasts everyone
  • Except for Dino
  • Highkey judges everyone on the beach
  • Sits under the umbrella
  • He’s enjoying life right now
  • He has no complaints
  • Refused to help Hoshi
  • because he told him “if you get too far out I’m not gonna risk my life trying to get you back to shore”
  • He really didn’t mean it
  • He just got lazy and didn’t wanna help


  • Makes a sand castle
  • He entered it in the sand castle building competition
  • And he won a ribbon
  • Got back to the dorms and bragged about his ribbon
  • Buried Jun in the sand because he could
  • He got a snow cone
  • Collects three bags of seashells
  • Then when he got back to the dorm he trashed half of them
  • Tracks sand everywhere