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i can't decide on who's more adorable - Mukuro being so happy hanging out with Jataro or Jataro clinging to Mukuro. btw where's Kotoko-chan? i don't remember seeing her today


Found you.

B-Big sis Mukuro?

Sorry, I know you didn’t want to see us disappear…But I wanted to see you again before going…

I’m sorry I wasn’t here a lot when I was alive, I should have protected you all from Junko.

But I saw that you are strong now, you will be okay. I know it.

B-Big sis…You are disappearing…!

Nooo, big sis !! *hugs her*

…..Big sis…


Sorry, I have to leave you for now. But I will watch over you forever, so stay strong, as long as you are together I know nothing will be able to hurt you. So don’t fight too much okay? *hugs them all before disappearing*


Waaaah !! Big sis !! Don’t go !!

…Leon ! *runs away*

…..*looks at where Mukuro was*

I just want Oikawa to be the one to confess but also be super insecure going into the relationship bc he’s the one who confessed….and Iwa-chan agreed because he liked him back enough…but what if Iwa-chan doesn’t grow to really like him and then he’s gonna dump Oikawa and what can Oikawa do then because that’s even worse when Iwa-chan gives it a try and then decides, yep, Oikawa’s not the one for him? Oikawa digs himself into a hole with this kind of thinking and starts acting weird (trying to be the best for Iwa-chan) and Iwaizumi eventually notices his odd behavior and is just like, “Hey, you know, do you regret this relationship?” and cue Oikawa freaking the fuck out in his mind because what the fuck does that mean does it mean Iwa-chan’s implying that he regrets it and is trying to give Oikawa a not-so-subtle hint?? 

(Maybe Oikawa runs away and Iwaizumi is like what the fuck? and has to chase him down or maybe Oikawa just kinda, you know, metaphorically faints and Iwaizumi has no fucking clue what’s going on with Oikawa and sits him down to get to the bottom of this. Basically it’s gonna end up with Oikawa bawling his eyes out, Iwaizumi sighing in exasperation and relief, and the two of them stuck together in silence while Iwaizumi waits for Oikawa to stop crying as he pulls him to his chest.)

s e v e n t e e n ✗ VALENTINES

seventeen have decided to whip up some valentines for us lovely carats ;u; feel free to send these to ur boo when that special day rolls around!

vocal unit

hip hop unit

performance unit

oh gosh

special thanks to: @purplelucia @chanthepeach and thank u to cel @incorrect7teen for helping me with hosh’s!

as always thank ya for all the lov n support on these shitty mc shit valentines, u guys have some hilarious tags lol. from choco n the gang, as well as seventeen, have an amazing valentines day. eat all the cream ya want, i strongly support. 

[TRANSLATION] 170310 saythename_17′s Instagram Update

[17’S 디노] 밤새 꺼지지 않는 플레디스 사옥의 불빛을 본 디노오빠께서 사랑의 메세지를 담아 선사 해주시곤 간 이것은 커피가 아니라 사랑입니다.#오늘만큼은_막둥이_아님 #디노오빠 #제로오빠 #디노는_사랑이야

[17’S DINO] Dino oppa, who saw the Pledis building lights never turn off, with the message of love, offered not coffee, but love. #Not_The_Makdoongie_Today #DinoOppa #ZeroOppa #Dino_Is_Love

[t/n: basically it’s about how chan noticed that people stayed overnight at the pledis office working so he bought them all coffee]

credit: jina @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!

Performance Unit at the beach


  • Actual puppy
  • Helps Dino with his sand castle
  • Goes to get ice cream
  • Drops his ice cream
  • Swims in the ocean
  • Almost floats too far out
  • Has to get Jun to come save him because Minghao said no
  • Gets roasted by Minghao
  • Just wanted to have a good time 
  • But is honestly feeling so attacked right now


  • Is chilling in the sun trying to tan
  • Attempts to surf
  • Fails
  • Also gets roasted by Minghao
  • Had to go save Hoshi because he almost got lost at sea
  • When he gets done “saving” Hoshi he does the dramatic hair flip
  • Gets buried in the sand by Dino
  • Can’t get up out of the sand 


  • Roasts everyone
  • Except for Dino
  • Highkey judges everyone on the beach
  • Sits under the umbrella
  • He’s enjoying life right now
  • He has no complaints
  • Refused to help Hoshi
  • because he told him “if you get too far out I’m not gonna risk my life trying to get you back to shore”
  • He really didn’t mean it
  • He just got lazy and didn’t wanna help


  • Makes a sand castle
  • He entered it in the sand castle building competition
  • And he won a ribbon
  • Got back to the dorms and bragged about his ribbon
  • Buried Jun in the sand because he could
  • He got a snow cone
  • Collects three bags of seashells
  • Then when he got back to the dorm he trashed half of them
  • Tracks sand everywhere