channing all over


i still refuse 2 believe that came out of him 

Let’s appreciate how almost all of You’s screen time in Episode 8 was devoted to her saying “Chika-chan…” and giving Chika worried looks.

Iwaoi Headcannon

Just imagine toddler Iwaoi together and Oikawa watches his parents from time to time. When he invites Iwa-chan over, they always play a game copying what Oikawa saw from his parents and giggle with pure innocence.

“Iwa-chaannn! Let’s play the game!”


“Honey I’m home~!”

Oikawa tackles Iwa-chan in a hug and laughs while Iwa-chan kisses Oikawa all over the face. They do that a few times and their mothers smile at them.

“Aw, you’re son Hajime is a gentleman, I can already tell”

“Thank you and Tōru is a gentleman as well,Oikawa. A very adorable young boy”


Umehara Yuichiro and Shimazaki Nobunaga in Orenchi no Furo Jijou Specials (Subbed by me!)

Umehara Yuichiro requested by various anons + @everyonesamadao; christmas countdown: 3  D A Y S

ume chan’s bathroom stories like water leaking causing his roof to collapse, bathroom sceneries, and homemade rain gutters are so good, they made zakki literally said “umehara kun is so interesting/amazing” about 11 times xD

suzuki tatsuhisa part here 
hanae natsuki part here

Imagine Seventeen teasing you because Dino just won’t stop talking about you.

im so excited about the thought of seventeens future comeback!! like theyre going to have a new theme and new clothes and new hairstyles omg theyre all gonna look and sound so good im so excited!!!


………..*sniff*……………..*sniff*………………..FUCK! NOT AGAIN!