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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Suga: We finally got our revenge! …I just wish we could’ve won with my toss is all.
Asahi: -spits water everywhere-
Daichi: I’m glad you haven’t given up and still plan on playing.

Please do not repost gifs

IwaOi headcanon: Iwaizumi and Oikawa study together regularly, making sure that neither falls behind with homework assignments (which would, god forbid, interfere with volleyball practice). Iwaizumi sometimes asks Oikawa to explain things to him again even if he already understands the material, purely because he enjoys the way Oikawa gets excited when talking about a topic he loves. 

Darkness Falls(?) and a Sword and Shield Appear(?) – A Rant

Bewarn! Entirely subjective rant that nobody need necessarily agree with but that I’d like you to agree with even partially because that’d be really cool but, no honestly, you’re welcome to your own opinion this is just mine rant ahead!

Okay, I have some stuff to say regarding what many have perceived to be the prophecy shield in chapter 146. I’d like to note that, at this stage before the release of chapter 147, we have no true confirmation that the dragon… thingy at the end of chapter 146 was the shield from the prophecy and not some different extension of the dragons’ powers we just haven’t seen before. However, given that the topic of the shield and the prophecy were brought up as a result of this occurrence anyway, I want to talk a little about the prophecy in general, my interpretation of it, how I think it will play into the story, and why I would be slightly disappointed if the happening in chapter 146 does turn out to be the shield.

(Ngl, I also want to type this up because every time I get asked about my predictions regarding the prophecy I have to go dig up an old ask and that takes ages and I’m super lazy.)

(And yes, I realise the irony of being too lazy to find an ask about the prophecy but not lazy enough to spend an afternoon typing up a long 4k word rant about said prophecy.)

(Shhhh… It’ll be okay.)

So, I’m going to rant in general about this entire thing and hopefully it’ll flow and make some sort of sense. If not… well… … … *offers you a compensatory cookie for your loss*

Let’s go!

(Btw, spoilers for every currently available chapter – you’ve been warned!)

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i just wanna know the emotions, thoughts and feelings kaneki and touka chan had when they finally got to see each other dressed in their wedding attire, like i just picture kaneki being in awe and getting all emotional because he’s so in love with her and ah my feelings

Let’s appreciate how almost all of You’s screen time in Episode 8 was devoted to her saying “Chika-chan…” and giving Chika worried looks.




bakeneko/manekineko yaku from the fic bell, book, and candle by skittidyne!! (y’all it’s so amazing, like literally.)

HUFFS ok i doubt yaku is actually wearing something like this in the fic since it’s modernized, but i can dream……..


Umehara Yuichiro and Shimazaki Nobunaga in Orenchi no Furo Jijou Specials (Subbed by me!)

Umehara Yuichiro requested by various anons + @everyonesamadao; christmas countdown: 3  D A Y S

ume chan’s bathroom stories like water leaking causing his roof to collapse, bathroom sceneries, and homemade rain gutters are so good, they made zakki literally said “umehara kun is so interesting/amazing” about 11 times xD

suzuki tatsuhisa part here 
hanae natsuki part here

anonymous asked:

When does the manga update?

Typically around the 5th and 20th of every month, given that the series isn’t on break. Chapter 148 will be released on October 5th. 

If it helps, I make note of the next chapter’s release in the sidebar of my blog, so you can also look there! ^ ^

Me, everytime I have a conversation with a guy.

What the last page of bleac.h should have been.

Text: “…life is just a dream”

(White space)

last image we see*only bottom of face*: Aizen smirking.


Iwaoi Headcannon

Just imagine toddler Iwaoi together and Oikawa watches his parents from time to time. When he invites Iwa-chan over, they always play a game copying what Oikawa saw from his parents and giggle with pure innocence.

“Iwa-chaannn! Let’s play the game!”


“Honey I’m home~!”

Oikawa tackles Iwa-chan in a hug and laughs while Iwa-chan kisses Oikawa all over the face. They do that a few times and their mothers smile at them.

“Aw, you’re son Hajime is a gentleman, I can already tell”

“Thank you and Tōru is a gentleman as well,Oikawa. A very adorable young boy”