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♡ SweetPotatoQueen's 1st Follow Forever ♡

Yosh! It’s already been 1 year since I first joined Tumblr~

yes that’s little me riding a turtle in the middle-pic

I’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for a long time, but I had no idea what they were. But now I now! (*^▽^*)


Yo~~ I haven’t been to school for 1 week!! I hope you didn’t miss me too much hehe >u<


Hello my beloved chingu~!! I haven’t been to school for 1 week right and I hope that you didn’t miss me too much either! I’m sorry that I haven’t answered your snapchat’s either TuT


Hello unnie~! I’m sorry that I haven’t been talking to you for a long time T-T I promised you that I would share the moments I had in Thailand with you but I’ve totally forgotten!! >n< I love you~~!!


Yoyo~~!! I’ve promised you that you would be one of the first to know when I send in my audition~ >u< I still haven’t sent it, but when I do~ You will know!! ^-^ 


Waahh~ Senpai!! >u< We haven’t been talking to each other for a while, how are you?? TuT I’m really bad at keeping contacts with friends OTL But know that I still love you~!!


Unnie! We haven’t known each other for long but I really really like you~~!! ^-^ Let’s fangirl over Bangtan more together in the future!! ^u^

Honestly I want to send a personal message to all of you but I’m afraid that it would take too much space and time ╥﹏╥

But I still love all of you!!

♡ Italics - Mutuals~ ♡Bolded - People I’ve talked to~ 

♡ Bolded with Italics - Mutual chingus I’ve talked to~


dopemansuga ♡bangtannoonas ♡ayohexo ♡bangtan-soldier ♡blackdyo ♡bakkyun ♡cryingbaka dyojpg ♡cewti ♡dohdoro ♡abidings ♡genicecream ♡dumsehun ♡abusedmember ♡almightyp ♡everynowandchen ♡fuckingjongdae ♡ballaydeer ♡enoiism ♡fallenforjongin ♡elaysium ♡exoplanettt ♡donalducks ♡channie-with-a-side-of-baekon ♡citrusgun


k-a-os kimjongsnoona nanakorobii ♡kuroi-pearl ♡hypertone ♡kai-laydoscope ♡i-put-exos-dick-in-a-box ♡kamiira ♡maidosama ♡kyung-soo ♡jongdae-pls ♡krismehard ♡koreatojapan kena-roller ♡kaindergartaen ichigoflavor ♡nekoppa ♡kawaiititanchan ♡melodyspast ♡luludeery ♡kimjongasm ♡kimbofish ♡laysenpai ♡kai-kitty ♡i-need-a-luhandjob jjangpanda ♡milky-tokki


seoulgab ♡rapmunsta ♡victaeni ♡yoonseoklove ♡sassygoldmak ♡shoulderhyung ♡pxpxo ♡yixingdotjpg ♡oppaschickennuggets ♡pope-oppa ♡pupsbitch ♡onalandfarfaraway ♡ohanamei ♡sehun88 ♡xiuminshii ♡xiumania ♡sebooty ♡shocolette xehunter ♡porkdo-bi ♡run-x-gun ♡yummyinmytummygummy ♡oh-luhans ♡preciousjongdae ♡yemiins ♡visually-layed ♡oh-shehun ♡s-eoulwings ♡pinktokki ♡phuonguyenx3 ♡spring–sakura ♡yuffii ♡xingblingmi ♡thermickey ♡there-and-baek-again wootrick ♡paws-bells 


The blogs aren’t in any particularly alphabetical order, sorry if it looks like a mess ;-;

Honestly I think I messed this up T-T 

I hope I haven’t missed anyone!!


first off, sorry for the awful graphic ehehe. secondly, hello~~~~ this is my third follow forever (i think) and i’ve just reached 4k followers! i know that that’s not a lot for someone who’s had her blog for 3 years, but it’s fine since i love each and every one of them. i’m including just about every blog I follow, so the list will be long. If you want to skip past this post just press the “j” key. I’ve been following nearly half of these blogs for about 2-3 years, so making this blogroll has definitely filled me with a sense of nostalgia. Even though I don’t talk to every one of you, I still think of you all fondly. These are kpop blogs, anime blogs, fashion blogs- and some of which have switched from being one type of these to another and it feels strange knowing that I’ve been following them from the beginning. So if you aren’t a kpop blog, that’s why I’m still tagging you. I don’t know if my rambling is even making sense anymore, but basically, you all are important to me. Ok, on to the follow forever!

favorite blogs will have an * and mutuals are bolded. strikethrough means they’re no longer on tumblr ;;




ace-loves-xing​* | adorablyixing | aiixing* | almightyp | alpacariis anywhereisheaven* baekby* | baekhny | baekhyun-ah* | baekingkai baekyonceknowles* | bapcanyixingmeasong | blondejongin* | breathless​ | bulletproof-scouts​ | byunbunnie​ | byxing ​| call-1-800-crack​ | candyixing​ | changsha-prince​ | channie-with-a-side-of-baekon​ | chen-s | cheolyans​ | compoxing​ daestrict​ | dee-dee1012​ | dewusional dickhan​ | dimplay​ | dino-hyung​ | do-cumsoo​ | demaglia​ dohdoro​* | doitlikethis123​ | doksoo​ | donghyuks | dorkyixing | doresque | drunk-in-lay | duckkzilla | dumbaek | eexu | elaysium* | esexoeveryday* | essentyeol | exohistowee | exomelette | exonewcomer | exopia | exoplanet* | exotos* exotravagentlay | fan-qins | ferlay | fingermebaekhyun | flowerhobi foldedflowers | fuckingjongdae*


getlayd* | ggaeal | ginozanobuchikas | gldnwolf | gomawosarang* gongzhuwu | guccizitao | hersheyjerzey* | histoweewee | hoseoke | hyerisgf | hypertone* | ifuckedkyungsoo | i-killed-the-tree-of-life | ilangilanglt incrediyeol | indieunendlichkeit | innocore* | iixing | ipunchedtao* | itaolics* | jeonai j-holy* | jimineh | jinfox* | jongdaestokki* | jongdaevine* | jongene | jonginsdick | jonginsertingpenis | jongkailan joomyun | jooncherry* | joonmai*jpglay* | junsaseumwoo | kaieonni | kaileus* | kderperwho-stansdorks | kibvms | kimjix | kimjongdaeyum* | kimjonginly | kiwixing | kmexoplanet | kogami | komaedas | koujichan | kreys* | krisasss krisinsanity* | krismas-kookies | krismebaek | krismehard | kris-wu | k-suho | kuroi-pearl* | ky-ngsoo | kyungsensual | kyung-soo


ladmilk | laygion* layhan-mcms* | layhantaoris | layixinqs | lay-me-kris | leastfavoritenoona | leuhans | littlemiss-brinaa | lobbu-lobbu* | lonelylay | lovelaydays* lubaekyeol luhaes | luhanimnida | luhans | luhcifer | luludeery* | lusass | luhwn* | maidotsuki | mainexing* | maknaehun mamafluster mapetitelicorne | marshmellyeol | massiveanimetitties* miniseokk mintchocolatechen* | minteexing* | mionylay | misshomin | moizuki | myhappyexobubble | myeonniebella | namchic | nm-dl | nona–eveobaekhyun | ohfreakingsehuns* | oh-luhans | ohmy-kisbishi | ohxing | oohsehun-ah* | omgfishy* | oppardose* | oshzt* | ot12 | oxygenic* 


park-chanyeol | parkchny | park-dobiiparkingthechanyeol | peacelovekpop* petitekuroneko | pohroro | pork-chonyal | porkdo-bi | posona | prncessjin* | puringles | qrishan | rawur-suho | rosetao | sailoramerica | screwufan* | sedouche | sehun88 | sehuporn sekairis | sekaixinq* sehlestial* | seoulatte* | seouldreams | shutupandkrisme | silveroxygen | slkblk | snapbaek snowuyifan soonuit* | soothingstar | southkoreans | spectrum-psd | stevenyeon | suhoho | sunyoungology | susurru | taekai* | tareui | taorible* | taozia | tb-cont* | telekineticwind | the-sehunbutt | thestardustdrop* thursdae | tinkerchen | tokyoghoul-where-is-hide | t-omeii | tomoyagisa* | tooexoticforya | top-soo | totaoyeol | toukyoghoul


urcheetos | visually-layed| vivaciouslyamber* | voguenim* | wehavefourchinesemembers | welcome-to-url-too-long* | wish-baby | wooyefan* | wooyoung* | wth-exo | wubulge* | wufabulous |  wufanqin* wufanta-stic | wumyun | wuyifancy wuyifanxing* | xehunter* | xingheartx | xingmealullaby | xingrens* xingtokki* | xingxun | xiuhan | xiumania | xiupreme* | xiupreme-overlordxiu-stagramxiutea* 


yeollaybaektome | yeollovemebaek | yeuni | yifantasia* | yixiing | yixingbang | yixingdazed | yixingdotjpg | yixingforpresident | yixingology* | yixings-laydyyixingsmom | yixing-tho | yixingy yixngmetosleep | your-yixing-fixing | zelu | zhehun | zhenh | ziyannie| zhangxiying | zhanq-yixinq | zhuge-daddy

irl friends:

bilbobagginhoes | booksandlovearelife | clockworkpandaa | destined2bebossy | fangirlgasmattack* | ghxnive | hound-of-the-north | jumakin-me-crazy | luxyluver14 | missmayorcat | monicaalexieaa | planetofthepints | pocket-asian | soberwastedd | turtlesgomoo

hello p00pies :—–) i thought i shud do another follow forever its been a while since my first one lolz and gained a lot more folowers which i did not expect.but throughout the time i met some wONDerFUl people . erm yeah thanks for being c00l and awesome nd making my dash all c00l nd stuff. heres some rad blogs that i love .

if ur not here that doesnt mean i dont love u ok i love all and te fact that i follow a lot blogs (i have no clue what i did back then) but i cant fit all u here ;;;;

bold - mutuals

italics - hover for a msg haha

* - fave/ senpais c:


annyeongpabo*, arigataouasslordayejongdae*, baeklings, baekmiubaekn0*baekxunbap-btsbyuns-baekerychanlucinationschannie-with-a-side-of-baekon, chenchencrazychenpagnecheolyans*, chvnyeolscoolhvvipcup-of-exo


daehyiun, daesbulgedewusional*, dohdoro*, dorkassoedanzgarden, elisexobeareururongsew-baekhyun, esexoeveryday*, exobuttslap, exolutely*exoplanet*, fan-qins*, galaxyifansgongzhuwugyiyomii*, idragoslayerlucy, imperyeol*, jongene*, jonginstesticlesjoonmyeonn,  jungguk


kaiffeines*,kaineunkaiptivated*, kaisteriakasiany*,  krismehard*, krissingwu*kyungsukikyung-soo, lay-me-kris*, laytexcondomlicassolicking-sehuns-buttholeluhnd*, luhandsomechen, luludeery*, marktuahns*, mintchocolatechen


namjoonvevooh-sehuns-ass*, oppas-eyeliner*, overdosoos,pinkuangelxulzzang, pohroro*, reqatronsasaengvevosehunovasehunsfwsehuntsmen, sekaixinqsodonewithexosoyhunsuhotcocoa, thechingchongreligion


teakimviitakissme*, vitaminsoo, whitelegendswubulge*, wufanqin*wu-fart*wuyifanxing*, xiupreme*, xehunter*, xi-aohan, xiuxyeheutte, yifantasia*

dass it ^ u ^ if i talked to u b4 nd u feel like u shud be in here pls lemme kno ; . ; dont wanna leave u out hahas

I’ve recently hit 700 followers (it was only 500 when I first made this!), and although I don’t follow everyone that follows me, I wanted to at least give a shout out to the blogs I follow that provide me with posts to reblog! I want to thank each and every single person on this list, as well as every single person that follows me. You’ve all made my tumblr experience wonderful, and I’m so very grateful to you all!

I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Even if we’ve never spoken, you mean plenty to me! I wish happiness to everyone on this list and everyone else who sees this, as well as all of my followers. You all make my days brighter, even if you don’t realize it! Thank you so very much.

Note: I have used everyone’s Christmas urls because I can’t remember what everyone was beforehand ;; if you feel that you should be on here and aren’t, please let me know! it was difficult to get all of this on here <3

bold - mutual follow | italics - my bbs/people I am extremely fond of ;u; | * - wonderful urls/blogs(people) that I adore but am not close with unfortunately


869093 2jongs1sooapogees baek-frost baek-me-a-cake* baek-the-halls baekbyunniee baekchenbaekhonnie baekhyun-ah  baekyoons  baekyonceknowles* baekxun blackpaerl blichendeer byunbaeks byungheespenus


camelonymous chanta-is-coming channie-with-a-side-of-baekonchanplanetchantaclaus chanyeol-no* chenpagne cheolyans cynk-pop dazzlingkai dohdio dohdoro doresque dorkyung-soo duizhangdeluxe


esexoeveryday exollente exolutely exoplanet* fingermebaekhyun* fuckingjongdae ggamjongin happyholi-gheis hoengbin houseofkris* huang-panda i-put-exos-dick-in-a-boxjongdaesbigdick* jongdaesqueen jongins jonginbells joonmai joonbean jonqdaes jungsooflavored


kaicock kaiscrotch khaenine kimjongasm* kiwisses* kristmas-lights krisinsanity krismastocking krongkid kuroi-pearl* kyungsensual kyungiin ladmilk lovely-baek luda-krease luhanimnida luhnd luludeery


meiwachen melonhun minseeker misshomin mnseok naeunbells parkfrosts princekyunq rainbow-hun royalsehun


santawufan* santao saveanothermoment sedouchesehductionsehun88 sehunclause sehunniez sehunsfw* sehun-the-vegi seoulsfinest sewitched silkyoppa snowbody-cares-sehun suhomygod suhoperstar suhosbells suhotness soyhun strawberry-taffy


taekai thetwomooncafe touchmechently twerking-xiumin untaolerable viet-cheoji wufans-glorious-man-tittes wuyifancywuyifanxing* xcirquedufreakx xehun xiumania* xiuhmin yee-exom-exok-asdfghjkl-history yeollay zhangspelareus

I never thought that I would come such a long way with tumblr and all the people here, that I would wake up every morning and tumblr would be the first thing I check when my eyes are only half open. Thank you for supporting this amateur blog and helping me achieve 3k+ followers… I simply adore all my followers, each and one of you. i want to go up to talk to you guys personally but i’m too chicken /cries  i’m pretty bad with words of gratitude (unlike exo) so I can’t explain my feelings accurately ;-; Also thank you to all those blogs who took their time to message me once in a while, i guess i have f-f-friends?? This follow forever is to thank my followers, my friends and my senpais. If any of you don’t remember me, my old url was exo-water-you-doing. I LOVE YOU ALL, YOU GORGEOUS BLOGS BUT EVEN MORE GORGEOUS PEOPLE. All of you I really admire, and for others whom I don’t know that well personally, I hope we can get to know each other better~ Oh, and, please message me if i forgot you!  

Bold = chingus, hover for a messaji (for some of you i don’t know as well, i hope the feeling is mutual ;3;) 

Italic = mutual follow 

* = shout to those who deal with me irl 

tao/kris/lay/luhan urls

arigataou, wufabulous, dewusional, kreaseimnida, wuyifanxing, keuriseu, qrishan, taozige, krismehard, krismegently, luda-krease, fan-qins, fnxiing, wuflys, howtotrainyourduizhang, dirty-lay, krissingwu, amazitao, fkxing, dimplay, milklu, yixingdealingdrugs, xingslu*, dear-luhannie, xingbaobei, ddeerluhan, xingrens, krsitao, luhanstesticles, xingtiao, ohxing

chanyeol/baekhyun urls

baekthosebyuns, byuns-baekery, berkhyun, cheolyans, milkyeoll, byuntaebaekyeol, park-dobii, parksexyeol, parkbaekyeol, imperyeol, baelluuns, channie-with-a-side-of-baekon, chanyeolismysexualfantasy, byunbunnie, princyeol-ah, baektastic, baek-me-a-cake, derp-yeoll

Sehun/Kai urls

kairiseu, oppakai, doctor-kim-kai, kaileus, sehuna*, sebooty, jong-in-n-out*, kaisteria*, sehunight, jongene, complikaition, yehet-hunnie*, sehun88, sekairis, sehundotjpg, kaiffeines, kaineun, xehunter

D.O/Chen/Xiumin/Suho urls 

kyungsational, jooncherry, chenpagne*, joonmai, doksoo, dohdoro, dyoshite, xiumania, xiuminshipsdontlie, suhotcocoa, doresque, joomnyun 

Ot12/Other urls 

setaku, exo-we-are-one, myperfectexobabies, exoplanet, yeobae, asslord, jaehwani, kmexoplanet, cup-of-exo, ramen-toki*, esexoeveryday, exollente, welcome-to-url-too-long, exozhang, sushisaranghae, viitakissme, exosanitie*, eururongs, diamondbluebabyxx*

Hello my lovelies ♡ Recently I’ve hit another milestone in my Tumblr journey, and since I follow almost 600 blogs, I thought a follower forever was quite overdo ^^ I just want to thank all of these lovely blogs for their existence and I would like to extend a special thank you to those of you that follow me as well ♡ If you were on my last follower forever and you don’t see yourself on this one, please let me know because that probably means you changed your url and I couldn’t find you ;n; To my friends: I love you all lots and I’m very thankful I’ve met every single one of you. You’ve made my Tumblr experience and my life what they are and I would be lost without you 

Bold = Friends - I hope you feel the same ;;
Italics = Mutual

# - C:

1081p ♡ 12eclipses ♡ 69yen ♡ 81km ♡ almightyp ♡ annyeongpabo ♡ ashbaek ♡ asslord ♡ asteroe ♡ atticis ♡ attrachen ♡ ayohexo ♡ baek-me-a-cake ♡ baekyonceknowles ♡ baelluuns ♡ baozilutely ♡ beakhyuns ♡ blackdyo ♡ blondejongin ♡ buckbaekhyun ♡ bvixx ♡ bynbae ♡ byunbunnie ♡ byuns-baekery ♡ byuns-bitch ♡ byuny ♡ candyixing ♡ changvoyant ♡ channie-with-a-side-of-baekon ♡ chanyeolife ♡ chanyeolscrack ♡ cheolyans ♡ chnhun ♡ coconuthun ♡ compoxing ♡ comradejonghyun ♡ cosmogyral-s ♡ cryingzitao

D - G:

d-aehyuns ♡ d-orabell ♡ daenso ♡ dancerjongin ♡ deerhans ♡ derp-yeoll ♡ dewusional ♡ dickhan ♡ dimplay ♡ dirty-krispy ♡ doctor-kim-kai ♡ dohdoro ♡ dokyugnsoo ♡ doltese ♡ doresque ♡ droptheotherxiu ♡ dyossuo ♡ eixou ♡ esexoeveryday ♡ exotictac ♡ expirekai ♡ faggotchanyeol ♡ fairykyungsoo ♡ flowermaknae ♡ flowersuho ♡ fuckyeahylvis ♡ g-y-u ♡ gayyaoibl ♡ genicecream ♡ geo-wee ♡ geudae ♡ ggamjongin ♡ gn-a

H - K:

hakyeonsbutt ♡ hannibalzz ♡ haucay ♡ he-krissed-me ♡ hellolesbeauexo ♡ hexoxogon ♡ histaori ♡ iamafackingpotato ♡ imperyeol ♡ jinjunmians ♡ jjangeu ♡ jongiins ♡ jongin-a ♡ jongshyun ♡ jooncherry ♡ joonmai ♡ joonmyeonn ♡ junmyeuni ♡ justmyhyuk ♡ kai-laydoscope ♡ kaibbit ♡ kaicecream ♡ kaiffeines ♡ kailcium ♡ kaillusive ♡ kaisushi ♡ kaiyomii ♡ kawaiiseok ♡ khaenine ♡ kimsuhorny ♡ kkaimjonq ♡ kreaseimnida ♡ krised ♡ krisinsanity ♡ krismegoodnight ♡ krissingwu ♡ kriswut ♡ krisyeol ♡ kveldmedylvis ♡ kyung-soo ♡ kyungsational ♡ kyungsfoo ♡ kyyungsoo

L - S:

lady-soo ♡ lay-me-kris ♡ laycii-h ♡ laytexcondom ♡ leadersoo ♡ lexayoo ♡ littleshinee ♡ maid-en-china ♡ meanwhileelsewhere ♡ melonhun ♡ meltedicecubes ♡ meowhun ♡ milklu ♡ milkyeoll ♡ mlikboy ♡ myeong-su ♡ nar-i ♡ nigai ♡ obaek ♡ oh-sehuns-ass ♡ ohmagogi ♡ ohmonna ♡ ohxing ♡ okuokumura ♡ osehunie ♡ parkchny ♡ pinksabers ♡ pohroro ♡ royalsehun ♡ royalsekai ♡ royeolsoo ♡ ruukina ♡ sahun ♡ saranghunn ♡ screwufan ♡ sebooty ♡ sehduction ♡ seheartless ♡ sehoonism ♡ sehuge ♡ sehun88 ♡ sehunova ♡ sehunphobia ♡ sehuns-vagina ♡ sehuntsmen ♡ seoulmisfits ♡ shitthun ♡ shthun ♡ sillyhun ♡ sngqyu ♡ sooxiu ♡ soyhun ♡ sucksoo ♡ suhotcocoa ♡ suhotness

T - Z:

taekai ♡ taosis ♡ taozimnida ♡ teok ♡ topsoos ♡ tostaeda ♡ towritepoems ♡ ultrakeurae ♡ untaolerable ♡ vitaminsoo ♡ vtamins ♡ waiissi ♡ what-is-a-luhan ♡ woofinite ♡ wufabulous ♡ wufanqin ♡ wufucked ♡ wuyifanxing ♡ xehun ♡ xeuna ♡ xi-aohan ♡ xiuminoid ♡ xiuseoki ♡ yadoong ♡ yehetsoo ♡ yeolshim ♡ yifanology ♡ yixiing ♡ yixingy ♡ yuqingzhu ♡ yuu-n ♡ yxxxxing ♡ zelo ♡ zitaost ♡ zittao ♡ zr-o

Yo guys…It’s Ashley (i think u guys kno by now lol)..but yeah, this is my 2nd follow forever! I want to thank all them beautiful people that have followed my and also those whom i follow (senpais that haven’t noticed me *^*) ^^ I love every single one of you darlings.

bold italics for da homies yo


100byeol | 13claps | 50shadesofsehun | 69withsehun |


ace-loves-xing (my bb) | acquast | anditangerine | annafeu | arieshun | artist-wufan | asslord | attrachen | baby-daes | baek-me-a-cake | baekardashian | baekthatassup | baekyonceknowles | bapeepee | bapstards | bapsturbation | bbaekbuns | best-absolute-porn | bictory | blockbapfap | blondejongin | bowtao | bunhunnie (the bestie ^^) | byunbunnie | byuns-baekery (new friendeu)| byuns-bitch | call-1-800-crack | calmyeolself | caught-sehuns-pants-on-fire | celestyeol | channie-with-a-side-of-baekon | chanyeolismysexualfantasy | chanyeolscrackdealer | chanyeourlifesucks | chanyohls (the new bae :P) | chenmilkman | chenpagne | chentlemen (new friend x3)| cloudsglow | connectivesystem | cookaies | cryingzitao (my special snowflake)| cumbaek | cumhun-yehet | daehyundemigod | damnitbenben | dickhan | dimplay | dirty-lay | doctor-kim-kai | dohdoro | doojoongetinme (my bae) | exo-ho | exo-ran-out-of-lube | exos-cumslut |


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whoa another follow forever??? what??? well i just hit 3k and thats is like whoa?? i would like to say thank u an d omg the blogs that i follow r really cool like really cool // also im not gonna send the message cause that take too long and my computer super slow so ://// 

really cool blog that are  better than me in everyway

50shadesofsehun / alcae / annafeu / apogees / asslorde / auf-wiedersehun / baehwan / baekn0 / baldfather / bvixx / chaerimming / changsubhuman / channie-with-a-side-of-baekon / chanyounot / chemburlee / not cybermeme / daddyong / daehyun-ate-this-url / deepthoughtsbykanyewest / dimplay / doksoo / dragonballzitao / drunkohsehun / eco-suho / ewbangtan / exoplanet / exostaff / feeleo / fishflake / flashmeduizhang / floatlikeajellyfish / fluhan / gamui / goonhara / haknyoom / hongbinbasedgod / hyadain / hyucake / ivyclub / jinfetus / jonahdae / jongene / jonginstesticles / jongisms / jubae / jungcrocs / kimnogjog / kimyugioh / kouaoba / kpopdads / kristianmingle / kyungsensual / lay-me-kris / licasso / lol-im-exos-stylist / lrritus / lvl21 / marksmilk / oppa420 / oppakai / parkjimbles / peperomint / radboysehun / rapmemester / rapmonsters / sadboysehun / sassylouis / sekaicecream / sangdont / sekaivevo / sehuns-left-testicle / shinjukugewalt / sadsasaeng / shotaderek / sinistergoth / stopvixx / taozige / thechingchongreligion / tyleroppathecreator / vixxtoobombwlklpedla / wu-fart / xehyun / xiumeme / xiuru / xiuwin / yeolthatjoint / yongguccimane / yxxxxing / z1c / zelostit

IF I FORGOT U im so srry, u probably change ur url and idek who u are anymore *heart eyes emoji* also hmu everyone of u 

hello everybody!! I have recently reached a huge amount of followers ((its pretty huge to me keke)) and also because of exo’s comeback, I decided to make my third follow forever yay!! I stumbled across more beautiful blogs and would like to thank all the people who I’m following for making my dash fun and interesting and thank you for all the people who are following me as well I love you all!!

((and sorry for the terrible edit sobs its my first follow forever edit I did by myself and do you like the heart by the kkaebsong?? I drew it myself do you like it?? uwu))

italicised - chingus

bolded - closer chingus / known for a long while

everyone here is a mutual ^0^

# ~ b

-exo-k baek-that-ass-up baekhyunsbitch baekxun byuns-baekery byuns-bitch 

c ~ f

channie-with-a-side-of-baekon chantleman creepy-luhan cup-of-exo doksoo emperori ew-baekhyun exosofficialgrindr fantaosdick fuckingjongdae

g ~ j

hnngzitao hyucake i-put-exos-dick-in-a-box jenoyah

k ~ n

kais-assets kimjoonramyun kiwisses lay-me-kris lol-im-exos-stylist lusass mr-byunbaekon nsfwufan

o ~ s

oh-sehuns-ass ohsehno oppakai pohroro prankchanyeol sehunking sehuntsmen shingekinowufan shitdae soyeol swagfag-sehun

t ~ z

taoxun taozige telekineticwind teleporkaition thechingchongreligion tyleroppathecreator vanillageex wu-fart wubaeks wufabulous wuyifanxing xiumine xiupreme z1c zhanq-yixinq ziyannie

I am pretty sure I missed out at least 5 people or misspelled some urls in a rush, if I did, please tell me!! thank you everyone~! V(=^・ω・^=)v


i cannot edit to save my life so that is why the header sucks balls. hehe literally cause sekai nvm.

to all my followers, i love you very much, and even though there aren’t thousands of you, it’s still a lot more than i ever thought id get, and i appreciate all 823 of you. 

this follow forever though, is my first real one. im being pretty specific too, so not a lot of urls are going to be listed. if you’re not on here, im sorry, and i do still love you.

no particular order

senpais = bold

shanks for lieking me = italics 

kimjongdaeyum // channie-with-a-side-of-baekon// obi-wanparkdobi // sekaivevo // chanunot // laclefaverite // kim-minsuck // exo-ran-out-of-lube // chanyeol-the-conqueror-of-space // idsaranghaethat // kriswufanswife // sedouche // kyungsensual // wuyifanxing // vettiesuzanne // maknaehun // chnbaek // ukexing // kyeoptakisses // theyruinyourlife // genicecream // jeongmean // tittae-sprinkles // animalstyleu // oppakai // taozige // baeked-potatoes // kappycymone // geriebeans // anaexolexi // yeollovemebaek // channiekuma // iceroses // bap-tist // ultrakeurae // 2jongs1soo // eunchen // exo-ho // kais-assets // minsocked // ohrgasmic // xiuhun // baozifulseok // fuckingjongdae // chanbaekies // justmyhyuk // that-retard // jooncherry // soo-booty // baekchen // tea-lairs // run-x-gun // littleshitsoo // strawberry-taffy // asslord // sebooty // centrum-permanebit-feels // khaenine // thew8lf // mmmchanyeol // sanbaenim // dragonduizhang // buttaoffly // leahxing // hunssi // kimsuhorny // myexoexolove// 1081p // ohxing

i love all of you so so much whether your name is bold, italics, or regular, okay? *pops a confetti gun* you’re all welcome on my blog or in my ask box anytime. ❤ 사랑해. 

i started drawing again but i need to learn to use my tablet OTL

SO a while back, I had made a follow forever when I hit a milestone that I never even dreamed to reach. Back then, I thought that that’d be the only time it’d ever happen so I felt about my crappy edit. But, somehow, miraculously it happened again and I don’t know what I did to deserve all your love, but I am so thankful for each and one of you.

In the time since then, the family I’ve made on this site only got bigger and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. As much as I joke about wasting my life here (which I do), but as they say “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.” Everyone here is so wonderful and when you guys talk to me I remember how lucky I am to know you all~ 

But sometimes I see people being sad and it hurts me too. I just want to say that every single one of you is beautiful and wonderful and kickass and sensitive and all the lovely words in the world and you make my life colorful~ And, most of all, worth something. I’ll say it as many times and as often as you guys need for you to believe it. So please don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re hurting one of my favorite people ;u; My askbox is always open so feel free to talk anytime~

Anyway, below are only some of the quality blogs that I follow that make this dumb pile of crazy of a blog what it is~<3 some are repeats from my previous one, but hey, they’re still around~

Bolded = senpai (notice me ;3;)

Italics = FRIEND (hope you feel the same~)


12miracles | 2jongs1soo | adorableprince | ailesdelespoir | anonymously-dumb | baektothefuture | baekyonceknowles | channie-with-a-side-of-baekon | chenexoplanet


dimplay | drainbamage954 | eattweetpost | eundan | everydae-is-a-chendae | exoderant | exomelette | exotically-gay | exozhang


fan-qins | fuckingjongdae | instantheartattack | itsadore | joonmas-shituation | jonginscrotch | jonginstesticles | jongstitch


kai-laydoscope | khaenine | kimjongsnoona | kro-ng | lattelovee | leftfoottrapped | legna-angel | levelgrind | lovertronic | lushifer | mercydel | missdyodobi | mulkkoki | myapplekai


obruerunt | ohyungotp12exo | parkbaekyeol | preciousjongdae | rainy-daes | rainnsound | retrogradeyesterday | rumbleey


sleepysuho | staop | stvdy | taekai | taoangles | taodalwaves | thechencellor | tohofuckingshinki | touchmechently | twerkthatbuttsehun


viitakissme | xiumania | xiuseoki | xxiing | yeollie-fever

Special snowflakes

abagofships | allaygro | bonbonsnack | deadlyxiusins | deicidals | gaemkyube | heartlessdaydreams | imnotthatcurious | kaleidoscopelights | star-rovixx | super-matoki | vivaciouslyamber

Please check them out and my blogroll! Thank you to everyone, follower, friend, senpai, or just wandering about~ hope your day is as lovely as you are~<3

And I have an appreciation event coming up soon so I hope you’ll look forward to it~


hello again! since i am literally two followers away from my next hundred (well, my second hundred), i have decided to do another follow forever! i have followed about 80 new blogs and made several new friends (at least i hope we’re friends, oops). this is my thank you to all of you~!

here’s another special thanks to my four biggest fans!

External image

sewitched | melthepabo | kai-bawi-bo | tattooyeol

and of course thank you to everyone else who reblogs my crappy graphics and reblogs from me and deals with my inconsistent blogging style (i’m trying to just reblog pretty pictures but sometimes there are gifs that i just have to-) and of course my constant shameless promoting! i love you all even though you (almost) never send me messages

anyway, these are the people who make my blog what it is! about 40 are repeats from my previous follow forever, but hey, they’re still around. bold is mutual follow and italicized are friends (i hope) – if you’re italicized, hover for a message!


asslord, attrachen, b–things, baeks-bacon-is-raw-and-massive, befearlesstolive, blondejongin, byunbunnie, changhyun, channie-with-a-side-of-baekon, chanyeol, chanyeolismysexualfantasy, chanyoell, chentasticbaby, cheolyans, chingyuchensation, crown–inspirit, dickhan, exoqueen, exostentialay, fantastic-mr-wolf, firliyaa, fuckhajafy-exo, iambestfriendshawol


jinkouu, jonginstesticles, kaihunnie, katymikayla, kimjongdear, krimkairamel, krsyl, kwangnnin, kyungsoo-is-a-marshmallow, layhan-mcms, lehunn, litapitako, marktuahns, milkyeoll, myapplekai, nscxsehun, obaekhun, obi-wan-bendobi, omgfishy, one-hundred-percent-krisyeol


pikamina, sekaifanficrecs, seoulsion, sexyguykai, pariahsan, suho, taekai, the-hammster, vinternatt592, xluciferr, yeola, yeollovemebaek, ymrebecca, yuh-dong-saeng

thanks to everyone! if i missed anyone or you’re not on here, i’m sorry~! but chances are if i follow you i love you and your blog regardless of if i’, going to follow forever

and make sure you check out this cutie she is the best omg

this is so incredibly long but i love you all~! have a wonderful day!

So it is that time where I decide to make another follow forever~ 

I would like to start off saying that I really love all the people that I follow and those who follow me. You guys are awesome and If you ever need anything just know that I will be here for you. I may not be able to give you much physically but if you are mentally tired or you just need a friend to talk to I am here for you. So here is a list of the people that I will follow forever! note; i am adding everyone that i currently follow and that i love no matter if they are on hiatus or not.. and no matter if they were on my first FollowForever

I love you guys!

bold = mutuals

A - D

aegyo-shinee azul3104 babejongin basorexoia bbbabybacon blondejongin bronzedjongin can-you-oshanott channie-with-a-side-of-baekon daisiesforjongin dazzlingkai derpingwithexo dewusional dorkyixing

E - H

eexinqs elplanetaperdido exodicksquad exolutely exoxo-lovemachine holyxkrisus

I - L

icecreamjongdae ichigokeks i-killed-the-tree-of-life i-put-exos-dick-in-a-box jongflawless jonginisoo jonginsane jonginsmile jongkittae joonmai joonmother justaddkpop kaicahuetes kaicakes kaicecream kaiffeines kailubae kaiseou kaisoojpg keys-yeobo k-pop-fan-in-hiding kriscass0

the amount of kai blogs is high

M - P

mercydel mintytaemin omgfishy ohmilkey onew-pillow pokerfacetaek prince-jonginnie

Q - T

raenbou saranghae-vixx screwufan seouldier serenadl sexologywithkai sexyguykai suhobos suhoswag taekai taetitseos taoment

U - Z

wackitvixx wubulgemainblog wufaanbaby wufanqin xehunter xi-aolu xingmealullaby yehet-bitch yifantasia yixingsosweet youobviouslyloveonew yourbiaslikesitrough 

Thank you all of you for adding more amazingness to my life then there could ever be. I love you~

If you ever want to be on my next follow forever don’t be afraid to talk to me~ I can also be reached on instagram ( jongins_voice ) or you can message me on kik ; itsjongmo_ or on kakao.. ; sehooon13 or if you want to message me on line just send me a message here and I will add you there >~<

Thank you for everything and I love you!

Hi, guys!! So AegyoCreatures recently turned 1 years old and to celebrate this I’ve decided to put together my first ever follow forever.

an-exotic-writer, ae-exo-gyo, aileely, awesome-byunhee-n-n, basicallyasianthings, bangyongguknaekeoya, bethe1all4one, baekcakenyeolliepop, baelybana, babyz4ever, b-a-pbangster, bebilau, blondejongin, blackdyo, b1a4brazillove, bana-always-forever, b1a4-lovers, babyinspirit1, confess-bap, cnbapexo, chokofloo, confess-exo, chanyeoled, cozygyu, channie-with-a-side-of-baekon, cloudywall, cathyrinemorante, chokodings2, chan1255

dailydoseofbap, duizhangdeluxe, doksoo, deepthroating-sehun, deerzhang, dyoremii, dailyexo, dorkgyu, dushsexytuan, dongwooyoo, dddjjj, emotionless-machine, elaysium, eatyourbap, exoqanda, exolutely-not-sehun, exodirty, exo-porntastic, exotic-imagines, exo-asks, exoticscenario, evangeluhan, e-xoxo-love, exofairytales, egu-mo-ni-na, fyeahfunnykpopgifs, fyeah-ex0, funnykpopstuff, fyeahgayoon, fuckyeahjeonjiyoon, fuckyeahb1a4, fyeah-infinite

gots7n, gayoonjiejiyoonshi, giftcy, gyuyeolfrustrations, gyus-gottheorangejuice, hoyaholic-hopanda, hoya-yaho-hoya, huangszitao, hornysuho, houseofkris, huang-shit-tao, heo-gayoon, imaginewithbap, itsbap, infinite-asks, ihaveathingforexo, illist-gayoon, infinitblaq, inspiritsconfess, inspiritlwis, inspiritelfbana, infinite-wh, iris4289, infinitizemyseoul, infinitedorks, ifntsungyeol, infiniteinblacknwhite

juniiorroyal, jongdae-shi, jiminparks, jureumie-toulouse-k-pop, jddww, juun-hong, kpopmakesmecray, kpopmvderps, krisinsanity, krisdragontales, kyungsational, kimshinegyu, kyugwin13, kimsungkyou, luhan-is-one-fine-piece-of-china, luhannie, luvmyfunnykpop, lurkingfirefly, loserqyu

mokejunjia, mayspeedpatcha, mk-sally, nadiou, nocturnemelodies, nambrows, nyyins, neyhershey, onlybangyongguk, oh-sehuns-ass, overdoseu, oh-sehons, ohmyguccigege, oh-my-exo, owlzizi, onlyhoya

punchingberry, pinipinidon, pervingonkpop, precious-kojiyuu, pristine-light, pervingoninfinite, pinkprincesskpoplover, qavvin, reasons-i-live, relating-things-to-kpop

sunggyutiepie, sjxsungmin0101, scenariosforexo, smileyjongin, snugyeol, spazzndazz, sungyeol23, seokkey, shuaidah, sehwun, sehunnnie, sos-exo, sassy-prince-sehun, sehunaflowers, snqyeols, stampcyk, srasa, snwbte, tershaaacueto, thematokialliance, toplesskai, touchmyxingxing, the-exo-files, the-power-of-myungyeol, uknowmars

wearebapscenarios, woahsehun, wufanthegreatbenben, whyweloveb1a4, woohyunbiasedbr, woohyunbiased, xotonight, xxigz-bae, xiao-deerhan, xilujen25, yixingy, yixing, yongguksfingers, z-co, zhexun, 4yixing, 2yoon-g, 2yoon, 7infinitenet

I’m sorry it’s so long but hopefully I’ve remembered everyone.
To everyone on this list, I just want to say thank you for having such awesome blogs and I really appreciate being part of the Kpop fandom as a whole.
Kamsamnida! ^-^