channeling it


Road trip through a valley in Serbia near the border with Bulgaria - deep channel cut into Tethyan limestones

Who would have thought jay and Carlos would be such bad liars. Like you’re telling me that at least half of what most considered the most feared villain kid gang on the isle (before they left) can’t even lie about their friends whereabouts (camping? seriously? even i can cover for a friend better than that) and the waffle hut lie makes sense but the delivery was awful. And lets not even get started on the fact they couldn’t even come up for a lie about the wand, like seriously, you could have said it was a prop for a play or a replica for a school project etc…


Check out this really sweet metal cover of Call Me, Beep Me!

does anyone else ever go through a thing that’s like. you pick a real person from your life. you start an imaginary back-and-forth with them. and it’s fine at first bc it’s a conversation you wanted to have anyway. but there’s a reason why you don’t and it’s because you know (or think? anyway) that it would turn into an argument

and it does! in your head! and suddenly you’re having this distressing imaginary fight with the inner voice that you assigned to person x and like you want to stop but you can’t!!!!!!!!!!! you keep coming back to it!!!!!!! like you gotta have the fake final word in this fake argument but you can’t have that final word bc your own head comes up with ways to undermine you and it gives you anxiety and you start losing an argument against your own actual thoughts and this all fucking started with something relatively innocuous like?? “yes dad!! i will watch homecoming with you but only if you promise you will give me a break from your whole playful tony stark-hating discourse that you already know hurts me even though i guess it’s just supposed to be casual and silly”

but then next thing you know you’re having to defend the fundamentals of your basic existence to the imaginary Father voice in your head like holy shit brain shut the FUCK UP