How Feyre is going to act when leaving Tamlin again

So I was thinking today...

How awesome it is that all the female characters in SJM books can be emotional yet be badass. I love that they don’t always have to be strong emotionally and that the feel things deeply yet if you mess with them or the people they love the can totally fuck you up!

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A tenente acelerava sua moto mais do que devia, estava praticamente cruzando a entrada do palácio, devia diminuir a velocidade mas estava completamente desligada, sua mãe ficava pior a cada dia, Cressida não se recordava de quando tivera uma noite de sono boa, quem dirá alguma diversão. Toda a bagunça cegara a mulher por um instante, só para a mesma se assustar com uma pessoa bem a frente da trajetória de sua moto, a freando bruscamente, o necessário para parar a poucos centímetros da pessoa. Já revirando os olhos pelo que poderia ouvir, Cress tirou o capacete e sorriu para x outrx em questão. – Ops… – Disse cínica como de costume, saindo da moto enquanto abria a jaqueta que usava, estava completamente dolorida de dormir na poltrona do hospital. – Se você está aguardando um pedido de desculpa vai morrer esperando.

  • Aelin watching her faveorite tv show: I cannot believe freaking Shawn Booth *flips table* won the Bachelorette!
  • Rowan: *runs into the room with a sword* I heard noise, who broke in?
  • Aelin: ...
  • Rowan: *looks at table* ...
  • Aelin: *nervously laughs* Gotta Blast
Okay so listen up I have only two minutes ppl

right so, *straightens out non existent pages* sjm said she learned foreshadowing from our lord and saviour JKR. And, we all know there was that prophecy in hp, abou neither living while the other survives etc. Andyway, what i’d like to point out is that in my world it’s similar to the prohepcy given to Aelin. BUT HARRY  POTTER LIVED AND THAT KID WAS HIT WITH A KILLING CURSE. So, what I’d like to propse to you ppl is, Aelin dies, comes back immortal and Nevil runs in and cuts off the snakes head.


I’m having a hard time making YCHs and I need some funding to tide me over for the next couple of weeks since I won’t be getting paid. So here’s a quickfire chibi sketch post for the meanwhile!

$3 gets you a sketchy chibi and some quick coloring that will feature some sort of pattern brush texture!

- I can do humans, anthros and ferals!
- Couples are double the price, ask me about groups
- I’ll draw pretty much anything you can think up! Except nsfw. That doesn’t really look good on chibis.

If you’re interested, drop me an ask, chat, or email!