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“The National Rifle Association (NRA) has said it’s suffering from substantial financial issues that could cause the organisation to “be unable to exist”.

In a recent court filing, the powerful organisation that lobbies on behalf of gun makers, owners and campaigns against almost all gun regulations, said it had lost its media insurance coverage due to an aggressive campaign brought on by New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. The campaign encouraged companies to cut ties with the gun lobbying group. A lack of liability insurance threatens to shut down the group’s multi-million dollar media entities, including NRATV, its own streaming channel.“


person: wait are they gay?

me in 2015: hahaa well no one knows for suure?? idk it’d be rlly cute I ship it lol x3

me in 2016: it’s a complicated issue here are 47 reasons why they probably are but it can still be disputed. I’ve been in many arguments about this and done much research and though inconclusive my findings seem to show

me in 2017: yea lmao


on 180707, the members of bts made handwritten posters for fans. jungkook’s poster was a line from his solo, euphoria, “no matter how anyone shakes this world, never let go of the hand you are holding.” on stage, he expressed that he had made the poster with his heart, “so please remember it for a long time.”

happy birthday, jeon jungkook. thank you for your kindness and your love for those around you, and thank you, so very much, for your voice and laughter, for bringing comfort to those close to you but also thousands of miles away. september 01, 1997

Cinema-Based YouTube Channels for those are are bored of watching white men yell and make poop jokes during a movie review, call themself out on it, & then bask in how “woke” they are:

  • FoundFlix - Skits, movie endings/monsters explained, and spoiler-heavy content.
  • Lindsay Ellis - “Nostalgia Chick.” Offers intricate, well-thought out oral essays about many different forms of media, including movies, musicals, and tropes. (Her latest piece was an hour-long look at The Hobbit trilogy.)
  • CellSpex - Female Movie Reviewer, often concise & to-the-point.
  • Chris Stuckmann - Similar to Lindsay, he offers deeply-considered, organized interpretations of otherwise “avant garde” movies.

through the above instagram post made by esquire, it has been revealed that the organization created in jonghyun’s name, 재단법인빛이나, was launched yesterday (september 6th) through a small foundation ceremony headed by jonghyun’s mother, lee eun kyung.

going by the english name of shiny foundation, lee eun kyung revealed in her speech at the foundation opening that she hopes the foundation will not only touch upon young artists going through similar to what jonghyun did, but that she plans to help out young artists who are going through difficulties in general. she also stated that, though it still hurts for her when she hears jonghyun’s voice playing somewhere, she is thankful that there are still many who enjoy and share his music.

further, she revealed that the she will be undertaking on a scholarship project together with art high schools where the main objective is to establish a psychological counseling center for young artists who are forced to go about hiding both their smaller and larger struggles during their public activities. it was also revealed that there will be a music and art festival held every december in honor of jonghyun.

though kim jonghyun has left this world, his music has still remained. shiny organization will be operated based on the royalties of the music left by kim jonghyun. we still remember the shining kim jonghyun, who will always shine bright.” - esquire

below is the official logo for the foundation, and you can find a direct link to the official youtube channel here.