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Welcome everyone! This the development blog for Worst Girls, the creative team behind 2015’s queer cult horror Visual Novel We Know The Devil, and the upcoming Heaven Will Be Mine, a Visual Novel about joyriding mecha, kissing your enemies, and fighting gravity’s pull.
We’re making this the official channel for updates and new info about both of our games, and regular posts on behind-the-scenes stuff, upcoming events and announcements, and information on the characters, story, and world of Heaven Will Be Mine.

Here’s our first look at Heaven Will Be Mine, with more to follow very soon:

Heaven Will Be Mine follows three women piloting giant robots in the last days of an alternate 1980s space program fighting for humanity’s future—or ditching their jobs to make out with each other instead. Experience the story from the perspective of three pilots bound by fate and gravity: veteran ace Luna-Terra, overwhelming super psychic Pluto, and hacker-hijacker Saturn as they fight for or against three different factions in an eight day war for humanity’s fate in space. Your choices decide if they become clandestine lovers or passionate rivals, and which faction’s ultimate plan for space and beyond will be realized. Win for your ideals or lose for love, and grasp heaven in your hands.

We will be debuting the demo for HWBM at the upcoming PAX West through the Indie Megabooth and we can’t wait for you to see it!

Dogs of Future Past update

yes for those of you complaining that gloomverse didn’t win the poll but that we did it first anyway, understand that DOFP did indeed win the poll, and I’ve been working on it nonstop since that happened. I am pleased to announce the first part is ALMOST done, and its at 10 minutes already. And that’s only 3/50 pages, so needless to say this thing is going to take a LONG time to put together. Good news though, I am shooting for a release date around August 31st, in which there will be a whole week of DOFP updates, probably one each day, with them being around 10-20 minutes long. Hooray! Just thought I would keep yall updated, and, as a special treat, I’m giving yall access to the finished scene of the prologue just so you can see I’m working on it:

access to the entire first part will be open exclusively to people who follow the patreon, and it’ll be going up there shortly <3 thanks for staying patient with me guys! sorry there hasn’t been much art or answering asks or stuff like that, it’s keeping me REAL busy cuz im killing myself to have it done before school starts but it’ll be worth it I hope fingers crossed if no one watches this after I poured so much love into it I DONT KNOW WHAT IM GOING TO D-


I have updated my YouTube channel’s name and icon. Check it out!!! :3