channel orange lost

“…but when the world needed him most, he vanished… Four years have passed and we ain’t seen his ass since.”

All these Frank Ocean/Avatar jokes had me laughing so hard this morning I drew a whole picture about it.

I call this The Ocean in The Iceberg.


  • There will now follow a short, sharp and shameless bout of self-promotion. Some are a bit overdue as well, so apologies to those involved.
  • If we liked it then we should’ve put a ring on it. Shame it’s already got 5 and is off to Rio. Adios #London2012, it’s been incredible.
  • That was my moronic LAD tweet for these Games, you’re all allowed one, guilt-free.
  • Can’t. Stop. Listening. To. Channel. Orange. Lost in the thrill of it all…
  • IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Kanye will be the death of me. #hackneyweekend
  • Thanks for all the nice GoT messages this weekend, they’re also teaching me new lingo. ‘Shipping’ myself and all of you right now. So hard.
  • Eyeliner Update. Gendry was born with it. #blacksmithsdontmaybelline
  • Woman on the next mat in the gym stretching and crying. I asked her if she was alright. She shouted 'LEAVE ME ALONE!’ really loud.
  • I now have to carry on exercising next to her. This is more awkward than the 'man in the changing room’ incident.
  • In the gym changing room, I’ve just witnessed a man dress his entire top half before even putting pants on. That’s well unnecessary.