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Moors Murder Ian Brady says he is dying

“Ian Brady, the Moors murderer, has claimed he is dying of a lung and chest condition, it was reported on Sunday night.

The serial killer, who is held in a secure hospital, is said to have written a letter to a journalist saying that he is suffering from a terminal illness.

The murderer reportedly sent out his Christmas cards four months early, prompting speculation about his health. He is said to be so weak that he has to be lifted with a hoist by staff at his psychiatric hospital. And in a two-page letter to Channel 5 correspondent Julian Druker, he reportedly said: “I’m still bedridden and have been for over two years. The lung and chest condition is terminal.”


Hi lovelies! 

I realized that I haven’t even shared my newest Youtube video with you guy’s yet! I posted it on Saturday (well uploaded it on Thursday because I knew France won’t have good wifi) but that’s not the point.. I really hope you enjoy the video and know what you could write in a first letter to your new pen pal!

All these things I worte are optional - you can of cours add more things this was just an example video!

As I am on vaction - I do not have a lot of stuff to do a DIY related video. But I was wondering - do you have any ideas for my next video on Saturday because I need some ideas what I could upload this Saturday (if it even works with the bad wifi but I will try). I would loove to hear your ideas and opinions! Let me know!

xoxo your Giulia

This poster is just so cool. It even depicts some icon building in Utah like the Salt Lake Temple and the triad building where my dad works for KSL/Channel 5 news. The letter on the mountain is a true Utah thing. You know where you are by the letters on the mountain. But overall it’s just a really neat poster and by far my favorite one. I hope to own this myself in about 53 days

tv show about “gaming”
  • gamer kid: oh no!!! i left my GameKidBoy in the middle school, and now it's closed!!!!! what do I do??
  • girl that doesn't know anything about games: umm,,, what's a "KidBoy??"
  • *insert laugh track that every single sit com uses*
  • hacker kid: don't worry! I'll hack into the school and open up the doors!!!!! GET WREQKED!!
  • evil teacher that hates games for no reason: did I hear a "GAME"?????
  • *queue obnoxious techno/dubstep intro music because that's what the Gamers™ listen to*
Letter to the Fandom

   Let me just start off by saying that this is hands down one of the most lovely fandoms I’ve ever been apart of. From day 1, you all have been so funny and insightful and just seeing your posts can always cheer me up when I’m feeling down. To anyone who has ever written fanfiction, done fan art, edits, or just fangirled over the show with me in anyway,thank you. You all are such an amazingly talented group of people. I know we’re all sad the show is ending but I also can’t feel too sad when I think about how many people have been brought together by this show and all the lives that this show has had such a profound impact on. Even though the show is ending, my insane love for it is not. And even though there may be a time in the future where a lot of us (me included) will move on, I find comfort in knowing how many of us this show has bonded and how it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. So let’s have our tissues,chocolates,drinks,etc at the ready and prepare to send off this amazing show.

P.S. If anyone has a main blog I can follow them at,please feel free to re-blog this with the url or inbox me. I’m tagging the MMFD blogs I already follow. Even if you’re aren’t on this list,still feel free.

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