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Channel 101 started as a series of short film “challenges” between the two creators, but developed into a monthly film festival at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Creators would pitch ‘pilots’ for shows, the audience would vote on the best ones, and the winners would get posted … on the INTERNET. W-woo?

Despite having the worst possible prize, Channel 101 became the launching pad for comedy groups such as The Lonely Island. Who went on to create like, 9 of the first 12 viral videos in existence, as well as some objectively legitimate masterpieces.

Also, Derrick Comedy, whose member, Donald Glover went on to star in Community, create the FX show Atlanta, launch a rap career as “Childish Gambino,” and taunt us with the best potential Spider-Man casting that will never be.

Ellie Kemper, from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Office made an appearance. Tim & Eric were there, before they were eternally joined by ampersand. Also Human Giant, which was the first major appearance of Aziz Ansari, who’d go on to star in Parks and Recreation and Master of None.

It was even the birthplace of a little show called Rick and Morty.

This single, pre-YouTube internet comedy festival wound up launching the careers of countless talents who, one decade earlier, would’ve been lucky to even be invited to the massive fight over the one available NBC primetime slot (which would’ve ultimately gone to John Larroquette, anyway.)

5 Random Places That Produced An Eerily High Number Of Stars

Taylor Swift Channel Launches on DirecTV, AT&T Video Services

Taylor Swift — on her 27th birthday — is launching an exclusive video channel on DirecTV and AT&T.

The new video-on-demand service, Taylor Swift Now, is organized in 13 themed chapters (which happens to be her favorite number), and includes videos, concert performances, behind-the-scenes footage and more from her archives.

The telco announced a multiyear pact with Swift, a 10-time Grammy-winning singer and one of the bestselling music artists of all time, in October. Under the deal, she will headline the DirecTV Super Saturday Night in Houston on Feb. 4, on the eve of Super Bowl 51. Portions of that concert will air on Taylor Swift Now at a later date.

The Taylor Swift Now channel is available on the recently launched DirecTV Now internet-streaming TV service, DirecTV satellite (on channel 1113) and AT&T U-verse (channel 1501). In addition, the content will be available through those platforms’ apps for mobile streaming.

Programming on Taylor Swift Now is hand-picked by Taylor, according to AT&T. The themed chapters are designed to give fans a look at her career and life. For example, in “That One Time… I Was Nostalgic,” Swift speaks about the people who have been there for her from the start of her career. There’s also “That One Time…I Surprised My Fans,” featuring videos of her doing just that.

AT&T said Taylor Swift Now will regularly add new videos and special chapters on a weekly basis.


My new Channel and series launched 

go check it out

New Girl Rewatch Party: 1x01 Pilot

Small context
I never really liked Zooey Deschanel. I thought she was overrated.
One day I was watching the rerun of an episode of Bones on Fox Channel Brazil when they launched the promo for their new series.

I started to pay attention to it on this scene.

And just like that I was hooked.

When I eventually watched the first episode I was glad to see that I was wrong about Zooey. And I was amazed at the obvious chemistry between the entire cast. There I already knew that it would be something incredible to watch.


New Channel Launching!

This is the big project I’ve been working on for the past couple months!

I’ve always had a deep love for the world and art of animation, and learning about the creation of some of our favorite show and movies, and I wanna share that love and information with you!

SO, I created ‘The Little Big Screen’, my own channel where I can talk about various animation topics! These are my first five videos! The links below will take you to each.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Betty Boop
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Astro Boy

I’ve never done any kind of video work before, so this all took a lot of time and work. But I learned a whole lot in the process!

I’d really appreciate the support, and looking forward to creating more videos in the near future!


So excited for you guys to see some stuff Ive been working on

Welcome to Broadly, a women’s interest channel from VICE, launching August 3rd, 2015.


Magnetic atoms? These would have made chemistry class SO much cooler!

Our friend Derek from the great YouTube channel Veritasium has just launched a Kickstarter for a new chemistry model kit called Snatoms. Snatoms are magnetic atoms that snap together in all the right places and at all the correct angles to create realistic molecules that are way cooler looking (and way more accurate) than those old ball-and-stick models I used to play with. 

Go support this great project so you can develop an even deeper *attraction* to chemistry.

You can learn more and get your own set here.

Hey y’all, 

I talked about starting to make videos on YouTube starting April and I’m still working on some stuff to properly launch my channel. I have a few videos up from when I was bored over the summer, but I want to start making quality videos consistently. My boyfriend is helping me with branding stuff (thumbnails, watermarks, banners, etc. so it looks pretty and consistent) so it’s taking some time to get the channel up and running. 

So far these are the topic and themes of videos I want to make. If you have any suggestions for video ideas or rants you’d like to see, please send me an ask! Also, any tips from current YouTubers or folks who know about video editing and filming would also be appreciated~~



I have just launched a channel called Let’s Draw With!

I’ve been working on this channel for sometime and now that I have fixed the technical mishaps, I can share with you what I have been working on.

The channel will feature tutorials or instructional videos on industry processes in animation.  Along with that, we will be making videos that get in depth with a specific artist and their style as you will be able to see us sketch or work on something from start to finish.  And last but not least, videos will feature artists talking about things we like, and the topics will range from our favorite shows growing up, favorite art styles in games, favorite movies and characters, or some studio stories if that’s what comes up!  I am hoping to have artists reappear on the show so that you can get a feel for how we approach art and get to know a little more about us as people. 

I hope you guys like what I have in store for you! :)

you fuckers thought a man being tazed shortly after being accused of being a drug addict would be the peak of craziness on the RT Extralife 2015 stream. Maybe you went to bed. Maybe you tuned out. It was the most planned moment, the most anticipated. Since the AH channel launch. We thought this was the highlight of the stream. We thought it was the most dangerous moment. But sometimes, the most extreme things are the spontaneous ones. The best entertainment is on the fly, is unexpected. Things that no human mind could conceive. They occur in the wee hours of the morning, and they are spurred from the mind that is Gustavo Sorola. He is darkness, he is unfiltered, he is chaotic evil. He is the Cheese Master, he forced several sweet, innocent young men to eat another man’s shorn beard, and it was the greatest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my nineteen short years of life.